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A 19-year-old enjoys the talents of her new Android.
This is one of my pre-existing characters, Sophie, a nineteen year old.
I had this idea for her, so I thought I would cross her over into a Sci-Fi for a short interlude My Thanks go out to Darksage, my excellent editor for this story.
— The year, 2100, was a beautiful place and time to exist.
Pollution was non existent, the threat of Global Warming turned out to be a myth, violence and crime were both nearly extinct.
Fossil fuel was obsolete, leading the electric car to take its place.
Even car accidents were a thing of the past, having had all the “cars” traffic monitoring and navigation system.
They drove themselves, no human driver needed.
Towering buildings stretched to the sky, yet trees and grass still grew within the city in abundance.
It was a utopia.
So, one would wonder why a girl such as Sophie had hidden herself in solitude.
It was a beautiful day in a marvelous time, but why did she still avoid the outside world? Perhaps it was because to her it seemed like in this “ideal” world they hadn’t quite worked all of the kinks out yet.
Despite technological improvements, humans were still human after all.
They still harboured cruel tendencies.
Poor Sophie had found herself to be too delicate and sensitive to cope with that fact.
From an early age she’d been.
The words spouted from her father’s mouth had been like poisonous vomit and scarred her for the rest of her existence.
So what if she had been a bit different from the average person! So what if she had been a bit pudgy! Hadn’t she deserved to be loved and respected like anyone else? Had she not deserved to grow up happy? Sadly, it seemed she had not earned that right.
She had endured years of it.
Twelve long, hurtful years, until her father finally died.
It seemed modern science still did not have a cure for everything.
She held no remorse for the man.
He had hardly been her father.
To her he wasn’t even a human being.
How could she? She didn’t even see herself as one.
Years went by and she slowly faded from society, she became more and more reclusive until she spent weeks locked into her room.
Her mind was preyed upon by depression; her psyche fell deeper and deeper into a black, smothering bog, until Sophie had lost her self entirely.
She dropped from school, unable to handle the large crowds and judgmental stares of her peers.
She was shipped through the system, the Government saying they would help, but never fulfilling their promises.
She had been just another figure in the system.
So, she sat, and she rotted from within.
On her nineteenth year, her mother finally called a stop to it all; she had seen Sophie suffer enough.
Her daughter needed to live, even if it was only a small and boring life.
Anything would be better than her current existence.
So, she helped Sophie acquire her own apartment.
It wasn’t flash or huge, but it would do.
It had been about six months into her stay when Sophie received a present.
It seemed her mother worried that she had been getting lonely.
In fact, it was quite the opposite.
Sophie simply adored living by herself.
She took pride in not speaking for days, let alone never leaving the house for months on end.
The wonders of modern technology, everything she needed could be there with a click of a mouse.
Her mother had not known this and still thought her daughter had been suffering with loneliness.
So, for a gift, her mother had shelled out for a Companion-Bot.
When Sophie received the form instructing her through the steps of ordering online, she called her mother and began to sputter indignantly in a fit.
She’d told the woman quite clearly that it was unnecessary.
She was quite alright on her own.
However, her mother would have none of it.
Sophie became tired of arguing with her mother and relented in an attempt to get back to her solitary life as quickly as possible.
Her annoyance caused her chubby cherub cheeks to inflate and deflate as she huffed and puffed.
This wafted her short, shoulder length, standard brunette locks and caused them to bounce and sway as she did so.
She’d never seen the point in Companion-Bots, they were mostly just used for sex.
Now, it hadn’t been like Sophie had never thought about sex before.
Quite the contrary, Sophie thought about sex frequently.
She’d never had a boyfriend, and subsequently never had sex either.
It was something she was very, very curious about.
She hadn’t been entirely innocent, she had a Rabbit Vibrator that she adored.
She just could not bring herself to ponder having sex with her soon to be Companion-Bot.
Even though she knew robots had no emotions and that they were programmed to obey any order given by their ‘Masters’ happily, Sophie would not be able to order such a thing.
She simply could not handle the fact that she might be forcing someon- something into doing a task they might not like.
It also shattered what little self-esteem she’d had, having to resort to ordering a robot to lay with her just so she could be rid of her virginity.
So it was with a depressed sigh and an empty look of resignation in her eyes that she began the order process.
/// A weary sigh escaped her lips like it was the last exhale she’d ever give as she stared into the bright glare of the laptop.
She quickly moved the mouse around, her eyes flicked back and forth from the piece of paper in her hand to the screen, as she navigated her way around cyber-space.
