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My wife and I had just settled on the couch with snacks to watch our favorite show when I noticed her fidgeting with her fingers.
Heather only did that when she was nervous, but I knew not to push her so instead I turned and smiled at her.
She flashed me that big beautiful smile then leaned back in her spot and propped her feet on my lap.
“He’s not gonna die,” Heather said for the hundredth time tonight.
I rubbed her feet and shook my head.
“I’m sorry honey, but Carl is gonna die.
There’s no living after a zombie bite.
” “This is so stupid,” she whined and then she surprised me by asking out of the blue, “Honey, you remember that girl Karen from work?” “Karen? The receptionist with the cat-eye glasses?” “No, Karen.
” She held her hands up in front of her chest mimicking overly large breasts.
“Oh, that Karen! Yeah, how could I forget her? Her breasts are huge.
Do you really think they’re real?” “They’re real, or she claims they are.
I’m so glad I don’t have that problem.
” She looked down at her significantly smaller breasts then back up at me.
I lifted her foot and kissed it softly.
“I love your breasts.
” She gave me a wink.
“Good response.
So, she’s been talking about something for months now and well…” Her hand touched the pocket of her sweats for a moment and then she started fidgeting with her fingers again.
“What’s up?” I paused the show and turned towards her.
“Come on, it’s obviously sitting on your mind.
” Heather pulled the paper out and handed it to me.
“Read what she gave me.
” “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time again.
We all love newbie time! Do you know a couple that might be interested in trying something new? Then now is the time to share.
We invite you to bring at least one couple To our mixer held at the home of Janice and Rich Lancer at 7 PM Saturday The 10th.
Each invited guest must have this card, or they will not be admitted.
Can’t wait To see you there!” I read it again but was still clueless.
“What’s this?” She sat up and crossed her legs, snatching it out of my hands.
“Well,” she laughed nervously.
“You know how you and I have this little fantasy we use during sex sometimes?” “Which one?” I asked giving her a wink.
“The one where we have another couple in the room with us.
” I knew instantly by the blush that spread across her freckled cheeks.
“Oh!” She waved the card back and forth.
Well, Karen has invited us to a swinger’s party.
” I don’t think Heather could have shocked me any more than in that moment.
One of her co-workers had invited us to a swinger’s party.
I knew she loved that fantasy by how much she got into it.
She would talk dirty, something she never did, and then she would cum so much harder than normal.
To me, it was beautiful to watch, but I had to wonder if it was something she would actually go through with.
“Chris? You okay?” Her tone was soft, and she had slid closer to me.
“Yeah, of course, I was just thinking about it.
What do you think?” She shrugged and picked at the card.
“You have to have thought about it, or you wouldn’t have brought it up.
” She shrugged again.
“She’s invited me a few times, just playing around of course.
Or so I thought.
” “What has she said?” Heather blushed brightly this time then laughed.
“You and your sexy ass husband should come to one of our parties.
Speaking for myself, I’d love to see you two going at it.
” “Karen talks like that?” I asked laughing at my wife because she had made her voice high pitched and very pompous sounding.
“Only when she’s talking about us, going at it.
” “Nice.
I don’t know how I feel about Karen-of-the-overly-large-breasts watching us.
I mean maybe if you two wanted to go at it, she is hot…” I let my voice trail off when I caught sight of Heather’s raised brow.
What are you thinking?” “I’m thinking if this stupid show is going to kill off my favorite character then they better hurry up and do it.
” “I meant with the invite.
” “I know what you meant.
I just don’t know though.
How bout we finish The Walking Dead, and we can talk about it later.
” “Okay,” I said and wrapped my arm around her.
oOo I stared down the length of my body and watched my wife moving slowly up and down my cock.
Watching her little tufts of hair pressing into mine, feeling her warm wet pussy holding me, working me, was one of my favorite positions.
Her nails pressed into my chest.
“Do you want to be watched fucking me?” Her voice was soft, and her accent was a little thicker.
My fingers gripped her ass.
“Yes,” I growled.
