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Blake and Tanya arrived in Amarillo and went straight to a nice hotel and secured a room.
It was dinnertime so before they got too comfortable they decided to grab a bite to eat.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!” Blake said when they had went up and put some things in their room.
“I am too.
you kinda work up an appetite in me!” Tanya said, biting her fingernail coyly.
He smiled and pulled her to him in a kiss.
Then they left to go to the front desk and inquire about a restaurant.
After dinner they went back to the hotel room to relax.
It had been a long day of travel and both were glad to be able to lay in the bed.
Blake was especially tired and it wasn’t long before he had fallen asleep.
Tanya lay there watching him sleep, tracing her finger across his bare chest and staring dreamily at him.
She knew what was happening and was scared to death.
Tanya was falling in love, yet he had made no indications that he shared in her feelings.
Their trip was coming to an end.
they would be headed back to Dallas soon and there they would part ways – him to Amarillo and her to wherever she decided at that point.
She had quit her pitiful job as a barmaid at the little roadside bar she worked at, so her future was up in the air.
All she knew was, for now, she was perfectly happy being with Blake and she wasn’t looking forward to that ending * * * * * * * * * * The next morning Blake was up before Tanya and was sitting there drinking a cup of coffee he had made with the room’s little coffeemaker.
Tanya woke up to the smell of coffee and turned to see him watching her.
“Morning beautiful,” he said cheerfully, “How did you sleep?” “Mmm.
wonderfully!” she said, smiling and stretching.
She got up slowly and walked over to the table “Is that coffee I smell?” He poured her a cup of coffee and they drank it as they woke up.
After their morning coffee they went downstairs where the hotel had a free Continental breakfast available for their guests.
They had a little breakfast and while they were eating they discussed what they were going to do that day.
“I know you have never been to San Antonio, Tanya, so before we leave and head up to Dallas, I wanted to show you around a little bit.
There are some sights here in San Antone that you should really see,” he said.
“Oh wonderful! I was hoping to do a little sightseeing, instead of just rushing through the whole state and not seeing anything,” Tanya said.
“Well we did go through Houston without stopping and now that we are ahead of schedule we can afford to do a little looking around here,” he said.
So after breakfast, the two took the bike and rode around town.
Blake showed her the Alamo and the site where Santa Ana and his 6,500-odd Mexican soldiers overran the 200 Texan defenders, slaughtering them all.
After that they went to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and spent some time walking through the different gardens there.
Finally, they went along the famed San Antonio riverwalk for a little ways enjoying the sights there.
Tanya was having a wonderful time, seeing parts of her state she had only read about in schoolbooks.
And Blake was quite knowledgeable and Texas history, about the flowers they saw in the botanical gardens and about the city in general.
She listened intently as he told her what she was looking at and the story behind it all.
“How did you learn all this stuff?” she asked him.
“Well I love history and I love learning about how Texas came to be.
There is a lot more to our country than what you read in the history books!” he said smiling.
She took his arm as they walked through the botanical garden.
As much as she was enjoying her personal tour of San Antonio, it was soon time for them to think about heading to Dallas.
They went back to the hotel and packed up their few things and Blake paid the hotel bill and they got on the bike.
Tanya took a last look at San Antonio making herself a promise to come back soon when she could spend more time here.
Blake pointed the bike north and they hooked up with the I-35, the highway that would take them to Dallas.
They had a 4 hour ride to get back to Dallas and there was a storm starting to kick up.
So they needed to get going.
Interstate 35 took them through Austin, a little over an hour from San Antonio.
There they decided to grab a bite to eat.
They stopped at this little roadside Mexican restaurant.
Even though Tanya had spent a good part of her life here in Texas, she had yet to have authentic Mexican food.
So when the went inside and sat down Blake ordered for them both.
“Tendremos los tamales, frijoles refritos y chiles rellenos.
También dos horchata’s” (“We’ll have the tamales, refried beans, and chilli rellenos.
Also two horchata’s.
“) Blake told the waitress.
She smiled appreciatively to Blake for using her language, and then turned to put the order in.
“You speak Spanish very good!” Tanya said, in awe of him once again.
“Well, living in Texas, you have to know Spanish,” he said chuckling.
“Yeah I tried taking it in school but I suck at it.
