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Holly stood on the fringe of the film set eagerly awaiting the next scene, her favourite erotic screen actors were due to arrive on location at any minute.
Excitement fizzled deep inside her.
Just about everyone at the studio had been raving on about Venus and The Volcano for weeks now.
This was the last day of filming, after which the reel would go into full production.
On set, the crew prepared to film the next sequence.
Holly glanced around, they seemed a little nervy.
Brett Faulkner eyed her over the top of his specks, this was a sure sign even he wasn’t sure what to expect.
Both of the stars were notorious within the industry for their prima donna like behaviour.
The day’s film shoot wasn’t hard core porn, nor was it soft core, the studio had hired the actors merely to simulate a sex scene.
Why, it was beyond Holly, but she was delighted all the same.
A hush then descended around the set.
Whatever it was, the vibe had certainly travelled her way.
Had the filming schedule been changed at the last moment? If so, the artistic flow had definitely been upset; the crew had now downed their equipment.
Of course, this type of scenario was common practice, but today, of all days.
Holly walked across to see what was happening.
Brett the director, was still clutching a scrap of paper that had been handed to him a minute before.
He shrugged and passed it to Holly.
She tried to read his expression before gazing down at the half dozen scribbled words.
‘Venus and The Volcano double booked’.
No, this couldn’t be happening.
Everything was riding on this scene.
The studio were set to lose some big bucks if they didn’t come up with an action plan, and like damn soon.
“So, what now then?” asked Holly.
“That’s anyone’s guess, at this kind of notice any actors worth their salt will already be in work.
” “The studio should at least try phoning around,” suggested Holly.
“We’re on it already, but they need to get here like in the next hour,” said Brett, anxiously.
This was just typical, Holly knew it had all been going rather too well.
If they couldn’t replace Venus and The Volcano, then they’d need to film the scene as soon as possible.
It would cut the profit margin, but that’s just the way it goes.
It was decided that everyone should take an early lunch and return to the set in about an hour’s time.
Holly made her way back to the hair and make-up department where in the course of her day she fussed and fawned over the latest work in progress.
She loved her job, being able to create was in her blood.
But not only that, she’d pick up on some juicy gossip along the way.
People had told her all sorts, she smiled at some of the stories she’d been privy to.
After a quick snack, she lent back in one of the chairs and let her mind drift.
At 12:45 her eyes pinged open like her phone had just received a text alert.
She applied some lipstick and made her way back along the corridor to the studio.
When she arrived the rest of the crew were already there and huddled together, deep in conversation.
At least there was some kind of discussion going on, she hoped they’d rescheduled Venus and The Volcano for a later date.
Brett Faulkner turned to face her when she was on the approach to them.
“Ah, our lady in shining armour,” he said, his gaze firmly moulded to hers.
“What?” she asked, rather puzzled, then darting a look at the rest of the crew who were eyeing her with a grin.
“What?” she asked again.
“Please tell me they’re coming.
” “Sorry Holly, Venus and her leading man are 6,000 miles away, it’s not happening,” said Roz the sound technician.
“Aww, that’s too bad, maybe another time then,” she said mimicking mild disappointment.
The crew seemed to be in agreement, the rather infamous two-some were definitely hot property.
Holly stood waiting for somebody to offer more information.
If it wasn’t happening, then she’d loads of stuff to be getting on with.
Nobody moved though, she couldn’t help but feel there was something going on that she wasn’t aware of.
Why were they all standing there looking more than a little dubious, she swept a look over Brett’s face then eyed Roz, who had tilted her head to one side, her eyes were obviously trying hard to relay some sort of message.
Then it dawned on her, they meant her.
Adrenaline instantly started to surge through her body like it was jet propelled.
What the hell did she know about acting, they were crazy if they thought she’d do it.
“No, no, no and no….
I’m not doing it,” said Holly, completely stunned by the somewhat absurd request.
“Oh, come on, if anyone can pull this off it’s you.
Dare I say it, but you’re the sexiest little bitch we’ve got.
And who else has seen every last movie they’ve ever made?” Holly wasn’t sure whether she should be offended or flattered by the remark.
“Watching movies and actually getting up close and personal is kinda different you know,” proclaimed Holly.
“Hmm, really?” he replied.
He then gazed down at his watch, the situation was becoming feverish, and Holly felt trapped between the desire to let loose her inner slut, verses the voice of eternal wisdom, which told a different story entirely.
Holly glanced from face to face.
“Er, you’re forgetting one thing,” she said raising an eyebrow.
“Who takes over from The Volcano?” In an instant, all eyes were on Brett.