It wasn’t long until she had filled out the necessary information and had been shuffled on to the next step of ordering.
She gave a grunt as she started filling in the spaces for her custom Companion-Bot.
Let’s make him tall, seven foot.
” “Shoulder width.
small, medium or large.
? Let’s go with large.
” “Muscle definition.
No, I don’t want him so ripped.
Yes, like that! It looks like he’s been doing hard labour every day.
Muscle built of necessity instead of off of steroids.
” “Waist.
let’s go with medium.
Small makes him look like a girl, yet he’s still got that tapered, slim waist thing going on.
” ‘If I’m not going to have sex with him I might as well make him good eye-candy.
‘ She snickered mentally as she carried on.
long, just to the top of his pectoral, slightly waved and dark sapphire blue.
I love blue hair.
” “Eye colour.
” “Lips.
generous, please.
” “Nose.
masculine, yet slim.
” She continued, toying around with the settings.
“Body hair, ew, please no.
I can’t see how mum can like body hair.
” “Penis length.
? Uh, um.
Let’s go with nine inches.
” She coughed into her hand; not knowing if that was the right size to be picking.
“Ooh! Complimentary set of clothes? How about that white muscles shirt and those pair of faded grey jeans.
” Sophie finished, her eyes roved over the information she’d typed up.
Feeling slightly less dreadful about the whole situation, she quickly hit submit.
///End Flashback.
/// It had been a nervous week long wait for Sophie.
Her gut boiled with nervous anticipation and dreadful regret.
It was a disgusting turmoil that made Sophie want to puke; she could have done without it.
Then, it came.
The horrible knock at the door she had been anticipating.
She all but dashed over to the door, then felt a moment of apprehension as paranoia swept over her.
She’d checked the electronic “peep-hole” before she opened the door.
She kept her head down as she signed the delivery form.
She could feel the delivery man’s eyes boring into her, judging her.
She suspected that he knew what was in the giant, towering wooden box beside him.
He probably thought she was some kind of pathetic pervert.
She quickly wheeled the enormous plywood crate into her apartment, before the delivery man left.
Sophie simply stood there for awhile, her heart in her throat as she stared at the box with curious anticipation as it loomed over her.
Now that it had arrived, Sophie had nothing more to regret, she had done it, and it had come; now she just had to open it.
It was several minutes of frustrated swearing before the side of the box was finally yanked off and a sea of foam peanuts cascaded from within.
Sophie could only stand there, her mouth open in wonder as she gazed at its inner treasure.
He stood there, like a sentry, his eyes closed and body slack as he waited to be activated.
Sophie quickly leafed through the sea of foam packing as she searched in unabashed excitement for the instruction manual.
When she found it, she couldn’t help but wince.
The book had to have been thicker than her new CB’s head.
She opened the manual hurriedly, her eyes scanned across the printed words, quickly flicking pages until she was in the right spot.
/// “To activate your new Companion-Bot, press behind the left ear.
” She mumbled to herself, her eyes flicked over the drawn diagram on the opposing page.
She cast a look up to her CB and couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrows as she contemplated how exactly she was going to get up there.
‘There’s no way I can reach that high.
‘ She thought, a note of agitation in her mental voice.
She gave a huff, and then took a step forward, into the box.
She placed one foot against her new toys thick, tree-trunk like thigh, she pushed herself up in a hop, her hands grabbing onto his gorilla wide shoulders.
Of course, it probably would have gone better if she’d simply gotten a chair.
Sophie scampered up the towering monolith and clutched to the hulking beast.
She had managed to manoeuvre herself in such a way that she was able to get a single hand free.
Her chin rested on her CB’s left shoulder, and she gave a grunt as she began to shuffle away his long, tousled, blue locks to reveal his ear.
As she jabbed her finger into the space behind his ear, she couldn’t help but shriek as she was rocked from her position on her CB when he began to activate.
Eyes closed, she waited for the painful and rough landing on her chubby arse.
Thankfully, it did not come and instead she was caught in the burly arms of her CB.
As the robot placed her back on her feet, Sophie couldn’t help but whimper as she watched the giant male move, her insecurities and fears bubbled to the surface as the robot looked down on her.
‘He’s going to be just like every other male.
‘ she instinctively thought.
She flinched away from the strange man as he reached a hand out to her.
However, she couldn’t help but blink, as the CB straightened her disheveled clothing.
He looked at her then, a natural smile lighting his features.
“Are you alright?” He spoke, his voice masculine and heady, completely human.