It’s hard because Spanish puts words in a different order than in English!” she said.
Their food came a few minutes later and they ate lunch while they talked some more.
Blake noticed how easy it was to talk to Tanya and how they were able to talk on just about any subject.
Soon their lunch was finished and they hit the road again.
They went through Waco and then a little ways north the highway split and they had to take I-35 East.
Soon after that they saw Dallas approaching and Tanya’s heart sank knowing this meant their time together was almost over.
She began to think about how she would say goodbye to this man.
she always hated goodbyes and this one was going to be very difficult.
“Well I think we should make sure we have a hotel room before we do anything else – it’s late and I want to make sure we have a place to sleep tonight besides Jim’s house!” Blake said.
They found a very nice hotel that had a room available and Blake secured the room.
“Wow! Blake this room is beautiful – are you sure you can afford it?” Tanya asked.
Blake smiled, “Yeah I can handle it.
It’s our last night together so I wanted it to be a nice one.
” The words hit Tanya hard and she could feel a lump in her throat.
But she knew it had to end eventually and so she kept quiet.
Once they had put their things in the room, they went over to see Blake’s friend Jim.
They rode over to his house, but him and Amy weren’t home.
“Well I guess we will have to see them tomorrow.
How about some dinner?” Blake said.
“Okay, but can we go back to the room and get cleaned up first? I want to change clothes and get some of this road dust off,” Tanya said.
“Sure,” Blake said, and they returned to the hotel room for a bit.
“I’ll just be a few minutes.
I want to take a quick shower and change clothes.
Is it okay if we take a cab to the restaurant? I’m a little saddle weary.
” “Yeah I am too.
Sure, we can take a cab, hon.
Have a nice shower,” he said.
Tanya smiled and then went into the bathroom to get cleaned up.
Blake sat down on the bed to wait for Tanya.
He heard the water stop running but the door remained closed for awhile.
Then the door opened and he heard what sounded like high heels coming down the short hallway.
Suddenly Tanya appeared around the corner.
“Holy shit!” Blake said as an angel stood in the hallway.
you look beautiful!” Tanya smiled.
She had changed from the jeans and top she had been wearing while on the bike, to a form-fitting knit dress that accentuated all her womanly charms.
Blake sat there on the bed, jaw agape and unable to speak, as she approached.
She moved seductively, teasing him and giving him a good look at her.
“Now I feel like a slob!” he said, when she came up in front of him.
“Don’t,” she said, bending down the kiss him passionately.
Without breaking their kiss, he rose to his feet and took her in his arms, embracing her and enjoying the taste of her sweet lips awhile longer.
“We’d better get to the restaurant,” Tanya whispered when they finally broke the kiss.
Blake and Tanya went downstairs to the hotel lobby and there the front desk called a cab for them.
The cab took the two of them to a nice steakhouse for dinner.
Blake again ordered for the both of them and as they were waiting for their food, Blake spoke up.
“Tanya, you have been pretty quiet since we got to Dallas.
is anything wrong?” he asked.
“It’s nothing,” she said.
“Nothing? Tanya you and I have been talking each others ears off the whole trip and now you hardly say anything.
What is it, hon?” he insisted.
“It’s just that I have had so much fun on this trip and being with you.
and now it’s coming to a close.
You will be heading to Amarillo soon and I will be finding another job someplace else,” she said.
The quiver in her voice was obvious to Blake, even though she was trying to be strong about it.
“Well, I guess that’s as good a segue as I’m going to get.
Tanya I wanted to talk to you tonight anyway.
I have had a wonderful time on this trip as well – probably the best time I have had in a long time.
And you were a big part of that.
Like I told you, I probably would have just turned around when I got to Dallas and found Jim wasn’t able to go on this ride.
biking by yourself isn’t nearly as much fun as having someone to go with you.
I am so happy I ran into you back at the bar.
” Blake said.
“Me too,” Tanya said.
Blake paused for a long moment gathering his courage.
Tanya waited for him to continue but he was trying to collect his words.
“Tanya, I am not real good at this and I don’t really know any slick way of saying what I’m about to say so I’m just going to do it.
” Blake started.
Tanya braced herself for the words she was dreading.
“Tanya, I don’t know how you feel about me but I know how I feel about you.
