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I was collard over a year ago after six months’ probation time.
My name is Angel and I am a sex slave to my Master D and his wife, Mistress A.
Standing in front of the mirror I look over my collar and feel the pretty pink lace over the soft black velvet and remember how Master D wanted me to have one but it was Mistress A that picked it out.
It’s the perfect collar for me as it shows my love for the colour pink and it’s so intricate.
I live with them and my job is to serve them in every way they expect and in any way they want.
I have been punished twice just because I fancied being naughty and wanted to keep them on their toes.
I get a weekend off every four weeks which is when they go to visit Master D’s parents and I go and visit mine.
My family believe I am a part of a cabin crew on a major airline, this means they are used to not seeing me often and I like it that way.
If Master and Mistress go away any other times I am always with them.
I love my job.
To some people it might seem like every day is the same but it never feels like that to me.
I have experienced and seen so much with them, I have been to so many places and stayed in some wonderful hotels and apartments.
I have been a big part of their many sexual times, such as swingers’ nights and foursomes and so much more.
Today I have been allowed to choose my own clothes, so looking around my room, my little box room, I find the dress I want to wear and slip it over my head.
This is my room but it is not where I sleep, I sleep at the end of their bed.
They had a special extra-long bed made and I have my own cover and pillow at its foot.
Every night at the weekend I am woken to be part of their sexual times.
Sometimes I am just meant to watch though not allowed to play.
Other times I am to be part of it, making Master D hard, Mistress A wet or times where Master fucks me as I eat Mistress.
I always clean them both up afterwards of course.
Cumming for me is only when Master D lets me, that is a treat only he can give me.
If I cum by Mistress A then I get punished, which I did one of those two times.
It was worth it! I refocus on my day ahead and check my outfit in the mirror, It’s just a simple pink summer dress with nothing underneath it.
Small straps hold my big G size boobs inside and the length, just above my knees, shows off my curvy body.
I have nothing on my feet as it’s a nice warm day and I’m staying in the house.
Putting my hair in a ponytail, I look at the clock and see that it’s almost time to wake Mistress.
I always get up an hour early to be ready to wake her as she likes to be awake and ready for when Master comes home from his night shift.
Mornings are when they have their time together between Monday and Friday.
I get used throughout the day so I am happy to leave them alone, although I always wait outside the bedroom door and listen, waiting till I’m summoned for a clean-up.
Walking quietly back into the bedroom and laying softly on the bed next to Mistress I start to kiss her across her beautiful face, nibbling any part of her neck or ears that I can reach.
She loves being woken like this and often lets out a soft relaxing sigh as she stirs.
Sneaking under the covers and between her legs I find her bare cunt, lovely and smooth from when I shaved it for her in the bath the night before.
I can tell when she is fully awake as she starts to grind against my face with her juices starting to flow.
Even with my head under the covers and between Mistress’s legs I can hear Master arrive home and head straight up the stairs.
He walks into the bedroom and throws the cover off us but I don’t stop the job I’m doing.
I watch him lean down and kiss his wife, while at the same time he pushes my head down harder into her wet pussy and softly caresses my hair, making me feel wanted and needed.
I continue to enjoy Mistress’s yummy taste until Master demands, ‘Strip me, slut.
‘ I stand up off the bed and strip him more slowly than needed.
I start with his t-shirt, lifting it off over his head and then he pulls me into him, holding my arms as he kisses me.
It’s a passionate kiss with our tongues playing and with a feeling of love but a different kind of love that he has for his wife.
When he has stopped kissing me I continue to undress him by undoing his zipper and letting his rock hard cock pop out as his trousers and boxers hit the floor.
When I see his cock my pussy tingles and becomes moist.
My hands hold on to his legs as my tongue licks the head of his dick, circling his cockhead and then I suck it a little.
I work my mouth up and down his shaft taking more and more of it down my throat and hearing the soft groans escaping his lips as I go.
Now they are both ready so I leave the room and sit by the door, wondering what they will be like today.