Sophie just blinked her mid-hue blue eyes again as she looked back to the instruction booklet in hand.
“I am Sophie Harre,” She spoke, as she recited from the book “I am your owner, Companion-Bot 778-8867.
” She spared a second to look up at her CB to check if he was activating properly; she gave a sigh of relief as she saw the red, blinking light shine out from his left pupil.
“Please state the name you wish for me to be addressed by.
” Her new CB responded, initiating the next step.
Sophie simply blanked, her face going lax as her brain short-circuited ‘I had a whole week to think about this and I leave it till now?!’ She panicked, wondering if she was going to screw up her CB because she couldn’t think of a name, “Seven.
” She quipped, giving a blink, ‘That’s a nice name.
‘ She thought happily, glad her rash decision hadn’t been a bad one, ‘Not totally original, the first number of his product code, but it’ll do.
‘ Looking down to the guide again, she quickly leafed through a couple of pages, searching for the next step.
Eyes glued to the page as she began to walk over to her apartment’s master computer.
She couldn’t help but stop halfway to her destination.
She cast a look over her shoulder, and stared up at the hulky beast that had started to follow her like a lost puppy.
He simply gave another friendly smile.
Shrugging, she continued on her way.
Popping open a little flap next to the computer screen mounted into the wall, Sophie turned to Seven to acquire his USB cord, only to find him pulling it from an opened slot on his wrist.
Stepping back, she watched as the CB connected himself into her apartment.
Closing the manual with a snap, Sophie gazed at the screen, watching two little arrows travel around in a circle as the word “SYCNING” flashed across the screen.
She rocked back and forth on her heels as she waited for all of her information to be downloaded into Seven.
Her apartment mainframe held all of the necessary information; it kept track of her habits, her favourite programmes, the sites she surfed the most, what was currently in stock in the fridge, what food she cooked the most and anything and everything under the sun.
It was with a cheerful bing that Seven found himself fully synched into Sophie’s life.
///End Flashback.
/// Sophie’s life with Seven was spectacular, of course it did take some time to get used to.
Seven became all that Sophie needed out of life, he cleaned, made medical appointments, ordered groceries, he beat her highscore on several games and got her past difficult levels she couldn’t clock, he even laughed at her poor and ill-executed jokes.
It made it very easy for Sophie to forget he was a robot designed to keep her happy; she hated it and adored it.
She had a friend, but only because she had paid for him.
She became dependent on him, for physical and emotional needs; if she couldn’t reach a spice at the top of her cupboard, Seven would be there to get it.
If she felt herself become overwhelmed by depression, Seven would hold her close for the entire day if necessary.
He could give her human interaction and affection without her having to leave the house or ever worry that he was judging her.
Sophie’s existence was perfect, she had a best friend.
That was, until, Sophie’s resolve broke one night and the relationship was shattered.
/// The sound of whirring and heavy breaths filled Sophie’s small bedroom as she pumped the clear Rabbit Vibrator in and out of her soaking pussy.
Her neck strained as she pushed her head back into her pillow, her damp hair sticking to her face.
Sophie’s feet pushed against the bed beneath her, rocking her hips up and thrusting onto the buzzing vibrator being pumped into her snatch.
It was at times like this Sophie was glad she was never loud when she sought her pleasure.
Pumping the false cock in and out of her cunt quickly, she simply panted like a bitch in heat as the stimulating, vibrating ‘rabbit’ rocked back and forth over her clit.
Her large and heavy breasts bounced enthusiastically as she tossed.
Her dusky pink, small nipples perched happily on the E-cup, blushed mounds of Aphrodite.
Using her free, left hand she quickly brought it up to a nipple, she clamped down around it and twisted it vigorously.
The pleasure shooting straight down to her clenching pussy.
She was glad Seven had powered down for the night, it was for her own modesty that she only masturbated once he was out.
She didn’t need him to hear her and think she was in distress.
She would never live down the embarrassment of him barging into her room.
‘ She thought timidly, closing her eyes as she thought of the blue-haired brute clambering on top of her and fucking her brains out like a monster.
This certainly was not the first time Sophie had fantasized about Seven slipping his no doubt thick cock deep within her folds and creaming inside of her.
It happened to be her favourite idea.
She knew if she simply asked he would be in here, in a second, cock in hand, but she could simply not ask that of it.
She felt like that would be taking advantage of him, when all she wanted was for him to take advantage of her.
She broke herself out of those depressive thoughts by giving another quick yank on her nipple, tingeing the pleasure with a hint of pain.
