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Marci was disappointed she couldn’t go on the hike planned for this morning because of her ankle injury.
It was to be the final hike of the week, as several people had to leave that evening for the airport.
Kayla had gotten up early, around 6:30 or so, to join the group and had woken her.
Marci had tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t.
She lay in bed for a while thinking but finally decided to get up.
Marci stripped out of the night clothes she had slept in and pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
She brushed her hair back with her hands and tied it up with a band.
She left her room and, after making a stop at the bathroom, walked down the hall to the kitchen to get herself a bowl of cereal.
Cathy was in the kitchen, holding Erin, and making some toast.
They exchanged “Good Mornings” and made chit chat.
Cathy asked how Marci’s ankle was feeling, noting that she didn’t seem to be hobbling as much as yesterday.
“I think it’s improving,” Marci said cheerfully as she got a bowl out of the cabinet, “Although it’s still a little painful,” she added.
“Did you not want to go on the hike today?” “Well, Brian and I decided to stay home and take care of Erin and the other children today and let the others go on the hike,” replied Cathy.
Marci paused and then smiled.
Brian had stayed home.
“Oh, well that’s sweet of you,” said Marci.
Cathy smiled at the compliment and walked out to the dining area carrying Erin and her toast.
Marci quickly put down her bowl and hobbled back down the hallway to the bathroom.
She hadn’t realized Brian had skipped the hike.
Her heart was fluttering; this was silly.
She started brushing her blonde hair and put on a little makeup.
She didn’t want Brian to see her looking like she just climbed out of bed, but she didn’t want to get too dolled up either.
I need something in between, she thought to herself.
She looked at herself again in the mirror.
Her fitted, baby blue t-shirt actually showed off her natural curves pretty well and her hair looked a little better.
She went back to the kitchen and got her cereal.
In the dining area Cathy and Brian were eating breakfast.
Marci sat down facing the large windows that looked out onto distant mountains.
She looked over at Brian, but he was looking down at Erin, who was sitting in Cathy’s lap.
“I can’t believe we only have one day left,” lamented Cathy.
“And aren’t some people leaving tonight?” asked Brian.
“It’ll be a smaller crew at dinner tonight then,” commented Cathy.
“Sad,” she said, making a frowning expression.
“Uh oh, looks like Erin need a diaper change.
” She looked over at Brian, winked.
“I’ll take care of it,” she offered conveniently.
Sitting there with Brian, Marci felt her heart beat a little faster.
She looked at him across the table; his eyes were on her and she felt flustered like a young girl.
It looked like he hadn’t shaved this morning yet, giving his face a rugged, manly look.
He smiled and she smiled back.
She felt like her face was glowing.
“I enjoy being here so much,” said Brian, making conversation, “it’s a shame the time is so short.
” “I know what you mean,” Marci replied, still smiling.
He leaned forward, his hands on the table in front of him.
She wanted to reach out and take them, squeeze them, to hold him, tightly.
She didn’t dare touch his hands though.
“We still have a day to enjoy, right? And it’s beautiful out.
” They both looked outside at the sun streaming in through the picture windows.
“It is,” he responded.
She didn’t feel like her heart was going to burst through her chest anymore; the feeling had been replaced by one of desire and a glowing warmth throughout her body.
Brian stood up.
“I’m going to go get showered and dressed for the day,” he said.
Marci nodded.
He walked around the side of the table, behind her.
She hoped he would touch her in some small way, some small show of affection.
It came in the form of a gentle touch of his hand on her shoulder, the tips of his fingers touching the bare skin of her lower neck where it met the top of her shirt.
She responded by reaching up with her own hand and briefly touching his fingers as they slid off her shoulder.
“I’ll see you,” he whispered as he went to the kitchen.
Marci sat at the table for a couple minutes looking out the windows.
There were jays at the bird feeder squawking at each other.
She felt the breeze blow in.
It smelled clean and fresh.
She was happy, satisfied.
But what would come, she asked herself.
Even if nothing did, she was satisfied.
