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It was atypical day on the golf course, struggling with my slice, although it was the only thing I could count on being consistent for all eighteen holes.
On the last fairway, even though I compensated for the slice, it flew beautifully, but landed in the rough just off the fairway.
I made an effort to find it and when I did I retrieved it, pushing past some brush.
Later I discovered the majority of the brush was poison oak.
My doctor recommended something and I went to my favorite drug store to visit Amber, my favorite pharmacist.
I flirted every time I went in there, but she never quite reciprocated my interest.
That day was no exception to the one sided flirt and polite rejection.
But two weeks later I returned, only to take a more serious stab at getting a date with her.
“Amber, now that the poison oak rash has cleared up, I’m ready to take you to dinner.
Would you finally give me that pleasure?” I asked.
Jameson, I’ve told you that I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to date a customer,” she replied.
“I’m not exactly a regular customer,” I protested, “I only come in here for condoms and to see you.
Besides, I learned from Facebook that you obviously like older men.
” Amber, who is twenty-seven, about five foot three inches and about 110 pounds has long blond hair and blue eyes.
I’ve asked her several times if blond is her natural color and she refused to answer.
She has been married twice, both times to men over fifty, and she has been divorced for six months.
She put her hands on her hips and sighed, “I will admit that I’ve not dated since my divorce, so a dinner date would be okay, as long as you realize it will only be dinner.
” “Agreed!” I exclaimed, excited to finally have convinced her to go out with me.
The following night I picked her up at her home and took her to her favorite restaurant.
She wore a dark blue pants suit with a white blouse underneath and heels.
Her hair was in a ponytail and she looked hot.
Surprisingly, our conversation over dinner became quite intimate.
She explained why she had divorced twice.
“I have an issue with men who cannot sustain long enough for my complete satisfaction,” she said, shocking me somewhat.
“I love sex but insist on many orgasms without being rushed.
” I boldly tried to impress her.
“I have a particular sexual interest that you might find worth considering.
I love giving a woman oral sex, to the point of multiple orgasms, and for as long as it takes.
” I thought she would be impressed or pleased, but my comments didn’t even draw a smile from her.
“You’re not quite as old a man as I would usually want for a sex partner, and oral sex is part of what I like, but it takes a lot more than that to fully satisfy me.
I like older men because they aren’t so selfish and looking to get off before they satisfy the woman, and they can last longer.
The latter is important to me.
” “I’m not trying to brag, but I am able to postpone my own orgasm better than the average guy.
I’d almost guarantee that I could satisfy you, if you gave me the chance, Amber.
” She looked at me silently for a minute and a smile began to creep across her face.
“You’re quite a salesman, Mr.
Jameson,” she said.
“Thanks, but call me Ben,” I said.
“All right, Ben, then let’s go back to my house,” she said softly.
When we entered her house, she went straight to the kitchen and I followed.
She pulled a bottle of juice from the refrigerator and asked me to get two glasses from a cupboard.
I handed them to her and she turned her back and poured us each a glass of it as she spoke.
“I hope you realize, Ben, that this is only an experiment, to see if you measure up to what I want from a man.
” She turned around and handed me my glass and we both sipped from the glasses.
“I appreciate your giving me the chance to prove myself, Amber; you’re a beautiful girl.
You’re just too sexy to ignore.
” We had an intoxicating but brief conversation as we finished the drinks.
“What was that, it was pretty sweet?” I asked.
She smiled as she took my hand and led me from the kitchen.
“It’s pineapple juice.
They say that it makes a man’s semen taste sweet.
” “By the way, I said, “I didn’t bring any condoms in with me.
” “That’s all right; we won’t be needing them,” she replied.
I felt an immediate twitch in my pants.
Moments later we were standing by her bed as we kissed and groped each other.
The bedroom was huge with a large dressing table and mirror facing the end of the bed.
On one side of the bed was a night stand, on the other side was a soft easy chair.
There was a square wooden frame that went post to post on top of the poster bed, and it didn’t take long to recognize that the frame was holding up a large mirror over the bed.
She took charge as easily as I wanted, instructing me to undress and sit in the chair.
She helped with my pants as I took off my shirt.
When I sat in the chair naked, she began to undress, not stripping to tease me as much as she was to just be showing off her beautiful body.
Her breasts were full and sat up high with her nipples on the top edge like little brown cherries.
Her abs were not muscled but flat, and yes, she had ample proof that blond was her natural color.
Her legs were firm and shapely, like a dancer’s.
She swiveled around to show me her ass, her perfect ass with tight buttocks and ass cleavage above her crack.
My cock was at full mast.
She dropped to her knees and fellated me, keeping her eyes on my face.
She massaged one of her breasts with one of her hands and used the other to stroke my shaft.
She took me right to the edge and stopped.
I think we both knew at that point that she had me.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnikaSand She stepped up into the chair, putting one foot on each side of my hips.
I tilted my face up into her crotch and she pressed her body against me.