Sophie had always been relatively quick to orgasm, five minutes and she was done, thirty seconds if she was watching porn.
So as the thoughts of Seven ran through her head, her face contorted into a look of pleasure as her body reached the plateau of bliss that came just before a mind shattering orgasm.
Online Now! Lush Cams Jacob_Miiller As her pussy spasmed around the intruding vibrator, her thick thighs snapped closed around her pumping hand.
“Seven!” She cried softly as she worked through her orgasm furiously.
She couldn’t help but shriek, sitting bolt upright as the door slammed open; her quick movements sent the vibrator deeply into her quivering cunt.
“Seven!” She cried again, this time in mortification as she watched his nostrils flare, no doubt analyzing the stench of her pussy in the air.
“Get out!” She stressed, as she clambered for a blanket to hide herself in before yanking the vibrator out of her pussy and turning it off, and then quickly jamming it under the sheets.
It was obvious her calling his name activated him; Seven must have thought her in danger of some kind and rushed to help only to find this situation.
She was almost curious to see how he handled it.
Seven just stood there, the thick mane of blue hair that was parted down the right side of his head shielded part of his face.
He tilted his head to the side as he watched her, “Sophie,” He started, taking a step forwards towards her, “you know I am able to take care of your sexual needs.
” He spoke fluently as he rested both of his hands on the end of her bed.
“Seven, I said out!” She cried, wondering why he was not listening to her as he slowly began to creep up the bed.
She gave a startled cry as he quickly snatched her foot, yanking her down the bed roughly, pulling Sophie under his hulking mass.
Her bed creaked ominously and Sophie wondered for a second if it was going to give out under her CB’s massive weight.
“Seven, what are you doing! I said out!” She panicked, for the first time feeling completely out of control with Seven.
She did not like it.
“I can please you.
” He whispered, his eyes looking into hers; causing Sophie to pause.
‘It sounds like he’s trying to convince me.
‘ She trailed off, not quite sure what to make of it all.
“As a Companion-Bot, my directive is to please you.
Be it mentally, emotional or sexually.
Taking into account your heart rate, body temperature,” He quickly shifted a hand between her legs, causing Sophie’s eyes to widen before he dragged a finger through her nether lips.
Sophie bucked as he ran straight over her clit, collecting her juices on his thick finger before bringing it to his mouth.
Slipping the end of the digit past his plump lips, Sophie could only look on in aroused horror.
She couldn’t believe he had just done that without her permission, “sexual fluids and pheromones, you are aroused.
I am programmed to be able to pleasure you when this situation occurs.
” “Seven, I said out! This is a direct order! I am perfectly fine dealing with this myself!” She huffed, her face red in embarrassment as her anger with the defiant robot began to bubble to the surface.
It did well to hide her worry that her friend might be defective.
Seven did not even blink his dark sapphire eyes as a hand dug under the blankets, yanking out her fluid covered vibrator.
“Put that down!” Sophie cried and she was happy to see he dropped it like it was molten lead.
“This piece of equipment will do little to satisfy you like I can.
I was built to pleasure the human female form.
I have vast knowledge in the art of sexual gratification, from ancient Karma Sutra positions and techniques to modern day sexual equipment.
I can bring you gratification you have not yet felt.
” Seven slipped the words past his lips with ease, his cascading blue hair a curtain around the two of them.
Seven had caught Sophie in a moment of weakness, the apex of her thighs ached in agony for Seven to make true the words he spoke so freely.
Regardless of what her body wanted, her mind resisted; for Sophie could not ask such a thing, no matter how much she wanted it.
Seven seemed to know that, whether it was from simply being within her company for so long so that he could recognise it or something deeper we would never know.
With one hand slipped under her lower back, he easily lifted her arse off the bed while using his other hand to yank down his zipper.
As his cock flopped out, Sophie couldn’t help but feel her virgin eyes widen as it slapped along her wet pussy lips.
It was the first cock she’d ever seen outside of porn.
As she was busy looking at his cock, Seven was still focused solely on her face.
It was with a quick adjustment and a thrust forward that Seven seated his heavy cock deep into Sophie’s tight, wet cunt.
And in a second, her virginity was gone.
Sophie’s head rolled back as she inhaled harshly, her eyes wide as the mid blue hued orbs rolled back in her skull.
Her hands bunching into the sheets by her shoulders.
There was no pain, only a little discomfort, he was a lot larger than her six inch vibrator and a lot thicker, too.