He cared about her, that much was evident, or at least he was attracted to her.
It was enough for her to know she could attract a man like Brian.
Or was it just lust on her part, or his, she wondered.
******************** Later in the day the hikers got back to the house.
Soon after, goodbyes were said to Scott and Stephanie and their children as they for home.
The house was beginning to feel empty to those who were left.
After dinner those who remained were relaxing.
Kayla, Nate and Sandra were watching television.
Cathy and Marci were playing with Erin and Sandra’s daughter on the floor, trying to encourage them to crawl.
Marci heard the buzzer on the clothes dryer go off down the hall and stood up slowly.
She walked through the kitchen to the laundry area and began to remove her clothes from the dryer, putting them in a plastic basket.
She bent down to lift the full basket up.
“Here let me help you with that.
” Brian had come up beside her as she knelt in front of the dryer.
His hand touched hers and she smiled up at him.
“Thanks,” she replied warmly, “I appreciate that.
” “Lead the way,” he said.
Marci walked slowly back through the kitchen with Brian following.
They passed the doorway that lead out to the large family room.
Cathy looked up from Erin to see Marci walk by with Brian following.
While Marci didn’t look her way, Brian did.
His eyes caught hers and he raised his eyebrows.
She responded in kind.
Marci’s heart was pounding again as she limped down the hall to her bedroom.
She opened the door and led the way in.
She motioned with her hand, “You can just put it anywhere.
” Brian stooped down and set the laundry basket on the floor by the door.
He straightened up and looked at Marci.
She had a slight smile on her face; she was blushing.
Marci looked at Brian as he returned her smile.
She took a step towards him.
He turned and quietly closed the door.
“You might want to lock that,” suggested Marci.
He turned and fiddled with the lock on the door knob and then turned back to face her.
“Why would you want your door locked?” he asked playfully, taking two steps toward Marci.
They were close enough to that Brian could hear Marci breathing.
Marci could feel her face turning red; she couldn’t help it.
“Oh, you never know,” she said nervously.
She looked up at Brian, who stood several inches taller than her.
She felt that Brian seemed unsure of what they were about to do.
Her eyes looked down at his feet.
He was barefoot, as she was.
Her eyes traveled up his legs, past this shorts and t-shirt to his chest and then back up to his face.
He was still looking at her.
To Marci it seemed like an eternity that the two of them stood there, facing each other.
She began to feel like she was in a daze, her mind hazy.
Then all of a sudden his arms were around her and hers were around him.
They held each other closely, their hands moving over each others’ back.
Marci heard him say her name softly, in a whisper.
She felt his head pressed against the side of hers.
Then she felt something else.
It was unmistakable, a bulge in his shorts pressing against her waist.
He wanted this too.
Marci looked up at him and he looked down at her and they smiled.
Slowly he bent his head and his lips met hers.
It was just one soft kiss, but Marci loved it.
“I’ve wondered what that is like,” she paused, “kissing you, that is.
” He smiled.
“I have too, Marci,” he replied.
He kissed her again and pulled her body to his.
She could smell his body, a faint manly smell.
This time it was a longer kiss.
She felt his mouth open a little to hers and she responded in kind.
Soon their probing tongues found each other.
Their hands were moving, touching each other’s bodies as if it was the first time either of them had been in this situation.
She felt Brian’s hand in her hair, then on her neck, and then on her back, pressing her body against his.
She then felt it slip up the back of her shirt, touching the smooth skin of her back.
An involuntary moan played in her throat.
And then she felt the bulge in his shorts pressing against her.
Knowing he was aroused only made her want this more.
But not here, she thought.
Marci broke off the kiss.
“We can’t do this here.
Kayla, could come in,” she said.
She thought for a second.
“The cabin,” she suggested with a gleam in her eyes.
The cabin was a two room building about fifty yards from the main house.
It had a spare bedroom and bathroom and was used when all the bedrooms in the main house were full.
It was nothing like a rustic cabin, but actually had a bed, wall to wall carpeting and proper furniture.
