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My name is Ellen.
I wanted to tell this little story about what happened to me.
I hope that anyone who reads it will know that if this has happened to them, they are not alone.
When I decided to rent a small house on the east side of Atlanta it was a big step.
After my divorce and a few more bad relationships, I felt the need for a new start.
I had searched for two months to find a nice private ranch with a small backyard when I finally stumbled upon the perfect home.
The rent price was very manageable and it fit me perfectly.
The landlord said the last tenants were a really nice couple that had moved out without a word and he never heard from them again.
It made me wonder if something bad had happened there but the place was in perfect condition.
It was about a month after moving in I started hearing strange noises.
Whenever I searched the house there was nothing out of order and no sign of intrusion.
The house was pretty old so I imagined it was just old house noises or the wind blowing.
Another odd thing was my sudden hornier moods.
I would wake up in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the night feeling very moist between my legs.
I would dream I was holding onto a thick cock and stroking it.
At first, I ignored the sensations but soon I found myself needing to let my fingers find their way between my legs.
It wasn’t a regular occurrence but often enough that I started sleeping naked.
Sleeping naked made it much easier to relieve the urges my body and mind were feeling.
The dreams and noises kept coming for several weeks.
The dreams became stranger each time and I almost felt as if something was in the room with me, touching me.
Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling so horny that I thought I was seeing the shadow of a cock against the wall.
  This latest evening the night had a chill.
I had a fire burning in the fireplace which made the house feel amazingly cozy.
I was already feeling a tingling down below but I was determined that I wasn’t going to masturbate again tonight so I went off to bed.
As I stripped down to nothing, my hands began to slide across my breast.
I felt my nipples begin to harden.
I could tell by the moist feeling between my legs that even though I wanted to sleep, I might have to give in to my body’s urges.
I shook my head and regained control of my senses then quickly slipped under the warmth of the bedding.
It wasn’t long before I drifted off into a deep sleep.
  My deep sleep brought on a dream.
It was like a movie playing at a distance.
I could see myself breathing deeply and lightly moaning.
There was no one in the bed with me but I could feel my hand wrapped around a cock, stroking it.
I could feel my nipples being lightly circled and warmth surrounding my body.
Then suddenly my other hand was wrapped around another cock and the warmth began pressing against my ankles.
  The warmth started covering my legs, slowly working up to my thighs.
I knew something was wrong and struggled to bring myself out of the dream.
It took a moment, then like a train surging, I snapped myself awake.
 I wanted to scream but as soon as I opened my mouth it became stuffed.
I looked down and they were all over, covering my body.
Penis-like dildos of every shape, size, and color surrounded my body.
They weren’t attached to anyone but they were alive.
I stared in shock as hundreds of living dildoes pressed and pushed against every inch of my body.
  The dildoes had their own will as they swarmed my arms holding them tight to the bed.
They were warm and covered my body like a heated blanket.
Soon one was between my breasts moving up and down as others pressed into my nipples.
They were rubbing their warm firm flesh across my stomach and pressing against the soles of my feet.
I tried to move but there were so many and they somehow held me tight to the bed.
  The warmth of them covered me, caressing and massaging me like strong firm hands over every muscle of my body.
My mind wanted to resist but my body tingled as I felt them begin to press against my thighs.
Every notion of sense told me this couldn’t be real but the warm flesh of the living dildoes began to make every nerve in my body flicker with life.
My thighs felt pressure as they pushed at my legs.
I felt as if twenty hands were massaging me all over and my legs gave way as my clit felt the firm flesh press against it.
I could see the head begin to swirl around and maneuver my pearl.
My clit began to fill and harden.
I could feel them pressing and rubbing the inner parts of my thighs as one started sliding up and down against my pussy lips.
The wetness from my pussy started to lubricate my clit making the sensation shoot sparks into my body.
  When the one in my mouth fell to the side another pressed against my lips forcing my mouth to open and accept its head against my tongue.
The messaging and rubbing against every inch of my body continued nonstop.
I began to moan.
The warm cock in my mouth moved back and forth as saliva began to drip from the corners of my mouth.
My body felt as if I was becoming jelly and suddenly the living dildo rubbing my clit began to press onto my lips.
My insides became warm as it pressed inward and the other phalluses spread my thighs further apart.
My eyes rolled back and my head followed as the cock began thrusting into my wet hole.
Spreading my cunt wide it moved with long deep strokes, each stroke perfectly timed to deliver waves of pleasure that rolled through my body.
  I felt the heat deep inside my pussy begin to swell as an orgasm shot through my body.
Unable to move or scream out, I felt the orgasm make my insides tremble.
Then I felt a warm fluid fill me inside.
The living dildo emptied its cum deep inside me.
It slowly pulled out and I could feel the warm fluid drip down.
