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A man was walking on the street, his one hand, fingers tightly clenched around the handle of a black suitcase that has a million dollars’ worth of uncut diamonds and the other busy with the phone.
“Yes, I have the diamonds… No they didn’t doubt a thing… I’m coming back home and then we can leave together for good.
” “You can leave your past behind, Synnove and we can start our new life.
I love you so much.
” “I love you more, Damien,” a woman’s voice cracked from the other side of phone.
“Heyyyy, heyyy!! Give me my suitcase back!!” The man ran behind the thief with all his might to grab the suitcase from the thief who appeared out of the dark.
“Damien? Damien! What’s happening there? What happened?! Damien!!!!” The hassling voices on the phone were silenced soon with a loud sound of a gunshot.
A man was dead that night.
  ___☼☼☼___   6 Months later… Club poison Ivy was as bright as always with all the beaming Vegas lights and semi-nude strippers performing, each on their private stages.
Their sexy curves swinging with the saxophone and jazz beats around the pole, looked so alluring.
  A man with auburn colored hair and green eyes reached to the manager, piercing through the crowd.
  “Lucas! Hello pal.
Been a while! If you’re not interested in the usual, I have a special girl for you,” said the manager to the green-eyed man smirking.
“I’m not here for the happy hours today, Bob.
I want to empty my safe, it’s urgent,” said the green-eyed man in a rather whispery tone.
Bob whispered “Okay, but you know the rules – entry to the safe is only after 2:00am.
You’ll have to wait for it.
But since you’re already here, why don’t you enjoy the company of a sexy woman.
” Bob pushed Lucas into one of the private red sofa rooms.
“I told you I’m not here for the girls, I just want to emp–” “Hello, stranger,” a voice echoed from the room before he could finish.
A beautiful pale skinned red head was sitting on the black couch in front of him.
A large black furry coat was covering her body, yet revealing her long crossed sexy legs.
  “Take your seat, handsome,” she leaned down a little to whisper into his ears and gazed with her black eyes.
“The show is about to start,” she winked at him as she turned her back towards him and slide off her coat slowly.
Lucas’ eyes wandered all over her.
Such flawless skin, with her black lingerie stockings up high on her fine legs, clutched with the garter belt at her waist.
How can a mere human possibly not fall for such a tempting woman? He heard faint but seductive jazz and saxophone beats as the woman was dancing on the pole.
Her body was moving around the pole like she was as light as a feather.
He was fascinated by her, everything about her feels so exotic, something that makes him desire her in the most obscene ways.
  He was already feeling damned for not having that woman hung up on him rather than the pole.
Her gaze met with his and she could see the lust rising in his blue eyes, a mischievous smile spread on her lips.
She climbed down the pole and walked towards him.
She leaned down to hold her ankles in front of him, letting him get a closer look of her cleavage.
Her full breasts hung together supported by her bra, his gaze roamed over her body.
“Seen anything you like?” She said in a teasing tone, swaying her boobs and winked at him.
All of a sudden he held out his hand to grab her hands and pulled her in his lap.
  “Mmm… I like everything I’ve seen so far, but would like to see more of it”.
Then he let go of her hands and she got off his lap.
She held out her right leg, pointed her toes to his chest, tracing higher and higher to his neck.
She placed her leg on his right shoulder keeping herself balanced on her left leg.
“The stockings,” she said to him seductively biting her lips.
He placed both his hands on each of her firm ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze, pulling her closer to his face forcefully.
His teeth grazed slowly over the soft skin of her thighs and using them to unbuckle the garters before pulling her stocking down to her ankles.
“What’s your name, woman?” He asked looking directly into her black eyes.
A lascivious smile came on her lips again.
“Sin,” she whispered in his ears.
“My name is Sin.
I’ve been here for the past six months but I’ve never seen you here before”.
  “Aptly named, makes me want to do all the sweetest sinful things to you.
”  His lips leaving wet marks on her thighs, moving closer to her panties.
