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Eve, who is a friend of mine, owns a nudist bed and breakfast in the town where I live.
Nothing usually happens there, except it was different this time around.
A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday, I drove to Eve’s Bed and Breakfast to relax by her pool and work on getting rid of my tan lines.
This is a very nice and secluded bed and breakfast.
When I arrived there, Eve and I talked for a little while before I ventured out to the pool.
Eve told me that she had another house guest, and her name was Julie.
Eve informed me that Julie was napping in her room, and that she would be sharing the pool after she wakes up.
I was out by the pool, sunning in the nude for about thirty minutes when Julie came out.
I quickly discovered that Julie was a very attractive woman the moment I laid eyes on her, a real head-turner.
I guessed her age to be somewhere between thirty-five and forty, and she had a killer MILF kind of body; long dark hair that draped over her slender shoulders and down to the center of her back, eyes that could melt butter, a firm set of tits that jiggled when she walked, long, shapely legs, and an ass to die for.
I saw it all when she walked out to the pool in all of her naked glory.
She sat on the shaded porch, reading her book.
She didn’t seem to notice me at first, which was a good thing because I was getting a rise that was hard to hide as my eyes soaked up her naked body.
Eventually, I got up from my chaise and went to the area where Eve kept her sunscreens.
Then gathering up my nerve, I introduced myself to Julie.
She smiled at me politely, then went back to reading her book.
Well, so much for getting to know her, I thought to myself.
I took one of the sunscreen bottles back to my chaise and started to spread some on my shoulders, legs, and arms.
I spread some on my cock as well, so that it wouldn’t burn from the sun’s rays.
As I was doing that, l looked up and noticed her looking at me.
She smiled, and then I smiled back.
“Come on over, the sun is great,” I called over to her.
She closed the book she was reading and set it on the table next to her chair.
When she stood up and started over towards me, my heart began beating a little harder in my chest.
I couldn’t keep my eyes from her sexy tits jiggling with each demure step she took.
“The sun does feel good,” she said to me in her soft, sultry voice as she pulled up a chaise next to mine.
“Would you mind spreading a little of that sunscreen on my back for me?” she asked, turning so that her back was facing me.
I felt more than honored that she allowed me to touch her.
I squeezed a portion of sunscreen on the palm of my hand, then rubbed my palms together, and carefully applied it to her shoulders and down the smooth skin of her back.
I thought I heard her give a soft, satisfying moan as my hands reached the small of her back.
“Your turn,” she said as she turned around and took the tube of screen, squeezing a portion on the palm of her dainty white hand.
I turned my back to her, and a moment later I felt those hands gently running along my shoulders and down my back in the same fashion I did with hers.
The simple touch of her hands made me shiver.
We ventured into a pleasant conversation.
She told me that she was here on vacation, and this was her first time at a nudist bed and breakfast resort.
I asked her how she liked it, and she told me that it was nice, and very relaxing.
She certainly didn’t seem like the shy type to me.
Time passed quickly as we talked and sunbathed.
I looked at the time on my cell phone and saw that it was getting close to dinner time.
“Do you have any plans for dinner?” I asked Julie.
Did you have something in mind?” she asked, which surely made it easy for me to ask her out.
“I know a good restaurant downtown, if you’d like to join me,” I suggested.
She was all for it, so we left the pool and went to our perspective rooms, to shower and dress.
I dressed casual in a pair of jeans, a light shirt and a pair of leather sandals.
She was knock-dead-gorgeous, wearing a yellow cotton sundress and matching heels.
She had her hair done up, and a perfect shade of makeup that highlighted her beautiful face, deep brown eyes, and luscious lips.
I took her to the best restaurant in town, wined and dined her, sometimes reaching across the table to hold her hand.
Our dinner conversation was awesome, and I felt like I had known her before.
When we got back to the B&B, she asked me if I would like to join her in the hot tub, which was out back, next to the pool.
There was no way in hell I would refuse that invitation.
All I could think about was spending the rest of my time at the B&B with her.
Maybe, if I was lucky enough, I might even make it into her bed.
But that thought was going through my mind all day.
It was a clear, starlit night, the moon was full, a perfect night to spend some time outdoors.
We went to our rooms and shed our clothes, then met again a few minutes later out at the hot tub.
Julie called for Eve, who was nude in her house, and asked if she would bring us the bottle of wine that Julie had left in her room.
Eve obliged, and came out a few minutes later with it, and two glasses.
After drinking a couple glasses of wine and conversing about this thing and that, I got up the nerve to lean over and kiss Julie.
“I was hoping you would kiss me sometime tonight,” she said, and gave me the fullness of her soft, dreamy lips.
Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, hers tasting a mixture of wine and sweet saliva.
She seemed to turn on like a light switch, and she got on top of me, kissing me more and more.
