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Latest stories Straight Sex A Weekend for Lovers Part I

Her clothing slipped from the smooth porcelain skin.
She watched as her body slowly became visible in the reflective ice of her mirror.
Her lips curled into a spread of seductive crimson; her shadowed eyes dipping to half mass as desire sparkled in their ocean blue depth.
Her hunger so blatantly obvious as her hands wrapped around her shoulders before they gradually slid over her arms, along her breasts, cupping them as a pant parted her lush lips.
A flush began to bring life to her flesh as her hands drifted lower down; closer to the heat of her desire.
Just as the tips of her gold color nails began parting her lovely peach petals, there was a knock on her door.
Looking upon her needy body in the mirror, she bit lightly on her full bottom lip.
Her hesitation so clear as she debated whether to answer the door or fulfill her needs.
Another knock resounded through the chambers, deciding for her.
With a broken sigh, she slid the cool silk of her kimono over her impassioned skin, shivering as it passed over her erect nipples.
Wrapping her grasp around the handle, she allowed the door to swing inward.
Squealing and clapping in delight, she couldn’t believe that her order had arrived so quickly.
Standing with her hands clasped at her breasts, her eyes devoured the man-whore she had ordered for the weekend.
She wasn’t expecting him until tomorrow, but the business had mentioned he would be there in her time of need… and so he was.
She was pleased not to have to rely on her own hands for pleasure this evening.
Grabbing his wrist, she pulled his tan, muscular body into her abode.
Slamming the door shut upon his entry.
With the click of the lock, she wiggled from her robe, watching as his caramel eyes drank in her naked beauty.
He stayed completely still as she pressed her naked flesh against his barely clad body.
He was meeting her specifications perfectly.
So far, he had remained silent, as she had ordered in her letter to the company.
While she couldn’t wait to hear his voice of desire; she wanted to wait until it was her name falling from his lips.
Keeping herself pressed into him, she marveled as his muscles flexed and shifted beneath his smooth, dark skin.
Pealing herself from his heat, she let her lips fall open.
Her husky, passion-filled voice whispered her command: “Take Me!” Needing no other command, she found his lips against hers.
His tongue thrusting into the warm cave of her mouth to dance with the heat of her tongue; electricity bringing nerve endings alive as his passion pressed against her naval: hard, feverish, and quite large.
She couldn’t wait to feel him filling her pussy beyond anything she had ever experienced.
He was going to be wonderful in sating her lust throughout the weekend.
Finding herself weightless, she quickly wrapped her limbs around him.
Her legs hugged his broad hips and her arms locked around his neck.
Her fingers tangled in with his wavy black hair, tugging slightly to cause shivers of pleasure through his sensitive scalp.
His groan vibrated between them as she continued to display her wantonness.
Her damp, hot pussy grinding into his erection only added to his own desire; the loincloth a pathetic barrier to her heat and juices.
Stumbling to the bed, he deposited her in among the fluff of pillows and blankets.
Their color a rich array of dark browns and gold complemented her complexion so delectably.
He disentangled from her well-toned limbs before sliding to his knees along the side of the bed, the cold stoned floor the only solace to his inflamed body.
Nestling between her calves, he dragged her by her plump ass to the edge of the bed.
His breath blowing steam as it mingled with her trimmed covering, brushing along the throbbing of her clit that beat in time with her anticipating heart.
Kneading her ass cheeks, he buried his face amongst her petals, smothering himself as he inhaled her musky spice.
Breathing in her intoxicating scent, his tongue flickered out for a light taste.
Her juices covered his taste buds, lighting his desire as he became addicted to her sweet flavoring.
Wrapping his lips around her opening, he began to wow her with his oral demonstration.
His tongue driving in and out of her tight opening as his lips kissed her, working to drink in her undeniable nectar.
He continued to breathe in her aroma as he frenched her womanhood.
Moving slightly upward her trimmed bush tickled his nose as his mouth moved in to torture her clit.
Nibbling, he occasionally twirled his tongue around the bundle of nerves, focusing on the actions she made as he continued to dine on her.
Her gasps, moans, and pants his favorite as she wiggled and ground into his face.
She was a woman unafraid to find her own pleasure.
He was looking forward to this uninhabited weekend.
He would drive her past the point of reality into a demanding realm of passion, desire, and unending orgasms.
Her fingers reached down, driving into his ebony silk strands.
Her need her sole focus as she used her strength to hold his mouth tight against her sex as an orgasm ripped through her.
She became oblivious to everything but the sweet tingles flaring through her body.
As she came floating down from her high, she once again became aware of her surroundings.
