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Latest stories Straight Sex Our Weekend in Florida – Part II

After standing there a while longer we started walking back to our room.
It was a lovely night, just a bit cool, but with a warm breeze coming off of the ocean.
We held hands as we walked and said little.
I expect that you were thinking, as I was, what were we going to do when we got back to our room.
I opened to door to our room, let you in first and then followed you.
Before I shut the door, I hung the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, closed it and locked both locks.
I turned to see you laughing.
“What?” I asked.
“Do you want to put a chair under the door as well as the sign and the locks.
I think we’re safe here.
” “Ah,” I said as I put my arms around your waist.
“You think that is to keep the bad guys out.
Truth is it is designed to keep you IN.
” “I don’t think that’s necessary,” you said and then devoured me with a kiss.
When we finally came up for air you said, “You still think this is going to be an all-nighter?” “I am,” I said.
“I remember our last trip to the beach.
You remember that, don’t you? We had a night that was filled with sex and I’d like to try to repeat it.
” You had a big smile on your face and said, “Oh certainly I remember that night.
But I’m guessing that we won’t be able to swim naked in the pool here at 4 AM like we did then.
” “I believe the management here would frown on it.
I feel certain that if there were any men up and around the pool at 4 AM they wouldn’t mind seeing you naked at all, but I’m thinking we’ll just have to made do with that big shower in the bathroom.
” “Then maybe you should take one of those little blue pills,” you suggested.
“If I do, you’ll have to make love to me until it wears off,” I said in a semi-serious tone.
You gave me a nice, slow, soft kiss and then looked into my eyes saying, “I don’t see a problem there, my love.
You have one, don’t you?” “Rest assured that I have all I could possibly need.
Spending a weekend with you darlin’, I came prepared.
” “Then stop wasting time, dude,” you said.
“Get that thing perkin’ and I’ll meet you in bed.
” I turned and headed for the bathroom.
When I came out, I saw that you had been around the room adjusting the lights.
The room was now very dimly lit, but there was enough light for us to see each other.
You were just turning back the covers on the bed and adjusting the pillows when I came up behind you.
I put my arms around you and pulled you back against me.
“You are an exquisite creature and I am indeed a lucky man to be with you.
” You purred just a little and I stepped back and unzipped your dress.
You held your arms away from your sides and the dress fall to the floor.
Since you had removed the panties some time ago, you were now standing in front of me totally naked.
Again, I put my arms around you, but this time cupped your breasts with each hand.
I kissed your back and lightly stroked your breasts for several seconds before touching your nipples.
When I got to them they were very hard and when I lightly squeezed them, you leaned back against me and moaned softly.
As I cupped your breasts, I began kissing your skin at the back of your neck, then slowly moving down your back.
When I reached the small of your back, I let go of your breasts and moved my hands to your hips then dropped down on my knees.
I ran my tongue along the cheeks of your ass interrupting them with small kisses.
You skin was very cool to the touch, but I could begin to feel your body temperature rising as I kissed and licked down lower.
I moved my kisses to the back of your thighs and then the backs of your knees … licking lightly and then kissing.
Sensing what I might do next, you adjusted your position and spread your legs so that I could have easy access to the part you wanted kissed next.
I rose up a bit and slowly ran my hands along the outside of your legs and up to your ass.
Again I placed small kisses on your ass checks.
I felt you shiver and then you leaned over and put your hands on the bed.
With your legs open, this gave me perfect access to kiss that wonderful hot spot that I had been fingering just an hour ago.
I ran my tongue along your lips and heard you moan with pleasure.
Then I kissed the opening to your pussy, running my tongue inside you as far as I could.
I stopped and pushed a finger inside you.
Once it was coated with your juices, I rubbed in on your clit and continued to put my tongue in and around your pussy.
Your juices were flowing and I felt like I could lap them up.
I pressed my face against you and felt your heat all over my face.
Suddenly you said, “I can’t stand it any longer, baby.
I need you inside me.
” From between your legs I looked to see that as you were leaning over with your hands on the bed, you were watching what I was doing.
I stood up and once again cupped your breasts from behind and said, “I need that too.
