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We are slow dancing in my room.
The music is soft, and the volume is low.
I start to kiss, and gently bite your neck.
You gasp, and move your body slightly closer towards mine.
I can feel your hips against me as we sway in time with the music.
You are wearing your tight boxers, and I’m dressed in nothing more than my panties and bra.
You pull me closer to you as you lean down to kiss me.
I feel my breasts press against your body, and I eagerly return your kiss.
Our tongues meet, and commence a dance of their own.
You take my hand in yours, and lead me towards my bed.
You push me back, and I fall onto the soft mattress.
Your eyes are filled with a mixture of desire and pure lust as you crawl on top of me.
I smile up at you and push you off.
You grunt with frustration, and roll onto your back.
I smile and straddle you.
I begin to rub my wet pussy over your boxers; feeling your hard dick caress me through my panties.
My juices soak through, and leave a damp patch on your underwear.
You grab my hips and slam me down, causing me to moan.
I need to feel you inside me.
I grip your arms, and hold them down on the bed.
I start kissing down your chest, pausing at your nipples.
I take each one into my mouth, nipping every now and then; before tracing a line with my tongue down to your stomach.
I bite your hip softly, and you raise your hips; allowing me to slide your boxers down, and reveal your hard dick.
I firmly grip your erection, and slowly stroke you.
Up to the head, and then down to your balls.
Some pre cum oozes from the tip, and I rub it over your engorged shaft.
I move my mouth over the head.
I lick once.
three times before sucking you into my mouth.
You taste so good.
I slide my tongue all over the head while I stroke the shaft quickly, twisting my hand slightly every now and then.
Your shaft is wet with a mixture of your pre cum, and my saliva.
I suck more of you into my mouth, moaning when you grab my head, and push me down.
You want to fuck my mouth, and I take all of you into my mouth, gagging slightly as you touch the back of my throat.
You pull my head up off you, before pushing me down again.
I let your hand guide me, and I use my hand to stroke your balls softly.
I use the other to quickly unclip my bra and slide my panties down my thighs.
You moan and thrust hard into my mouth twice before pulling my head up.
Online Now! Lush Cams Dimitri_Jhonson You kiss me fully on the lips, then lower your head back onto the bed.
You grasp my hips, and move me so my pussy is above your mouth.
I moan loudly as you enter me, and start to tongue fuck my wet pussy.
You slip a finger into me from behind, moaning when my pussy clenches around your finger.
I gasp as your moan vibrates my pussy.
Oh god, I am so close to cumming.
You latch onto my clit, making me scream slightly as I start to ride your tongue and finger.
I scream and grip my headboard tightly as I cum in your mouth.
You start to lick me softly, making me jump every time you hit my clit.
I moan and move back to straddle you.
I hold your dick, and aim it towards me.
I start to slowly lower myself onto you, moaning as you enter me inch by inch.
You grip my hips, and bite your lip.
You want to slam me down, and bury yourself inside of my pussy.
I smile and continue to go slow until you are fully inside of me.
I sit still, shivering at the sensation of feeling so full.
You moan and thrust inside of me.
I whimper and start to pull off, but you grip my hips harder and pull me back down.
I slam back and start to slowly pull off again.
I continue to do this, as you try to make me move faster.
I moan as I smack down again, rotating my hips.
I feel you try to move, but I stay where I am.
I feel an orgasm build as I ride your cock.
You groan, and turn over quickly.
Your momentum throws me onto the bed, pinning me beneath you.
You hold my biceps, and pin me down as you start to fuck me hard.
I moan, and my orgasm builds faster.
My pussy tightens around your dick, and I can feel every vein in your hard cock.
The sensation builds in my pussy until I can take no more, and I throw my head back and scream as I cum.
You moan and start to move faster, I can feel your dick swell as you bury yourself in me again.
Your dick leaves my pussy, and I suddenly feel empty.
You grasp my arms, and pull me up, then you push my head down onto your dick, once again fucking my mouth before cumming down my throat.
I moan, and swallow what you give me.
I suck your dick clean, not wanting to waste a drop.
Satisified, I crawl onto your lap, and lay my head on your shoulder.
You lift my chin up, and kiss me softly as we lay down with me on top.
You kiss my head, and the last thing I remember is being wrapped tightly in your arms, listening to your heart beat as I fall asleep



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