“And just one thing,” Marci said hesitantly, looking at Brian.
“I’m not really sure.
you know.
how far you are wanting to take this but.
” she hesitated, “I’m not on any sort of birth control so.
” Brian smile reassuringly.
“It’s okay Marci.
We don’t have to do anything you don’t want.
I just want to enjoy our time together.
” He gave her hand a squeeze.
“We can’t be seen going there together,” he continued, “I’ll meet you up there in about five minutes.
” Marci smiled.
“Don’t take your time”.
Brian left her bedroom and stepped out to the kitchen.
Marci followed and walked to the side door and quietly exited the house.
Brian peeked into the main room and saw Cathy still playing with Erin.
She looked up at him questioningly.
He mouthed a few words to her and pointed and she nodded in response.
Marci walked as quickly as her ankle would allow to the cabin, trying to make as little noise as possible.
The very fact that she was sneaking out of the house caused her to question her actions.
She supposed it was her conscience trying to tell her something.
She’d listened to it for so long, why was she desperately trying to ignore it now, she thought to herself.
It was just getting dark outside.
She opened the door and went in.
There was one queen-size bed in the center of the room, and it was made, as Marci had expected.
To the right of the bed was the doorway to the bathroom.
She didn’t dare turn on the overhead lights in the bedroom, but there was some light coming in from the flood lights outside.
Marci went to the bathroom and turned on the light in there.
She looked in the mirror and straightened her hair, trying to calm the butterflies.
Her conscience tried to make one final attempt but was beaten back by the opening of the door and Brian’s entrance.
“Where were we?” he said as they embraced for the second time that evening.
The light from outside and the bathroom gave them just enough to see each other, but hopefully not enough that someone outside would notice there were people in the cabin.
“We probably shouldn’t be up here too long or someone might become suspicious,” Brian said between kisses.
“Then what are you waiting for?” Marci responded as her hands slipped under Brian’s t-shirt and pushed it up his chest.
He helped her pull it over his head.
She’d seen Brian with his shirt off at the pool and other places but had never looked at him like this.
Brian placed his hands on Marci’s hips and then slowly moved them up her sides, his hands on her bare skin, pushing her shirt up slowly.
Then it was up and over her head.
Marci ran her hand through her blonde hair to untangle it.
Brian quickly reached his hands behind her back and fumbled with her bra clasp.
She unclasped it for him.
His hands were on her breasts even before she could toss her bra to the side.
She loved the feel of his warm hands on the sensitive skin of her breasts, but she felt a little self-conscious standing there exposed.
Marci had always felt she was a little small up top.
Brian didn’t give her long to think about it.
“You’re beautiful,” he said, as if sensing her nervousness.
He wrapped his arms around her again and held her to him.
Their bare chests pressed together.
Her fair skin contrasted with his darker complexion.
The dim light reflected off her more than him.
They kissed again, this time more wantonly.
Her hands dug into his back.
He ran his hands up her sides and over her breasts, squeezing slightly, then gently pinching Marci’s taught, pink nipples.
Marci gasped as she felt the pleasure of his touch.
“Mmmmm,” she gasped.
She felt his hands move to her rear, clenching her bottom through the material of her pants.
And then his thigh pressed between her legs.
“Let’s get the rest of these clothes off,” he said eagerly.
Brian led by example, unzipping his fly and pushing his shorts down his legs.
He kicked his sandals aside.
Marci flicked her flip-flops off and unbuttoned her pants and slid them down her legs, and then, standing on one leg, she pulled them off.
She kicked them aside and stood before Brian and stared at the bulge in his undershorts.
She saw him returning the gesture, his eyes looking down at her pink cotton panties covering her sex.
“Don’t stop now,” she said playfully, “I want to see you.
” Brian responded by pushing his undershorts down his legs and flipping them aside.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven Marci looked hungrily at his cock, which was standing straight out.
“Okay, your turn,” Brian said egging her on.
