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The salt-laced breeze filled my lungs, as I ran along the muddy grass path.
The sun was rising over the calm sea to my left, as my puppy Garcia, ran ahead.
I loved the beach at that early time of day.
No tourists were around, so it was still peaceful, and serene.
The only sounds were the gently rippling waves, slowly easing their way up the bay.
The gulls were paddling in the shallow water, as they sang.
I was eager to get to the meeting point.
So eager in fact, that my jog became a run.
I briefly stopped and caught my breath, as Garcia needed the bathroom.
Having taken a swig of my water, I moved to run on the golden sand.
I was pushing my young body to the limits as excitement took over.
I was going to meet my boyfriend, even if it was against my parents’ wishes.
They had shown their disapproval of my relationship due to the age difference.
Dean and I would meet up in secret most of the time, away from prying eyes.
Last night we had fought with my parents at their house.
Dean had turned up to take me out, but I hadn’t got the door before my dad had thrown the first punch.
I understood my parent’s reservations, I was eighteen and Dean was recently divorced, almost twenty years my senior, and also had with two teenage sons.
That’s how I had come to be on the beach.
I jogged every morning down there, but that day’s trip was earlier than normal.
I had made other adjustments as well, straightened my long, chocolate brown hair.
I had pulled it back into a ponytail so it swung against my back as I ran.
And rather than my unflattering sports bra I normally wore, which pressed my pert breasts into my body, I had picked my string bikini.
I knew how much Dean loved to see my breasts bounce.
Something suddenly caught me around my waist, making me scream in terror.
I almost fell sideways before a hand pulled me back.
My hand rested against a muscular body that I knew so well.
The scent of sweat filled my mind as I relaxed against him.
“Hello Baby,” Dean said in a laughter filled voice, “Did I scare you?” “Jesus, Dean! Yes, you scared the living shit out of me,” I answered, spinning around to glare at him.
I saw his shirt clinging to the sculpted muscles of his shoulders as he gripped my hips and pulled me close.
“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t get much sleep last night and I couldn’t wait any longer,” he said.
I melted when he looked at me and I forgave him at once.
“I’m sorry about last night,” I volunteered.
I reached up and stroked my thumb against the slight bruise that was appearing under his right eye.
“My dad’s insane,” I continued while I pushed myself onto the tips of my toes to lay a kiss gently on his lips.
“Mm, more kisses please,” he chuckled as my lips made a path over his cheek and to his ear.
“I need to get you somewhere private,” he said bending forward to grip my hips.
He lifted me until my feet could no longer touch the sand.
“There’s no-one here,” I winked at him.
“And I want a swim,” I said.
I quickly grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head.
As I’d planned my breasts were inches from his face.
“Decision made!” he declared, “You can swim at mine.
” He pulled me higher until I fell over his shoulder.
“Now, wench, you are mine!” He walked along the sand.
His hand quickly slapped my ass before he bit my outer thigh.
Garcia tried to protect her mistress by barking at his feet as I giggled.
“Garcia, shh, Jane’s fine,” he said as he leaned down to reassure her.
I wiggled off his shoulder and ran off ahead towards his car, with Garcia in hot pursuit.
“Need a hand old man,” I cheekily remarked as we had both reached his car at the same time.
“Wench!” Dean jested.
He opened up the back door for Garcia to jump up, before he opened the passenger one door for me.
I watched as he eased his way around the car.
He looked younger than his years, thanks to his healthy lifestyle.
His body had attracted me, and many of my friends, for years.
He’d been a hot dad at the community parties.
This had changed when his divorce had come through.
We met at one of the few bars in the area and it wasn’t only his body I was attracted to.
His personality had then been the thing that attracted me.
His quick wit, and almost kid like glee at simple things, which people took for granted.
We hadn’t started off with a relationship, although I had made my interest clear.
He commented a few times on his recent divorce, and always made sure his kids were his priority.
So I took a step back, and we had become work out buddies.
We would meet four times a week.
The workouts had been purely innocent, but eventually led to a little flirtation.
But it had worked well; we’d gotten to know each other more.
And as we did, we found things we had in common.
I watched as he opened the door and folded his tall body into the driving seat.
He leaned to kiss me gently on the cheek, then reversed his car out of the space and drove towards his house.
While he drove I observed him and thought about the events that happened one day, about a month after we had started working out together.
*** The conversation had turned to self-defence.
Until that point shy glances and tongue in cheek comments had been as far as we’d gone.
We had been practising, as usual; only this time he approached me from behind, as if he was going to attack me.
