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  It all began one Halloween night.
We were best friends in high school.
We played on the volleyball team together.
Madison was shorter than me, but she could dig out the spikes from other teams.
I was good at the net and a good server.
We ate lunch together almost every day.
Did our homework at night together.
We were inseparable.
Some of the kids at school thought we were sisters and some thought we were lesbians.
It was a small town, so everyone always knew everyone else’s business, or at least they thought they did.
We graduated at the top of our class, and we decided to go to college together.
One of the best colleges was not far from our hometown, so we decided to go there.
We both had our fair share of boyfriends in school, but nothing stuck.
Neither of us thought of each other as possible lovers.
That changed one night at a Halloween mixer at one of the fraternities.
We both dressed up in our best Halloween costumes Madison as the bride of Frankenstein and me as a female vampire.
Madison looked beautiful, even with the ghoulish makeup.
Her perfect figure in the bridal gown was a sight to behold.
It was a beautiful fall evening, cool and crisp outside.
The moon was as full as it gets lighting up the sky with its glow.
The usual cast of Halloween costumes were at the party.
There were witches, Frankenstein’s, vampires, ghouls’ skeletons, and assorted Star Wars characters, and many more.
The black lights and fog machine gave the frat house a spooky Halloween ambiance.
The liquor was flowing, and the spooky music was blasting.
We were dancing the night away, trying to fight off the occasional boob and ass grab from some of the fraternity members.
Finally, tiring of the guy’s advances, we went outside and sat in a couple of lawn chairs and sipped on our drinks.
Talking for a while and giggling about the attempts of all the guys trying to get laid.
We enjoyed some drinks together, and I think both of us started to feel a little tipsy.
Madison said to me, “If I wanted to make love tonight, I would want you to be the one to make love to me.
” I had on my grayish vampire makeup, and I am sure I must have turned white underneath it.
I was not sure if Madison was kidding or drunk.
My head spinning from what she had just said, I looked over at her and decided to take a chance.
Without uttering a word, I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers.
Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.
I never knew a kiss like this.
I could feel my panties getting moist and my mind racing.
Our eyes locked on each other.
We gazed into each other’s souls for several minutes.
Both of us knew what we wanted but were afraid.
Maybe it was the thought of always being straight and thinking about how this could change us forever.
Madison finally said to me, “Emily, I am serious.
I have wanted to make love to you forever.
I hope I have not made you feel uncomfortable.
” I looked into her eyes and told her, “You have not made me uncomfortable at all.
As a matter of fact, your bed or mine?” Madison smiled from ear to ear as she grabbed my hand, and we headed to the car.
We only lived about five miles from the party, just over a bridge and a lake.
The drive seemed like hours.
I wanted to feel her lips on mine again, her body against mine so bad.
Running up to our apartment door, we flung the door open and slammed it behind us.
The taste and feel of her lips on mine are all I wanted.
I leaned against the door as our lips pressed together, and our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths.
Madison ran her hand over my breasts.
The tingles I felt were intensifying.
I took off my vampire cape and my black jeans as she took off her bridal gown.
I slid my hand down her panties and was greeted by a shaved and soaked pussy.
Still covered in our Halloween makeup, I asked Madison, “Do you want to clean up first?” She looked at me and replied, “Emily, why whatever for?” We went to her bedroom and threw her comforter on the floor and jumped into her bed.
We were holding each other as we kissed.
The passion and heat filled the room.
We kissed for an hour or more as time stood still.
I sat up in the bed and slid off Madison’s panties.
Not knowing exactly how to please her, I did what I thought she would like.
Taking the tip of my tongue, I tasted her for the first time, and it was sweet as candy.
I buried my face in between her legs, my gray makeup mixing with her juices.
Madison pleaded and moaned, “Don’t stop Emily, oh fuck, please don’t stop.
” I placed my tongue on her button as I slid my finger inside her.
She started bucking like a wild horse pushing my head down in her pussy.
Madison screamed out, “I am cumming.
Oh, Emily, I am cumming.
” Sitting back up in the bed, I looked down at her pussy covered in gray makeup, and she had a smile on her face with her cute dimples and said, “Emily, it is my turn.
” I laid back in the bed as she slid off my panties.
Looking up at her still made up like the bride of Frankenstein.
Thinking to myself, we must be the unholiest couple of all time.
Madison took her tongue and ran it up to my thighs as she looked into my eyes, seeing the anticipation in them.
Feeling a woman’s tongue on my pussy for the very first time sent shivers through my entire body.
She ran her tongue in a circular motion around my pussy as I laid back in bliss.
I could feel my juices flowing.
No one has ever made me feel this way before.
I have been with several guys, but it was no comparison to what I was feeling now.
I was in sexual heaven.
