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Lisa and I spent all of Wednesday night together, exploring and enjoying each other.
Joining the Writers Workshop that Lisa ran was the single best decision I had ever made.
We got to know each other at our second meeting and my life changed.
Her mind is perfect for me, challenging me when I need it and playing with me when I do not.
Her body is perfect for me, creating new dreams and opening a new heaven to me.
Mine must be perfect for her too because she can seldom keep her hands, and other parts, away.
We agreed as a group during that second meeting, the Adult Reading session, that we would meet the next month at one of the participant’s homes.
Amanda offered her hospitality, and we agreed that we would do the reading in the nude for those who wished.
Lisa agreed to the meeting but confided in me later that she was hesitant to be naked in front of strangers.
I invited her to go with me to a nearby nudist colony to explore the reality of nudism and on Wednesday she agreed.
Arriving at Lisa’s home Saturday morning, I wore only a pair of shorts, a tee shirt, and sandals, My shorts went down to about mid-thigh so that I would not hang out of them when walking or sitting and my shirt was fairly loose.
We had spoken Friday night and agreed on what was best to wear.
When she opened her door after I rang the bell, I found she had deliciously followed my recommendations and wore a stunningly skimpy outfit.
“Hi lover,” she greeted me.
“You like? Spinning for me to look her over, her shorts and shirt were much tighter than mine and they accented her beauty for any eyes that may fall upon her.
Her yellow tube top offset the tanned skin exposed above and below it and did absolutely nothing to hide her erect nipples.
Her boobs are smaller that what most men like.
For me they are perfect.
Just a little over a handful, or mouthful if the situation was right, and they were topped with the most exquisite nipples that tended to swell and harden at the slightest provocation.
Her light blue spandex shorts rose to just underneath the tips of her hip bones and went down to the very tops of her legs.
They cradled her firm ass, allowing it to swing freely, but not bounce.
Her butt was so tight, though, I doubt it would do much bouncing anyway.
In the front, the shorts covered her flat tummy and descended between her legs.
Her labia and mons, like her nipples, were puffy from the excitement of where we were going and I could see the beginnings of an epic camel toe.
“I don’t like, I love!” I exclaimed.
“You look absolutely stunning.
” “Let me grab my sunglasses and sunscreen,” she said after giving me a quick kiss and then turning back into the house.
“I don’t think you’ll need the sunscreen.
It’s plenty warm out but we’re supposed to have a heavy cloud cover all day.
” “Okay,” she said grabbing her glasses, purse, and keys off the hall table, “let’s boogie!” “We have a choice,” I said as I opened her door for her.
“We can either drive on the highway and it’ll take us about thirty minutes, or we can take back roads and then, it’ll be about forty-five.
Do you have a preference?” “Let’s do the highway there and see how we feel at the end of the day.
Maybe we can do the back roads coming home.
” I closed her door and went around, got behind the wheel and started driving.
I put my hand on the back of Lisa’s seat and gently slid my fingers through her hair as we talked.
She put her hand on my thigh and relaxed back into her seat.
She asked, “How many times have you been to this place?” “Two times, and I think the last time was about two years ago.
Oh, by the way, there are some rules there.
No sex, pictures or suggestive touching.
Stuff like that.
” “No problem.
Why did you go in the first place?” “Well, I always walked around my house in the nude and I wondered what it would feel like to be outside, so I looked for one on the internet and this one allows people in without having to buy a membership.
” “I take it you liked it since you went back, but why only two times?” she asked.
“I liked it, but it wasn’t really worth the money.
It was just those times where I had nothing better to do and just had a burning desire to outside or go swimming.
” She started sliding her hand up and down my thigh and asked, “What do the people look like there? Are they like models and stuff?” “Nope,” I said beginning to feel myself rise to her overture, “they are just like us.
Well, not us, me.
I don’t ever remember seeing anyone a beautiful or as well put together as you.
They’re just normal people.
” “I’m normal,” she said running her hand slightly higher up my inner thigh.