It was only seconds when I felt another pressing between my folds.
Online Now! Lush Cams Marsell_Louis It pushed itself in and began thrusting just like the other.
I looked down to see one of the cocks rubbing under my breast start to pulsate then its white thick cum shot across my body.
Its warm streams were soon met by another shooting across my body and then another covering my belly with its warm jizz.
  Warm cum started to shoot into my mouth and trickled down my throat as the cock fell from my mouth.
Another quickly pressed against my lips barely giving me time to breathe.
I didn’t resist as it pushed in and moved back and forth with just enough motion to keep me from gagging.
My toes began to curl as one pressing against the bottom of my foot began to coat my toes in its warm juices and within seconds I felt more warm streams flowing across both my thighs.
All the warm cum covering my body made my pussy begin to throb.
The one fucking my pussy started thrusting harder and I could feel another orgasm building inside me.
The next thing I knew I could feel something below my pussy.
I could feel my pulse rise as one of these living dildos started to press against the opening of my ass.
The muscles in my butt started to squeeze at the intrusion trying to make its way into my dark hole.
The squeezing caused my pussy to grip firmly around the cock that was fucking me.
  I don’t know if it could actually sense the sudden pressure from my pussy but it started to fuck me faster.
The faster fucking caused my body to release its tension and the cock underneath pushed its way into my asshole.
My pussy and asshole became filled as the two warm cocks worked themselves deep into my holes and began moving in tandem.
  I had never let anyone fuck my ass before and now these living dildoes were having their way with any hole they wanted.
I suddenly felt very different.
They were sending a feeling through my body I never thought was possible.
They began to fuck me harder and I wanted it.
I wanted them to keep fucking me and make me cum.
I wanted to feel the hot cum fill my ass.
I wanted to buck my hips up to meet each thrust but I couldn’t.
  My insides began to burst as the orgasm sent long rolling waves through my stomach.
My body was rolling in orgasm as I felt the warmth of their cum filling my pussy and ass at the same time.
The living dildo in my mouth began spurting also and the cum sprayed onto my lips and chin.
This time when it withdrew from my mouth I was given a reprieve allowing me to catch my breath.
  More of the cocks began spurting across my body, covering me in hot cum from nearly head to toe.
Then I felt more pressure from my calves to my thighs as my legs were spread further apart.
I was in a daze as I looked down to see another living dildo standing tall between my legs, only this one was different.
It was much larger and much thicker.
Its head had a smooth wide tip that flowed to a wide protruding crown and a shaft that stood proud and thick, thicker than any cock I had ever seen.
It fell onto my stomach and its length reached past my belly button.
It slid back dragging its weight across my clit, causing sparks to pop inside my body.
My mind went blank as I felt a very warm large head begin to press against my opening.
My body began to tighten as the head pushed its way in.
I could feel its head stretching my cunt.
  Then the moment of pain suddenly changed.
When its length began to push in, the pain was replaced by the feeling of sexual bliss as the cock filled my insides touching every nerve ending my pussy had.
Its warm long shaft began moving back and forth.
With each thrust, it slowly penetrated me deeper, sending waves of euphoria to every end of my body.
Its strokes pulled out long, causing tremors through my pussy lips and then pushed in deep, making my heart beat in erratic rhythms.
As its long deep strokes became faster I could feel an intense orgasm building.
An orgasm like no other I’ve ever had.
I started moaning loudly as its fucking became faster and harder.
Soon I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.
This living dildo had my entire body on fire and wanting nothing more than to feel it fuck me deep and stretch my cunt with its massive shaft.
  It began fucking me with thrusts so fast, so long and so deep that my voice became the only conduit for the pleasure to release.
 I screamed as orgasmic electricity resonated from my head to my toes.
Then the fast pace changed.
It pulled out to its entire length, paused and then slammed back in.
Again it pulled out to the tip and paused before slamming back in.
Again, then again, then again and again.
 I felt my pussy begin to fill with hot liquid.
It continued to pull out and slam back in as its warm cum started to gush out of my pussy, coating my inner thighs and ass.
The feeling of its hot cum exploding and filling my pussy pushed me over the edge.
The orgasm took over my body and shook my insides with warm pulsations that made my pussy throb and squeeze onto its thick meaty shaft.
It pulled out again and  I released warm sprays of liquid across the bed.
Every ounce of energy within my body shot out from between my legs.
My body couldn’t stop trembling as I looked down to see the massive living dildo standing tall between my legs again covered in the spray from my orgasm.
The crowd of dildoes released me from their grip and I passed out from exhaustion.
 When I woke up in the morning I looked around but there was nothing there.
I thought for a moment it must have been a dream until I looked down and saw my entire body still covered in cum from nearly head to toe–and it was still warm.



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