“Mmm, do you want to know that someone else wants to fuck your wife?” “Yes.
” Her hips moved a little harder.
“You want to watch another man fucking me, don’t you?” “Yes.
” My voice was starting to strain.
“Such a dirty man you are,” her accent was thicker and her voice, despite the dirty things coming out of her mouth, was so soft and delicate sounding.
She was close.
“I want to watch you fuck another woman.
Will you fuck her for me, baby?” “I’ll fuck her; I’ll fuck her hard and good like you’re fucking me now, but only after you’ve eaten her pussy.
Will you prep her for me?” “Oh, fuck yeah.
” Heather moved faster, grinding harder, her nails digging into my chest.
“I’ll eat her pussy and get her ready for your cock.
I’ll eat her pussy while riding his mouth.
” “Like you’re riding me now?” “Yes,” she panted.
“Ride it, baby, ride his fucking mouth and cum for me.
” “Oh fuck, Chris, I’m cumming.
” Heather came hard, throwing her head back and crying out.
Feeling her muscles tightening and seeing the whole image in my head pushed me over the edge, and I came inside her.
oOo Two days later we were lying in bed, and I was almost asleep.
I felt her fingers playing along my back.
“So, are we going on Saturday?” I held still not wanting to give anything anyway, and as nonchalantly as I could, I asked, “Only if you want to.
” She kissed my back.
“Yeah, I think I do.
” “Then we’re going on Saturday,” I said as neutral as I could manage.
The thought of seeing her getting fucked by someone else had me hard, but I didn’t want to seem too eager, so I didn’t move.
“Chris?” “Yeah?” “I want you.
” “Thank God,” I said rolling over and crawled between her legs.
oOo Saturday we were both nervous, but neither one came right out and admitted it.
Heather told me that Karen had been thrilled and overly excited by the idea.
My poor semi-shy wife threatened Karen with an inch of her life if she let slip that she was going.
Last night we had spent hours going over rules that Karen had warned us to discuss prior to coming.
Just things we were willing to do and participate in.
We were also told to come up with a signal or a Bug Out word or phrase in case things went bad.
Heather wanted to use, “Look at the flowers,” but I argued for something simple like, “Abort.
” We even discussed Karen and that she was a no-go for Heather.
“We work together, and I just don’t know if I get through a business meeting on Monday with her if I’ve had my mouth on her pussy.
” I laughed at her, but I also agreed that for her peace of mind, Karen was a no.
Heather texted Karen when we pulled up, and she met us at the door.
She pulled us into hugs.
“Hi! I’m so glad you two decided to come.
” While she still had my wife in a bear hug, I looked around the room.
It was to my relief that everyone else in the living room looked just like us.
I don’t know if I expected to see everyone in bondage gear or naked, but they were all dressed for a regular dinner.
Karen and Heather were whispering so I kept my back turned and tried to hear them.
I only caught the sound of my wife laughing and saying, “No way, Karen.
I’ve already told you, you aren’t playing with either of us.
” The other woman laughed something in response before she took me by the arm.
“Your wife is not fair at all.
Come on and meet everyone.
Everyone turned out to be really nice and welcoming.
There were a few nervous couples scattered around the room following someone around too, so we assumed they were newbies as well.
During dinner, I scanned the room for possible prospects and was pleased to see a few ladies that I found appealing were checking me out as well.
I turned to look at my wife and, on the surface, she was totally at ease, laughing and charming everyone around her like she always did.
However, under the table, her fingers were knotting and un-knotting in her nervous gesture.
I took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
She looked up at me, and I gave her a comforting smile.
I tried to convey that it was okay, or we would go, and from the deep breath and the smile she returned, I knew she got it.
“Thank you,” she mouthed.
“Always,” I mouthed back and leaned down to kiss her cheek.
Heather leaned into me, and I heard that soft little hum she always did when she was happy.
When I looked back up, there were several eyes on us, and some were whispering back and forth.
At that moment I wondered if this was how lobsters felt when we were choosing one for our meal.
oOo After dinner, we were able to wander around in an informal meet and greet.
