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The silence of the night was punctuated by the occasional bursts of noise from cars sailing past me.
I sighed, hunched over my counter.
I had moved here to go to college, but college doesn’t pay for itself and I was working late night shifts to make enough money to scrape by.
Being a retail clerk was pretty easy, if monotonous, considering very few people came shopping in the night.
 Most nights, I read books, or studied while jamming to music.
It gave me time to think alone, and I enjoyed that.
It was on one of my many nights alone there when I happened to have one of the strangest experiences of my life.
At about 3am or so, a woman stumbled through the gates, wearing clothes that left little to the imagination.
I say clothes, but that’s the loosest definition.
She had on a deep red, lacy bra, under which her nipples were clearly straining to poke through, a matching red thong, stripper heels and nothing else.
I had looked up at the sound of the doors opening, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
She was an exquisite creature.
Her skin was creamy white, she had lush and gleaming red hair, and perky breasts bounced with each step she took.
She walked towards me, like a model on a ramp, and I struggled to look away from her breasts.
“You like what you see?” she said, her voice sweeter than honey dipped in sugar.
To illustrate her point, she grabbed and jiggled those massive knockers.
I was at a loss of words, and managed to stammer, “I.
can I… help you, mam?” She grinned wickedly, reaching out to place her index finger on my lips, shushing me.
“Oh, it’s been such a dull evening.
I’ve been dancing all day, and I’m so horny from all the fucking I haven’t been able to do.
I promised myself that the first guy I met was going to become a very lucky man.
Looks like you won the lottery.
Now do you want to fuck me behind the counter or in the aisles like a slut?” I was still staring at the curves on her body when I heard myself say, “Why not both?” “Oh, I like your spirit, young man,” she laughed.
“Lets see how long you can last.
” With that, she pulled me closer and kissed me.
Still not entirely believing this was happening, I kissed back.
She broke away – and climbed across the counter.
She hungrily reached for my pants and pulled them down.
My underwear soon followed and my cock sprang to attention.
She immediately grasped it in one hand, and took the tip in her mouth.
Slowly, inch by inch, she went deeper and deeper until she had all my cock inside her mouth.
Her other hand slithered down to her clit, massaging it.
I moaned with pleasure, running my fingers through her hair as she expertly bobbed her head, smooth but firm.
I felt that I was close to cumming, and I tried to stop her from continuing; I didn’t want to waste such an opportunity to fuck her.
However, she was too filled with lust to care.
If anything, she sped up, her own moans reaching a fevered pitch as her hand worked faster and faster around her clit.
I grabbed her hair with both hands and let out a cry, soon followed by her own moan of pleasure.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lessa Waves of ecstasy rocked me as I shot more and more of my jism into her mouth, while she quivered as her orgasm sent shudders up and down her body.
I stepped back, panting with the suddenness of what had happened.
She collapsed next to the wall, a smile and my cum on her lips.
Licking her lips, she said, “You taste pretty good.
Another round?” She knew my answer – my cock was still hard, and I so desperately wanted her.
This time, I took charge.
I grabbed her arms, pulled her up, and then spun her around before pulling down her thong.
Her bra, I undid from the back and let it fall.
Then, I reached one hand around to her left breast, and slipped my other down to her precious pussy.
I slowly teased her nipple, massaged breast, and fingered her cunt.
She squirmed with the combination, gasping with each thrust of my finger inside her.
Another finger joined the first one, and her moans increased.
I whispered into her ear, “If you want me to fuck you, you’re going to have to beg me.
” She was barely in control of herself.
I increased my pace and then suddenly slid my fingers out, moving them up to her lips.
I placed my fingers, covered in her juices on them, and she regained enough sense to suck them clean.
“Please… please… fuck me.
” It was enough.
I took her into the aisles, and stopped opposite the big glass windows next to the doors.
She understood, placing her hands on the cold, semi-reflective surface and sticking her ass out for me.
I ran a palm over the smooth flesh before bringing it down hard.
She yelped, not expecting it.
I gave her another good spank, this time on the other cheek.
Another muffled scream shot out.
I spanked her a few more times until the flesh was red, and my hand was imprinted on it.
She had been reduced to whimpers, and I decided to quit teasing.
I placed my cock between her wondrous pink folds, and penetrated her pussy.
She moaned with relief at finally getting what she had wanted.
I soon got up to a good pace, thrusting into her.
I could see her face in the glass, and I smiled.
Her eyes were wild with lust, her hair was messy, and her breasts were swinging with each thrust.
I reached around and held her huge, soft, perfect boobs and started fucking her harder.
She started to gasp very fast, barely able to catch her breath as she orgasmed again, this time nearly collapsing with the intensity.
I held her up, and kept pumping away until, finally, I too reached my limit.
Wth a sigh of relief, I filled her pussy with my cum.
She stood there, bent over, while I placed my hands on her ass, still amazed at what had happened.
“You can take your cock out now, you know,” she said, barely able to speak through her heavy breathing.
I obliged and she went to the counter and put on her minimal clothing.
“My god, that was amazing.
I think I’ll drop by again sometime,” she said mischievously.
I watched her walk away, cum dripping out of her pussy, and covering her lips.
And started counting the days until she returned.



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