Clinching the sheets with both hands and biting my lower lip.
I was having orgasm after orgasm.
Madison was pulling up from in between my legs.
Her face was covered in my cum.
Her white makeup smeared all over me.
We laid next to each other and began kissing again, our pulses in rhythm with each other.
We kissed and cuddled for a long time.
We got up and went into her bathroom and looked at our faces and started laughing so hard we almost cried with tears of joy.
We both had shades of gray and white mixed together.
Barely able to speak from laughing so hard, I told Madison, “I think we need a shower.
” She smiled and said, “Emily, I agree.
” We washed each other, and we kissed in the shower until we ran the water heater out of hot water.
Drying off, we went back to the bed to spend a peaceful and relaxing night of sleep.
We woke up the next morning next to each other as the sun was beginning to rise.
I think we both had the same questions running through our minds: was this the beginning of a long-term relationship or was this just a one-night thing brought on by alcohol? I know I wanted this to last, so I began kissing Madison.
Within a few seconds, we were making love to each other again.
The feeling of her body against mine is something I never wanted to stop feeling.
We spent the next few hours exploring each other, tender kisses, giving each other many orgasms.
That Halloween night changed both of us forever.
What everyone may have thought about us being lesbians now was the truth.
We never told a soul about our relationship, but we knew this was love and wanted no one else.
We spent the rest of our school year getting the best grades we could get.
Our lovemaking just got better and better.
Summer came, and we had to leave the school housing, so we both went home to our parents’ houses.
We wanted to find a place together, but we lacked the money to make that happen.
We saw each other every chance we got, sometimes when her house was empty, sometimes when mine was.
We saved up some money from part-time jobs we got and decided to go to the beach and spend a few nights together.
It rekindled our love as just having a night here and there was simply not enough.
Barely seeing the beach, we spent most of our time in bed making love.
It was hard for me to believe that any time in my life, I would be anxious for school to begin and that I would be in love with another woman, but that is precisely where I was.
A few weeks before school began, my mother asked me if I would like to go out to dinner with her as my father was away on a business trip.
I was excited about this chance for my mother and me.
We rarely did much together in the past few years.
I was busy at school and sports, and she got a job, and our paths barely crossed.
Dinner was great.
She took me to a fine restaurant, and we shared a carafe of wine.
After dinner, my mother asked me, “Emily, I do not mean to get personal, but I never see you going out on dates anymore.
Is everything okay with you?” I got very defensive and replied, “Mother is this why you asked me to dinner to find out about my love life?” She said, “No, no, Emily, I have been worried about your health, and if you are healthy, then we can just drop the subject.
” Calming down, I told her, “Thanks, mom, I am okay.
Just have a lot on my mind these days.
” I was bursting to tell someone about Madison and me and thought this might be a perfect time.
I said, mom, “Lets order some more wine.
There is something I would like to talk about.
” As the waiter brought us some wine, I began telling my mom how much I enjoyed school.
Madison and I had become great friends.
My mother said, “Yes, I know you two have been friends since you were just little kids.
” Taking a big gulp of wine, I told my mom, “There is more to us being good friends.
We are lovers now, and I love Madison with all my heart.
” My mother turned white as a sheet and said nothing for several minutes.
Finally, looking over at me, she said, “Emily, I had to think about what you just told me, and to be perfectly honest, I suspected that you two had sex together, but I never thought you would fall in love.
Does she love you too?” I said, “Yes, she does, and we have forsaken any other lovers in our lives at this point.
Some day we may even get married, but that would be after we each get our degrees.
” She looked at me and said, “You are both adults, and I am glad to hear you are planning to get your degrees.
I hope you know what you are doing.
” I nodded my head and told my mother, “I think we do know what we are doing and thank you for understanding.
I have wanted to tell you for some time, and please let us keep this our secret and don’t even tell dad.
” She agreed and said, “Emily, you have my word.
This is between us.
” I could not wait to see Madison the next day and tell her what happened.
I called her that night as soon as I got home and said, “Can we meet for breakfast? I have something I want to tell you.
” Madison told me, “Yes, of course.
How about we meet at Bread Zeppelin? They have the best egg sandwiches.
Would eight work for you?” I told her, “Perfect.
See you at eight.
” I got there at seven-thirty.
I was so excited to tell Madison what I had done.
Madison walked in a few minutes before eight and sat down.
She said, “Emily, what are you so excited to tell me?” I replied, “Let’s order first, then I will tell you.
” We ordered, and I explained the whole story about what I had told my mom and how she was okay with everything.
Madison’s facial expressions went from horror to delight as I told her.
Madison told me, “I am so happy you did this it lets me know how much you love me and I will do the same as you did as soon as I get up the guts to tell my mom.
” ………………………………….