We talked to several couples, but neither of us gave the other any indication that we found the one.
Groups were breaking off, huddling amongst themselves with some light touching and kissing, but nothing too shocking yet.
We sat in a chair off to the side.
I wanted to touch base with her and see how she felt.
She sat sideways on my lap, and I had my arms around her.
“How are you?” She stole a quick kiss.
“I’m good.
How are you?” “I’m good.
I’ve had moments of feeling overwhelmed.
You?” She laughed.
“Oh, yea.
” “Has anyone grabbed your attention?” “A few people,” she said with a small shrug and asked, “You?” I could tell she was feeling me out.
My hand rubbed slowly up and down her thigh.
“Yeah, a few.
The blonde with the red shirt, the blonde with the white and gold shirt, the black haired one in red and the redhead in black.
” Her eyebrow raised at me.
“No brunettes huh? What’s a matter you don’t like brunettes?” It was my turn to laugh.
I pulled Heather down on me and kissed her neck.
“Why would I need another brunette when I have you? You’ve set that bar too high, my dear.
” She laughed and poked my stomach.
” “Okay, no more stalling, who’s yours?” Heather took a second to look around the room.
“The black-haired man in the light blue, the blonde one in the white button up, and the redhead woman in black.
” “Oh.
” “What? You know I’ve been curious about women.
” “Well, yeah but… Huh for some reason I didn’t think about that option.
” “Chris.
Really? The thought of me being a with a woman at this party never entered your mind?” The look she gave me clearly called bullshit.
“Honestly, no, but now that it’s a possibility, I like it.
” She smiled and rolled her eyes.
I playfully swatted her bottom, and she snuggled into me.
“I think the man in blue is with the redhead, right?” Online Now! Lush Cams jessicalaurens “Yeah.
She keeps looking at us, should I motion for them to come over?” I looked around the room and noticed the crowd had thinned, and I assumed they had gone to other rooms.
Some of the people that remained were beginning to lose their clothes and inhibitions, so if we were going to do this, now was the time.
“Heather?” She turned and looked at me.
“Yes?” “Are you sure?” “I think so.
Are you? I mean you aren’t doing this cause you think it’s what I want right?” “I think I’m sure and no, I would have told you.
You aren’t right?” “No.
We promised not to do that, and we won’t.
” I kissed her softly.
“Then call her over and let’s try this.
” oOo The redhead’s name was turned out to Emily and her boyfriend, not husband, the man in blue, was Rick.
They pulled up an ottoman, and we began to get to know each other.
They had been coming to this group for almost two years now.
“Do you play every time?” Heather asked.
“No, it depends on the vibe and our mood.
Sometimes we watch and either play here alone or go home and play.
Either way, it’s good to get out of the house and away from the kids for a while,” Emily said and leaned on Rick.
He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her head.
“Yeah, it gives us our once a month date night and plenty of options for fun.
” Emily placed her hand on Heather’s knee.
“What are you two hoping to get out of this? Exploring a fantasy? Trying something new?” Heather’s fingers moved over Emily’s fingers and up her arm.
” In response, Emily slid her hand higher up Heather’s thigh.
“Well, would you two care to go somewhere a little more private?” My wife of five years and I looked at each other, and I could tell she was excited but nervous.
I leaned forward, kissed her and whispered against her lips, “Yes?” She nodded her head.
That was all I needed, and I looked at Rick.
” oOo We found an open room in the back of the house.
The king size bed was definitely the focal point of the room.
There were two nightstands on either side of the bed with small dark lamps.
One had an alarm clock, and the other had an ice bucket with several small bottles of water.
Heather laughed a small nervous laugh and motioned towards them.
“Wow, the hostess really has thought of everything.
” Emily smiled and walked towards her, let her fingers lightly run down Heather’s arm and took her hand.
“Yes, she has and if you step through here,” she paused to open one of the doors, “You’ll find a full bath with a jacuzzi tub.