Just let me get my clothes off.
” You turned around and said, “No.
Let me do that, please.
” You began to unbutton my shirt, then pulled it out of my trousers and pitched it onto a chair.
You dropped down on your knees and took off my socks and then looked up at me for a second.
You unbuckled my belt and slowly unfastened my trousers and pulled the zipper down as you looked into my face.
With the zipper down, you let the pants drop to the floor, leaving me standing there with just my boxers on with a very large bulge in the middle.
You looked down and then up at me and smiled.
You took the bottom of each boxer leg in your hands and began to slowly pull them down.
You continued slowly until my erect cock jumped out.
“Oh baby,” you sighed.
“Look at you.
So hard already and so wet.
” You leaned over and took the head into your mouth.
You sucked it a little and then said, “I can still taste your cum in my mouth.
I love the way you feel and I love the way you taste.
” You let go of me and backed up to the large bed.
Still looking at me, you lay down on the bed from side to side.
Lying on your back, you opened your legs for me and said, “Come make love to me baby.
Do what we have both been thinking about all week.
” “Do what we have both been thinking about all week,” I repeated.
How exciting.
Because what I had been thinking about all week was making love to you until you screamed with pleasure and until you begged me to stop.
Until you wrapped your legs around me and pulled me inside of you and begged me to stop and let you rest.
I lifted myself up on top of you and moved my cock to your pussy.
I hesitated a second and then sank it into you, feeling your heat and your unbelievable wetness.
I began to stroke in and out of you, feeling how totally wet you were and knowing that you wanted me inside you.
I pushed as far into you as I could go and then pulled back until the head of my cock was almost outside of you; then pushed back again as deeply into you as I could go.
“Yes, Baby,” you called.
“Give me everything.
” I nestled my face down by your neck, kissing and licking your skin as I moved slowly in and out of you.
I moved my mouth up by your ear and whispered to you, “I love you, baby.
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Now let me feel you move under me.
Move that beautiful ass.
Show me and let me feel you.
” Your reaction was very strong.
Your legs wrapped tightly around me and you grabbed me by my hair.
I felt you grinding against me as your legs pulled me into you.
“I love you too, baby,” you told me in a soft but urgent voice.
“You drive me wild too.
I love what you do to me.
I don’t understand it, but you just drive me crazy.
” Then pulling my mouth to yours, you gave me a kiss that was filled with fire and passion.
The sounds coming from you where small whimpers.
The harder you kissed me, the more you pulled me into you with your legs.
“More, baby,” you said in a soft, pleading voice, “I’m so close.
Please don’t stop.
Just keep going, baby.
Oh my god, but this is so good!” I moved off of you enough that I could lower my mouth to your breasts.
Your nipples were quite hard and I sucked one into my mouth, sucked it hard and then pulled it through my teeth.
Your response was to cry out and buck underneath me.
Judging by your sounds and movements, I felt like you were near your climax and I wanted to do everything I could to make it massive.
I made my strokes long, but slightly faster.
As I moved in and out of you, I could feel how wet you were.
I took the other nipple in my mouth and massaged it with my tongue, then sucked it through my teeth causing another reaction from you as you almost screamed with pleasure.
I returned to the first nipple and got an even stronger reaction from you.
You were moving underneath me now in a side to side motion as I pumped in and out of you.
While I wasn’t looking at your face, I knew that your mouth was open and you were almost panting.
“Oh god, Baby,” you shouted to me.
Your legs grabbed me like a vice and you thrust yourself into me.
You made a few hard thrusts and cried out.
“Oh yes! Oh god, yes!” you shouted and then let out a loud moan that seemed to last for several minutes.
Your whole body shook and you wrapped me up with both your legs and your arms.
I moved my mouth back to yours and swallowed the last of your gasp into my mouth and kissed you hard.
You responded and returned my kiss, still making whimpering noises as you were coming down from your orgasmic high.
I put my mouth beside your ear and said, “Stay with me baby.
Don’t quit on me.
Can you feel how hard I am inside you? I’m not stopping; I need more of you; don’t quit on me.
Move that beautiful ass for me.