Holly gave a deep sigh, of course, who else.
He was perhaps the director, but with an athletic body, 6’2 in height, smoldering looks, truly the stereotypical all-action-hero.
“Just answer the question Holly, yes, or no,” he demanded, his expression fixed on hers.
remember, the fee in pounds sterling has your name on it.
” She glanced up to find a grin a mile wide etched on his face.
“How much exactly?” she inquired, her hands now clamped to the side of her face in avid anticipation.
The words had escaped her mouth before she could stop them.
Perhaps it was rude to discuss financial business out in the open.
He lent in to speak.
100,000 on the release date of the movie.
” Holly laughed at the craziness of the whole thing.
That kind of loot could resolve a few issues.
“Okay, you’ve got yourself a deal,” she said with a grin, albeit somewhat reluctantly, the heap of zeros had definitely swayed her decision.
All at once, Holly’s mind was whirling.
She just hoped her performance would do justice to Venus.
“Okay, thank god we’ve got that sorted, now, Brett, Holly, wardrobe are waiting,” said Zoe the assistant director.
*** A short while later both Holly and Brett were back on set, suitably dressed in shockingly eye-catching bondage apparel.
Wardrobe had insisted she wear a red and black balconette bra and matching panties, suspenders, stockings and red stilettos.
Brett stood beside her in tight leather shorts, he was also sporting an eye mask.
Holly had never even dreamt she would get to act out her favourite erotic movie scene.
However, with a slightly different format than to the original.
Before them, the film set portrayed a den of iniquity, red satin sheets adorned the huge bed, and familiar implements of torture were spread out on a nearby table.
There were whips, chains, cuffs and shackles, nipple-clamps, lengths of rope, blindfolds, silken scarfs and candles.
Holly’s eyes widened and her mouth grew dry.
What had she just agreed to? “You look like you’re just about to faint,” whispered Brett.
Holly lent her weight against him and giggled under her breath.
“No, I’m just a little dazed, I’ve never done anything like this before.
” “This could be fun then, if a little, painful,” he said trying to play the part to better effect.
Holly groaned inside, if ever she needed a drink, this was it.
She watched the crew make some last minute adjustments, as she and Brett stood there kinked up to the hilt in lace and leather.
Now she’d got a chance to take it all in, the whole scenario was making her feel very turned on indeed.
So much so, just the sight of Brett standing there beside her in ass tight leather shorts, with his face partially concealed by an eye mask made her squirm.
She then heard the assistant directors voice.
“Quiet everyone, we’re going live, 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 -1- ACTION.
” Brett then turned brusquely towards her.
“So, my sexy little nymph….
lay on the bed.
” All of a sudden, his words seemed powerful, she suppressed a grin and complied.
Once settled, all she could see were the cameras and the crew staring back at her, they were obviously treating the shoot just like any other, it didn’t matter that she and Brett weren’t hardened professionals.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke It was all in a day’s work.
Brett walked towards her, got onto the bed and knelt down, then taking a scarf, he covered her eyes and tied it firmly at the back of her head.
Holly immediately felt a sense of excitement surround her.
“How does that feel my sexy little slut?” he asked in a low husky tone.
“Er, like I’m at your disposal.
” “Good, that’s the idea,” he replied.
The next thing, Holly felt one of her wrists being clamped to the bedstead, then a moment later the other, a pang of foreboding engulfed her.
Holy god, this was more realistic than she’d ever have believed.
Her breaths had started to deepen the very second the cuffs had been put on.
Suddenly her senses had been heightened, and she was aware of the electrical charge on the film set.
It was like being stripped bare of any morals standards, and quite prepare to go the distance, whatever that meant.
Holly wondered which implement of torture would be chosen.
She hadn’t seen the script, though if it had been her shout, undoubtedly the whip.
She almost felt every divine stinging blow when Venus and The Volcano played out one of her favourite scenes.
All of their movies had elements of BDSM, this was something Holly had half heartedly experimented with over the years.
Though, to trust completely was a big ask.
The fact that she was now completely at Brett’s mercy, scared the living day lights out of her.
He was still lodged against Holly’s right thigh.
She was anticipating his next move at any moment, and thankfully her heart beat had returned to a near normal rate.
The silence on set was deafening now.
  All of a sudden Brett straddled her, he drew a finger down the side of her face, then cupping her chin and sweeping his thumb against her cheek.
It felt good.
He moved to her neck, then quickly progressing to her breasts, his hands skimmed over her cleavage, then coming to rest on her stomach.