Care to join me?” Heather looked over at me, I grinned and nodded towards the bathroom door.
I watched as her whole body changed from unsure and timid to a woman that knew what she wanted.
She took a step through the doorway and hooked Emily’s shirt to pull her closer.
“I would love to.
” Rick and I hung back for a few minutes to give them some alone time.
I wanted Heather to feel comfortable, and I could tell that she and Emily were really into each other.
We figured if we weren’t there hovering, they might lose all inhibitions.
We heard the water splash, followed by soft voices, but we continued to wait.
A little while later we heard muffled groans and water sloshing along the sides, so we made our way in to watch.
Emily’s left hand was under the water, and the other one gripped Heather’s hair.
Her body rocked, and she moaned loudly, holding tightly to the other woman.
“That’s it you dirty girl, come on my fingers.
Give me what I want.
” “Oh God, Emily!” my wife cried out, her body tightened, and she pulled her closer.
They kissed, and their hands moved along each other’s body, touching every inch.
Heather kissed along Emily’s neck and chest, sucking one pale, hard nipple into her mouth.
Her hand moved under the water and Emily’s head fell back, and she gasped.
My wife moved lower, kissing her way down, but Emily touched her face and motioned towards us.
“I think we should take it back to the bedroom.
” We watched as they got out and dried each other off.
“You men are entirely too dressed.
I think you should fix that,” Emily said walking towards us.
We stepped back out of the way as the women walked back into the room.
Our clothes were on the floor before they had dropped their towels.
“Ooh very nice,” Emily said as she walked slowly towards me, looking me up and down.
“May I?” she asked turning her head to Heather.
“Of course.
” “Thank you.
I think you should go see what Rick has to offer.
” Emily laid her hands on my chest, and I locked eyes with my wife again.
She nodded once and grinned.
I grinned back and gave the other woman my full attention.
I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her.
Her tall frame lined up perfectly with my own, so her breasts were pressed against my chest, and I felt her soft patch of pubic hair rubbing gently against my now hard cock.
Her hands slid around my waist and gripped my body pressing me into her as she began backing up towards the bed.
She guided me and then turned so my legs pressed onto it.
“Lay down please,” she panted, and I didn’t hesitate.
My eyes looked over, and I watched as Heather and Rick broke their kiss and she climbed on the bed beside me.
She kissed me then laid on her back.
Rick moved into place with his hands gripping her hips and his face between her legs.
Her head fell back, and she moaned loudly.
I felt my cock twitch, and then I felt Emily’s warm wet tongue lick slowly up.
My moan matched Heather’s, and we kissed again.
Emily’s mouth was amazing, and she was able to take most of me deep into her throat.
Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and licking as she came up.
“Oh, God.
” My breath was starting to come in short little gasps, and I was suddenly afraid I was going to cum too soon.
“Emily, stop,” Heather said softly.
She knew my sounds; she knew I was ready.
“I want to taste you.
” “Mmm,” Emily purred and climbed up my body.
She rubbed her pussy along my cock, moving slowly, my cock nuzzled between her wet lips.
Emily gave me a wicked grin that promised she would be back to fuck me and then stood up above Heather’s head.
She went down to her knees and then lowered herself to Heather’s waiting mouth.
I sat up and watched as this dark-haired man devoured her pussy and this redheaded woman rode her face.
Heather moaned, and her body squirmed.
I watched as her back arched and muscles tightened.
Her fingers dug into Emily’s thighs, and goosebumps covered her skin.
Emily moaned louder and moved faster.
She was going to cum in her mouth.
Rick moved his position some and I moved to get a better view just as he slid two fingers deep inside her.
I heard Heather’s muffled cry of pleasure and watched as her hips bucked up.
My wife was going to cum again.
It took everything in me not touch my cock.
Emily gripped Heather’s hair.
“Fuck yes, Heather.
” She came on her mouth, and a second later Heather came too.
She had dug her heels in and lifted her hips silently begging Rick to go faster.
Her hips fell to the bed as Emily lifted off her and sat on my lap.
Rick kissed her thighs and along her stomach.