” You responded to me by unwrapping your legs, putting your feet flat on the bed.
You put your hands on my ass and pulled me into you.
Your whimpers got louder and continued as you appeared to be in a sexual frenzy.
The harder and faster I moved in and out of you, the harder you pushed back.
We were now both beyond reason and purely driven by sexual desire and raw lust.
“I am very close, baby,” I cried in your ear.
“Love me, baby.
Make me cum inside you and don’t stop moving.
Keep loving me.
” You dug your fingernails into my ass cheeks and told me, “Cum in me! Oh god, I want it!” The hot cum boiled out of me and began to fill you.
Neither of us stopped, but kept moving against each other.
As I continued to shoot more cum into you, we could both feel it coming out of your pussy and covering both of us.
I cried out as I refused to stop pumping into you and you once again wrapped me up in your legs and arms.
When I finally stopped moving, I could feel you shaking underneath me.
I looked up to see your mouth open and your eyes closed in your classic orgasm profile.
You had obviously cum once again when I did, which didn’t surprise me as hot and crazy as both of us were.
I put my hands on your face and kissed you once again.
Your response was hungry and passionate.
As we were kissing I tried to roll off of you, but you stopped me.
“No lover,” you said, “You are not heavy and I want to feel you like this as long as you stay there.
That was so wonderful, please don’t let it end.
” As my breathing was coming under control, I laughed and said, “You don’t have to ask me twice to stay inside of you.
There is no place I would rather be.
Just tell me when I’m too heavy.
” “No,” you almost shouted at me.
“No, baby.
I don’t want you to move.
I can still feel you inside me and it is just too wonderful to let it end.
Please, don’t move yet.
” But I did move.
I pulled my cock about half way and then pushed it back again.
I repeated this two or three times and you said, “I can’t believe that you are still hard.
How could you be?” “Well, for one thing,” I said as I ran my tongue along your bottom lip, “You are the sexiest woman on the face of the earth.
And for another, it may have something to do with that little pill I took.
” “I forgot about that,” you said.
“Maybe I should donate money to the man that invented it.
” Then after a few moments you said, “Will you do one more thing for me now?” “Name it,” I replied.
“I’d like for you to slowly pull out of me and then roll over on your back.
OK?” Having no idea what you had in mind, I did as you asked and pulled out of you slowly until the head of my cock was completely out, then rolled over toward the pillow and lay on my back.
You sat up a bit, moving onto your elbow, looked into my eyes and then slowly moved your eyes down until you could see the rest of me.
When your eyes reached my erect cock, you made that cute little noise where you suck in your breath.
You looked back at me and said, “Now just lie still.
” With that, you turned back to my cock and moved yourself until your face was close to it.
You didn’t touch it, but after a few seconds, moved over it and put the head into your mouth.
With it in your mouth, you moaned and ran a tingle through my entire body.
You took more of it into your mouth and ran your tongue over it.
Then you moved back, looked at me and said, “I wish you could taste how wonderful that is.
” I pulled you to me and said, “Then kiss me and I’ll taste what’s on your tongue.
” We shared a long kiss and in fact, I could taste it.
I found it to be very erotic.
“You make me so happy,” you sighed as you lay down beside me.
“You make me feel so sexy and beautiful.
” Then you laughed and said, “And you make me feel very horny, too.
I don’t know what it is that you do, but sometimes I just feel sluttish that I want you so much.
” “If you feel sluttish because you want me, then what am I? There just isn’t any time of the day or night that I don’t want my hands on you, my lips on yours and my cock inside you,” I said.
“So what am I?” “That makes you my lover,” you said and leaned over to kiss me once more.
“You never cease to amaze me, baby.
You make me crazy.
You take me to mountain tops and you always bring me down on a velvet pillow.
You need to know that I love you very much and I always will.
” “And that makes me the luckiest man alive,” I said in a whisper and kissed you softly.
“So, now I have one more question,” you said with that sly little smile of yours.
“Have you pre-planned what we are going to do next?” I chuckled and said, “well, I have a couple of things in mind.
” You rolled over on top of me, kissed me and then looked into my eyes saying, “I’ll just bet you do.



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