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Latest stories Taboo A Naughty Evening – Part Five

Mark and I drove home from our threesome night and then went to take showers when we got home.
After that, we agreed to meet outside to hang by the pool for the afternoon.
Our parents were coming home tomorrow, so we only had today and tonight to be with each other.
I just wanted to get as much time in with him before they came back.
“Mark, I can’t believe this is our last day with each other.
” “Baby, we’ll always be together.
When they fall asleep, we’ll make love together.
I’m not going to let you go.
But, you have to get rid of your boyfriend.
” “Yes, I’m going to be breaking up with him.
I really enjoy you and only want to be with you.
” “That’s good to hear.
You know I wanted to ask you about something.
Tonight at one of the clubs I go to, they’re going to have a masturbation night.
All the girls that participate, are going to masturbate in front of the club’s patrons on Sybian riding machines.
The girl who can stay on the longest without coming will win a free Sybian.
” “What the hell is a Sybian and why would you want me to do this?” “Because, they’re a really expensive riding machine that’ll get you off each time.
I’d love to see my stepsister ride one.
Shit, you’ll cream yourself once you ride it.
” “I don’t know.
I’ve never masturbated for a whole room of people before.
” “I’m telling you it’ll be so fucking hot.
I really want you to do this.
” “I don’t want to do this.
I’d be too nervous to perform in front of a whole club.
” “Baby, you’ll do this for me, because I want you to do it.
I don’t care if you don’t win, but I want to see you get off in front of all the people.
It’ll be so exciting to watch.
” “Fine, if that’s what you want.
” “That’s what I want, darling.
” “That’ll be later tonight.
Today is going to be all about you.
Now let’s take a swim together.
” Mark and I were both nude and we jumped into the warm water.
We held each other in the pool.
We kissed deep and passionately and he held me in his arms and put his cock into my pussy.
His cock felt amazing inside of my tight cunt.
He held my ass, while he moved deeply into my warm cunt.
My breasts were bouncing, while we made love together.
We shared hungry kisses, while he pounded at my pussy.
“Mark, your cock feels so good inside of my pussy.
I’m going to come.
Fuck!” Mark was thrusting into my pussy and fingering my tight rosebud, while we were fucking each other hard in the pool.
We were kissing deep and passionately.
After he came in my pussy, I screamed and also came.
Our hot juices mixed in my pussy together.
“Baby, that was so fucking hot.
You’re just amazing.
” “You’re so hot, Mark.
How will we ever be with each other, when our parents get home?” “You’ll learn how to make love quietly.
We’ll fuck all the time.
You’ll see it will be fine.
 I’ve got to eat that pussy now.
Get yourself on the table over there and spread your legs.
” I walked over by the outside table and sat on it.
I moved towards the edge and opened my long legs.
Mark got on his knees and dove into my pussy.
His come was deep inside of me, so he put his fingers inside of my cunt to scoop it out.
He then fed me his come.
I ate it all and then he pushed his tongue deep inside of my pussy and tongue fucked me a while.
“Mark, that feels so good.
Oh God!” Mark pressed his finger into my rosebud, while he licked and slurped on my wet pussy.
My legs were wrapped around his neck, while I smothered my pussy across his face.
He was making all kinds of slurping noises.
“Fucking Hell! I’m coming.
My pussy is coming.
” My pussy juices were all over his face and neck.
He was fingering my asshole fast.
He had several fingers inside of my tight anus.
“Fuck, baby.
I’ve got to have your ass.
Let’s go inside so I can fuck you there.
You really turn me on.
I love how tight your ass feels.
” We both ran into the house and went to Mark’s room.
I got on the bed on all fours and he grabbed the lube and smothered it all on my ass and his cock.
He then spread my buttocks and rubbed his cock up and down my anus.
Teasing me as he slid himself in.
His cock felt so tight going in, but now I was used to getting my ass fucked.
His cock stretched my anus, while he grabbed my hips and fucked me deep.
“Oh God! Fucking hell!” Mark continued to pound into my asshole, while he cupped and rubbed at my pussy.
He was fingering my pussy fast and I got so excited and started to squirt.
“Fuck, baby that’s so hot.
My little slut can squirt.
