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This story concerns a young theater volunteer whom I will call Shawna.
I had been told that she had developed a serious crush on me that started the day I rode up to tryouts on my Harley.
I had done nothing to encourage it.
I talked and joked with her as I did with all the cast and crew, but I showed her no special treatment.
By her looks, speech and dress I guessed her age at maybe eighteen, I was in my mid 30’s.
One of the females in the show named Kathy had become good friends with Shawna.
 Kathy spoke to me in private after the opening night performance and informed me that Shawna was heartbroken.
It seems she had worn an all black ensemble in my honor and I failed to take notice.
 Apparently Shawna had overheard me tell one of the cast members that I had a particular weakness for females dressed in all black.
I promised I would say something to her without being obvious.
So the following Evening I arrived for the Saturday night performance and prior to reporting to make-up I spied Shawna prepping the coffee pots and punch bowls.
I got my traditional first cup of the evening from her and told her how great she looked tonight.
She wore a black sweater and matching spandex tights.
“I wore a better outfit yesterday,” she said with a touch of disappointment, “not that you noticed”.
I apologized and attributed my lack of observation to opening night jitters.
She was satisfied with my answer so I reported to make-up and then upstairs to change.
This being a small and very old theater it didn’t have a lot of changing rooms and men’s room was out of the question.
It had a cold tile floor and was open to the public so there was no chance of privacy, so backstage was the prefect choice for me.
The wood floors were warm and this early it was deserted.
I staked out a dark corner where I could hang my street clothes and it allowed me the privacy to strip down naked.
Why naked you ask? I have worn briefs all my life, its a choice.
I had to do a costume change backstage between scenes which is not uncommon in some plays.
So when there is no backstage dressing room you simple run through and exit and once backstage you strip off what you are wearing and don your next costume.
Now the sight of me in my briefs extracted giggles from the female cast member and comments of “tighty whiteys” were whispered even though all the briefs are dark or black in color.
To remedy this I located and purchased some black silk boxers that I found on sale and they became part of my costume.
The performances proceeded without incident except for one evening.
While on stage I happened to look out into the audience (normally a no-no) and saw an ex-girlfriend in the 3rd row.
The last thing I wanted was a face to face with her as she was a troublemaker.
During intermission I hid backstage and took my smoke and coffee break on the fire escape.
I explained my problem to the other cast members that questioned my absence downstairs in the break room and they understood.
After curtain call I rushed backstage to grab my street clothes and depart without bothering to remove my make-up or costume.
I wanted to leave before my ex-lover could see me.
  I scanned the lobby for her presence and not seeing her I headed for the exit.
 Before I could dart out the side door I was stopped by Shawna.
 She informed that my ex-lover had indeed questioned some cast members to my whereabouts.
She had heard about my problem and my desire to avoid her.
So Shawna told her that I had already left with some friends and that explained my car still being in the lot.
I was relieved.
I gave her a big hug and said,” Thank you, I could kiss you.
” I ignored the dirty looks I got from her Mom who was also a hospitality hostess and proceeded to change and head out to the bar to join the other cast members.
Closing night finally arrived and it was standing room only, we were packed to the rafters.
The full house and responsive audience fired up all the cast members and each one gave an outstanding performance, the rush it gave us was sure to last for hours.
After curtain call I retreated to my hiding spot to change clothes, pack up my costume, remove my make-up and get ready for the cast party.
 As I was standing there in my boxers when I heard a very feminine “ah-hem.
” I turned to see Shawna standing there smiling.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke Now I didn’t dive for cover or grab something to wrap around myself, changing in front of brother and sister actors over the years will leave you somewhat jaded.
“You owe me a kiss and I have come to collect,” she announced.
“Shawna, if your Mother or anyone comes up and catches us I would be in a lot of trouble.
“Mom’s busy chatting with her friends as is the rest of the cast and the only way anyone will find out is if you tell them.
” “OK, but you better find a box to stand on.
” I stand six foot one and she was maybe five foot two.
Shawna only smiled and bade me to have a seat and pointed to an old wooden chair.
She did a slow pirouette and informed me that this was the outfit that I had failed to notice on opening night.
It was black silk pleated mini-skirt, black silk blouse, a black leather vest and high heeled ankle boots.
Now in my ignorance I assumed she would sit my lap in the traditional fashion and I would receive a closed mouth kiss on the lips, no harm in that I reasoned.
So I was taken aback when she walked up next to my chair and very ladylike hiked up her skirt, she then threw a leg over my lap and straddled me.
Her raised skirt revealed that she was wearing black lace top thigh highs.
As she slowly settled down I was stunned by the amount of heat emanating from between her legs and was equally stunned when she placed her warm lips on mine and opened her mouth and gently slipped her tongue inside.
Years of caution were abandoned and I returned her kiss matching her passion.
Now I half expected her to pull away, but all that happened was an increase in the heat from her pubic mound and a rush of warm moisture that covered the front of my shorts.
I soon became aware that she had hooked the heels of her boots on the rungs of the chair so her full weight was on me and began to slowly and gently gyrate her groin over mine.
Between the kisses, the heat and gyrations I had become fully erect.
The sensations I felt as she began slid her silk covered lips upand down my silk covered shaft were very intense.
My hands had been resting on the tops of her thighs, she grabbed them and placed them on her hips.
The only sounds audible were the creaking of the old wooden chair we sat on and her increased breathing.
She broke the kiss and began to breath and move faster.
 She moaned slightly and then whispered in my ear that she was going to cum.
We exploded together.
She rested her head on my shoulder as we caught our breath.
“If we had more time we could have done it for real,” she said breathlessly.
“How old are you really?”.
“I’m sixteen, and yes I have done this before.
” I attempted to warn her of the trouble she could some older male into if caught preforming such an act and she only smiled.
“You’re the only older male she ever wanted to be with,” she informed me.
Suddenly the silence was broken when we heard her Mother yell up from the bottom of the stairs.
“Shawna, are you up there?” Shawna placed a finger on her lips to shush me as she removed her boots.
Then with the speed of a light was through the flats across the apron and out the main doors.
I struggled to put my jeans on over my wet boxers.
“There is no one up here but me,” I yelled down the stairway.
I heard her footsteps coming up the stairs, she didn’t believe me.
She was about halfway up when I heard Shawna yell from the bottom of the staircase in a perturbed voice ” Maw, I’m down here.
” Later at the cast party Shawna’s Mom apologized for her behavior.
“My daughter has a serious crush on you and I imagined the worse.
” I accepted her apology and commenced to drink and joke with the cast and crew.
 It was a great party and Shawna would occasionally smile at me from across the room, but we had no further contact or conversation.
As the party began to break up I asked her Mom’s permission to give Shawna a hug and a goodbye kiss, and she allowed it.
Shawna proved that she had the makings of a good actress herself.
She allowed the hug but offered only her cheek to kiss.
“Lip kissing is gross and besides you’re too old for me to kiss you on the lips, she said allowed.



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