She could feel his tongue lapping at her juices; the rough texture of his tongue creating shivers along her skin.
Another gesture he was making pleased her greatly; by stroking the sensitive inside of her thigh.
Online Now! Lush Cams NataliaVixen This light touch assured her of his interest in her as well as the pleasure that could be had.
He hadn’t stopped touching her, and looking down into his eyes, hunger still burned.
With a seductive look and a crunching of a couple of fingers, she beckoned him over her body.
Thrilled to be able to ravish her, his face lit with a devilishly handsome smirk as he moved over her.
He reveled in the slight friction of skin to skin as he slowly ascended up her body, keeping his body heat in constant contact.
Letting her legs fall farther apart, she was rewarded to feel the burn of his manhood as it pressed against the damp petals of her pussy.
Her excitement mounted as the weight of her lover settled over her.
Due to his massive height, her lips had easy access to his throat.
Smiling against his skin, her tongue flickered out to lick the salty sweat from her prize.
She could feel the vibrations of his hungry growl as she moved her attention to his Adam’s apple.
Clamping her lips around the extended piece, she began suckling on the flesh.
Being unsure of the new sensation, he held still, waiting to see whether he found it pleasurable or pointless.
He found out really quickly just how much he liked it as her tongue twirled the apple and she gave a rough suck.
His body lit with shivers and a groan fell from his lips as he tried to regain control of his passion.
His cock throbbed hard against her pussy allowing her to feel his pleasure pulse against her most sensitive place.
Smiling at him, she wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing her heels into his firm buttocks.
Taking the hint, his hand came between their bodies.
Grasping the root of this staff, he placed the head at her entrance.
She whimpered in anticipation as she felt the tip gradually spreading her open.
With a turtle pace, he breached her passage.
His teeth ground together as her walls encased his shaft.
She was so tight, he would have thought her a virgin, but with no barrier and her mannerism; she was no hesitant flower in bed.
But damn was she tight! Panting, he finally managed to look up from his task.
His concentration nearly lost as he found his eyes upon her glowing face.
Her eyes were almost completely rolled into the back of her head with her mouth open in a blissful, silent, “oh.
”  Unaware he had stopped moving forward, he was slightly surprised to be staring into her ocean eyes, a slight smile replacing the “oh.
” Giving a slight smile and grimace in return, he decided to distract her with a deep, heated kiss.
Their tongues dueled and mated as his hand slid slowly up between their bodies, only to land possessively over her right breast, kneading the flesh.
This added pleasure had her wiggling her hips.
With no patience to feel completely full, she grabbed his hips with her thighs as her heels pushed into his ass.
This maneuver forced him to the hilt.
She gave a deep gasp as he growled deep in his throat.
Her tight pussy squeezing his cock so exquisitely he could no longer think with clarity.
Mouths seeking one another, his hand dug into her breast as the other found her waist.
Grabbing tightly to her side, he pulled almost completely out before burying himself to the hilt.
Such wet heat gripping him so tightly had him wanting to spill his seed into her.
Since he was hired, he instead focused on bringing her to another orgasm, before taking his own pleasure.
With this thought in mind, he changed the angle of his thrusts, forcing the friction to rub thoroughly against her g-spot as he continued to lock lips.
Their bodies began to heat up as passions burned.
Releasing her lips, his mouth trailed along her neck, leaving sweet nibbles down and along her collarbone.
Even with the tender kisses, his thrusts continued to increase in speed.
Her lusty voice filling the room all he needed to know that she was enjoying herself completely.
Arching his back up, he was able to lock his lips around her left nipple.
His tongue licked and laved around the neglected bud.
Making sure to use some suction, he suckled at her breast in time with his thrusts.
She continued to wiggle and moan in pleasure.
He could tell she was getting close to orgasm as her sheath quivered around him.
Wanting to push her over the edge, he slid his hand from her breast to her clit; pushing his fingers into the nub.
With a few rubs, she tensed under him as her orgasm tore through her.
Her burning walls of liquid sun tightening harshly around him.
Unable to withhold back any longer, he arched back as his seed shot out.
Falling forward, he basked in pleasure as her pussy continued to milk his well-used rod.
He loved the feel of her hot breath against his chest as she enjoyed the high of cumming.
After a slight break, he would take her again.
In fact, just the thought of having this beautiful wildcat once more had his cock growing to the challenge.
Feeling him stir inside her, she let out a moan.
Her muscles of her pussy caressing him as her body lit with the craving of another round.
She had yet to make him moan her name, and she couldn’t wait to hear his voice.



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