Hopefully, you’ll squirt on the Sybian tonight.
You’re going to be a hot, little, tramp, baby.
You’re going to ride that machine and try to be the last one on.
” I was moaning and groaning and my pussy cream was on his palm.
He licked it all up.
  Mark pulled out of my asshole.
“Get on your knees and suck my cock!” “You’re cock was in my ass, I won’t do it.
” “Baby, you’ll do it.
Open up!” I opened my mouth and Mark put his cock into my mouth.
I think he was pleased that he now was controlling me.
I was shocked that I’d do this for him.
I would have never let him do this the other day.
Mark fucked my mouth and I kept pace with him.
I grabbed his hips, while he forcefully fucked my mouth with his cock that was just in my ass.
He was pulling at my nipples and playing with my breasts very roughly, while I sucked his cock.
It wasn’t long and then he pumped my mouth with his cream.
“Show me the come on your tongue.
Don’t swallow it, baby!” I let his come pool on my tongue.
I then showed him my tongue with the glob of his come.
“You can swallow it now!” I looked at Mark and swallowed his hot come down my throat.
“Fuck, baby that was hot.
Did you like sucking on my cock that was in your ass?” “It was okay, I mean it’s my body anyway.
” “That’s right my little slut.
Now come over here and kiss me!” Mark and I shared a deep and passionate kiss.
He could taste himself on my lips.
We then moved back to the bed and Mark played with my pussy.
My pussy was very wet and he put several fingers inside of me and then started to fist my pussy.
His fist was fucking me hard and fast.
I could feel like I was going to gush.
“I want to see your pussy squirt.
Show me what a whore you are.
Squirt on my fist!” Mark was fisting me harder and faster.
I was moaning and thrashing all over the bed.
“Fuck, pull it out.
I think I will squirt.
” Mark pulled his fist out of my cunt, and my pussy started to squirt.
I couldn’t believe I was able to do that.
“Fuck, baby that was hot!” “Hopefully, tonight you will squirt on that Sybian! I really want you to win it! It would be so hot to watch you ride that.
You’ll look amazing sitting high on top.
” “I don’t even know what it is.
” “I’ll show you on the computer.
Come over here!” Mark went to his computer and turned it on.
He went on some porn channel and pulled up a woman riding a Sybian machine.
It looked like the girl was out of her mind riding this machine.
I hoped that I would be able to handle it.
The girls in the video were crying, while she rode it.
I knew how important it was to win for Mark.
“Baby, just stay on it as long as you can.
Try to just bite on your finger.
Don’t make your pretty pussy come.
I want you to be the last one on that thing.
” “I hope I can do it for you.
I might get so excited and come real fast.
” “Just try, baby.
Try to not come.
” We shared another deep and passionate kiss.
“Why don’t you masturbate for me right now? You can practice not coming.
Holding it back!” “Okay, if that’s what you really want.
Let’s go into my room.
” My stepbrother followed me to my room and I grabbed by vibrator out of the drawer.
I sprawled out on my bed with my legs wide and started to fuck myself with my toy.
I pushed the dildo deep inside of my pussy and then pulled it out.
Unfortunately, I started to come really fast.
“Debra, you need to learn to hold back.
You came in less the two minutes.
Let me help you with the dildo.
Online Now! Lush Cams MistressVivian But, try not to come.
You sexy slut!” Mark then approached the bed and took the dildo in his hands.
He moved it inside of me and I started to squirt everywhere.
My pussy was exploding with my cunt juices.
“Debra, you need to learn to control yourself.
I don’t want you to come so quick.
” “Fuck, I can’t help it.
It just feels so good.
” “Keep trying not to come.
” Mark continued to slide the dildo deeper and deeper inside of my pussy.
I kept squirting, which was making him angry.
He continued to fuck me good and hard and I continued to come.
“This will be hopeless.
You’re just too damn sexy.
” Mark spread my legs and got between them again.
He was slurping and munching on my wet cunt.
I was thrashing all over the bed, while he sucked on my clit and pussy lips.
I knew I’d never win that contest.
I come so fast and leave a puddle wherever I go.
“Fuck, your pussy is just amazing, Debra.
I could eat you all day!” We just held each other in the bed.
We fell fast asleep for several hours out of sheer exhaustion.