Marci smiled sweetly and slipped her panties down her thin, pale legs.
Brian’s eyes were wide, taking in the lightly-colored patch of curly hair covering her mound.
Once again, they were on each other, their bodies pressed together, kissing, hands feeling, probing.
Their hips pressed against each other.
Marci could feel Brian’s shaft pushing against her thighs.
She reached down and squeezed it as he moaned in response.
“Let’s go over on the bed,” suggested Brian as they moved over to it.
Marci reclined on her back on the comforter and Brian climbed on top.
******************** Cathy slipped out the side door of the main house.
She had asked Sandra to watch Erin for a little bit while she went upstairs to pack.
Instead, she walked outside towards the cabin.
She could see the path in the moonlight as well as a faint glow coming from the window ahead of her.
She walked up to the cabin window.
The bottom sill was at about eye level.
She stood up on her toes and looked in.
Her eyes hadn’t quite adjusted to the light, but she could definitely make out the bed and the forms of the two people on it.
She could see Marci underneath her husband.
Marci’s legs were spread and Brian was rubbing his groin against hers.
Cathy watched for a half a minute and saw Marci’s mouth open in pleasure as she arched her back.
As Cathy watched her husband and cousin make love she felt herself get aroused.
Her nipples hardened under her bra and she felt a twinge of excitement between her legs.
Her fantasy had come to fruition.
Now she meant to complete it.
******************** In the cabin, Marci gasped as Brian’s fingers tickled the soft, sensitive skin near where her thighs met.
Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see the door open, but she heard it close with a click as Cathy stepped into the room.
Marci bolted up in the bed, her eyes wide, to see Brian’s wife standing at the other end of the small bedroom.
She gasped again, this time out of fright, and put her hand to her mouth.
Brian turned over to face his wife, leaving Marci and him completely naked and exposed next to each other on the bed in front of Cathy.
“Oh my God, Cathy,” said Marci.
She didn’t know what to say.
But then it dawned on her.
Something was wrong.
Cathy had a half-smile, half-smirk on her face.
It wasn’t the face of someone who was outraged to find her husband in bed, naked, with her cousin.
Marci looked over at Brian and he had a wide smile on his face.
“Hey there sweetie,” said Brian cheerfully.
Cathy took a couple steps closer to the bed.
“It’s okay Marci,” responded Cathy as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“This is what I wanted.
” What was going on here, Marci wondered to herself.
,” she sputtered, her face red.
Brian sat silently, knowing he couldn’t be the one to do the convincing.
Cathy put her index finger to her lips in a gesture of silence.
this is how I wanted it.
And I know how much you wanted this.
It’s what we both want.
” She paused.
“But I also got a little greedy,” she continued with a smile.
Cathy looked down at Marci on the bed, propping herself up on her elbows.
She hadn’t seen Marci naked since they were young and the site of her lying there helpless with Brian next to her thrilled her for some odd reason.
Her almost translucent skin, practically unblemished, gave her a sense of innocence.
Her thighs were no longer spread, but she made no effort to cover up.
She was breathing deeply either from the passion or surprise.
Her chest gently heaved, her small breasts rising and falling with each breath.
Marci didn’t speak though.
“This’ll be our little secret,” Cathy continued, “No one else will know.
It’ll be fun, I promise.
” With that she pulled her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the floor.
Her breasts strained against the material of her bra.
Marci started to say something, but Cathy quickly silenced her with a sweet look and another “Shhhhhh.
” Cathy slipped her feet out of her sandals and unbuttoned her jeans, pushing them down her thighs and then pulling them off.
Marci’s eyes were wide.
Brian still sat on the bed next to Marci taking it all in.
“I want to share him with you,” Cathy said as she sat back down on the bed, flipping her brown hair over her shoulder.
Marci didn’t know what to say.
She felt the touch of Cathy’s hand on her leg.
She was still a little shocked, but didn’t want to leave.
Her mind seemed to be in a daze.
She couldn’t think straight.