“Yeah babe, you are normal, just you’re extra beautifully normal,” I said giving her a smile.
Her hand slid under the leg of my shorts and she touched my cock for the first time that day.
Her finger fondled my head and toyed me into a full blown woody.
“Mm, is this what happens to you with all the normal girls?” “Babe, if you keep doing that, I’m not going to be able to walk into this place.
We’re only about five minutes away.
” Lisa chuckled and removed her hand from my swollen cock.
“To answer your question,” I continued, “you’re the only one that matters to me and you drive my libido insane!” “Good answer,” she said leaning over and giving me a kiss on the shoulder.
I turn into the long driveway and we made our way along its path to the owner’s large two story home.
We parked in a small lot off to the side and I helped Lisa out of the car.
No, I did not put my hands on her ass and push her out.
I got out, went to her side, opened the door and gave her my hand like a gentleman.
By then my wood had, for the most part, disappeared.
We walked into the office hand in hand.
“Good morning Mr.
” “Well, since you know my name, you must have been here before.
I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize you.
” “No apologies necessary,” I said.
I gave the proprietor my name and introduced Lisa to him.
He gingerly shook her hand with all the expected pleasantries before turning and pulling my file from a cabinet that must have contained a thousand or so.
“Okay Hank,” he said opening the file on the desk.
“Looks like the last time you were here was about two years ago.
” “That sounds about right Mr.
Has anything changed since I was here last?” “No, it’s pretty much the same.
Now, Lisa, I’m going to need you to fill out this form and read the rules, then sign it, okay?” “Sure,” she said.
“Hank went over the rules as we were driving here.
” “Well, we need you to read them over.
Hank, are you going to take care of the fees?” “Yes,” I said walking over with him to another desk.
I paid Lisa’s and my fees and was walking back to my chair when this drop dead beautiful nordic blond teenager walked in the door.
“Morning grandpa,” she said.
“Hi dear,” he said.
“Anna, this is Hank and Lisa.
They’ll be with us for the day.
Lisa, Hank, this is my granddaughter Anna.
” She shook Lisa’s and then my hand before sitting behind the desk where Mr.
A had taken my cash.
“Will you both be here the whole day?” Anna asked.
“This is my first time,” Lisa said before I could say anything.
“I kind of depends on how comfortable I feel whether we stay or not.
” “If you’re still here a little later, I want to go for a swim, so if you want I can stop by and we can chat.
” “I’d like that.
Thank you, Anna,” Lisa said.
Lisa signed her form and handed it back to Mr.
“Okay,” he said taking the form and starting a new folder.
“You two enjoy yourselves.
The day is supposed to be warm but overcast all day, so no chance of sunburn.
Don’t forget, if you’re by the pool, that some of the lounge chairs are reserved.
Little plaques at the foot of the chair.
Sit anywhere you like, but not in one of those.
” “Got it,” I said as Lisa and I stood to leave.
We said our pleasantries and went back to our car.
While the camp does have hiking trails and what not, I thought that the pool would be our best place to sit and relax and spend our time.
We stripped out of our clothes and carried our towels to the pool.
Now I’m not that much to look at, so I could and did attribute all the heads that turned to be a direct result of Lisa walking her nude body into the pool area.
“They’re all looking at us,” Lisa whispered as an aside to me.
“Don’t worry, it won’t last long.
We’re the new kids on the block.
” “I hope you’re right.
Talk about uncomfortable,” Lisa said.
“Here,” I said indicating a pair of lounge chairs in the grass,” no name tags.
Remember, only sit on your towel.
” “Got it,”she said spreading her towel on the chair.
We both settled in and for the next two hours talked about the most mundane shit.
I was grateful that our conversation did not contain anything exciting.
Most of the time we just sat holding hands and talked and looked at the sky.
If I had spent any amount of time looking at Lisa, looking at her shaved mound or her perfect breasts, I would have had a third eye staring at the clouds.
Just seeing her tan lines when we stripped at the car caused me catch my breath.
