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It had been three long years since that special summer when I was introduced to the glorious world of sex with an older woman.
That’s actually incorrect, as I had the pleasure of fucking two of my Mom’s best friends during that same time period.
For those of you who don’t remember, and those who never knew at all, my name is Brandon.
I am a concert sound engineer for some of the most popular rock, pop and country acts in the music business.
During that summer I was involved with both Jeri and Brenda, my Mom’s best friends and former schoolteachers.
I started out with Jeri, with her full figure and awesome ass.
She initiated me into sex with a mature woman, but we were soon joined by Brenda.
I knew both of these women, as they were teachers of mine when I was growing up in Sunnyvale, California.
The attraction was always there, but an underage student carrying on with two older women is a recipe for disaster.
 My fixation with them would have to remain a fantasy, like that of middle school and high school boys everywhere.
What made the summer even more memorable was finding out that not only were Jeri and Brenda lovers, but they had carried on a love affair with my mother for several years.
After some awkward situations, including walking in on Mom and Brenda as they made love, I finally accepted their situation.
Mom and I had a heartfelt conversation in which I realized that she deserved to be able to love whomever she wanted.
It all worked out, and I even had them visit me in Los Angeles a few months later where they got to see and meet Tony Bennett during a tour stop there.
Mom was especially happy and proud of her only son’s success.
After that visit, word began to spread throughout the music industry about my talent behind the soundboard and more work came my way, including a couple of the biggest rock bands in the business.
I was able to travel all over as some of my clients had lengthy world tours and wanted only me to fashion their concert sound.
Being in the inner circle with these bands was good enough, but I also got a chance to interact with the entire touring crew.
On one tour I became friends with one of the backup singers, a petite brunette named Sasha.
Sasha was unlike any backup singer I had ever met.
She was a strict professional when it came to her voice.
Not that the others weren’t, but she worked hard at her craft.
She was something of an introvert when the show was over, not going out with the other singers and crew members in each city we visited, opting instead to go to the hotel after the show and skipping the club scene favored by the others.
 She preferred to take care of her voice between shows.
I could relate to her situation, as I was always hard at work after each show, going over the tape playback of each performance, looking for ways to enhance the sound and helping to make it possible for the band to give their audience a show unlike any they had ever seen.
I was at the sound check, as always, at one of our shows in London and, when we were finished, Sasha made eye contact with me as I was getting ready to leave.
I approached her and asked her if she would like to go catch a cup of tea with me.
She agreed, and we went to a small restaurant near our hotel.
It was an opportunity for both of us to get to know one another.
Being in a large tour can seem somewhat claustrophobic in a way, especially when in another country.
You see the same people every day and when you immerse yourself in your job, as both Sasha and I did, there is little time for sightseeing or socializing.
Sharing a few moments together was good tonic for both of us, a chance to sound off a little and give words to thoughts usually left unsaid.
Sasha, short for Sasheen, was the only child of two world-class classical musicians.
Her father was principal violinist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, her mother a cellist with the same ensemble.
Although she was a pretty good pianist, singing was her true love, and her parents encouraged her to make a career in music.
Sasha wasn’t interested in opera, a fact that caused concern with her father.
He had wanted her to become a soloist, but her mother only wanted her to be happy with singing and in life.
When Sasha became enamored with rock ‘n roll her father disapproved, but Mom won him over, telling him that she would never be good at singing classically if she didn’t love it.
Her mother was always able to smooth things over with her father.
Sasha sang in some local bands and earned a good reputation, but she never got that breakout moment.
She decided to answer an audition for backup singers with a fairly famous band and got the job.
It was a short tour, but it got her noticed.
Word of mouth took over, and soon she was working for other bands as well.
She told me that she didn’t hang out with the other singers because she didn’t want to let partying interfere with her work.
She wanted more than to be just a backup singer someday, and in order to realize her goal she had to take care of her voice.
Sasha was beautiful, with a killer body in that small frame.
She had been hit on more times than she cared to remember, but every one of them failed.
I wasn’t looking to hit on her, but we did manage to get to know each other during our afternoon over tea.
Things were going so well with us that we decided to meet for tea after every sound check.
It broke the dreary “humdrum” that can take over during a long tour, and I was beginning to love our time together.