There was a sense of complete relief that Cathy wasn’t the least bit upset she had been in bed with Brian.
Whatever was gnawing on her earlier, her conscience or something else, had gone silent.
Her sense of guilt was being replaced by an uncontrollable desire for more.
A slight smile appeared on her face.
She spoke in a soft voice, “I guess.
if this is what you all want,” she began tentatively.
“It is what we want,” Cathy began, “but only if it’s what you want as well,” she said smiling, moving her hand from Marci’s calf, up to her knee and then lightly resting her fingers on her thigh.
Cathy knew the answer from the look on Marci’s face.
She’d already won her over.
Marci smiled.
,” she answered.
As soon as the word was out she felt another wave of relief wash over her.
It was what she wanted, even though she hadn’t even considered it before five minutes ago.
Just go with it, she told herself.
Marci watched as Cathy and Brian both smiled and then looked at each other.
“I’m so glad,” Cathy replied, “And so is Brian.
” Marci giggled as Cathy ran a hand up her thigh, almost touching the curly hairs that surrounded Marci’s mound.
“He’s wanted you for a while now,” Cathy said to Marci.
Marci looked over at Brian.
“It’s true, I confess,” responded Brian.
“Well, I confess then too,” said Marci, “I’ve wanted you too, but I didn’t expect.
a package deal.
” She looked over at Cathy.
“We don’t have all evening unfortunately,” Cathy warned, “They’ll notice we’re missing.
” “We keep getting interrupted,” said Brian playfully.
“I know.
,” said Marci as Brian lowered his head to her chest and began to kiss her.
Light kisses at first, above her breasts, and then he moved lower.
His lips touched the top of her right breast and then her nipple.
He used his tongue to coax it back to its prior aroused state and then sucked gently.
Marci groaned a little.
Cathy took the other nipple in between her fingers and rolled it a little and then pinched.
Marci flinched, but smiled with pleasure.
Marci watched as Brian licked one of her breasts and Cathy fondled the other.
She felt her desire coming back.
She lay back on the bed and squirmed as the two of them touched her.
Cathy took her hand away and stood up again.
“I have on too much clothing,” she said, winking at Marci.
She reached her hands around her back and unclasped her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders.
Her large breasts fell out, the long nipples standing straight.
She tossed her bra aside with her shirt and pants.
“I nursed Erin a little over an hour ago, so I don’t think I’m too full yet,” she warned, “but be careful.
” Brian looked up from Marci’s chest smiling.
Cathy then pushed her panties down her legs, loving the fact that Marci and Brian were both watching her.
She slid her right hand between her legs and played with the coarse hairs there and pressed her fingers up against her labia.
Cathy returned to the bed, kneeling down on the other side of Marci from Brian.
She reached across Marci and began to run her hand up and down Brian’s cock.
It was hard as a broomstick and the head was swollen red.
Cathy took Marci’s hand and replaced hers with it on Brian’s cock.
Brian moaned.
“It’s so hard,” Marci said.
“Mmmmm, isn’t it?” responded Cathy.
“It feels wonderful inside of me.
You should definitely try it.
” “I’d love that,” answered Marci.
Brian looked at her questioningly.
“But just make sure you pull out.
you know.
,” she said.
“Okay, don’t worry,” he reassured her as he eagerly moved between her legs on the bed.
Marci felt him run his fingers over her mound and tentatively spread her lips with his fingers.
She felt him slowly slide one finger into her, let out a sigh and wiggled her hips in response.
She opened her mouth as Brian positioned himself over her and slid his shaft into her wetness.
She felt a slight bit of pain; she knew she was pretty tight down there.
The pain soon gave way to pleasure though as she relaxed and he gently moved back and forth into her.
She loved the feeling of her pussy being filled; it was something she’d wanted for so long.
She looked up at Brian and smiled and then over at Cathy.
She was smiling too, with a look of desire on her face.
Marci noticed one of Cathy’s hands was between her own thighs, toying with her own pussy.
Cathy reached out her other hand and massaged Marci’s nearest breast and nipple, tugging at it.
