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Latest stories Taboo Brian and Aunt Em – and the family

Chapter 5 When Sylvia turned 17 he decided that she was now old enough was ready to feed him.
He seduced her and she fell pregnant.
While all this was happening, Brian’s eldest son, Garth had already been sexually active outside the home, felt that if his Dad was getting his rocks off with the ladies in the family, he was entitled to as well.
He chose his step-sister Marie, Rachael’s daughter, who was 17 by that time.
Marie had light brown hair, big blue eyes and a curvy but not fat figure.
In face she was well framed.
He would walk into her bedroom and sit on the side of the bed.
He constantly rubbed his crotch whilst talking with her and made sure she noticed.
Eventually, he walked in one night and noticed that she had her hands under the covers.
When he sat down he placed his hand above her hand and felt her rubbing herself.
He pulled the covers back and saw that Marie had her fingers on her clit.
“Can I help you with that, Marie,” said Garth.
“I don’t know what you can do,” replied Marie.
“I know just what to do,” he said.
He only had his pyjama pants on, so he lay down on the right side of the bed.
He fondled her breasts and started to kiss her around the ears and neck.
He then placed his mouth on her lips and gently kissed her.
The kissed exploded into something a lot more.
Their tongues met and they both duelled with them for moments.
Garth then ran his hands down and around her breasts.
She was about 36C and with plenty of flesh in them.
He slipped his tongue onto one side and sucked her right nipple, suckling and laving it, then switched to the left boob and continued to do the same.
“Oh, Garth, that feels so good.
I love it.
” “This is just the beginning sweetheart, I am going to make a woman of you.
You are going to love it when I make love to you.
” “If it feels as good as this, I want you to make love to me,” answered Marie.
She didn’t know what she was in for.
As time passed Garth became more involved in making love to this lovely girl.
He knew that she was a virgin and wanted to be the one to take that virginity.
He slipped his tongue down and licked her stomach, covering her whole body with kisses.
He lowered his head and licked at her mons.
She had a slight covering of hair which he loved.
He then slid right down and started licking her toes and ankles.
He gradually worked his way up her legs, one after the other.
When he reached her upper thighs, his tongue got to work again and flicked in and out, up and down her outer labial lips.
Suddenly, he found the hood of her clitoris.
He quickly flicked it with his tongue and began to lick and suck her little nub.
Marie was going crazy now.
What a ride she was on.
Nothing had ever felt like this before.
Her fingers couldn’t do the same thing.
Garth just stayed down there and gave her clit a bath with his tongue and drank the nectar issuing from her love hole.
After about fifteen minutes, he braced himself on his arms and kissed her on the lips.
“I am now going to fuck you, Marie.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke It will hurt for a little while but I will try to make it so that you don’t notice it too much.
” He grabbed his 7” cock and pulled it a couple of times.
It didn’t take too much as he was so randy after the attention he had already paid to Marie’s cunt and clit.
He eased himself slowly into the entrance of her vagina, and stopped.
He knew he had to take it slowly but he was going to get in there.
“Garth, I don’t care if it hurts, please put it right in me,” begged Marie.
So he thrust his hot rod straight into that Garden of Eden.
He felt Marie flinch and stayed still for a second.
He then started a rhythm and she joined him.
They continued like this for about 10 minutes but Garth knew he wouldn’t last too long.
He wanted to make this good for her though.
He could feel his sperm boiling up his cock and suddenly Marie called out.
“Garth, something is happening to me.
” He knew what it was.
“Just let yourself go sweetheart.
” And she did.
They both erupted at the same time.
Garth kissed her again and rolled onto his back.
“Whew, that was awesome,” Marie commented after she got her breath back.
They lay there for about half an hour.
Marie then leaned over and kissed Garth.
She slid her hand down his tummy and grabbed hold of his flaccid penis.
“Is that all you’ve got, Garth,” she enquired.
“Oh no baby, there is a lot more where that came from.
You just have to give me a little time to replenish my energy.
” She started rubbing her fingers up and down his cock and after about ten minutes, he started to grow.
As she did his erection began to revive and it became hard in her hand.
She slipped down in the bed and ran her tongue across the tip of his prick.
“Where did you learn that?” demanded Garth.
“Just watching Porn movies, I’ve never done it before, but I think that guys like it, don’t they?” Garth responded with a thrust of his hips and pushed his hot rod into her mouth.
“I love it, you can do it to me any time.
” Sylvia continued to suck and lick his balls and shaft and then devour the whole of his prick.
She couldn’t get enough of it.
Garth pulled away saying, “If you keep that up much longer, I am going to cum in your mouth.
” Marie replied, “I want to taste you darling, all of you.
” So she continued to suck his cock and tease him until he felt the sperm sliding up his shaft and let it erupt into her mouth.
Even after only cumming hour previously, he still had a copious amount of cum.
Marie drank as much as she could, but some still leaked from her lips and the corners of her mouth.
Garth kissed her on the mouth and tasted his own cum on her lips.
Marie and Garth carried on this affair for about 4 months and Marie told him that she had fallen pregnant.
Garth was so happy about this as he had the idea of carrying on like his father and feeding from the milk of his child’s mother.
I will continue with the rest of the family history in the future.



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