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Latest stories Straight Sex The Farmer’s Daughter Ch 5

Sherry was quiet at lunch, but she told John how well I did on the tractor and how much we got done.
Mary had made a delicious vegetable soup served with her crusty bread.
Sherry told her parents she was going to visit someone named Jenny and probably wouldn’t be home tonight.
She glanced over at me after she said that, then got up and left the room.
I looked at her as she walked away, muttering to myself, Damn, I’m addicted to her ass.
After lunch, I went back to my cabin to rest and get cleaned up.
I changed my jeans which were stiff from cumming in them earlier.
I laid down on my bed, my mind swirling with all that was happening in this wild adventure.
At ten to three, I went to my pick-up truck and sat there wondering what Sherry’s “movie” would be.
While I drove my truck down Rt.
177, I stopped at the intersection and then turned left and headed down the road towards town.
There was no traffic and I drove looking out for someone hitchhiking.
The road curved and as I came around the bend, I saw a girl on the side of the road with her thumb out.
She had long red hair and wore a short black mini skirt, a red turtleneck sweater and cowboy boots.
She had sunglasses on and a backpack over her shoulder.
I didn’t recognize her but pulled over to the side of the road wondering who this redhead was.
She came to the truck and when she opened the door I saw it was Sherry.
Interesting movie, I mumbled to myself as I looked at her long red hair.
“Thanks for stoppin’ Mistah.
Ah been on this here road for an hour and yer the first one who came along.
Can ah hitch a ride with ya?” “Sure, get in,” I said.
“Where are you going?” She climbed in my truck and threw her backpack on the floor behind us.
When she sat down, her short black skirt slid high on her thighs.
I couldn’t help but notice how her tits strained the tight red turtleneck sweater, her nipples jutting out as she leaned back, obviously not wearing a bra and wondered where she got a wig of long red hair.
“Sure feels good to sit mah ass down,” she said, stretching out her long legs.
She still had her sunglasses on.
We hadn’t moved yet and I asked again, “So where are you going?” “Don’t know yet.
Ah’m just gettin’ me as far from here as ah can.
” I nodded, looking at her then started up the truck.
“So where ya headin’?” she asked.
“Not sure.
I’m just out for a drive.
” “Well now, ain’t that nice.
Ah guess ahm a lucky girl that you came along and was just takin’ a drive.
” I was having trouble keeping my eyes off of her thighs barely covered by her short skirt, the cowboy boots giving her legs an extra sexy look.
“So what’s your name?” I asked, looking at her.
“Mary Jane,” she answered.
“What’s yers?” “Pete,” I answered.
“Well, for Pete’s sake,” she said, and laughed.
“Ah know a guy named Pete.
He was a great fuck!” “Really,” I said, surprised by her answer.
“Yeah, he’s workin’ on some farm near here,” she answered.
“Man, he sure knows how to screw a girl,” she went on.
“just thinking ‘bout Pete gets me horny.
” I couldn’t believe my ears as she spoke with that southern accent.
I looked over at her moving her hands through her long red hair, then twirling the ends around her finger, her lips curling into a seductive smile, the word horny arousing me.
 We drove for a few minutes and I tried to think of something to say.
“So why do you want to get so far away from here?” I asked.
“Just to find some fresh meat.
” “Meat? What do you mean?” “You know, cock, a big hard cock.
” “I see,” I answered, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not on her thighs.
“Do ah shock you, Pete?” she asked, taking her sunglasses off.
“Well, you are pretty blunt.
” “Can’t help it if ah like to fuck, can I?” she said, putting the end of the sunglasses in her mouth and sucked on them.
She then turned in the seat to face me and leaned back against the door, put her legs up on the seat, bending her knees and spread her legs apart so that I could see up her skirt.
She wasn’t wearing panties and I could see her pussy.
“Like what you see, Pete.
Ah bet ah’m turning you on, ain’t I Pete.
” “You’re a cock tease, aren’t you?” “What makes ya think that?” she asked, twirling her sunglasses in her hand.
She then stretched one of her legs out and put her boot covered foot on my thigh.
“Well, ah do think ah see somethin’ big in your pants, Pete.
 Am ah getting’ you all hot and bothered?” “You know you are, Mary Jane” “So whatcha gonna do about that, Petey.
” My hands were tight on the steering wheel.
I had trouble keeping my eyes on the road and not on Mary Jane’s hot body.
While I drove, she slowly moved her boot and started rubbing my hard cock.
“Guess what?” she asked.
“What?” “Ah’m horny.
” “Oh, yeah, and what are you going to do about that?”  I asked, amazed at her little act.
“Ah got a good idea, Pete,” she said, smiling.
“There’s a motel near here called the Riverside Motel and they got pretty cheap rooms.
We could go there and fuck.
You do want to fuck me, don’t you, Pete?” When she said that, she pushed her boot harder into my cock.
“It’s only five minutes from here.
Come on, let’s do it.
Let’s fuck each other crazy.
” I drove up the road and round the bend and saw the Riverside Motel and pulled into the parking lot.
“You go and get us a room, Pete and I’ll wait here.
” She moved her foot away from my crotch.
I didn’t want to go into the office with a tent in my pants, so I sat for a few minutes and looked over at Mary Jane, dangling her sunglasses from her fingers, moving her tongue slowly over her lower lip as if she was licking my cock.
I had never met anyone as sex-crazed as she was.
Finally, I went up to the office and registered for a room.
I went over to the truck and opened her door.
She grabbed her backpack and walked in front of me to the room swaying her hips.