Marci arched her back as Brian began to thrust a little harder and faster.
She sighed and a moan escaped her mouth; she closed her eyes as pleasure spread through her body.
Brian began to breathe a little deeper and then he slowed down his pace.
She looked up at him.
“I told you I wouldn’t go too far,” he said.
She felt him withdraw his penis from her and immediately felt a little empty.
“Did you enjoy that?” asked Cathy of Marci as she continued to touch herself.
“Of course.
I didn’t want it to stop.
” “It doesn’t have to,” replied Cathy looking over at Brian.
Marci watched as he moved himself down so that his face was between her legs.
She realized what he was going to do.
No one had ever done this to her before.
She felt his tongue run along the inside of her thigh and then over her lips.
She moaned a little.
She then felt his tongue move over her lips and probe her pussy.
A completely different and totally more exciting feeling took her then as Brian’s tongue found her clit.
Cathy watched as her husband buried his face between Marci’s legs licking and flicking her clit with his tongue.
Cathy loved watching Marci’s response to his actions.
She continued to massage and squeeze Marci’s breasts as Brian ministered to her needs down below.
Still kneeling with her legs partly spread next to Marci and Brian, Cathy slid her hand back down between her legs and slipped a finger inside her own wet pussy.
She then brought it out and rubbed her clit, slowly at first and then more firmly.
The sight of Brian’s head between Marci’s quivering thighs and the look of ecstasy on Marci’s face was driving her crazy with desire.
Cathy licked her lips and moaned as her hand went to work on herself.
She took her hand off Marci’s breast and began to fondle her own.
Marci noticed this and brought her own hand up to Cathy’s right breast and began to tug on the nipple.
Cathy smiled and moaned loudly in response.
She was close and felt her orgasm about to take her.
“Uh, uh, oh, oh,” she groaned as the pleasure spread and she rubbed her clit vigorously.
“Oh my, yes, yes, yesssss.
” Her body shook the bed as she came fast and hard.
The sight of her cousin bringing herself to orgasm on the bed in front of her pushed Marci towards the edge of the cliff.
She could feel her own orgasm building as Brian tongue continued to flick her clit faster.
“Oh yes, yes, yes.
,” she gasped.
It was like nothing she’d ever felt before; it was so much better than anything she’d experienced with a man in the past and so different than when she touched herself.
She realized she was there.
Her hips shook and shot up off the bed.
Brian clenched her ass and pressed his mouth to her pussy as she ground it against his face while her body contorted.
Marci squealed as another spasm took her, this one stronger than the last.
“Oooooh yeah, uh, uh.
,” she moaned.
She collapsed back on the bed with Brian on top of her, her legs wrapped around his body; her face was flushed and small quivers still shook her thighs.
“Oh my goodness, that was amazing,” she gasped and giggled as her breathing slowed down.
Brian pushed himself up off of Marci and squatted between her spread legs, his cock still hard.
Cathy grasped it and began to rub it with her hand.
Brian closed his eyes and moaned.
“I’m so close baby,” he said through clenched teeth.
“Make me come.
” Marci looked up at Brian and Cathy eagerly.
She wanted to watch this.
Cathy only had to slide her hand up and down a few more times and Brian’s orgasm came.
He spurted his semen out onto her hand, the bed, and Marci’s stomach and chest.
Marci stared wide-eyed at Brian and Cathy, mesmerized by the turn of events.
“Oh wow,” Brian exclaimed as he relaxed.
“It was wonderful,” Marci said breathlessly.
Cathy just beamed.
Cathy slipped off the bed and went into the bathroom.
She returned with a moist towel and sweetly cleaned Marci off, running the towel over her stomach and then over her breasts and chest.
“I don’t want you smelling completely of sex when we go back to the house.
” As they redressed, Marci mused, “It’s too bad we only got to this the last day of the week.
” “There’s always two summers from now,” replied Cathy with a wink.
“It’ll give us something else to look forward to.



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