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Sophie stood on deck, leaning into the railing and letting the breeze sweep her long blonde hair back over her shoulders.
The harbour was receding, the expanse of blue water between the boat she stood on and the coastline growing larger.
She’d always loved being out on the water, the feeling of being liberated from any worries on land, letting time and cares drift away.
Chances to feed her passion were rare, so she’d been delighted when Mark had invited her to spend the day sailing with him.
Sophie had met Mark just a few weeks prior when, after a long day hunting for a birthday present, she’d decided on a drink before heading home.
She’d been sat at the bar, finishing up a gin and tonic, when he approached her.
The attraction was instant and, after a drink together, she readily accepted his invitation to move on to dinner.
She’d keenly felt the jolt of an electric shock when Mark took her hand to steer her from the bar, and the warmth of his roaming gaze when he asked where she’d like to eat.
Once they’d walked to a restaurant and were sipping their drinks in a cozy booth, it seemed entirely natural that he should ask to kiss her.
The sparks that had flown as his lips caressed hers had caused dinner to be forgotten, and they were soon in a cab heading to his apartment.
It was out of her usual character, but she could hardly regret it when that night they’d enjoyed each other’s bodies on practically every piece of furniture he owned.
There was no awkward morning-after escape; instead, there had been more sex, much more, and conversation, and laughter, and here they were, three weeks later.
  She watched Mark now, calmly and capably steering them further out to sea, clearly in his element.
Mark liked to joke that at least his mother thought he was good-looking, but the truth was that plenty of women would agree.
He kept himself in shape and could easily pass for ten years younger than his actual age.
It was already a warm day, and the sun still climbing.
As Mark stood in his grey tee and navy shorts, she couldn’t help but pass a slow gaze over the body that was a result of multiple weekly sessions with his trainer.
He was fit as opposed to heavily muscled, and she certainly appreciated his stamina.
A tremble passed through her at the thought of what his body was frequently capable of doing to hers.
As if sensing her stare, he looked up and beckoned her closer.
She moved across the deck to join him at the wheel, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.
“Another twenty minutes, then we’ll anchor and I’m all yours,” he said, eyes roving down the loose, white dress she wore.
Sophie knew he was probably noticing that when the sunlight hit it, her dress was translucent, silhouetting the shape of her long, bare legs beneath.
She knew he liked to feel those legs wrapped around him, to place a teasing hand on her thigh when they were out for drinks, to see them wrapped in a pencil skirt as she sauntered out of the door to work in the mornings.
As there was little help she could offer, she decided to lie down with a book on the large, cushioned bench that made up most of a nearby seating area.
Removing the white dress she was left in a sleek, black bikini, the colour contrasting her pale skin that had yet to show much sign of a tan.
Lying on her stomach, sunglasses shielding her eyes, she tried to focus on the pages of her novel.
It was futile.
Her eyes kept shifting to Mark, and her mind would wander back to this morning, when what she’d thought was a delicious dream of being woken by his wandering fingers was actually reality.
She must have dozed off but was woken when the engine cut, and she felt a jolting movement as an anchor secured the boat in position.
She raised her head to look for Mark, finding him walking towards her with two ice-cold glasses of water and an appraising smile.
He set the drinks down, knelt beside her and leant forward to kiss her shoulder.
“Let’s get some lotion on you,” he murmured against her warm skin.
He climbed onto the bed-sized bench to straddle her, knees either side of her thighs.
She reached behind her neck to pull the string holding the halter of her bikini top loose, but his hand closed over hers.
“I’ll do that.
Just relax.
” She willingly complied, folding her arms above her head and resting her left cheek against them.
She felt him tug the strings free, and the fabric against her breasts pressed beneath her slackened.
There was the sound of the lotion bottle being opened, of his hands rubbing against each other and then the warmth of his palms gliding from the top of her spine, outwards over her shoulder blades.
His movements were firm, massaging as he lotioned her.
Mark’s fingertips skimmed the sides of her breasts as his hands continued down her back, and she heard his low chuckle as she writhed under his touch.
He reached the top of her bikini bottoms and lowered them slightly to cover the skin just under the waistband.
She was feeling extremely warm now, and she knew it had nothing to do with the sun.
He shifted to switch attention to the tops of her thighs, raising the material at the top of each to smooth lotion in a gentle caress over her ass.
His thumbs ran down her inner thighs, brushing so tantalizingly close to her pussy that she released a low groan.
His strokes continued down each thigh, pausing before he reached the backs of her knees and applying gentle kisses to the freckles there.