Her slit and upper thighs were wet and I savored the sweet taste of her, plunging my tongue in and gorging myself on her wetness.
She put a hand on my forehead, pressed my head back against the chair and rubbed herself up and down across my nose and mouth.
I thought I would surely come all over myself.
She used my tongue for her first orgasm.
I treated her with my fingers in her pussy until she had the second as I stroked her and sucked her clit.
When the tremors of her lower body finally ceased, she stepped back down to the floor.
She leaned in and kissed me wetly on the mouth.
Then she turned around and straddled my legs.
I shimmied down in the chair so she could achieve her obvious goal.
She slid down over my cock and reached back to hold the arms of the chair, as she bounced slowly up and down with her back to me.
She rode my shaft, wiggling in little circles at the base and driving me insane with the need for release.
I willed myself to resist the sweet temptation of coming.
Rather than interrupt her own mission, I sat obediently, holding her hips lightly as she did what she wanted for an unbelievably long time.
Then she sank down, her wetness engulfing me, and she leaned back against me.
Her perfumed hair aroused me even more.
She shifted slightly to the side, turned her head and kissed me.
“You can come now, Ben,” she whispered against my lips.
And I did, as her pussy held me tight, her wetness seeping out and soaking my balls and dripping into the chair.
My cock throbbed inside her as she let me fill her up, and I grunted with each spurt.
It was an exquisite orgasm and it left me breathless.
Then she leaned forward and stood up.
My cock glistened in the faint light from the bed stand.
She turned and stepped up into the chair again, just as she had done earlier.
“Go deep this time, Ben; I want to see our cum in your mouth,” she said.
Just the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice made my cock ache for more attention.
She slid her thighs against my face.
I hesitantly slid my tongue deep into her to collect our cum.
I scooped as much as I could and she moved only slightly to look down.
I opened my mouth to show her and she smiled.
“Don’t swallow it yet, just spread it all over my clit until I come,” she said, pushing her pussy back against my mouth.
She was as excited as I was, and by the time I elected to suck her clit, she came.
Juices gushed from her, running down my chin, but I did not stop until she moved away and stepped back down to the floor.
She climbed onto the bed, settling on her hands and knees.
“Take me from behind, Ben, hard, really hard,” she said.
I positioned myself behind her and eased the tip of my cock into her.
Grabbing her hips, I began thrusting in and out as deep and as hard as I could and still keep my balance.
She crossed her arms on the bed and laid her head down, looking almost relaxed.
I kept looking up at the mirror, aroused even more by the sight overhead.
I used my usual reserve to control myself for a long time, but finally lost the battle and came in her again.
She seemed to know when I was finished, and she lowered her body down on her stomach on the bed.
“Show me how beautiful I am, Ben; worship my ass,” she said, closing her eyes.
I knelt between her outstretched legs and bowed down to kiss her ass cheeks.
The feel of her skin on my lips was electrifying.
Gradually I worked up the courage to comply and washed her dark crevice with my tongue.
She finally stopped me and rolled over onto her back.
“I’m still not satisfied, but your tongue excited me,” she said.
She put her feet on the bed, bending her knees into the air and parted them.
I thought she was going to make me eat our cum out of her again, but she reached down, grabbed my cock and guided me into her pussy.
I could not believe that I was still hard, but I was still trying to catch my breath from the hardy fuck I had tried to give her.
We fucked missionary position for an eternity until she hooked her legs around behind me and bucked up against my body.
I didn’t think I could come again, but at least my cock was still rock hard as I rammed into her until she came.
Exhausted, I rolled off her onto my back.
She rolled with me and suddenly she was on top, rubbing her wet slit up and down the underside of my cock.
I was out of breath but still hard.
“Amber, I don’t think I can…” I began but she interrupted me.
“Don’t worry; there was Viagra in the pineapple juice, Ben, you’re gonna be fine.
” She slipped her pussy over my cock and took it balls deep.
Fuck! It felt so good, but it was frustrating knowing I would probably not come again until I had some rest.
She began to grind down against me, and knowing that my cock was on a mission of its own, I relaxed and let her have it.
Watching her in the mirror was almost as exciting as watching her use my body.
Somehow I must have dozed off because things went black.
When I woke up, I was lying on the bed, still naked but my cock was finally limp.
Amber was sitting on the stool facing the mirror of the dressing table, brushing her hair and she was fully dressed.
“Welcome back, sleepy head,” she said.
I apologized profusely for passing out on her while she still needed more, but she waved a hand at me.
“Don’t apologize.
Wearing a guy out makes me feel like more of a woman; I’m not upset or disappointed.
” I sat up, got off the bed, and headed to the bathroom to clean up.
She stopped me, smiling, and said, “By the way, Ben, you were hard for two hours and 47 minutes, even after coming.
I wanted to use the Viagra to ensure that I would have a few orgasms, but maybe next time we can eliminate it to see how you do, if you want to.
” The next time! I nodded at her and smiled all the way to the bathroom.



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