Stunning! Everything was going smoothly until Anna came out for her swim.
Her naked Nordic body drew everyone’s attention.
She lowered herself into the pool and began swimming lazily back and forth, mostly on her back.
“Now,” Lisa began, “when you say stunning, Anna is stunning.
” “Anna is a beautiful girl.
You, however, are a stunning woman.
” “Oh come on,” she countered, “don’t tell me you wouldn’t like her to be in our adult reading sessions.
” ‘Shit’ I thought to myself, ‘this field is filled with landmines.
Honesty is the best policy.
‘ “Would she get a rise out of me? Sure.
Would I like her to come onto me? Before I met you, I would have said sure.
Now? No way in hell.
Baby, all I have to do is look at you, dressed or not, and I start getting excited.
” Mind you I said all this while staring at the clouds.
If I had watched Anna swimming on her back with her nipples sticking out of the water, or turned my head to look into the beautiful eyes of my lover, scanned her naked form, I would have sprouted wood in no time flat! I had told Lisa I did not get erections here, I really did not want to start now.
“Good answers Hank, but you’re going to have to look at us now, she’s getting out of the pool and coming over.
” “Hey, you two,” Anna said as she walked over drying her hair with a towel.
She sat on the foot of Lisa’s chair and began drying her legs.
“How do you like it here so far,” she asked, directing her question to Lisa.
“So far, so good,” Lisa said.
“As long as we look at the sky or other people, we’re doing good.
” “What do you mean? You can look at each other,” Anna questioned with a little bit of a laugh in her voice.
“Not without violating your rules,” I interjected.
“Oh, I get it.
How long have you two been going together?” Lisa explained what we were doing and why.
“What a great idea,” Anna exclaimed.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco “Can anybody go?” “I’m limiting it to the adult members of our group.
We don’t really want to publicize it.
There’s a lot of wackos out there.
” “I know,” Anna said.
“We have the same problem here.
That’s why grandpa has them sit in the office and talk for a while before he lets people in.
So, if I joined your club, could I go to the readings?” “How old are you,” I asked.
“Twenty,” Anna replied.
“It’s a long way for you to drive for a reading club.
You might just want to start one of your own here.
You already have the nudists.
Besides, we’re just starting to have the adult nights, and my sister wants me to allow the people to bring their significant others.
I’m not sure what’s going to happen.
” “So you guys have known each other for just a short time, you’re starting a coed nude reading meeting of erotica and you’re here to try to see what it’s like to be nude amongst other people.
Do I have that right?” Anna asked.
“That about sums it up,” I said.
“So, have you two had sex yet?” Anna queried.
“Please,” I plead, “don’t go there.
I told Lisa that I haven’t gotten an erection the other times I came here and I really don’t want to have one now.
” “Oh, don’t be such a prude,” Anna chastised.
“People get them here all the time.
It happens.
Besides, I’d like to see what you’re sporting.
Are you a grower or a shower?” “Believe me, Anna,” Lisa said, “he’s a definitely a grower.
A big grower.
” This just was not fair.
I deliberately was doing everything I could to stay calm and Anna was provoking us into a sexual situation, or at least a conversation just to see my package grow? I started to think hard about pigs rolling around in mud to get my mind off what was beginning to happen.
“Lisa,” Anna said, “why don’t you come with me down to the office and give me the information on the reading group? My boyfriend thinks of himself as a budding author and I’m sure we’d enjoy being a part of your group, adult nights and all.
” “Sure,” Lisa said getting out of her lounge chair.
She bent over me and gave me a kiss on the lips before saying she would be right back.
I watched their great asses move together as they walked away before closing my eyes and laying back to enjoy the air.
Lisa was gone a good ten minutes before I heard her lounge chair making noise.
“How’d it go?” I asked looking over at her.
“Great,” Lisa replied.
“We just exchanged emails and stuff.
She’s a nice person.
If her boyfriend is any good, we should be able to get some good tips from him too.
” “That would be great.
You seem to be doing okay with the nudity thing too.