Will it be soft and loving or hard and rough? Very rarely is it hard and rough as they usually save that for when I’m there with them.
I start to hear Mistress moan and they are soft moans at first, just the build up to the louder ones.
After about half an hour I think they have finished, so I walk back in.
Mistress is on her front breathing hard and her eyes are closed and Master is on his back doing the same.
I am required to see to Master first of course, so getting between his legs I suck and lick his balls first then move to his softening cock.
Taking it completely in my mouth, I suck it clean.
Then I move behind Mistress and she moves her bum up a little giving me easier access.
I lick from her pussy to her bum, licking up all of hers and Masters cum, enjoying the yummy combination from her pussy as I suck out the creamy mixture.
Once they are cleaned I head down to the kitchen and make them breakfast.
When I bring it upstairs, they are still laying together in bed, cuddling and talking.
After they have eaten, Master watches a bit of morning television while I get Mistress in the shower, running the perfect temperature for her as she stands under the running water.
I watch it fall over her perfect curvy body before I softly soap her up, caressing her nipples and washing her breasts as I tease her clit and clean her pussy.
I carefully shave all of her body and gently wash her hair.
When she is spotless I help her out of the shower and dry her slowly with a big soft towel.
I then help her dress into her smart black skirt suit and white shirt, making sure her hair and makeup are done for her work day.
She says goodbye to Master and I see her out of the door, handing her a packed lunch for later.
She kisses my lips once as she leaves and gives me a sexy smile.
I then head back upstairs and get Master ready for his sleep as he is working again tonight.
Getting onto the bed near him and in a soft sweet voice I ask if he needs anything.
He replies that he doesn’t, then yawns, rolls over and gets comfortable as I turn off the television and close the curtains.
I tuck him into bed and kiss his cheek as he starts to doze off for a few hour’s rest.
While Master sleeps I head off downstairs again to clean the house as this is one of my other duties.
Putting my headphones on I listen to some music as I dance around the house, cleaning up.
It’s not really all that dirty as I do this every day but it keeps them happy to come home to a neat and tidy home and if anyone turns up they are not embarrassed by a dirty house.
Also, when they decide they want to have other couples over it means I can just concentrate on getting them and the food ready for the evening.
On those occasions I have to be ready in my sexy maid outfit too.
I love my job! I keep an eye on the time as I need to be ready at one pm to wake Master from what I hope, has been a good sleep.
I must always wake him in a sexual way and it must be a different one each time.
Sometimes it is simple way and other times a really kinky and naughty way.
Today though, I think I will go for one somewhere in between.
At 12.
20 I have a shower and make sure I’m smooth, as I must always be.
I pick my outfit which is a simple black corset with suspenders for me to attach my black lacy stockings.
I slip into my heels and checking the mirror I realise that my collar does go so much better with this outfit.
I reveal Master’s naked body from under the cover as he lays there, sleeping peacefully.
I run my hands over him just so that I can feel every inch of him, making myself moist while I look his naked body up and down.
Taking his semi hard cock in my hand I start to stroke it slowly and it begins to grow harder as he stirs in his sleep.
I slip two fingers into my pussy checking that it’s wet enough for my plan.
It always is.
When I think Master is hard enough I straddle his lap.
I think he’s half awake at this point but he is laying still.
Gripping his cock, I line it up with my pussy entrance and slide down on it, pushing down so that I go at least half way on his length.
Master is soon fully awake and moaning and gripping my hips as I move on and off his cock, taking it deep and fully inside me.
I just sit on his cock and when I am fully impaled, smiling down at him.
His eyes are wide open, his dick is harder for me and my cunt is tight and squeezing around his cock as I move my hips back and forth on him.
‘Ride my dick and make me cum in you slut, no cumming!’ Master demands.
I happily start to ride his big dick, sliding up and down his shaft.
His hands grip my covered breasts until he pulls them out of my corset so that they bounce as I bounce on him.
He lays back with his hand behind his head watching my boobs and my pussy taking in all his cock.
I see the signs that he’s close to cumming, so I work faster on him with my free hands caressing my breasts and playing with my nipples.