Tanya, I know we haven’t known each other long but I am in love with you and I would very much like you to stay with me.
In fact – and I hope that I am not being too presumptuous or forward – but after spending this time with you, I can’t imagine being with anyone else.
I have a question for you.
” Blake got down on one knee in front of the whole restaurant.
“Would you marry me Tanya?” You could have knocked her over with a feather.
She looked at Blake then at the ring he had in his hand, then back at him, all the while with her mouth dropped open.
Her eye flicked back and forth waiting for the punchline that never came.
“Well honey?” he asked.
OH GOD!!!” she said and ran off to the bathroom crying.
Blake sat there at the table dumbfounded, not sure what to do next.
He mentally kicked himself for being so stupid and was glad he had made a fool here in Dallas where no one knew him and he could slink out of town more easily.
It would be a long time before he came back to Dallas too! He was just about to get up and take his bruised ego and go when Tanya returned to the table.
“I’m sorry Blake for running off like that.
But you caught me totally off guard.
Blake honey, I love you too and I have been quiet because I dreaded having to say goodbye.
I do want to be with you and yes, of course I will marry you.
But what will we do? How will we make it financially – I don’t have a job right now.
I mean I can be a barmaid easily enough, but it may take some time to find a decent bar.
not some dive where I will have to beat off the drunks and molesters all the time.
” “Well you don’t worry about working.
I don’t want you to work.
I want my wife home taking care of the house.
I will be the breadwinner of our house,” Blake said firmly.
“But how? What do you do that you can make enough for us?” Tanya asked.
She hadn’t thought to ask him what he did for a living, figuring he was just some motorhead or blue-collar something or other.
“Tanya, I never told you who I am because I didn’t want it to cloud our being together.
But I work in Amarillo as an investment broker for a major securities firm, buying and selling for people who put their retirement nest eggs in my hands.
And I am very good at it.
I make well over $100,000.
00 dollars a year doing what I do, so supporting you is not a problem at all,” he admitted.
“Really?” “Yes.
I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and I have bought my house and my cars with what I make.
I have never been married or even had anyone real serious, so all my money went into my house and cars and things.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure I haven’t had anyone to spend it on.
Until now.
” “I.
I can’t believe this.
It’s like a fairy tale.
” Tanya said.
“Well does that make me the frog or the prince?” Blake asked with a grin.
“Oh the prince.
definitely the prince!” About that time their food came and after the waiter had given them their dinners and left Blake spoke up again.
“Well then Princess, what do you say we finish our food and I whisk you off to our ‘castle’?” he said chuckling.
As they ate their dinner, Tanya would glance up at him then quickly look back down at her plate shyly.
Blake caught her a couple times and when he smiled, she blushed and looked down.
This gave him a playful and mischievous idea.
Eating his food with his left hand, he slid his right hand over her leg, across her thigh to the valley between them.
Blake could feel the heat of her through the material of her dress.
He slid his hand slowly towards her knee.
She assisted him by parting her legs slightly.
Turning towards him, she presses her left knee against his leg.
Moving slowly up her stockinged leg, he finally reached the hem of her dress.
Drawing the material upwards he slid his hand onto the naked skin of her leg.
She was still slightly breathless and her pulse was racing.
Tanya wanted him.
She needed him.
She’d tried to get to the ladies room to calm herself, but it had been too busy.
She could feel her walls crumbling and was about to let him do whatever he wanted, and what she wanted, right here in public.
She looked around.
There weren’t too many people in the restaurant, just a younger couple at a table opposite them.
Blake’s hand was on her knee now.
She pressed harder against him slowly moving her legs as far apart as her tight dress would let her.
She’d let him do the rest of the work.
His hand was soft and warm against her thigh.
She moved her food around the plate now.
Toying with it only – she couldn’t even think of eating.
She took the odd sip of icewater to try to cool herself but it had little effect.
His hand was nearing the top of her leg, just below her pussy.
‘Pussy’ wasn’t a word she used usually, but it was appropriate in this situation.
Both of them were still eating from time to time, her with both hands, him using his free one.
She grasped the table cloth with both hands, gripping it tightly as his hand finally reached her outer lips.
He looked at her in surprise, then grinned widely.