Online Now! Lush Cams Sonya_Sun Happy days are here again, school started.
We were able to get the same place we had a year ago in the dorms.
Our excitement was beyond compare.
Our second year was much harder.
We spent a lot of time in the library and studying in our room.
Our passion and love for each other grew day by day.
It was like a dream come true.
Halloween was just around the corner, and we wanted to celebrate our first anniversary by doing the same thing we did a year ago.
One of the fraternities was having a party much like the year before.
It was a little further away than the prior year.
Halloween night came, and Madison got stuck at school.
She called me and said, “Emily, I am not sure I can make it to the party.
I have all this work to do for school, and I don’t feel all that well.
” I asked her, “Madison, please come.
It is our anniversary.
I need you.
” She said, “Okay, I will.
You go ahead and go to the party, and I will meet you there later.
” I went to the party but did not have that much fun.
I missed Madison.
I called her an hour after I arrived and asked her, “Are you coming?” She replied, “Sorry, I fell asleep I will be there as soon as I can.
” Another hour passed by and still no Madison, so I called her again and got her voicemail.
I decided to go back to our room.
Driving back to our place took some time as there was an accident, and they had the road over the bridge down to one lane.
I opened the door to our dorm room, and no Madison.
I sat there for a few minutes, trying to think.
Did I miss her on my way back here? I jumped back in my car and headed back to the party.
The road was still just one lane, and they were towing a car out of the lake.
Driving slowly by, I saw the car, and to my horror, it was Madison’s.
I slammed on my brakes and pulled off the road and ran to the police who were on the scene.
In a frenzy, I asked the nearest officer, “What happened here? What happened to Madison? Is she okay?” Pulling me off to the side, he asked, “Did you know the driver of that car?” Trying to look over him and see the car and see if I saw Madison, I told him, “Yes, why do you think I am asking you?” He walked me over to his squad car and opened the door and said, “Please sit down here for a minute.
I will be right with you.
” He walked away and came back with a female officer.
She knelt in front of me and asked me, “Are you Madison’s roommate?” Stuttering and shaking, I said, “Yes, how did you know that?” We found her wallet and she had you listed as an emergency contact.
She then asked me, “You are Emily, right?” I nodded my head, yes.
She told me, “Emily, I am afraid I have some bad news for you I do not even know how to tell you.
Madison was killed in the accident.
She was trying to avoid a drunk driver.
His car is just up the road, and he survived the accident and is on his way to jail now.
” I think I must have passed out: the next thing I knew I was back at the dorm.
I was told that the female officer drove me home, and another followed, bringing my car to my dorm.
She stayed with me until a police psychiatrist could come to my dorm and talk with me.
I called my mom and told her what happened, and she came right over.
My mom tried to comfort me, but all I could think of was this is all my fault.
I kept thinking about why I had to be so pushy and insist that she came to the party.
Madison would still be alive.
I thought I am such an awful person so selfish.
My true love was dead.
I quit school.
I could not look at the place.
All it did was bring back my memories of that night.
Several months passed.
I was in and out of hospitals and psych wards.
I saw dozens of psychiatrists.
Nothing helped.
I even tried to take my own life a few times.
All I could think about is it is all my fault.
I took a job at a diner, hoping to fill my days and maybe send me to normalcy.
I worked hard, trying to keep my job in my thoughts.
Then one day, a customer came in and waved at me and said, “Hi Emily, how are you?” I went to the table as I did not recognize her.
I told her, “I am fine.
Thank you for asking.
” She looked at me and said, “You do not remember me, do you?” I replied, “Sorry, I really don’t.
” She smiled and said, “I was a neighbor of yours and lived down the street from you.
” I looked at her and told her, “Nice to see you.
” Still not knowing who she was.
She then asked me, “Whatever happened to your friend Madison? I have not seen her for some time?” I burst into tears and ran to the kitchen, looked at my boss and told him, “I quit.
” and ran out of the restaurant.
It had become clear to me I had to do something.
Halloween was just a few weeks away at this point.
I decided that there was no way that I could go to a party, but I thought if I went to the accident site and bring some flowers to Madison, that may give me some closure.
Halloween night arrived.
I had bought some cheerful flowers to take with me to the lake.
I walked down to the place her car had sunk in the lake and sat on a nearby rock.
I said some prayers for her and talked to her like she was there, letting her know how sorry I was.
The lake started gurgling is the best way I could describe it.
From the depths of the lake, suddenly, an image appeared before me.
I stood up, and at first, I could not make out what it was.
The flowers dropped from my hand.
In total shock, I saw Madison in her wedding gown that she wore the night of her death.
I rubbed my eyes several times, knowing this cannot be true.
As Madison came closer, I could see right through parts of her.