You okay?” “I great with it.
It feels so good to be out here like this.
Did you know it’s five already?” “Holy smokes, really?” “Yeah, what do you say you drive me home on the back roads?” “Lisa, I’d like nothing better.
” “And we can both stay nude that way.
No worries about passing trucks and stuff.
” “Sounds good to me.
How about when we get to your place I order a pizza for dinner?” “Great, let’s do it.
” We gathered our few belongings and walked over to the car.
I put Lisa in and then got in myself.
As I started to drive down the driveway, Lisa put her head on my shoulder and her hand in my naked lap.
“Thank you for doing this for me,” she said giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.
“You know if I wasn’t driving, I would have kissed you properly.
” “Well,” she said raking her fingernails up and down my thigh, “I guess I’ll just have to wait until we get home then won’t I? Can you drive left handed?” “Sure, why?” Lisa lifted my hand from the wheel, got my arm behind her head and placed my hand on her hip.
She leaned into me and licked my nipple as her fingers danced between my legs.
When she finally connected with my cock, it sent shivers up my spine and caused a considerable amount of blood to divert course.
I pulled to the roadside.
“Don’t stop baby, just keep driving.
” “Just making things a little easier,” I said raising my seat, reclining the backrest a bit and moving the seat back away from the steering wheel a little.
I put my one foot on up near the dash and scooched down a little before pulling back on the road.
Her ass was so smooth.
She leaned over further while she took my stiffening cock in her hand and began to slowly bring me to hardness.
“I’ve wanted to do this all day,” Lisa cooed.
“Believe me, gorgeous, there’s nothing I would have like better except maybe your lips.
” “You mean like this,” she said lowering her mouth to my almost fully erect tool.
“Oh God, yeah,” I said as her warm lips surrounded me.
Heat billowed from between her legs.
She turned her hips, mooning her door and allowing me to seek her inner warmth.
I found her wetness as she found my rigidity.
My fingers played up and down across her damp slit.
Her tongue made lazy circles around my glans.
She took me deeply into her mouth, licking and sucking me deeper and deeper until I felt the back of her throat.
Lisa’s clit was swollen and my stroking it made her moan around me.
She lifted my balls and played with me as her head rose and fell in my lap.
Deep guttural sounds of pleasure emanated from her before being silenced as she took swallowed my cock into her throat.
I got the car back into my lane and entered her steaminess while continuing to fondle her distended climax button.
Her hips began moving at the same time mine did, urging me to continue as I was urging her to take me deeper.
The familiar welling of my approaching climax warned me to pull to the side.
Just as the car stopped, I started.
She rammed her face down hard as my cum erupted.
I felt her swallowing me and my seed.
It was as exciting for her as it was for me because her curled legs straightened and she vibrated.
Waves of orgasmic thrill rolled through her essence while she wet my hand with juices of ecstasy.
While I caught my breath, she let my softening cock slip from between her lips.
She too relaxed and recovered, breathing contentedly in my lap.
I brought my hand to my lips and tasted her sweet and tangy cum.
“Oh my god, beautiful,” I sighed.
“Thank you, I really needed that.
” “Me too.
But, I’ll tell you something, once was not enough.
” “No problem, you’re in good hands,” I said resting my hand back on her taut ass.
“No, not now.
How far are we from my place?” “Maybe ten minutes.
” “How far from yours?” “About five.
” “Go there.
I want this beautiful cock filling me, that’s what I need,” she cooed while massaging my inner thigh.
I pulled back onto the road wondered if I could recover and be the man she wanted in five minutes.
She lifted my nuts to her mouth and gently kissed each one before taking each into her mouth.
As I pulled into my driveway, I knew that I could give her what she wanted.
We pulled into the garage and I pressed the remote to close the door.
Before the door was all the way down, she had grabbed her things and was waiting at the door to the house for me.
I caught up and opened the door.
“Wait,” I said, throwing my things inside on the floor.
I picked her up in my arms and carried her straight to my bedroom.