She sat up; her cheeks flushed.
Rick moved back a little for her, but she moved closer to him and kissed him lightly.
“Thank you.
” Then she moved to me and kissed me hard.
I tasted a bit of her blended with Emily, and my cock throbbed again.
Heather kissed Emily and then went back to Rick.
“Lay down please, I want you in my mouth.
” He laid back on the bed, and she moved down between his legs.
Her fingers wrapped around his long cock and began to stroke it up and down.
She licked around the head of his cock, teasing him.
Looking straight into his eyes, she placed her lips on the head and spat.
He groaned as her hand pulled it down, smearing it over his length and then took him into her mouth.
Her hand swirled up and down as her head bobbed with it, going lower and lower each time.
I knew this little trick of hers, and I loved it.
It was how she always got her way with me.
She would do this and get me to the point of cumming then back off, do it all over again and then back off.
At that point, I always agreed with everything.
Rick’s hands moved to her hair and his hips bucked up.
I thought at first he was going to push her down to rush her, but he didn’t, he only gripped her hair and allowed her to lead.
Through all of this, my hand was massaging Emily’s breast, and the other one was gently rubbing her clit.
At the sound of her boyfriend’s moans, she reached back and took my cock in her hand.
She began stroking me at the same rhythm of Heather’s head moving up and down.
Heather’s hand moved down off his cock and cupped his balls as she took him fully into her mouth.
“Jesus, darling I can’t hold out if you don’t stop and I want to be inside you.
” She held for a second longer, then popped him out her mouth and gave him an innocent little giggle.
Hearing that giggle made me throb again.
“Here, put this on,” Emily said tossing a condom to Heather and I looked down to see she had one too.
“Lay down, Chris,” she instructed.
Emily was positioned over my cock and not moving.
She wanted me to watch Heather take Rick’s cock for the first time.
Heather’s hips wiggled and swayed teasingly over him.
With only the tip inside her, he bucked up, wanting to feel her.
She looked over at me and pushed back taking him fully.
At that moment Emily lowered herself down on me pulling my focus back to her.
She knew what she was doing.
Her hands were on either side my head as she bounced and rocked, using my cock to make herself cum.
My hips pushed up, and I moved with her.
I could no longer see Rick and Heather through the shroud of Emily’s hair, but I could hear their moans and their groans, their flesh and the sounds of Heather’s juices all blending with our own.
It was the most amazing sensation I had ever experienced.
I heard Heather’s little whimpers getting louder as Emily’s nails dug into my chest.
“Fuck yeah, Chris, I’m cumming.
” “Yes, Emily.
Let my wife watch you cum on my cock.
” “Oh God,” she cried out, pushed herself up and came, rocking faster as her muscles pumped my cock, and I was ready to cum.
Heather’s hand slid along the space between us, and I reached for it, taking her hand in mine seconds before she came.
It was all too much to hold back any longer, and I came too.
She collapsed on Rick just as he came as well.
Our fingers remained locked while we all took this moment to catch our breath.
oOo The car ride home had been quiet while we both processed the evening.
Heather made us a snack while I went to shower and then I made us drinks and got the living room ready for us to watch something on the television while she took her shower.
She came downstairs wearing her old penguin pajamas, and her hair was in a messy wet bun on top of her head.
There wasn’t a stitch of makeup on her, and at that moment I had never found her more attractive or loved her more.
I lifted the old ugly afghan her great aunt had made years ago, and she snuggled close to me.
“Why are you smiling?” she asked softly, her voice was a little unsure.
” She kissed me, and I passed her the plate.
With her mouth full of her sandwich she asked, “Chris, are we good? I mean you are happy with what we did?” “Did you have fun?” “Of course.
Did you?” “Of course.
So, to answer your question, we’re good.
” “Would you want to do it again sometime? I mean we do have their number.
” “Yeah, I think so.
You?” “Oh yeah, but for now, I want to know what happens on here,” she said taking another bite and pointing at the TV.
I shook my head and pressed play.



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