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We have arranged a daring rendezvous; something we have never done before.
We meet in a public car park, pretending to be strangers.
The excitement of such a public dare is thrilling.
We are both horny with expectation.
By prior arrangement you are not wearing a bra and panties.
I lead you to a quiet area in the underground car park and gesture for you to lean against a pillar.
I kiss your neck and undo your blouse, and I kiss your shoulders and hold your breasts.
I then kiss and lightly lick them.
We are both in a highly pre-orgasmic state.
Both of us are breathing heavily as we consider the possibility of us cuming at the same time.
Holding your breasts and slightly pinching your nipples, I move my tongue slowly down your stomach and find your clit.
I lick it slowly at first and then hasten my pecking on the tip of your erect clit while I run my fingers down and around your tight love hole.
I wait until it opens in anticipation of my member penetrating you.
My pre-cum begins to spill.
I turn you around so that you are facing the pillar and move your ass closer to me as I slowly enter your vagina while massaging your clit.
As your love canal opens further I move my member deeply into you.
We then thrash back and forth until we both reach a massive orgasm.
Exhausted and completely satisfied, we tidy up and go for coffee.
Our favourite coffee shop sits in a tree-lined street smack bang in the middle of the city.
As it is a hot, humid day, we sit outside.
It is holiday time and the street is full of holidaymakers like us in slow down mode.
We both love to people watch.
I take in the beautiful women wearing little and leaving little to the imagination.
You, my love, eye up the guys checking out their round, firm butts.
We agree that one day we should join a foursome.
Talking about this makes us horny again.
Back to our hide-out we went.
Ours is a cottage far from nowhere.
It sits in a cozy corner of a friend’s farmhouse, surrounded by huge blue gum trees housing a variety of fauna.
Online Now! Lush Cams Emeli_Lakura Our one bedroom was designed to be uniquely ours, dominated by a massive king size bed with a plush mattress covered with white silk sheets and matching duck feather pillows.
When necessary, we can cover up with a feather filled duvet.
We wasted little time when we arrived after an hour’s journey from the city.
We began to take off our clothes as we passed through our quaint lounge room fitted out with nineteenth century homestead furniture including a comfortable, heavy, soft sofa.
On our comfy bed we lie naked.
The night was humid and a cooling breeze passes over us through the open windows.
The slight chill causes your nipples to become erect and inviting.
Nature created a Stravinsky type composition arousing our passions.
Although just past dusk, birds joined in the chorus with other tiny animals just outside our window.
Together, with our heavy breathing, we create a musical masterpiece to complement our sexual intent.
We lie there hugging and kissing.
Our memories stray to our first passionate moments many years before; however, unlike then, we now have the freedom to be alone together, naked, away from possible interruption by parents and other snoops.
We are in a hideaway discovered by us to meet regularly and to be together, away from other everyday responsibilities.
This is now our Garden of Eden; our passion den.
Holding you in my arms, I fondle your breasts as I kiss your lips and the nape of you neck while tenderly exploring other parts of your excited and tense body.
Instinctively I find your clit and, using the knuckle of my thumb, I begin to slowly move it up and down on your very sensitive love opening.
You wriggle in delight.
It has always been our favorite touching place for us to reach an explosive orgasm.
Together we come.
You and I ejaculate together, my cream spilling over your warm belly, your love juices trickling down your thighs.
We lie there together with sighing breaths, in bliss.
Naked we lie.



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