She let her things drop to the floor next to mine and put her arms around my neck, pulling herself up to place her hot lips to mine.
We were still exploring each other when I slowly bent and placed her on my bed.
“Christ, baby, you are so hot,” I exclaimed as I stood.
She smiled at me and grabbed my still soft pecker.
Rolling to a seated position, she cupped my balls in her hands and lifted my meat to her mouth.
“Oh shit, that feels so good,” I hissed lifting her hair so that I could see myself being drawn in.
She did not use her hands but sucked me to a new hardness using only her mouth and tongue.
One of her hands disappeared between her legs, getting herself ready for me.
She slurped and sucked as I grew, teasing my head and then taking me fully.
Her skill was unparalleled.
In almost no time, I was fully engorged and standing at attention.
Lisa lay back, brought her feet up to her ass and spread herself wide for me.
We were ready for each other, but I wanted her to scream.
I knelt before her open altar and began nibbling her inner thigh.
Her hands rested on my head and urged me closer.
I smelled her sweet desire, the same aroma I had enjoyed not fifteen minutes before.
Using only my tongue, I traced a path down her leg as she drew her knees up.
Down to her anus, I ventured, causing her to gasp and coo.
Up across her red swollen outer lips and down across her tender inner ones, I tasted her nectar.
She was wet, open and waiting.
I dipped down into her openness.
“Oh Christ,” she gasped as she tried to get me to go deeper.
Slowly I flitted my tongue up her smooth highway, finding the hood that barely contained her swelling clit.
Then, I found it.
I licked her.
I sucked her.
” I went back down and pushed my tongue into her as far as I could, teasing her clit with my nose at the same time.
Her breathing quickened and short puffs of air were all I could hear besides the squishing sounds my tongue made against her inner flesh.
Her breathing stopped.
“OH FUCK, I’m cumm…” was all she managed to scream.
Her orgasm was huge.
She bucked over and over.
Her legs shot out and her body bounced on the bed.
There was no longer any room for my face between her legs, but I did not want to let her down off her high.
Grasping her ankles, I lifted and parted her legs, placing her calves on my shoulders.
Her wet cunt glistened in the light and took my full length in one strong thrust.
I grabbed her by the thighs and pulled myself into her core until I hit bottom.
“Fuck me.
Fuck me!” she kept saying as my thick hard cock plowed into her time and again.
She started bouncing again as she came.
I slowed my pace but did not stop.
Her hands flew from the sheets she had been gripping to her tits, squeezing them unmercifully and pinching her nipples.
Another fucking onslaught brought her to a third or fourth peak and my balls began to lift to deliver another load of seed.
They slapped against her ass as I drove myself into her time and time again.
My thighs began to quiver as I squeezed for as long as I could.
Four, five, six loads of jizz jetted into the beauty beneath me, sending her over the edge one last time.
I collapsed onto her exhausted body, my cock still impaling her wet heat.
Finally slipping from her folds, I closed my eyes and rolled to my back next to her, both of us breathing hard.
The bed moved and I heard her breathlessly whisper, “Eat me and make sure you get everything.
I need you to share it with me.
” She straddled my face and delivered us to me.
Her cum mixed with mine drained into my waiting mouth.
Sweet saltiness inundated my senses.
The smell of sex, the aroma of love.
When she had no more to give I tapped her thigh.
Lisa again laid next to me and opened her mouth.
Rather than drip it into her, I kissed her with all the enthusiasm of a teen just learning how to French kiss.
We shared and tasted each other, reveling in the gooey viscous liquids we had so enthusiastically created.
Laying next to her once again, we caught our breath.
“Hank, are you going to write about this?” “Do you want me to?” “Yes, yes I do, and I want you to read it to me every night!” “Then I will, and every night I will smile.
” And I did write it.
The very next morning, after I dropped Lisa off at her place, I started penning our story.
Our night, filled with bliss, showering and sharing, consumed our time and made for an epic tale of sharing, tenderness and sex.



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