The expression on Seven’s face didn’t change for a second as he kept his gaze on Sophie’s face, monitoring for any signs of pains or discomfort.
“Place your knees on my latissimus dorsi” He spoke, knocking Sophie from her thoughts of finally losing her virginity.
She only gave him a confused look, not knowing what he was talking about.
“Place your knees beneath my armpits.
” He re-worded.
As Sophie moved her knees to the aforementioned spot, Seven rocked forwards on his knees to place his spare hand on the space beside Sophie’s head.
The bed creaked with the movement, but Sophie was far too busy recoiling in unabashed pleasure as the warm, soft cock surged inside her.
It was a big difference from the hard and cold feel of her vibrator and quite frankly, Sophie thought the new feeling was exquisite.
Sophie gave a rough moan as she screwed her eyes closed, her neck strained and she tossed her head back as Seven began to pull out.
Sophie gave a shuddering breath as Seven slipped nearly the entire way out, leaving only the head of his cock resting inside of her.
Opening her eyes, Sophie nervously looked up at Seven, still seeing him intently watching her she couldn’t help but feel embarrassment wash over her.
Here she lay, beneath this hulking beast, open and exposed to him completely.
Reaching up, she softly placed her hands on his wide shoulders.
Seemingly fascinated that she was touching him, Seven broke his gaze from Sophie’s face to stare at her hands resting on his shirt.
Thinking she had done something wrong, that he didn’t want her to touch him, Sophie began to take her hands away only to cry out in shocked pleasure as Seven thrust into her.
Sophie’s nail bit deeply into the blue haired Adonis’s artificial skin, pulling him closer to her.
Sophie’s red flushed breasts pushed against Seven’s masculine, yet pliable T-shirt covered chest as she pressed her face into his neck.
Seven slowly lowered himself down on top of Sophie, pressing his forearm into the bed instead of just the palm of his hand.
The result was an intimately tender hold that had every inch of Seven’s body rubbing against Sophie with every shift, stimulating her skin with his rough clothing.
It was dominating and protecting, something Sophie had never felt, she couldn’t help but feel her insides bubble with emotion and arousal.
With Sophie’s head tucked into his neck, Seven could only bury his nose into his keepers hair as he thrust his powerful hips forward and back.
With each perfectly timed thrust of Seven’s hips, his rough jeans rubbed vivaciously against the inside of Sophie’s thighs, along with her labia and clit, stimulating her already raw nerve endings; but it just wasn’t enough.
Taking one hand off of Seven’s shoulder, she managed to manoeuvre the appendage between their tight, rocking bodies.
She gave a buck as she ran her slippery digits over her aroused clit, straining her neck in ecstasy as she felt herself swell closer to orgasm.
She couldn’t help but stutter as she felt Seven wrap his hand around her wrist and yank her arms from between them.
Casting him a bewildered look, she opened her mouth to ask him what he thought he was doing.
It ended, however, as Sophie gasped, eyes wide as she felt something nudge her clit over and over again.
Slightly off-put and curious about what was rubbing over her clit so enthusiastically, Sophie pushed against Seven’s shoulders.
Getting the hint, he paused in his thrusting to lift his body up just enough for Sophie to cast a gave down to their locked genitals.
It was an incredibly arousing sight that had Sophie’s pussy clenching in glee; a point Seven locked away for future escapade.
What Sophie saw rubbing over her clit was rather odd, she didn’t know how she felt about it.
A finger like appendage sprouted from Sevens hairless crotch, just above his bountiful cock.
It just did not look right, and Sophie could feel her eyebrows bunch in apprehension.
“You do not like it?” The question spawned from her robotic lover.
Sophie paused, her lips turning downcast slightly before she gave a negative shake of her head.
Seven cocked his head to the side and calculated his next move before he sat up, resting his arse on the back of his calves.
Sophie couldn’t help but bite her pouty bottom lip as the movements rubbed his thick cock along her inner muscles.
The little appendage seemed to retract as Seven adjusted Sophie’s legs for her, putting her heels on his broad shoulders before he moved his hands down to her thick hips.
He picked her arse off the bed effortlessly, as if she weighed nothing more than a feather; an oddly arousing experience for a girl that had always worried about being too heavy for anyone to even contemplate doing such a thing.
Using his grip on the plump female, he pulled her down smoothly while at the time surging upwards, burying himself deeply into the girl.
“Fuck!” Sophie swore viciously as Seven’s cock energetically powered its way through her clenching muscles; bringing a new spectrum of pleasure.