Trembling and thinking I had lost my mind completely now.
I started calling to Madison.
She came right up to my face and smiled but said nothing.
Madison was touching my head with her hand.
I could feel her presence and her thoughts but still no words.
I could hear her telling me with her mind some sort of telekinesis or Vulcan mind-meld.
I had no idea, but I knew exactly what she was telling me.
Madison told me this and I will never forget it, “Emily, I know you have been suffering since my death and blaming yourself.
Please do not do that.
It was not your fault.
You always knew I would do as I please, and it was my choice to go to the party.
If there is blame to pass out blame the drunk driver.
” Somehow, I knew she was right.
I could feel it in the depth of my soul, but it did not change my feeling of loss.
Madison started talking in my head again and said to me, “Emily, do you remember that song we both loved by Mazzy Star, Fade Into You?” I did not have to say a word.
She knew I did.
She told me, “Emily, I am now going to fade into you.
” I was not sure what she meant, but it did not take me long to find out.
She entered my body somehow.
I felt her lips on mine like the very first time we kissed.
I then felt her tongue on my pussy.
My head whipped back.
The pleasure I was feeling was not of this world.
I could not see Madison.
She was in me.
It did not matter.
I wanted this to be how I always felt.
My orgasms were too many to count.
Just as she was stopping, I felt a pain on my arm, and there was a deep scratch on it.
Finally, stopping and Madison appearing in front of me again, she put her hand on my head.
With her thoughts, she told me, “Emily, I will be here every Halloween night forever, and I want you to come to me, please.
I will also show up on full moons if you care to visit me.
The scratch you felt is a reminder that this happened.
” Again, without having to say a word, she knew I would be there.
She looked at me and submerged back into the depths of the lake.
I stood on the bank of the lake almost all night, tossing flower after flower into it.
I finally decided to go home.
Barely sleeping, I woke up, and the first thing I looked at was my arm.
There was the scratch.
Now, what do I do, I thought? Did I feel better? Was that real? I did feel some comfort in her words to me about the blame.
I got out of bed, went to the calendar, looked when the next full moon was and was happy to see only 29 days away, and there were 12 in a year.
The days that month, they seemed like they lasted a year.
The full moon came, and I went to the lake, and there was Madison in her wedding gown.
We had a repeat of what happened on Halloween night, except one other thing happened.
Madison faded into me, and I did not know there was a couple at the lake watching the whole thing.
They yelled out after Madison made me cum several times, and she left my body.
They said, “What the hell is going on over there?” I left the lake in a hurry and never replied.
I was shaken up by being seen there but then thought, who cares? What could they have seen anyway? The next full moon came.
I went back to the lake, and this time I could see several people sitting across the lake.
Madison faded into me and told me, “Do not worry about them.
Just enjoy our time together.
” Somehow this time was even more exciting having an audience of sorts.
I knew they could not see Madison but could hear my moans of pleasure.
Madison faded out of me and touched my head and, through her thoughts, conveyed to me her wishes to see me again the next full moon.
She knew my answer was yes.
She fell into the depths of the lake again.
This happened every full moon for several months, and our audience grew each month.
I got tired of the heckling and clapping, and we found a spot in the lake that was very private.
It was near a waterfall and almost was like a pond within the lake.
I felt so good being able to have Madison in my life but was this real life? Madison would or could not convey her existence to me.
We continued till the following Halloween, each month better than the last.
This Halloween arriving at the lake, there were over a hundred people there, and they had erected a crudely built sign that read Lady in the Lake.
I knew I had to see Madison, so I put my hoody over my head and blended in with the crowd.
Slipping away from them, I went to our private spot, and there was Madison.
She could read my emotions and knew that I was not happy with all these people now and the sign.
She faded into me and let me know she understood, and this Halloween, we will disappoint the masses and wait till the next full moon.
She sank to the depths of the lake, and I went back to my car and left.
I kept going to the lake on full moons and Halloweens for years.
Several years went by, and I met a guy and got married.
I let Madison know on one of my trips to the lake what my intentions were, and she was happy for me.
I let her know I would still come and cum to her each month, which was a condition of my marriage.
My husband even came with me to the lake now and then and watched.
He never said, but I think he was envious that she could make me cum like she did.
The local community went as far as to rename the lake to The Lady in the Lake and constructed a permanent marker and sign pointing close to the spot that Madison first was seen there.
No one ever knew who she was but my husband and me.
……………………………………………………………… I am in my late seventies now, and my husband died from cancer, and we shared 45 wonderful years together.
I still go to the lake, but I cannot go as often as my health will not allow it.
Madison understands, and she even fades into me, making me feel like a teenager again.
When I die, I now hope that I will become part of the lake and spend my eternity with Madison as we had always planned.



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