That woman loved to kiss, and she surely knew how! She didn’t object letting my hands roam over her breasts, her nipples wet from the water, and hard from my fingers tweaking them.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno She reached under the water and discovered that my cock was hard when she wrapped her fingers around it.
“I’d really like a little bit of this tonight,” she said to me with her sultry voice, and gave my cock a loving squeeze.
My dreams about this gorgeous women were quickly turning into reality, and I was more than anxious to oblige her desires.
She took my hand and led me to her room, both of us dripping wet, not even bothering to towel off.
I closed the door of her room, and stood next to it as I watched her pull down the comforter and top sheet of her bed.
My heart pounded, and I felt the rush of blood going to my cock as I watched her getting onto the bed and spreading out on her back with an inviting pose.
Her legs were parted and poised, allowing me to see the glistening pink lips of her pussy.
She gave me a naughty little smile and a “come hither” gesture with her index finger.
I walked to the side of her bed, casting my eyes down upon her beautiful body waiting to be taken.
Setting one knee on the bed, and bracing myself over her with my hands pressing against the mattress, I started kissing my way slowly down her body, starting with her lips, then down her long, slender neck, to her breasts, in which my lips played for a while, going from one to another, giving her luscious, swollen nipples all the attention they deserved.
“Oh, I love the way you do that,” she moaned and arched her chest every time I pulled her nipples into my mouth to nibble, lick, and suck.
Her nipples tasted as sweet as honey, and I got so hot I could have devoured them all night long.
But there were other pressing matters that I had to attend to, and leaning my weight on one hand, I freed up my other hand to continue massaging her breast while kissing my way down her slim, sexy belly that seemed to undulate under the sensuous grazing of my lips.
I could smell the sweet feminine heat of her pussy as my face neared that special place between her legs.
I gently kissed her folds and parted them with my tongue, feeling hot with desire to drink in her sweet nectar.
It wasn’t long before I had my face planted against her juicy sex, and let my tongue turn devilish on her.
Her hands came down to the back of my head, holding me securely against her crotch while she slithered against the sheets.
Soon, she was bucking her hips and flapping her legs around, crying out for me to take her over the edge.
I gave her what she wanted, and licked her into an explosive orgasm.
She grabbed hold of my ears, pulling them and screaming like a woman going out of her mind, “Oh my god—I’m coming! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Oh god!” I buried my face against her pussy throughout her entire orgasm, sucking and drinking up her orgasmic juices until she finally settled down.
“Oh, that was so good, honey.
Thank you,” she said kissing me after I crawled up from between her legs.
“Your turn.
” I was hard as a rock at this time, and then she told me to lay back and enjoy.
The moment she wrapped her lips around my cock, it felt like heaven.
Here was this beautiful woman that I had met this very same day, a woman that I barely knew, giving me head.
She bobbed, taking me deep inside her mouth, moaning like she was really enjoying the taste of my cock.
The way her soft lips and tongue caressed my cock, it didn’t take me long to come.
When I moaned, telling her that I was about to come, she sucked on me harder.
Unable to hold myself back any longer, I gave it to her, and she drank up every long, hot surge that I sent into her mouth.
She smiled at me and licked her lips like she had just finished a satisfying meal.
We relaxed for a little while, but I still wanted to give her many more orgasms.
She was so sexy that it didn’t take me long to get hard again.
I pulled her on top of me, and when she straddled my hips, I teased her pussy with the head of my cock, running it back and forth along her soft, juicy slit.
She then took my cock in her hand, and guided it inside of her.
She told me that it had been a while since she had been with anyone as she sank down on me.
I could tell because she was tight.
I decided that since it has been awhile for her, I was going to give her my best efforts.
I held her by her hips, lifting and lowering her as I thrust my cock upwards to meet her as she fell.
My thrusts got stronger and her moans got louder.
Again I heard her crying out, “Don’t stop… I’m coming.
” When she came she fell on top of me and then, Julie whispered, “Don’t pull out.
I want you to come inside of me.
” I was so turned on by her, I laid there and let her rock on me again.
She went for my nipples and started sucking on them while she rode my cock.
This was a major turn on for me.
It didn’t take long before my balls exploded a second time and spill my seed inside her pussy.
I ended up spending the night with her, making her come multiple times with my fingers and my tongue.
I even fucked her a second time, and I gave her some really rough and tumble sex, nailing her on her back.
She loved wrapping her legs around me and taking it hard and fast.
She snuggled in my arms and fell to sleep.
I stayed awake all night just to enjoy having this lovely woman sleeping next to me.
When we got up the next morning, Eve had our breakfast ready for us.
Eve said that it sounded like we had fun last night, and that she got so hot hearing, us she played with herself with her vibrator until she came.
Julie said that she was going to be back in town in a couple of weeks, and she wants us to have a marathon sex day.
She even suggested bringing Eve into our fun.
I can’t wait! My fantasy came true and my other one will come true in a couple of weeks.



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