“I took them off when I went to the ladies room,” she said “I threw them away.
” Tanya was indeed bare beneath her little dress.
Dripping too.
She had never been this wet.
The edge of his fingers were now rubbing against her.
Her dress was now hiked up to her waist.
She could smell herself the heat rising in waves from beneath the table.
Two of his fingers caressed Tanya’s soaked outer lips.
She spread her legs as far as she could.
He pressed his middle finger down over her and the tip of it plunged straight into her.
He curled it up to her G-spot.
She could feel the pad of the finger tip pressing against her.
She closed her eyes and rode with the sensations.
He moved his finger in and out of her, then he added a second finger.
She moved and rotated her hips trying to suck his whole hand into her.
He revolved his fingers with her, she could feel her climax rising.
She closed her eyes her hips moving rapidly now as she fucked his fingers.
“Yesssss” she moaned softly.
his fingers still plunged into and out of her.
” Again “Yesssss.
ohhhh,” She was nearing climax.
She really need him.
he took his fingers out.
“Oh God, don’t stop.
” Letting go of the table with one hand, she grasped his wrist and plunged his fingers back into her.
Oh God.
” He slid one moist finger out an pressed it directly against her clit.
He’d deliberately avoided that until now.
YES!!” She finally came, her breath coming in spasms.
He kept his finger pressed against her clit moving it with her.
“Oh GOD.
” – a minor aftershock, nearly as good as the first, ran through her.
Finally after her orgasm had run its course through her, Tanya sat there at the table, her nipples obviously erect through her dress.
She was very flushed and looked out of breath, and her eyes were filled with lust.
“You all right?” Blake asked.
I just need you.
inside me,” she said, still panting.
They left the restaurant as soon as they paid the bill and had hailed a cab.
Tanya sat in the back seat of the cab trembling with anticipation.
The cab seemed to take forever to get back to the hotel, even though they were only about 10 minutes away.
She could feel the boiling need inside her and the wet steamy heat emanating from between her thighs.
Just when she didn’t think she could last another moment, the cab pulled up to the front of the hotel.
Tanya got out without waiting for Blake, needing the cool air to keep her libido under any semblance of control.
Blake flipped the driver his fare plus a little tip and then caught up to Tanya who was leaning against a column, trying to keep her wobbly legs under her.
He held her close to him they made their way into the hotel lobby and over to the elevator.
Blake pressed the call button, as Tanya leaned her back against the wall.
Blake looked over at her and grinned.
yep, she was definitely overheating! The elevator arrived, and he selected the 11th floor button.
As the door closed, an older couple called for the elevator and Blake stopped the door, allowing the in.
Blake and Tanya moved to the back of the elevator and he pushed his back to the wall and pulling Tanya in front of him facing the front as well.
He surreptitiously rubbed his groin against her ass, as his hands ran up her sides.
Tanya bit her lip, laying her head back on his shoulders and trying desperately not to make any noise.
Blake wasn’t going to let her off that easy though.
Once his hands had reached her ribcage, he slid them forward, cupping and mauling her tits as her breath caught in her throat.
“Damn I forgot the keycard.
I’d given it to the receptionist.
We need to get it” the older gentleman said.
The couple interrupted the elevator door and stepped out quickly.
As the older couple left, Blake quickly pressed the ‘close door’ button.
Finally they were alone.
Placing his hands on her hips, he pulled her towards him.
His rubbed his cock up and down the cleft of her ass, all the while scrolling her dress up.
He pressed Tanya face first against the elevator wall as she stuck her ass out wriggling it as an invitation for him.
He rubbed against her now exposed ass as his hand reached around her hips to finger her wet ravenous pussy.
“Oh, God Blake.
” she moaned loudly now.
She could feel comfortable making noise – she had been quiet far too long.
Tanya turned around to face Blake, her shaky hands fumbling to undo his trouser belt.
With his jeans finally loosened, she reached into his pants and grasped his cock.
She slid her hand up and down his cock as he pulled her into a deep urgent kiss.
Her dress was now up to her hips.
If the elevator stopped anywhere on its journey, anyone standing in front of the opening doors would get a great view.
His hand slid down her now, two fingers inside her, one finger on either side of her wet opening, and his palm pressing against her clit.