Sasha seemed to be getting closer to me and, one day, I asked her if she would go out to dinner with me when we made it to Paris.
We were getting in a day before our first show and we would have the entire day to ourselves.
She agreed, so I went looking for the tour assistant.
She knew all the good places in each city we were scheduled to be in, so she agreed to get me a reservation at a top restaurant in Paris that first night.
The band came to the realization long ago that a happy crew was capable of amazing things when it was time for the show, so they spared no expense to make everyone happy.
That included staying at the same hotel used by the band, so when we arrived in Paris it was no shock to find that we were staying in one of the city’s finest hotels.
I’ve seen the flip side to that and, believe me, putting the crew in a low budget place while the band is living the life of luxury breeds resentment.
These guys were smart, and kept everyone happy.
I had told Sasha all about our dinner date and also told her to dress appropriately, as it was a pretty fancy establishment.
I wore a jacket and tie and, when I knocked on her door I still wasn’t prepared for what I saw.
Sasha’s roommate answered the door and was impressed by my attire, but she couldn’t have prepared me for what I was about to see.
Sasha was wearing a simple “little black dress”, but on her there was nothing simple about it.
It hugged her curves in all the right places and accentuated her sexuality.
I was nearly speechless.
“Sasha, you look wonderful tonight in that outfit.
All the men at the restaurant are going to be very envious of me when they see you walk by.
It looks like that designer had you in mind when he made it.
” The four-inch stiletto heels didn’t hurt her appearance either.
“Why Brandon,” she said.
“You look pretty delicious yourself.
I’m so used to seeing you running around in sneakers and blue jeans that I wasn’t prepared for this.
” “Well, I try to do the right thing once in a while.
I’ve got a taxi ready for us if you’re ready to go.
” I heartily recommend a taxi ride at night through Paris.
It really is one of the most romantic cities in the world, along with the history associated with it.
Sasha sat close to me as we rode to the restaurant and my head was in the clouds.
She looked great, she smelled great and I considered myself so lucky to be with her tonight.
I had developed strong feelings for Sasha during our little tea breaks.
I told her nearly everything about myself and I was hoping that she felt the same way about me.
Our dinner was classic French, subtle yet sophisticated.
I never had many opportunities to try authentic French cuisine, but I knew almost immediately that I loved this.
Of course, having Sasha right across from me definitely enhanced everything, including the conversation.
When dessert arrived I found myself sad that our evening together was drawing to a close.
The ride back to our hotel was quiet.
I loved everything about our date, but a deep feeling of melancholy came over me.
I wanted so badly to kiss Sasha, but I couldn’t seem to summon the courage to do it.
I’ve never been shy around women, but I was like a junior high schoolboy at his first dance, wanting to dance with a girl but afraid of rejection.
There was something special about Sasha and it had quite an effect on me.
When we arrived at the hotel I asked Sasha if she would join me in the lounge for a nightcap.
“I probably shouldn’t,” she said, “but something is telling me that I’d regret that.
I’d be happy to join you, Brandon.
” That brightened my mood considerably.
We sat at a small booth in a corner and ordered wine, Chardonnay for her and a nice Bordeaux for me.
As we sat there, so close to each other, the tension in the air was thick.
I decided to take her hand in mine.
As I touched her hand I noticed that my hands were shaking.
“Brandon, what’s wrong?” Sasha asked.
“You’re shaking like a leaf.
Are you okay?” She reached out and took my hands in hers.
“Sasha, there’s nothing wrong, actually.
I guess I’m a little intimidated by you, that’s all.
” “Oh, come on now!” she shot back.
“All those afternoons together and never a sign of this.
Why all of a sudden do I scare you?” “You don’t scare me, Sasha.
It’s just that I’m staring to feel closer to you.
I’m afraid that you won’t like me in the same way, that’s all.
” Sasha began to laugh.
“Oh, thank God.
I was feeling the same way about you!” Suddenly my shaking stopped.
This time I took her hands in mine and leaned across the small table to kiss her.
It was just a light peck on her lips but it meant so much, promised so much.
And she kissed me back.
When we broke the kiss Sasha was still there, which reassured me that I wasn’t dreaming all of this.
“Sasha,” I began softly, finally finding my voice.
“I’m not going to lie to you, but I’ve thought about that kiss since the moment I first saw you.