“Oh, Holly, so obedient,” he said speaking softly.
Somehow in her darkness, the low pitch of his voice had become even more alluring than before.
She could hear his every breath, as the slow torture continued.
The effect of his touch was already having quite an effect on her, ashamed to admit her arousal was growing more and more intense.
She wanted to scream at him to get a fucking move on.
She had no say however.
“Your skin is so smooth,” he said tracing a feathery line down her stomach, and dipping the tips of his fingers beneath the frilly waistband of her panties.
Holly gasped, drawing in a breath.
He then met her inner thigh, she felt his hot breath against her.
He placed dainty kisses all over the bare parts of her skin on one side, then switched to the other.
He then swept his hands over her thighs, each motion briefly grazing her pussy.
Beneath the scarf Holly winced in tormented agony.
Brett then released the clasps on her suspenders, and peeled the stockings down her legs.
She was still wearing the red stilettos, he eased them from her feet, allowing the hosiery to be pulled free.
Holly wondered where he’d stop.
Leaning across her body, he was obviously retrieving an item from a cabinet drawer beside them.
Holly swallowed, what now she wondered.
She then heard a recognizable buzzing sound.
Was he going to use some sort of vibrator on her? This was a grey area surely.
He then ran the toy down the inside of her thigh, it felt big, it was certainly no clit stimulator.
To say Holly wasn’t into denial would be an understatement.
But she knew the protocol, and it was a delicious sort of pain.
She knew Brett would derive great pleasure from seeing her laying there in bound ecstasy.
“Let me help you along,” he said, giving away a slight undertone of his own arousal, as his voice quivered.
Could Brett really be these two people? On set he was forever the professional, never giving in to any sort of flirtation.
Right now, Holly had the overwhelming hunch that he was barely holding out.
Then all of a sudden the vibrator hit her pussy.
“AARRGG!!” she shouted.
Her body rose in response, lifting her clean off the satin sheets.
“Oooh, don’t get all jumpy,” he said in a soft authoritarian manner.
He then moved to her thighs til the edge had subsided.
After a few moments the vibrator returned, this time at a far more pleasant level, sending warm tremors right the way through her.
Though, the sensation was merely teasing her, still some distance from educing orgasm.
Holly groaned quietly at the on-going ecstasy.
She wasn’t sure how much more she could take.
The supreme Venus would take all of this in her stride.
The next thing Holly knew, the vibrator had been removed, and Brett had crawled up beside her.
She felt his breath close to her face, he then closed his mouth over hers.
At the beginning he was gentle, but then his kisses became more voracious.
Holly couldn’t help but respond, her entire being was primed and ready to comply with his wishes.
She had no choice but to submit, something that didn’t come easily to her.
But somehow, he had an intrinsic power over her, but of course, her mind and body had the last say.
All the indications were green to go.
“Oh, Holly, stopped running from me now?” he murmured to her.
“What are you talking about?” she said through uneven breaths.
She just wished he’d take the god damn scarf off, somehow it was clouding her senses.
Perhaps it was in the script, but at that moment she was free of the cuffs, and of the scarf.
He’d taken his own mask off too, his face was a picture, as want screamed back at her.
The hard ridge of his cock was pressing against her, she smiled up at him and kissed him harder than before.
By now, Brett had lent down and pulled the satin sheets over the two of them.
In the space of a breath, he was drawing Holly’s lace panties down her legs, her eyes widened, wondering what in the name he was thinking.
Then he prised his own ass tight shorts down too.
There was one thing, the movie was going to be as authentic as was possible.
It felt so good to be free of the restraints, and of the darkness.
Holly listened to her heart thump in her ears, she had already gone way past infinity.
This was the simulation part, of course it was.
Brett had started gyrating against her, god it felt so good.
Was this supposed to happen she wondered.
He quickened his pace, leaning down to kiss her, then kneading her breasts.
Holly groaned, her body was on fire.
She instinctively opened her legs and anchored them around his waist.
He regarded her for a moment before she felt his cock start to penetrate her.
She gasped as he slowly sank his entire length into her slick pussy.
Soon they were moving against each other, panting and groaning like there was no tomorrow.
He drove into her, harder and more urgently each time.
Holly could barely believe that she’d allowed him to go this far.
But it felt so fucking amazing she didn’t care in the least.
Brett slowly brought her towards orgasm as the exquisite thrusts continued.
She was so close.
“Cum for me, my sexy little slut,” he commanded.
Holly would be hard pushed to stop herself, but somehow his stern words were encouraging her right to the very edge.
“NOW!!” he instructed.
Then it.



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