I used my feminine assets by wiggling my toned, but fleshy ass against him, making sure that my ass rubbed against his crotch.
I then stamped on his foot and giggled as I slipped away.
We had practiced repeatedly; each time he evaded my previous tactics.
My thoughts had drifted off as I felt the tenting action in his shorts, and the way his hands had brushed against the underside of my breasts during a few of the attacks.
I thought about using it to my advantage and decided I was going to go and cool off in the sea.
He had followed behind, but I sensed his eyes watching me.
I slowly striped off my running shorts, revealing my white boy-short panties.
I was disappointed at the white ugly sports bra, which covered most of one of my best features, but I had to go with it.
Dean kept his running shorts on, even though I knew he was wearing swimming shorts.
He had always finished our work out with a swim, no matter what the weather was.
During the swim we kept our distance from each other.
This was mostly due to his strong technique, which powered him away from me.
Growing tired, we decided to get out.
I purposefully went in front of him, knowing that my bra and panties had now become transparent.
The thin white fabric didn’t stop him being able to see through them.
My brown landing strip between my thighs was clearly visible.
I noticed he had looked away, like the gentlemen he was.
I didn’t put my shirt back on and noticed how his eyes kept lowering down to my chest.
He could see the two little pink buds on my breasts that were straining against the fabric.
We had sat chatting but the atmosphere had become awkward with tension, a heightened sexual tension.
I had stormed off mid conversation towards the beach huts.
I slipped my bra off quickly before running the towel over my breasts to dry them.
I threw the towel and bra into my bag, and began searching for my shirt when Dean came around the corner.
He had only stared for a brief moment, but long enough to see how my shocked breath had made my breast jump.
A mumble left his lips and he bashfully turned and walked away.
I called after him but he continued to walk, as if ignoring my shouts.
I swiftly stuffed my arms into my shirt and done up a few buttons before following him.
He hadn’t gotten far, only the other side of the beach hut.
His head was in his hands as he leaned against the wood.
I gripped his wrists and pulled them down, the words that followed stay in my mind.
“I’m sorry Jane, I shouldn’t….
I mean, I didn’t….
God, I don’t know, I’m sorry,” his hands curled up into fist as the words hissed from his mouth.
“Dean, don’t worry about it.
I was only topless.
I do it down the beach all the time,” I said with a smile, hoping he wouldn’t walk away from me.
“Jane, you know how attracted I am, to you,” he stated.
I simply shook my head.
“I’m attracted to you.
I want you and not in the way I should.
Not in the, ‘look and like but don’t touch’ way, but, in the ‘I’m going to touch, I have to’ way.
I want to feel you pressed against me, before I slip inside you.
I want to kiss your lips and find out if they taste as good as they look.
I want you Jane.
But it’s wrong.
” I gasped as I listened to him finish, my body frozen, paralysed as he slowly walked away.
“Dean… Dean!” I shouted.
I ran up behind him then used all my strength to pull at his arm.
He turned and his face was grey and troubled.
I smiled up at him, gripping his hands I leaned into his body.
Then I slowly pressed my lips against his.
In that moment it didn’t matter if it was wrong or not.
Our age difference didn’t mean anything, as I couldn’t resist him any longer.
A moment or two is all that could have passed before, his lips opened against mine, and his tongue went seeking.
The touching had continued as my hands had moved down his chest tracing the lines of his body.
I boldly was reaching for his erection, not caring who saw.
He’d moaned deeply into my mouth, as my hand moved caressing every inch.
He explored too.
He ran his hands down my back.
He’d only rested his hands above my ass until I arched back inviting him to touch.
The kiss and petting ended suddenly.
My back had been pressed against the rough, weathered wood of the hut as he lifted his head.
I had never felt as wanted as a whole person before.
He hadn’t just been after my body, like so many guys my own age, but he wanted to know the real me.
“Are you sure you want to get involved? I come with a lot of baggage,” he stated.
He pushed back the few strands of hair that fell over my face.
“We can take it slow.
I want you Dean.
More than I wanted anyone before,” I leaned in, kissing his lips quickly.
“We can see if we can make it work.
We don’t have to tell anyone, until we are sure.
If you want?” I finished.
I looked up to his face in hope, that he wanted me enough.
The smile that appeared on his face was magical, making us both giggle like children.
*** “Something funny Baby?” Dean questioned, bringing me back to the present, as he pulled up outside his house.
“Just happy Dee,” I said leaning to kiss him, with all the love I felt for him.
He responded gripping my hair as I climbed to straddle him.
I found myself pressed between the hard plane of his body and the steering wheel.
“Baby,” Dean’s voice called to me, as my hands fondled with his shorts.