You are so beautiful I never dreamed that it could happen, that someone as gorgeous as you would give me a second thought.
Am I making any sense?” Sasha’s smile turned into a light chuckle.
“No, for once in all this time we’ve been seeing each other you aren’t making any sense.
You are a very handsome and intelligent man, Brandon.
I’m the one who should feel fortunate that you are here with me tonight.
I’ve been waiting for that kiss a long time myself.
” I never thought that she might be interested in me romantically.
I thought that she saw me as just a friend who she enjoyed talking with.
This was good news indeed.
The server arrived with the check.
I took care of it and we left the lounge.
On our way through the lobby I remembered that the hotel had those horse-drawn carriage rides available.
“Sasha, I’m not ready to call it a night just yet.
Would you please humor me one last indulgence tonight?” Sasha looked puzzled, but she nodded her head at my last request.
We walked to the front of the hotel and I went to the doorman and spoke with him.
A few minutes later a carriage came up to the taxi stand.
I took Sasha’s hand and led her to it.
“Your ride awaits, Mademoiselle,” I said in my best French accent.
Sasha giggled and stepped up into the carriage.
We sat close to each other under a plush blanket as the carriage pulled away.
It was a lovely cool summer evening in Paris and the sights along the way made for a very romantic ending to our date.
Sasha put her head on my shoulder and leaned against me as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder to hold her close.
“Brandon,” she whispered.
“This is just perfect, such a romantic gesture on your part.
I love it.
” I leaned in and kissed her, this time with much more feeling than the little peck I gave her in the lounge.
Sasha returned the kiss, her lips parting to allow our tongues a chance to explore each other’s mouth.
It was as perfect an ending to a evening as I could imagine, the two of us embracing and kissing as the sights and sounds of the City of Light slowly drifted by.
I didn’t want it to end.
In fact, I had given the carriage driver double the fee and included a generous tip to extend the ride.
I was hoping that Sasha would like it and I was so happy that she had.
The smile on her face alone was priceless.
After 90 minutes in the carriage the driver returned to our hotel.
He helped Sasha out and thanked me profusely for the extra fee and tip.
Sasha waited for me and offered her hand.
We walked into the hotel holding hands.
As we approached the elevator I realized that I wanted more.
I had to take a chance.
“Sasha, would you like to come up to my room for a bit? I have some wine there if you would like some.
” Sasha stood there, contemplating my offer for a minute and then broke out into the widest smile of the evening.
“I thought you’d never ask.
If you didn’t, I was prepared to phone my roommate and tell her to get out so we could be alone.
Brandon, I don’t want this night to end.
It’s been such a nice time with you and I want more.
” I pushed the button for my floor and we kissed in the empty elevator.
Sasha moaned a little as my tongue found hers.
Thankfully, the elevator was a fast one and we arrived on my floor.
If it had been slower I might have been tempted to get that little black number off of her.
As we approached my room I turned to Sasha.
“Please don’t be shocked by what you see, Sasha.
I didn’t ask for anything special but they gave me a suite.
It’s way overboard and far too big for one person.
” I waved the key over the reader and the green light flashed.
I opened the door, waiting to hear her reaction.
“Oh my God, Brandon, it’s huge! I didn’t expect it would be this big!” I stood there smiling and breaking out into laughter.
“My dear, you’re supposed to say that much later, when we’ve had an opportunity to get closer with each other.
” Sasha just then realized what she had said and what I meant, and she broke down in a fit of laughter.
“Oh God, Brandon.
That did come out wrong, didn’t it?” “That’s okay, honey,” I told her.
“Maybe you’ll get another chance to say it later.
” Sasha shot me a smile and winked at me.
Maybe I was right.
She walked through the suite, admiring the furnishings and accessories.
She loved the bed, a huge oversized king, but she saved her best comments for the bathroom.
It had an oversized spa tub that could easily hold two, a huge double sink with adjustable lighting for the mirrors and a walk-in shower.
All this with marble counters and a tiled floor that I couldn’t tell you the name of if my life depended upon it.
It looked like some kind of Italian marble, but I didn’t know for sure.
All I know is that Sasha was very impressed.
“Let me get that wine,” I said.
“I had it brought up when I set up the carriage ride.