By the time Mark reached her calves, she was hypersensitive and extremely turned on.
When he instructed her to turn over, she rolled to her back and was not surprised to see his erection tenting the front of his shorts.
Her breasts were exposed to his gaze, nipples pebbled in the breeze.
She ached for his touch, and the short time it took for him to return his hands to her felt like agony.
He started with her shoulders and ran hands down each of her arms.
Her chest was heaving now, breath heavy with anticipation as his hands returned to coat her collarbone, moved down her sternum and then, finally, his palms smoothed over each breast.
His hands circled as they applied lotion, the brush over her nipples generating a spark felt right down in her core.
His eyes locked with hers as he moved slowly, finishing with a brief, sharp, pinch to each nipple.
He glided on down over her stomach, again dipping into the waistband of her bikini.
Her hips rose as Mark’s hands traced along the high cut of the bikini at her hips, following the fabric to her inner thighs, and she felt sure he must be able to feel how warm and aroused she was.
Down her thighs, over her knees and to her ankles, his touch was thorough and attentive.
Finally, he moved, placing his hands each side of her head and lowering his body to hover over hers, his mouth taking hers in a deep kiss.
Her arms reached around his back, one hand tugging at his hair as the kiss intensified.
His weight sank down onto her body, the rub of his tee stimulating her hard nipples.
They became lost in the kiss, time stopping as gentle licks mixed with deep thrusts of tongue and pulling of lips.
His erection was hot and throbbing against her and her hips rolled, looking for his hard flesh to fill her.
He rose again, shuffling back to kneel at her feet.
Mark’s hands reached up and pulled the bikini bottoms slowly down her legs, discarding them to the side.
He took her ankles, pulling her legs apart, and she felt the warmth of the sun kissing against sensitive flesh.
It was Mark’s warmth she felt next, as he lowered his head and kissed a line along her lower stomach.
He continued down, along a sprinkle of freckles that led between her legs, until finally his lips barely grazed her clit.
He lowered his body, hooked his arms under each of her thighs to grasp her tightly and ran his tongue slowly over the length of her slit.
Her head was thrown back and she took a sharp inhale at the feel of his hot tongue against her.
He repeated the motion, and she raised her head to look down at him, finding his eyes watching her intently.
Online Now! Lush Cams Samantha_Softh Over and over, Mark tracked the same path, and she knew she was dripping onto his tongue.
He unhooked one of his arms, moving a hand to sink two fingers deep inside her.
Her hands reached for her breasts, tugging on her nipples, and Sophie felt his groan against her clit as he watched her.
His mouth sucked and flicked at her clit as his fingers eased in and out of her tight opening, and she began to feel an orgasm build.
Her limbs seemed to zap with an electric current that was gathering pace, heat and sensation concentrating under his tongue.
When he took her clit into his mouth once more and sucked hard, humming around it, she burst into a body-consuming orgasm.
Her pussy clenched tight around his fingers, hips and body arching towards the sky.
He continued to lick slowly as her orgasm receded and her brain returned to her body.
Sophie propped herself up on her elbows, seeing Mark sat back on his knees with a satisfied smile.
She sat, leant forward and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips.
A quick glance confirmed he was hard, and her mouth watered at the thought of taking her turn to dole out the pleasure.
She moved her kisses to his chin, across his jaw to tug at an earlobe, and then trailed down his neck.
Her hands reached for the bottom of his tee, moving it up his body and over his head, before urging him to lean back on his hands.
Her kisses continued down his chest, passing over his nipples with a swift nip, and then her tongue traced the top of his shorts, his chest rising with a heavy sigh.
She nimbly unfastened his shorts, returning her mouth to his while keeping hands at his hips to urge him to remove his remaining clothing.
Once his shorts and boxers were down to his knees, then removed entirely, she scooted backwards so that she was on all fours, resting one elbow between his parted thighs.
The other hand took a firm hold of the bottom of his shaft, her hungry eyes admiring his hardness, the drop of pre-cum glistening before she lapped it up with an eager tongue.
Her tongue traced the underside of his cock, from her hand to the head, moving slowly.
She deliberately leaned forward as she did so, lowering onto her elbow, so that her naked back and ass were in his full view, her hair spilling forward.
She always enjoyed the taste of him, the hard yet soft flesh, how his hips would tilt towards her mouth.
Running her tongue around his head, she tucked her hair behind her ears so she could look up, enjoying the look of arousal in his eyes.