Several times during our nap, I felt him fingering my pussy.
Mark just loves to play with my bare cunt.
I was really starting to feel like his little rag doll.
Just doing whatever he wanted me to do.
About three hours later, we both woke up.
“Baby, we need to get ready and go to the club.
I have to get ready too.
See you downstairs in a bit.
Where something really sexy.
Although, when it is time, you’ll be getting naked.
” “What, I have to get completely naked? You didn’t tell me that.
” “Of course you do, I mean everybody will want to see the girls’ tits.
Shit, baby you might win the contest with your tits alone.
You’ll be nude and you’ll love it.
” “Fine, if that’s what you want.
” “It’s what will be.
Now get your sweet ass dressed.
Find something slutty to wear.
” I was annoyed that Mark didn’t mention that this contest was going to be in the nude.
I was a little nervous to be masturbating for an entire club.
I knew that I’d never be able to hold back from coming.
I just hoped I could stay on longer than a few minutes.
I took a shower and then got out and did my make-up and my hair.
I found a slip dress in my closet.
It was orange and I wore my gold strappy shoes.
I put on a white thong and no bra.
I then looked in the mirror and went downstairs.
“Baby, you look so fucking hot.
I can see your nipples poking through your dress.
You look so sexy.
Let’s go!” I followed Mark out of the house and we got into his car.
I was a little nervous.
“Baby, put your legs on the dash.
Take your panties off and let the air hit your pussy.
” “All you think about is sex! I mean, are you going to finger me, while you drive?” “I want you to take your panties off, spread your legs and let the air on your cunt.
Do it!” I took off my panties and put my legs on the dash, while he drove.
The air of the air conditioner hit my pussy.
While we were driving, people could see this, which was exciting my stepbrother.
“I want you to take your dress off and masturbate in the car!” “Are you high?” “No, but do it.
It’ll drive me crazy.
” I then took my slip dress off and made the seat recline.
I had my legs on the dash, while I finger fucked my pussy in the car.
Lots of people passing by were watching me.
My stepbrother was so excited that I was fucking my pussy in the car.
“Make that pussy come.
Show me what a whore you are.
” I moved my fingers all over my pussy, while Mark groped at my tits with his one hand.
My fingers were deep inside of myself.
I started to come.
“Fuck, I’m coming!” “You’re so hot, Debra.
Now get dressed! We’ll be there soon.
” I put my panties and my dress back on.
I knew that my stepbrother had me just where he wanted me.
We drove for a little while longer and then got to the club.
He forgot to mention this was a Triple X club.
It was a place where there were exotic dancers.
I wondered what kind of people would be in a club like this.
We parked and then walked into the club.
“Baby, isn’t this place great.
Maybe later, you could dance.
” “Mark, I’m not dancing for strangers.
” “You’re going to be masturbating for them.
Why can’t you strip?” I didn’t say anything, but let him know that I was very annoyed.
There were all kinds of people here for the contest.
They were setting up all the Sybians on the stage.
They had about ten machines lined up in a row.
There were all kinds of women here at the club.
Mark had ordered drinks and gave me one to settle my nerves.
Eventually, it was time for the contest to begin.
“The Sybian contest is about to begin.
If you are competing please follow Ginger to the dressing room to change and then we will begin the contest.
” Ten girls including myself followed Ginger to the dressing room.
“Okay, girls you need to be naked for the contest.
You can wear these sashes around your bodies.
” She handed out the sashes and we all took off our clothes.
Most of the girls were stacked just like me and I’m thinking they were all the dancers at the club.
I had no idea why my stepbrother had me here.
He must have had other plans for me.
Although, this was going to be it for me.
I was already scared to death to do this.
Once we all got naked, Ginger lead us to the stage.
“You will all go up one at a time and do a little dance and then sit on your Sybians.
” I was so mad that I had to do a little dance.
I knew my face was beat read.
All of a sudden the music went on and one by one the girls went onto the stage.
They all gyrated their hips and played with their breasts and then sat on the Sybian machines.
It was finally my turn.
I walked onto the stage very slowly and seductively moved my hips and squeezed my breasts together and danced.
I could see Mark talking to a few sleazy characters.
I wondered what they were.



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