” “If it’s all the same to you, Brandon, wine isn’t what I want, or need, right this minute.
” She stepped toward me and slid her arms around my waist.
She turned her head up to mine and kissed me.
I put my arms around her and kissed her back.
We stood there in the middle of the suite, arms wrapped tightly around each other as we kissed.
Our bodies were pressed together and she felt perfect against me, warm and inviting.
Sasha gently moaned as the kiss deepened.
Our tongues danced together as we tasted each other.
We must have looked like two drunken fools, stumbling around trying to walk to the bed.
Neither one wanted to break the kiss for fear that the moment would be lost without our embrace, so we slowly made our way to the bed, feet tripping over feet.
Finally we had made it to the edge of the bed, where we fell, still locked in our embrace, onto the bed.
Only then did we break the kiss, both of us laughing and sputtering.
Our laughter soon gave way to passion, and my hands roamed up and down Sasha’s body.
She allowed me to feel my way around her body, softly moaning her approval as my hands sought her breasts.
I began to remove her top, but hesitated.
I didn’t want to rush things.
I needn’t have worried, as Sasha said just two words.
“Yes, yes!” I removed her top, revealing her breasts.
They were splendid, just a little larger than average, with small, hard rosy-red nipples pointing at me.
I felt them and they were both firm and natural.
I took a nipple into my mouth and, even though it was already hard, it began to grow as my tongue rolled over it.
I bit into it ever so gently and Sasha responded by grunting her approval.
As I paid proper attention to her tits, Sasha’s hands were busy, feeling the outline of my cock through my trousers.
“Oh my God, Brandon, it’s so big!” I have to admit that I was concerned that if we got to this point, my cock might present a bit of a problem.
At nine inches semi-erect and very thick, it had proven to be too large for some of the smaller women I had bedded down.
Sasha was a very petite woman and I wondered if the size of my cock would be a problem.
I was prepared to take it slow and easy with her if necessary, but only time would tell.
Sasha undid my slacks and pulled my dick from my boxer shorts.
I wasn’t fully hard yet, but not far from it.
She stroked me with both hands as her eyes grew wider, admiring the sheer size of it.
“It’s pretty big, Brandon,” she said.
“I think I’ll just get acquainted with it for now.
” Suddenly she pushed my head away from her breasts, kissed me forcefully to get her mouth wet and then pushed my onto my back.
In a swift motion she removed her dress, revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties.
Obviously she had prepared for this evening.
 Then her mouth was on my cock, taking the head into her mouth.
Sasha knew a thing or two about handling a cock.
Her mouth and tongue did things to me that nearly drove me over the top.
She sucked gently on the head, the whole time rolling her tongue around and around it.
Her hands were all over the shaft, working it up and down.
She never was able to take more than two or three inches of my prick into her mouth, but she was making up for it by her incredible mouth and tongue, not to mention her soft hands.
They caressed my shaft, massaging it and making it hard as a rock.
Then Sasha turned around and spread her legs to allow me access to her pussy.
“Baby, you’re gonna need to get me wet to be able to handle you,” she moaned.
I was only too happy to oblige.
As she returned to working my dick, I plunged my mouth and tongue into her bald pussy.
She was as smooth as could be, no sign of stubble or anything.
As I licked and bit her labia, she jumped at the contact and her teeth dug into my cock.
Not hard enough to cause any damage, but enough to really send me to the next level.
I found her clitoris, rolling it around with my tongue and sucking on it.
The result was a flood of juices, as she became even wetter.
Sasha moaned and growled as I gave her clit all of my attention.
I was near the breaking point myself because of her sucking abilities, and I withdrew my cock from her and stopped eating her.
It was time to get inside her before I exploded.
I rolled Sasha onto her back and, just as I rubbed the head of my cock along her soaked pussy lips, she stopped me.
“No, Brandon.
I don’t want it like this.
Let me get on top of you.
” I understood exactly what she was doing.
My cock was so hard that she didn’t want to take the chance that I might be overcome with passion and plunge myself all the way in, hurting her.
She positioned herself atop me, my cock aimed right at her swollen pussy.
She took it in her hand and guided me inside her, slowly easing herself onto my hardness.
“Oh, dear Jesus, you’re so big.