She kept her eyes fixed on his as she opened her mouth to slowly lower it onto him, seeing his reaction to his shaft being enclosed in her warm, wet, mouth.
Her hand and mouth began to synchronize a rhythm, her mouth sinking as far as possible before withdrawing with a suck, her hand following the path up to his head, her tongue lingering to flick and tease.
One of his hands reached to guide her head and her pace increased, her hand grasping slightly firmer, her tongue pressing against his cock as she hollowed her cheeks on the upstroke.
When his hips began to thrust, she knew his orgasm was coming, and took him even deeper, letting him feel her mouth envelop him.
Pleasuring him always turned her on, and being naked under a warm sun and the kiss of a soft breeze just heightened the enjoyment.
She wanted his orgasm as much as he did, and hummed in pleasure when his cock grew harder, knowing it was not far off.
As her mouth sank down once more, there was a twitch, then a jerk, and as she held him deep, the delicious spurt of hot cum coating the back of her mouth.
She held him there, running her tongue over him as much as it could move, whilst he continued to cum.
When the jerking waned, she slowly pulled up, savouring and licking clean every drop from his cock until she released him from her mouth.
Between the orgasms and the sunshine, they were both languid, and reclined on the bench with a sigh.
Mark got up to extend a shade over them; then they lay back, relaxed in the knowledge they had nowhere else to be, and fell into a contented nap.
A while later she woke, thirsty, and reached for her glass of water.
Mark was still asleep, stretched out beside her.
Almost as if aware of her watching eyes, his cock was semi-hard.
It was impossible to resist the urge to lean down and gently kiss along his length.
He grunted in his sleep, hips shifting as she kissed him again, and watched his cock fully harden in response.
By the time he’d started to wake, her legs had straddled his hips.
She moved back and forth so his erection parted her lips, gliding between them.
She was already wet and felt herself slickening further.
Eager to feel him inside her, she rose, holding his cock in place so she could sink onto his shaft.
She always loved that initial penetration, the way she stretched to accommodate him, the feeling of being filled.
She sank as slowly as her thighs could bear, making the feeling last.
Eventually, he was all the way inside her, her pussy clutching as it adjusted to his size.
She rested her hands on his chest, very slowly shifting hips back and forth and in small circles.
Her movements were tiny but switched on every nerve ending, feeling her lips press against his balls, her clit rubbing against him.
Mark took hold of her hips, guiding her movements as they grew.
She leant into her hands and lifted forward a little, moving just an inch or two off his cock and then back down.
She deliberately clenched as she lifted, and his eyes closed as the pressure around his shaft intensified.
She dipped forward to kiss him briefly, stroking a hand over his chest before coming to sit upright again.
She set a slow but insistent pace, rising and lowering, the glide becoming even smoother as she became even wetter.
Increasing her tempo, she set her hands behind her, on either side of his thighs, so they could both watch his cock move in and out of her, glistening with her wetness.
 Her breasts were thrust forward, bouncing as his hips began to rise up to meet her downward thrusts.
Gasping breaths and the sound of wet flesh meeting broke the peace around them.
Mark was pulling her hard onto his cock now, and her orgasm was rising fast.
With each slam of his cock deep inside her, his body rubbed against her clit and balls slapped up against her ass.
Suddenly her orgasm exploded, her arms stiffening behind her and knees locking as her pussy rained down on his cock.
He quickly moved, flipping Sophie onto her back and holding her legs wide, an ankle in each hand.
His cock lined up with her entrance and impaled her with one slam, her lower body raised off the bench.
His thrusts became even harder and faster, her own body doing all it could to push back to meet his.
Her hands moved to her bouncing breasts, and she pulled hard on her nipples with a groan.
Mark moved one of her legs over his shoulder, his arm holding it in place, her other leg lowered to the bench.
His free hand moved to her clit, pressing down against it as he pounded into her, and she knew she was soon going to come again.
She could feel the swelling of his cock inside her, as her pussy again started to clasp at him hungrily.
Just as her orgasm flared, he thrust inside and seated himself deep, his cock frantically jerking as it released streams of hot cum, her body spasming even harder in response.
Every inch of their bodies was seized by their explosive releases until slowly, the orgasms waned.
Muscle by muscle, they began to relax.
Mark lowered her hips to the bed, still inside her as he leaned forward to kiss her deeply.
She was lost in a state of serene bliss and loose-limbed satisfaction.
As he gently eased out of her and rolled to lie at her side, she wondered how long, exactly, they could get away with drifting out at sea…  



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