As Seven continued his well timed thrusts, his hands slowly began to slip from their position on Sophie’s hips, gliding along her smooth, sensitive flesh to grasp her generous thighs Seven easily pushed her thighs together, causing Sophie to choke on air as her cunt was forcibly tightened around Seven’s engorged cock.
He easily corralled the twin appendages together with his steel band of an arm, his other hand slipping down to the thick thatch of curls around Sophie’s pussy, intent on finding her hidden clit.
Running the pad of his thumb over her nub, Sophie couldn’t help but buck in pleasure as she was left strewn across the blankets.
With every powerful pump of Seven’s hips, slamming his cock deeply into her haven, Sophie’s large and bountiful bosom, bounced in delight.
Her freckled face flushed with perfection as she felt beads of sweat roll down her cushioned and supple body, too lost in the thought of getting royally fucked for the first time.
It was with naught but a single cry that Sophie felt herself slip into the throws or an orgasm, her eyes slamming shut as her muscles quivered in rapture.
“Uh, Seven.
” She whimpered as he did not let up, instead he simply ploughed on, driving his heavy cock into her tight, clenching, all consuming heat over and over again.
The sounds of her wet, dripping cunt filled the air as Seven pulled his cock from within her walls for long enough to be able to flip Sophie over onto her front.
Slightly bewildered and exhausted, Sophie could do nothing but blink as she felt Seven’s overwhelming weight press her down into the soft bed below her.
Seven’s navy hair fell around her face, the soft locks caressing her cheeks tenderly as Seven positioned himself to enter her from behind.
Placing both of his hands on Sophie’s plump and delightful arse cheeks, he spread the heavenly mounds easily.
Sophie gave a grunt as Seven began slipping into her, the angle causing her some discomfort.
he’s so much bigger in this position.
‘ Sophie whimpered, her toes curling as her legs were trapped firmly beneath Seven’s.
Her hands gripped into the bedding beneath her as her eyes screwed shut.
He finally filled her completely, her arse quivering beneath his massive hands.
“Sweet fucking Jesus.
” She whispered, as Seven began to grind his ample erection into her.
His muscular lower abdomen smacking against her plentiful arse, causing it to jiggle within his firm hold.
It wasn’t long until Seven was ramming himself into Sophie’s pulsating cunt, all but fucking her into the bed beneath them.
Sophie could do nothing but hold on for the ride, knowing that this was only the beginning of a wonderful fuck-feast with Seven.
“Would you like me to spank you?” The question from her CB had her eyes snapping open in shock, “Spank me?! Uh, um.
” Sophie murmured, the ideas of being spanked caused her pussy to clench as she flooded seven’s cock with a new coating of her aroused fluids, “yes.
” She whimpered, slightly embarrassed about having to condone the action.
That thought, however, was quickly stricken from Sophie’s mind as a walloping smack resounded through the room.
Arse tingling in stinging pain, Sophie couldn’t help but cry out in satisfaction; glad she had made the decision to grant her CB permission to slap his large, firm hand against her delicate backside.
Just the thought of her pale, lily white arse flushing an attractive sheen of red had her squirming for another wallop.
She was not left unsatisfied, for no sooner had she recovered from the first blow did a second one slap across her opposing cheek.
“Ah, fuck, that feels so good.
” She whimpered into the bed sheet below her, slowly losing her embarrassment about admitting to what she liked.
As the painful smacks slapped across her arse Sophie couldn’t help but bury her face into the sheets, feeling herself slowly rising into the crescendo of orgasmic bliss.
She gave a soft keen as she began to spasm around Seven’s pumping cock, her flood of juices splashing up against his abdomen with every thrust.
She couldn’t help but give short little ‘ahs’ with every slam of Seven’s thick cock deep into her clenching, orgasming cunt.
” She stuttered, hoping he would get the hint that she was finished, used and it seemed he did, as he let his erection slide out of her heat with a wet ‘schloop’ to rest against her arse.
But it was with a gasp of surprise that Sophie found herself pulled off the bed by Seven and quickly manoeuvred in a position that had each of her knees nearly level with her shoulders.
Completely suspended off the bed with her back pressed to Seven’s chest, she couldn’t help but squeak.
“Seven, Seven!” she gasped, managing to stop Seven from dropping her down onto his lengthy cock like a pig on a spit, “Please, I’ve had enough, I’m so tired.
” She whimpered and Seven complied, slowly lowering her back onto the bed.
Sophie was happy to see that he was back to ‘normal,’ foll



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