Her short skirt was tight on her ass and she knew I was watching her as she walked.
Online Now! Lush Cams CristalBlake “Ah bet you want mah ass, don’t you Pete?” she said, turning her head, looking into my eyes, smiling.
When I opened the door, she threw her backpack on the floor, turned to me and pushed me against the closed door, then grabbed my balls and started rubbing my cock, “Ah want this big hard cock in me, now,” she said, unbuttoning my jeans, pulling down the zipper then pulled them down.
My hard cock stood straight out.
“Oh, man, ah want that.
Come on, Mistah and fuck me,” she said.
then moved back to the bed, laid down with her legs spread apart, her skirt scrunched on her hips revealing her wet pussy, her long red hair spread out on the pillow, her eyes looking hungrily into mine.
“Whatcha waitin’ for?”  she said, her arms reaching for me, her legs spread wide apart.
I got on the bed between her spread legs, held my cock in front of her dripping pussy and decided I wanted to tease her a little, make her hungrier, so I hovered over her and moved my hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips, barely touching her.
“God damn it, Pete, Stop teasing me.
I wantcha to fuck me hard.
” Without a word, I continued moving my cock slowly up and down her wet pussy, looking into her hungry eyes, smiling at her.
“Come on, you bastard, give it to me,” she shouted, lifting her ass off the bed, trying to suck my cock into her.
“Fuck me hard! Don’t fuckin’ tease me.
Ah can’t stand it!” Suddenly, I let loose and rammed my cock into her pussy and couldn’t believe how tight she was.
I had to push hard to open her up and each thrust made her lift her ass off the bed and scream, “Give it to me.
Give it to me hard, come on, fuck me!” Fucking her as hard as I could, my balls banged against her ass as she rose her hips higher to take me in deeper and drive her back to the bed.
“Fuck me!” she yelled.
“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh shit, I love how you’re fucking me.
Give it to me harder!” she screamed then suddenly surprised me and pushed me onto my back, rolled on top, straddling me.
“I need to ride you,” she shouted, grabbing my cock, holding it and came down hard, impaling herself.
“Oh my god,” she screamed.
“Oh Pete, yer so big, ah love it, fuck me, fuck me, “she yelled, bouncing up and down while I lifted myself off the bed, thrusting into her as deep and hard as I could, her head thrashing from side to side, her red hair flailing.
“Ride me! Ride me!” I shouted.
She took off her red shirt, threw it across the room and grabbed her tits, squeezing them in her hands as she rode me harder.
Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open, her back arched, her tits bouncing.
She then leaned forward, her tits dangling in front of my mouth as she rocked back and forth so that her clit was rubbing against my cock.
“Come on, ride my cock, baby,” I shouted as she rocked back and forth harder and faster.
I slapped her ass hard as she galloped on me, my cock like a piston then put my finger in her asshole which made her bolt forward.
“Oh, my god,” she screamed, out of control, “Oh, man, yer such a dirty fucker!” she shouted, looking into my eyes.
“Ah love how yer fucking me!” she shouted, amazing me that she could keep her Mary Jane voice.
I could feel my sperm rising in me as she rocked harder and faster, my finger in her asshole causing her to ride me faster, then slow down, squirming around on my cock.
I looked up at her red hair flailing as she thrashed her head, screaming, “Harder! Harder! Don’t stop fucking me.
” Just then she grabbed her hair and pulled off the red wig.
I saw Sherry looking into my eyes, biting her lower lip, as she kept riding me and sensing she was about to explode in an orgasm, I flipped her off of me, grabbed her hips and turned her on to her stomach.
“Get on your knees, slut!” I shouted.
“I’m going to really give it to you.
” On her knees, she lifted her ass to me and started wiggling it at me like a bitch in heat.
I took my swollen cock and plowed it into her dripping pussy, pounding her with all my strength then leaned over her back, moving one hand to her pussy and rubbing her clit, whispered into her ear, “I love your tight cunt!” “Then fuck it, damn it.
Fuck me harder.
” I couldn’t believe how much she could take.
“Fuck me, fuck me, harder, give it to me!” I held her hips and rammed my cock into her as deep and hard as I could.
Sherry screamed into the pillow, grabbed the sheets, twisting them in her hands.
She then turned her head to look into my eyes with her mouth wide open and screamed as a huge orgasm swept over her.
“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Give it to me!” Her loud screaming made me thrust harder and I could feel I was getting close.
I gripped her hips and kept ramming into her tight pussy.
“That’s it, Pete.
Fuck your little whore,” she screamed, “Give me your cum.
I want you to cum in me.
Don’t stop!” I could barely hold her as she exploded in a huge orgasm.
Sherry’s wet, juicy pussy was so hot and tight on my cock.
I was getting closer with each hard thrust and suddenly, felt a tremble roll through me from my toes, up my legs, my spine, my cock swelling with each thrust and an overwhelming orgasm shot my cum deep into her wet overflowing pussy.
I kept fucking her until she milked every bit of my sperm into her.
I didn’t want to take my cock out of her as she collapsed and I lay limply on top of her with my deflating cock resting deep in her pussy.
We were sweating and panting heavily.
I pulled out and loved laying on her with my soft cock nestled in the crack of her ass, feeling our wetness, the aroma of our sex filling the room.
We were quiet, still panting heavily and then she reached for her red wig and put it on and turned to face me.
“Ah can’t believe you took advantage of a little ole hitch-hiker,” she said.
“Are you going to keep me here like ah’m a prisoner?” “Yes,” I said, thinking how much I liked her movie.



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