His hands tighten on her ass, squeezing it again as he buried his nose in her panties, inhaling the intoxicated smell of her sex.
All of his blood left his brain to move downtown south.
A soft moan escaped her lips.
  “Ohhh…” her hands looped around his neck.
Suddenly her eyes opened alarmingly and she pushed away his head and freed herself from him, unwilling he loosened his grip to let her slip away.
“Your show hour has ended, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time and now you must leave, I’ve other clients waiting.
” He frowned at her for a moment and then pulled her again to him to whisper in her ears, “You think I’ll let you get off just like that?” His lips and teeth nibbling on her ear.
“Come home with me after your shift, I’ll let you feel the ecstasy over and over again.
” He heard the faint sound of her grinning before she stood up and nodded.
He stood up and gave her $500.
“I liked the show very much and I’m looking forward for more,” he winked at her before leaving the room.
  ___☼☼☼___   Few hours later, in the basement safe.
His eyes were shining with sheer joy as he successfully withdrew the tiny satchels which were filled with the uncut diamonds.
“Ha-ha finally! No more shit.
I’m gonna make a hell lot of money from this, once I flee away from this shitty country.
” “No more police investigation about the murder and I’ll be safe with the diamonds.
My life is going to have loads of money! Hallelujah, baby!” He looked around with a little caution before he slipped those two satchels in his pocket.
After a while at Lucas place.
“Did you purposely choose this house in an isolated place?” Asked the woman as they both entered Lucas’ house.
“You shouldn’t care.
Nobody would disturb us here.
” He scooped around her waist, pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately.
His tongue claimed her mouth as they both deepened the kiss.
Her fingers winding into his hair and pulled them as their breath became harsh, but none was ready to leave for a moment.
His hands hooked into her dress and ripped her out of it.
He pulled it hastily up and threw it on the floor.
He bent his head, drew her nipple into his mouth and sucked, swirling his tongue, rasping his teeth.
She shivered as she wound her fingers into his hair and arched her back, trying to force more of her firm tits into his face.
Lucas took her to the bed and gently pushed her onto her back.
He lifted her leg, forcing her to lie on her side and placed it over his shoulder.
He took his cock in hand, teased her folds by rubbing the head against them, coating it in her wetness.
He pushed determinedly and groaned, “Damn, you’re so tight.
” He pounded her with long, hard, fast strokes, causing her to scream and moan.
With each thrust, she moved closer and closer to cumming, “Ah! fuck yes! yesssss!” The words spilled out of her mouth as she cum all over his pulsating cock.
Finally, all at once, Lucas knew he was going to explode.
He slammed his cock into her hard a few more times as she trembled in the moment and then pulled out and came all over her stomach.
He collapsed on top of her while they both caught their breath.
“God, aren’t you a wild sexy human” said Lucas huffing as they both laid down on the bed.
“Wake up, I’m not done with you yet,” he said smirking.
She continued to lay there motionless she whispered some strange words of which Lucas couldn’t make any sense out of, so he ignored them.
“Neither am I, darling.
Neither am I.
The fun part is about to start,” she said.
She opened her black eyes again to look at Lucas, she turned towards him on her side.
“You were in the club today, for something special?” she asked him.
“Not really, just personal stuff to collect,” he tried to avoid the details.
“You have not spent any of those diamonds, have you?” His eyes opened with panic.
“What?!” “You think you should have done it?” “Who the fuck are you?!! And how do you know about the diamonds?! I never told a single human about them!” He roared at her and tried to get up from the bed to grab her throat but he couldn’t move.
He felt his body was heavier than a thousand tons of metal and his whole body was frozen, he couldn’t lift a finger.
“What have you done to me?! I can’t move!” “Six months ago, you killed an innocent man on the street, just for few diamonds and ran off.
” “I’ve killed many others for hard cold cash, and that man was no different, you bitch!” Lucas hissed with gritted teeth.
She laid on the bed beside him motionless, staring at the ceiling blankly.