All the time I am saying to myself “not to cum, do not cum,” not matter how much I want to.
  Then it happens, Master empties his balls into me as I grind down hard and take every drop of cum from him.
I stop and slide off him and lick and suck his cock clean, doing the same to his balls for good measure.
Online Now! Lush Cams HannahJonns I get off the bed and feel Master’s cum start to slip down my leg, something which he notices.
‘Don’t waste it!’ He says looking at me.
I scoop up his cum on my fingers and lick them clean and then repeat, running my fingers up my thighs from the top of my stockings to my pussy.
As I suck the cum off my fingers, I moan quietly as I taste him.
Master stands up and pulls me to him, holding me and telling me that I am a good girl.
Then turning me around and spanking my bum he tells me to go and get his running gear which I do, gladly.
He dresses and heads out for a jog so I use the time I have alone to get changed back into my dress.
I get a cold drink and some lunch ready for Master for when he’s back.
He comes in and heads straight upstairs for his bath which I have already run for him.
I strip and kneel beside the bath and he lays back so that I can caress and soothe his aching muscles.
Then I soap up every part of him and wash him carefully.
When I have finished, he stands so that I can suck his cock once more, making sure it’s clean.
I get his clothes ready and lay them out on the bed as he dries off.
Once dressed he sits and eats his lunch at the table as I tidy up the kitchen.
We have some small talk during which he informs me that three couples will be coming over this Saturday so I will need to be ready.
They will be here for dinner and drinks and then staying all night.
I tell Master that I will check which menu Mistress wants me to prepare for the meal and then while I’m washing up he stands behind me with his arm around me and reaching between legs.
His fingers go straight for my clit and start circling it.
Two fingers are pressing hard down on my little bean, rubbing it fast while my eyes are closed and my hips are moving against him.
Then he stops rubbing and starts to finger fuck me, I think with three fingers as my pussy feels stretched.
‘Master, please can I cum?’ I ask.
He doesn’t reply as he knows I won’t until he says so.
‘Master please, please, I need to cum, please can I?’ I’m begging him but this only seems to make him only work harder and faster until he suddenly stops.
He pulls his fingers out and moves his other hand off me and I let out a groan of disappointment.
I realise instantly that this was a mistake as he pushes me forward, yanks my dress up and spanks me hard.
I count twenty strikes and feel a red glow forming on my bum cheeks.
He stands back and I thank him, apologising for my groaning.
He doesn’t say anything but just walks off.
Over my time with them I have learnt that silence is far worse than being shouted at.
Master heads off into another room while I continue to clean up and start preparing things for dinner.
It’s not for a few hours but in this job it’s good to be ready in case I am needed.
After a little while he calls out for a drink and so I make him a coffee, black with one sugar, and take it into him.
I stand next to him while he is sitting in the middle of the sofa with his cock out.
‘Master, may I suck your cock?’ I ask nicely while with my head bowed down.
‘No slut.
Turn around and sit on it!’ he orders.
I stand between his open legs and my pussy is wet enough to slide down onto him.
He grips my bum cheeks which are still stinging a little so I wince a little, but start to ride him.
However, it seems that was not what he wanted as when I move up he pushes me off his cock.
Still holding my hips, he positions me, pushing my head down and then aims his cock at my other hole.
I start to get nervous as my backdoor is still tight because he doesn’t use it very often.
This doesn’t stop him though, and as his cock is soaked from my pussy juices he starts to pull me down onto him.
He spanks me again and orders me to relax and to let him in.
I try to do as he asks but it’s not enough and so he spanks me even harder.
I close my eyes and breathe softly, forcing myself to relax.
After a few moments, this seems to work as I feel him begin push into me.
His cock head pops through the tight ring into my hole and he moves me up and down on him, going deeper into my ass.
It stings at first, but I soon manage to relax a little more.
Once he is fully into me he pulls me back by my hair and whispers, ‘Rub your slutty cunt and cum as I fuck your arse.
Do not finger yourself! Do it.



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