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Latest stories Straight Sex The New Lush Lovers

I’m standing behind you, kissing your neck, then gradually loosening your dress so that it falls to the floor.
I kiss over your shoulders and down your back – I think your back is going to be one of the sexiest things about you, along with all the others.
I reach for your bra and undo it, letting it fall to the ground with your dress.
Briefly I reach around to hold your gorgeous breasts in my hands, caressing them softly, feeling the already erect nipples and squeezing them between my fingers.
I continue exploring your back with my kisses and hands as I slide down to my knees.
My hands reach the sides of your thong and I reach round to the front taking the top of the thong in my fingers and pulling on it, firmly yet carefully upwards, pulling the thin material against your pussy and clitoris.
I repeat this action several times as your legs start to tremble.
Then I am pulling down your thong, and as I do my tongue is following the material down the crease of your cheeks, licking up and down, but mainly down.
Gently I prise your legs slightly more apart, your thong around your ankles on top of your high heeled shoes – it is almost as if you are tied.
You are now tied into this moment.
As I continue to lick and kiss between your cheeks, with one hand I gently push your upper body forward so that you can lean on the dressing table while my other hand reaches between your thighs, slipping my fingers along your lips, inside your lips.
You are now pushing against the fingers I have inside you as I move down further so that both my fingers and tongue are stimulating your pussy.
Then I stand up.
“Open your eyes,” I tell you.
You open your eyes and see in the dressing table mirror that I am now also naked and although you cannot see it, you can feel my hard cock pressing against you and we both move together in a rhythm that only means one thing.
I enter you.
“Open your eyes,” I tell you again, “and keep them open.
” My voice is quiet but firm as I start to thrust inside you slowly at first, then faster, then slower, then faster again.
My hands are all over your body relishing every inch, every crevice, every muscle, your breasts your stomach your thighs – then I cry out and as I do I come inside you, I come and I come and then I feel you erupt and tighten hard around me keeping me inside you until we both slump forward gasping for oxygen.
“The sexting was lovely – this is amazing,” I say.
In the shower we start by kissing and caressing each other.
Then we stand apart a little as I reach for your pussy and you reach for my cock.
We smile at each other as we feel more and more intense.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure I reach down and take your erect nipples in my mouth.
I lick them with my tongue, I suck them with my lips, I bite them lightly with my teeth, all while my fingers are finding your wetness that isn’t the water cascading over our bodies.
I decide I cannot wait – my hard cock that is in your hand now needs to be inside your delicious pussy so I turn you around to lean against the shower screen.
You thrust your gorgeous bum back towards me and I rub the head of my cock up and down between your cheeks until my need to be inside you is all that matters and I push your legs a little apart and press my cock against your pussy.
I pull back a little then forward again back again forward once more, this time all the way forward and I am inside you.
Now we start to fuck and we don’t stop until you come squeezing me inside you and I come at your squeeze.
Then we shower off – I dry you, then me – and we climb between the crisp white sheet.
We cuddle each other, kiss, then fall asleep then wake up drowsily to make love again.
I love waking up with you – I feel you still sleeping, your warm body pressed against mine as you lay on your back.
Carefully, slowly, I reach over to you with my right hand, shifting my body slightly and, as I do so, my erect cock presses against your thigh.
You stir.
My hand now very gently brushes over your breast.
Your nipples respond instantly.
Then I stroke down your body to find your pussy, accessible because of the way you are laying in your sleep.
I touch you.
You are wet from your dreams, from your unconscious reliving of the conscious loving of our night before, your body remembering it’s excitement and pleasure.
I stroke the lips of your pussy, feeling the soft flesh between my fingers, brushing softly at first then with more pressure over your clitoris.
Now your body is moving to your increasing heart rate but you don’t fully awake.
Your hand fumbles across my body to reach for and hold my cock.
As I rub and stroke you, you start to rub and stroke me.
Soon this is all there is – two new lovers and friends giving into the desire to come and the desire to make each other come.
There is nothing else in our world or heads or hearts.
We each gasp as the other touches some sweeter spot.
A deeper inward breath, an ‘oh’ of exhalation, a pull back of each body, then a rush of sensation of emotion, of feeling, as you come on my fingers and I come over your body.
We wait, each relishing the heights we are just coming down from, our heart beats gradually slowing.
My hand reaches over and pulls you to face me.
“Good morning, darling,” I smile.



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