Honey, let me take my time, oh God, Jesus, oh fuck!” She bobbed ever so carefully up and down on my cock, savoring the pleasure it was giving her.
She played with her hair, her breasts, licking her lips with delight as she tried to take more of me inside her.
As for me, I was nearly there.
Sasha was so incredibly tight, so tight that her pussy gripped that part of my cock that was inside her like a vise.
The sensations along the head and upper shaft were so intense that I knew I wouldn’t last.
I only hoped that she was nearly there herself.
And she was.
Sasha rubbed her tits frantically, moaning and humming as she continued to fuck me.
“Brandon, baby, I can’t take it anymore! I’ve got to cum before I explode! Oh, God.
it’s so good!” Then she screamed, momentarily freezing as the first blast of her orgasm paralyzed her.
She fell onto me, alternately kissing me all over my face and moaning into my ear.
“Brandon, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Oh, baby, you’re so good, so good! Oh fuck!” I could feel her pussy convulsing around the head of my cock as she came.
That set me off and I squirted streams of my seed inside her.
My cum filled her pussy, overflowing it as it ran out and onto my thighs.
I kissed her hard and deep as she continued to move up and down on my now sticky shaft.
Finally she collapsed completely and lay atop me, not moving at all, except for her heaving breasts as she tried to catch her breath.
“Sasha, that was incredible,” I said as I found myself panting as well.
“You were unbelievable!” “Baby, I’m sorry I couldn’t take all of you in there, but you were just too big.
We’ll get better at this as we go along, I promise.
” I couldn’t believe my ears! So this wasn’t a one-time thing for her.
I can’t express the joy I felt when she said that.
I was finding myself getting closer to Sasha even before tonight, thinking that I might have met my soulmate, but I didn’t dare allow myself to believe it.
Now my eyes filled with tears at the prospect that it might be true.
Sasha saw my tears and sat up.
“Brandon, what’s wrong? Wasn’t I good enough for you? Oh, please talk to me, sweetie.
” I smiled, trying to put her at ease.
“Sasha, I’ve been looking everywhere to find someone who was the one.
I’m so incredible happy that I found you, because I think I’m falling in love with you.
I don’t know if that’s how you feel about me, but I had to let you know.
” Sasha hugged and kissed me with renewed vigor.
“Brandon, yes, yes, yes! I love you! I didn’t want to say it earlier because I didn’t want to be rejected anymore.
Oh yes, Brandon, I love you! Where have you been my whole life?” “I’ve been looking for you, my dear.
It took a long time, but when I first saw you I knew my search was over.
I just had to get you interested in me.
” “Oh Brandon!” We lay together, our bodies still sticky from perspiration and our fluids, for a long time, just kissing and holding each other.
At some point we both fell into a long sleep.
I think I woke up first.
I looked at the alarm clock next to the bed and it showed that it was almost 9:00.
Sasha was still sleeping next to me, a look of complete peace on her face.
I snuck out of the bed and got into the shower.
When I returned, Sasha was sitting in the bed, one of the hotel robes on her.
“Good morning, baby,” she said softly.
“Please tell me that this wasn’t a dream.
” “No, it was real, as real as my love for you.
” That brought a smile to her face.
Sasha’s smile lit up the room and I kissed her once more.
“I’m sorry, baby, but I have to get cleaned up and dressed.
The singers are scheduled to meet at noon here at the hotel.
” “That’s okay Sasha.
I will be busy getting ready for the sound check.
Will you meet me for tea after it’s over? I want to talk to you about our living arrangements for the rest of the tour.
” “Of course I will.
That’s what brought us together in the first place.
” Let me get my things together and I’ll sneak into my room and get ready.
” After Sasha left I went down to the lobby to get some coffee.
I couldn’t believe how happy I was.
I was smiling at everyone in the lobby.
As I passed by the lobby one of the desk clerks called me over.
“Sir, this came in for you just a moment ago.
” It was a telegram.
It was from Nice.
From Jeri.
This couldn’t be good news at all, I thought as I opened it.
As I read it, the color drained from my face.
Jeri was in Europe, traveling with Brenda.
My mother had told her that I should be in Paris for a few days.
She wanted to get together, just the three of us, for a “special” night together, if my schedule permitted.
She left her cell phone number for me to contact her.
Just what I didn’t want to deal with right now.



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