“He was the man I loved so dearly, his name was Damien Evans.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers He risked his own life for those diamonds so that we could start a new life and leave our past behind, but he never came back to me.
” “You killed him and took the diamonds, you shouldn’t have done it.
From the very beginning I knew the diamonds were in the club but I didn’t know who the killer was.
” “I had to wait in that filthy place so long just to find the one person who killed him.
” “How–how did you know the diamonds were in the club’s safe? Nobody knew, not even Bob.
” There was a trace of fear in Lucas’ voice.
She grinned widely and climbed on top of him, her legs on either side of his waist.
She leaned in near his ears to whisper, “Because those diamonds…were hexed.
by me and so are you now.
” She laughed, crazily sitting on his chest.
Lucas was so terrified by her presence now.
“After the robbery and murder you were so afraid.
You thought of hiding the diamonds for a while because the police may start an investigation if they found the dead body.
So once this whole thing goes into the cold basket, you can take the diamonds and flee without any problems.
” “But, you know what? There was no police investigation regarding this case.
They couldn’t file a case as they didn’t find Damien’s body.
” Once again that mysterious horrific smile spread on her lips.
“I hexed those diamonds so I was connected to them.
I could tell where they are but I didn’t know the man who took them.
The only way was to wait for him to take them back.
So I stayed in that filthy place, became a stripper and tried to find you.
When you fell into my room I could sense a strong aura of yours claiming those diamonds, and at that very moment my search has finally ended.
” “What are you?!” Lucas faint voice was full of fear.
“I’m Sin,” said the red hair woman.
“I’ll take the diamonds and the money that you took by killing people and I want more.
” “Your soul, I’ll take your soul with me and you’ll trade places with Damien’s soul in hell.
” Lucas’s eyes were wide with fear but his mouth couldn’t speak a word.
“It’s such a pity you need some connection with the person you want to take the soul out from.
Be it a blood bond or any other physical relationship.
There was no other good enough reason for me to lure you into my seduction and to bed.
” She took a last look at him lying beneath her, she was glad to see fear in those cold blue eyes finally.
She held her right hand high, looked at her sharp red nails which soon turned into sharp, long silver nails.
She leaned down to kiss his lips to suck out his soul as her right hand came down and her silver nails pierced through the heart of the man laying beneath him.
It all ended so quietly and gracefully.
Her hands were stained dark red from his blood.
She cleaned her hands of his dirty blood by rubbing them over the duvet.
She tore apart the mattress layer to take all the hidden money out of it and stuffed it in her bag along with the diamonds.
Her nails, back to normal red color as they were before.
She put her bra and panties back on, slipped into her heels but she didn’t even want to touch her torn dress.
She moved out of his house without even looking back at the blood stained corpse lying in the bed behind her.
The night was dark just the full moon’s lights were bathing the figure of that mysterious seminude woman walking on the path.
She flicked her index finger in the air making an unfamiliar symbol in the air.
Her jade black eyes start to change into emerald green color, her red hairs transforming colour slowly from their roots to the tip in coal black shade.
Longer than her red hairs, now were coming up to her waist.
A black coloured dress starts to appear on her body out of nowhere.
Starting from her neck line slowly covering her whole body down to her legs.
Her appearance has changed completely yet she looked so tempting and beautiful enough to make any men fall on his knees before her.
How can a mere human be so alluring? But truth be told she was no mere human.
“I am coming for you Damien.
Just wait a little longer, my love.
”   ___☼☼☼___   Later that night in that quiet cemetery…a woman was sitting near a weird looking circle embedded with symbols.
She bit her index finger and her fingers traced the marks made on the cemetery’s grasses with the blood oozing from her fingers, her lips were continuously muttering a spell.
As she finished tracing, the circle glowed with light.
A floating glass coffin appeared out from the deep earth where the circle was made and landed on the ground.
A man with blonde hair perfectly dressed was inside the coffin.
He looked no less alive than a living man although he was dead, it was the woman’s spell which had saved his body from any changes.