His other hand now snaked its way into the deep V of her neckline and grasped her breast for the first time.
Rubbing her nipple again this time directly with his fingers had the right effect.
Tanya climaxed, a mild one but the it was enough to make her falter.
Blake instantly took control of her, pressing her against the wall with his hips and sticking a knee between her legs so she wouldn’t fall down.
Just as she had found her feet again, the elevator reached their floor and came to a halt.
The doors opened before the two of them were fully dressed, but luckily no one was there waiting for the elevator so they were able to get their clothes adjusted Moving quickly down the hallway from the elevator she took his hand so they would not loose contact with each other.
She wanted his cock.
She needed its seven thick inches inside her, right now.
Blake barely got the door to the room shut behind them when she pulled him towards the nearest bed.
Bending over and placing her hands on it she pushed her ass back out.
“Fill me, NOW” she demanded.
Blake dropped his jeans and kicked his legs free.
Pulling up her dress, he slid his hard eager cock along her wet pussy, the head of his cock brushing against her clit.
He could feel her moisture coating his cock.
“NOW” she ordered, dropping her upper body down and resting on her elbows now so her ass was higher for him.
She spread her legs wider, giving him a better view and access to her dripping wet pussy.
Tanya reached one hand between her legs, wanting to grab his cock and shove it into her steaming hole, but Blake stopped her.
“Let me,” he said.
He placed one hand on the small of her back just about the flare of her buttocks and with the other hand he grabbed his stiff, hard cock.
He rubbed his cockhead over her glistening pussy and split her pussy lips with it.
Tanya whimpered her need again and Blake slowly pressed the head of his cock between her lips.
She tried to grind her pussy against him.
With the heat of this situation her dress was now sticking to her back.
He nibbled her earlobe as he slowly thrust just the head of his cock between her lips.
He loved the feeling of that penetration and enjoyed repeating it.
She thrust back against him and he was now fully in her.
Rotating her hips she kept him moving within her.
He stretched her well.
She could feel his cock pushing deep into her pussy.
Wrapping one arm around her waist to hold her in place, his other hand moved up to her breasts on top of her dress.
He roughly squeezed them and she cried out in pleasure.
“Oh, God, Yes.
” Blake pulled the straps of her dress down over her shoulders and quickly pulled her dress top down from her breasts.
At the same time he moved a hand to her clitoris and started rubbing her.
What happened next happened quickly.
“Oh, God.
fuuck” she moaned.
She started to climax.
She didn’t know if it was the sudden fresh air on her breasts and nipples, or his hand on her clit, or his cock filling her and brushing against her g-spot (she’d never felt this stimulated).
She came again.
“Ohhh, yes, yes, yes,” She came violently her pussy pulsing around his cock.
He’d never felt anything like it.
He started to cum as well spraying the inside of her pussy with his hot sticky seed.
“This is fucking unreal” he panted.
She came again as his juices coated her insides.
She turned to him to try and kiss him.
It was akward with the angle they had.
She jerked back against him as he came.
All the time she was panting and cumming.
She couldn’t stop.
One of his arms reached across her breasts; playing with her nipples in turn.
His other hand and one of hers was playing with her clitoris.
His still hard cock was buried deep inside her.
She moved her body to press his cock against her g-spot.
“Uhhhh, yes, oohhhhh,” she cried out as she had her first ever g-spot orgasm.
Her body shook and she groaned, helpless to contain the whirlwind of sensations she was caught up in.
With one more massive climactic shudder she collapsed completely onto the bed.
He was still buried inside her, both of them panting and shuddering.
It was a good ten minutes before either regained the ability to speak.
“Baby, you were fucking incredible!” Blake said.
Tanya smiled up at him weakly and Blake pulled him into her arms.
“Thank you” was all Tanya could whisper as she felt warm and safe and loved in his strong arms.
The two of them lay there on the bed half-dressed, but deliriously happy with their new arrangement.
Tanya had finally found her place – a place that she had been searching for without even realizing it, but now it seemed so right.
And Blake finally found someone he could share his life with – someone who loved him for who he was, not what he was.
Their life together was off to a wonderful start.
I would like to thank my co-conspirator in this project, AmericanBeauty, for her inspiration and assistance with this series.
Without her, this story wouldn’t have been possible.



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