Online Now! Lush Cams Liam_Cossio “Jane,” he gripped my hands to get my attention, “Not here Baby, anyone can see.
” “I need to feel you,” I whimpered before he opened his door and helped me out.
He walked around got Garcia out of the back, before we all ran towards the house.
The door had hardly closed when I untied the strings of my bikini top and threw it away from me.
“I’ve been a bad girl,” I drawled, knowing he loved it when I played naughty slut.
I pulled out my hair tie allowing my dark hair to float down past my shoulder covering most of my breasts.
“Baby, you are oh so bad,” Dean replied, as he walked towards me prior to grabbing my hips and yanking me towards him.
“I have something for you,” he injected, while he pressed his erection against me.
His hands moved to my shoulders as he pushed me down on my knees.
Wordlessly, I untied his shorts and pushed them down his thighs; he stepped out of them and pushed back my hair from my face.
He wrapped my hair around his hand and pulled me forward.
No words were exchanged as my eyes focused on his, opening my mouth I invited him to enter.
His hips pressed forward, giving me a little of his glistening tip.
He teased me, letting me taste a little of his arousal before pulling my head away, making me moan for more.
With my hair pulled, I craved to take him deeper.
I pleaded up at him before he sank in.
My tongue touched his cock and I moaned against him.
His eyes darkened as his body reacted, the quickening of his breathing became more rapid and I could feel his grip on my hair tightening.
I loved getting this reaction from him, it made me feel so powerful.
He took me by surprise as he thrust into my mouth.
His cock rubbed against the back of my throat making me gag and gasp around him which only made him smile.
I tried to relax my throat and breathe through my nose as he pulled my head further down his cock.
“Do you like it baby, does me using your throat turn you on?” he growled as my tongue slid up and down the underside of his cock.
I nodded rubbing him against my cheek as my hands cupped his balls.
“No, I don’t want to cum yet baby,” he said and I groaned in frustration as he let go and pulled me up against his body.
“Let’s shower,” he commanded, carrying me up the wide spiralled staircase.
His house was lovely, it wasn’t big or fancy but most of the upstairs was a giant master suite.
His little bachelor pad, he called it; was masculine with hard heavy woods, no feminine touches other than one of my hairbrushes and my shower things in the bathroom.
He’d always said he picked the house because of the master bathroom.
It was pure luxury with a large walk in shower that had jets in the ceiling, with a rain effect but also multiple power heads at different heights.
The other end of the room had a large jet bath, which had enough room to fit two people in comfortably as we had found out before.
As we entered the bathroom his hands gripped my shorts and pulled them down along with my bikini bottoms.
His hands groped my ass before he gave it a little slap.
“Come on, shower,” he pulled his sweat soaked shirt off and walked into the shower.
I paused a minute looking at his toned body.
His back still held the marks of my nails from a recent passionate loving; even his ass had little scratches.
I didn’t even know I was doing it at the time, but he liked it rough as much as I did and his little groans of pleasurable pain always got us both going.
He’d always returned the favour; my breasts held light yellow bruises from his love bites, as well as my thighs where he’d nipped at them before going down on me.
When we had first got together we had literally been joined at the hip most of the time.
It had made me worry at the time, because I thought I was a rebound from his marriage and just little bit of fun.
He had openly said there had been little to no sex for years in his marriage.
But although our sex life was adventurous and passionate, he also made me feel that cherished feeling which made my worries slip away.
Going public with our relationship had also helped my jealousy, as we could openly go out together and I no longer worried about other women.
We got stares and comments from many people but we focused on us.
I walked into the shower and joined him.
His hands cradled my face as he covered my face in kisses, spraying them up my cheek to below my ear.
He nibbled gently on my earlobes before kissing my lips gently, again and again.
He let go and tied my hair up high on my head before kissing my neck, tasting the light sweat from my run.
I reached back and held his hips as he massaged the lime scented foam into my skin.
“I love you,” I whispered needing to say the words to him again.
His hands stopped for a moment as he spun me round to face him.
He pulled me close and his lips dropped to mine and my eyes closed savouring the moment.
He had never returned my declaration; I wasn’t expecting him to.
I knew he cared for me and he had been hurt by love before.
So when I heard the three little words travel to my ears with his voice, my eyes opened and widened.
“What did you say?” I asked quietly.
“I think I misheard.
” I panicked wondering if my wanting was making me hear things.
“I said, I love you too,” he confirmed.
A crease formed in this forehead as he waited for my reaction.
“Do you mean it? I can handle it if you don’t.
I mean I want you to love me, but I understand about your past and everything.