He was Damien Evans.
Four bowls were spread all around his body, one for each of the four elements from which a body is made up of – Fire, water, soil, air.
And her lips started muttering the spell from an ancient language.
And the clouds start to gather in the sky covering the full moon.
Her eyes turned to grey.
“I, the fallen goddess of sin with the power of all the four elements summon the soul reaper and order to resurrect this dead man – Damien Evans as my familiar!!!” Her words roared into that black night, piercing through the dead silence.
“And to trade places in hell with the soul of Lucas Darwin to bring back Damien!! Hear my wish.
I offer you his murderer’s soul!!” Damien’s dead body floats out from the coffin to the ground and the woman kisses his lips.
His body was a gateway to exchange the souls.
His eyes opened slowly and he saw the face of the woman with whom he wanted to spend his rest of the life with.
“Ohh Synnove, I thought I’d never be able to see you again but you brought me back.
Ohh I love you so much,” he snaked his arms around and hugged her tightly.
Tears drop down from the emerald green eyes of Synnove.
“Of course I had to bring you back.
How could I possibly live without you?” She stayed close in his strong arms.
“Let’s go home.
”   ___☼☼☼___   His lips were kissing her passionately.
She felt the need of his touch all over her body, she longed for his love for so long.
And she felt the same in his kiss the need, need for her.
His lips were sucking on her lips, his tongue claiming her mouth.
Leaving both of them breathless, his hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her to himself pressing his growing cock against her.
“It feels like forever since the last time, and every passing second is making it even more difficult for me to keep my hands off of you.
” His breathing low and harsh, his lips rubbed against the soft skin of her neck making her moan.
Soon her naked body was pressed against his on the bed, his tongue was wickedly teasing her nipples between those lips, sucking and pulling making her moan and increasing her sweet agony.
Her fingernails dug deep into his shoulder’s flesh making him groan in surprise.
“Ohh sweet and wild, aren’t you?” He grinned while looking at her face.
She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and flipped him over and got on top of him.
“You’ve made me suffer enough for the past six months, so now you owe me our six months,” she said while looking down at him.
“I’m all yours to have now, do as you please,” he ran his hands down her sides.
“I want you so badly right now,” those words escaping her mouth made him groan and he pulled her down to himself and kissed her hard.
Her hands travelled back and she felt his hard cock all ready for her to take in she moaned in appreciation in between their kiss and stroked his cock up and down.
And took his cook to her entrance and slowly fall down on it taking it deep inside of her.
His hands gripped on her firm ass cheeks as he felt the warmth of her pussy taking all of him inside her.
Her eyes were closed feeling the fullness at last, she placed her hands on his chest and finally started to move, up and down falling on his cock taking him deep inside of her every time she moved.
Increasing the rhythm her body falling on his cock faster her breasts were swinging in front of him as she bounced up and down on his cock.
His one hand was grabbing her ass with the other one he pulled her down from her waist near to his face and took his nipples in his wet mouth.
She moaned loudly as she felt the strong sensations, pushing her near to her pleasure more and more.
With every passing second he was losing his will power to hold back any longer and grab her down, fuck her and fill her with his cum.
And he felt the similar twitching sensations down her vagina walls.
“Ohhh Damienn.
I’m going to cummmmm!” He let go of her nipples from his mouth and she sat back straight, her eyes clenched closed and her head falls back as the waves of pleasure spread all through her body.
Her vagina’s walls twitching around his deep buried cock was enough to send him off the edge his arms around her and he flipped her over not losing his tight grip over her waist he pounded hard inside of her long deep stroke in between her orgasm making her moan louder and with one last thrust he emptied himself into her.
His sweaty body covering her, he put his head up to look into her eyes both of them were breathing heavily.
“What are you, woman? Oh you really are a sin, you can make a sane man mad.
And I wholeheartedly want to spend the rest of my life with such sin,” he kissed her forehead and she giggled.
“I may be sin for everybody else but for you I am and always will be your Synnove.



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