” I rushed out trying to not get my hopes up.
He reached behind me to turn off the shower then looked down on me.
“I love you Jane, I know you have been longing to hear it.
I didn’t want to say it until I was sure but I’m in love with you baby,” he repeated.
“Are you sure it’s not the sex that you love or anything?” I asked internally groaning at having just said that and scared of the answer.
“I love making love with you, being with you.
I love your personality, even when you over analyse things,” he said with a smile.
He continued quickly, “I have known for a long time but you’re so young and I come with so much.
I don’t want to drag you down and make you settle for someone unworthy of you; I want you to achieve everything you have your heart set on.
Even if it means a university two hundred miles away,” he finished and kissed me.
“I want to be with you, I don’t care about everything else.
And I’m not settling, I want to be with you as long as I can and I hope we can continue throughout university and everything.
” I finished pressing myself against him as my hands circled around his neck, “Can you please take me to bed and make love to me?” I asked quietly kissing his chest just above his beating heart.
“For you, anything,” he said as he grabbed a few towels and led me silently through to the bedroom.
We stopped beside the four-poster bed as he spread out the towel.
He gently lay me down on the bed as if I was made of glass.
He leaned over me without touching as his fingers skimmed through my dark hair.
My head cradled in his hands as our breathing synced.
He didn’t kiss me, didn’t move, we lay looking at each other with sudden understanding.
“I love you Jane,” came his huskily whisper.
Our movements were so different to before; our lips clung and revealed all our emotions.
No dirty foreplay slipped through our lips.
Our bodies took the lead, needing no encouragement.
His lips moved to nibble and suckle at my chest; my nipples had risen as they’d been awakened.
Each touched followed by moans of tender pleasure, and words of love.
His lips and fingers touched between my legs.
His thumb rubbed over the centre of my pleasure, as he tasted all of me at his leisure.
I drew in shaky breaths with each caress of his tongue.
My hips had arched and ached for more making me plea for all of him.
My need had built as my body shook as I burnt to cinders.
Eager to please him and give him everything I found myself letting go of reality and gave him my desire with each mind numbing pulse of my body.
As my limp body finally rested against the soft cotton sheets he moved above me smiling.
He kissed my red swollen lips making me taste myself as my legs crept up to circle his hips.
“You take my breath away,” he disclosed as love flowed from him.
His hips brushed against mine as I held his passion in my hand.
I moved rubbing him between my legs we swallowed each other’s moans.
He pressed forward as he released my lips, watching my expression as he filled me.
No rough or hard love making this time.
I was in his arms, the man I loved and who loved me.
He ignited emotions inside of me, feelings I had only read about in books.
I’d never dreamt that we could be together, in such perfect sync, with this slow burning passion.
He increased the pressure, and pleasure as he rocked back and forth inside me.
My need had increased with his, my nails dug into his hips.
I pulled him in as my legs moved higher up his back.
His mouth linked with mine making it hard to breathe.
My ears were filled with the beating of my heart.
My hands full of his sculpted muscles, and my eyes filled with love.
I cried out again, and again, with helpless wonder as he continued for what felt like hours.
Until, finally, he completely abounded himself inside me.
His passion seeped out under my skin with each lengthy slumberous thrust.
He lay slumped over me as he recovered.
It allowed me to feel every inch of his body, as my foot caressed up and down leg.
He gently rolled over, taking me with him, as we stayed connected.
“I have a question for you,” his gravelly voice said, which made me look up from his chest.
“I know it might be a little soon, and we have only been together six months.
But, will you move in with me? I know you have university in a few months but, until then.
” His body tensed under me as he finished.
“Yes,” was all the reply I gave before my lips touched his.
“I can go to a closer university; I don’t have to go there,” I said with a smile.
“I want your dreams to come true.
I know how much you want to go there,” he countered, wanting me to achieve everything he thought I could.
“Dreams change.
I want to live with you and go to university.
You can’t move there with the boys down here, you wouldn’t get to see them enough, and your company is based here, I would never ask you to give them up.
” I finished and smiled back at him as he grinned.
“I love you, if I haven’t said it already,” he repeated and moved me to curl against his side.
“You can keep saying it,” I said quietly before yawning.
“Get some sleep baby, it’s still early and we have forever,” he finished and kissed my forehead.
As I started to fall asleep I felt content.
My loving man pressed against me while he slept.
The unique smell of him filled my lungs, and, the taste of his lips lingered in my mouth.
The sun brazed through the thin curtains and down onto our bed.
I heard the gull still squawking out their song, making they own little love song for us.



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