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A fog hovered low over the ground that evening as the air hung heavy, saturated in humidity of the southern waterfront.
“Damn this street,” she muttered to herself while cautiously making her way across the dimly lit colonial cobblestone street in a pair of high heels.
Stepping onto the brick sidewalk, she sighed with relief and walked toward the bright neon ‘Open’ sign at the corner.
Dead silence greeted her steps until the loud low boom of a merchant ship’s horn startled her.
“I hate those things,” she whispered under her breath.
She stepped into the portico and pushed hard against the heavy door, nearly stumbling as she stepped inside.
The bar was almost as dark as it had been outside.
A few neon beer signs from behind the bar provided much of the light.
Thick cigarette smoke muted what light there was.
Several heads turned to see who had entered.
She realized nearly everyone there was watching her as she slid her raincoat off and hung it on the wooden coat rack just inside the door.
Her long tan legs and short business skirt caught their attention.
Flipping her long blonde locks, she entertained the few gawking men with her sensual twisty walk until she sat upon one of the tall barstools.
“Hi Max.
” She pulled a cigarette pack from her purse.
Striking a match, the bartender leaned over the bar and offered her a light.
Deeply inhaling the freshly lit cigarette, she exhaled a long plume of smoke and straightened up as she sat on the stool.
“Thanks, Max,” she said, “you’re such a gentleman.
” “Not really, Eva, but you’re welcome.
” “Could you make me a Pretty In Pink?” “Sure, Eva.
” “All I’ve had for weeks is bourbon or rum,” Eva declared, “I need something girlie.
” Eva flipped her hair back, inhaled her cigarette and blew out a smoke ring.
‘That will entertain those longshoremen sitting in the booth,’ she thought to herself.
With her peripheral vision she knew they all had their heads turned toward her.
Max slid the Pretty In Pink across the bar to her.
Eva picked it up and discreetly sniffed, enjoying the pineapple fragrance.
She took a long sip and sat the glass back on the bar before carefully scanning the room.
Seconds later she heard the distinct sound of a Triumph motorcycle approaching, loud and masculine, but not as deep as a Harley.
Through the front plate glass window, the headlight beam bounced as it lit up the ancient brick building across the street.
The motorcycle pulled off the cobblestone street onto the sidewalk in front of the bar and the engine noise died.
Eva could see him in his black leather jacket as he got off the bike.
She had not seen him in several months.
Mason Pierson took his black helmet off and hung it around the handlebars.
He only rode Triumph motorcycles and fancied himself to be like Steve McQueen.
Actually, he looked a lot like Steve McQueen.
Mason stepped into the pub and immediately noticed Eva sitting at the bar.
His charming grin said hello as it always had.
Before coming over to join her though, he went straight to the old fashioned juke box, put money in and punched some numbers.
She knew exactly which song he would choose and sure enough George Strait’s ‘Amarillo By Morning’ started to play.
Eva carefully watched him walk toward her at the bar.
His loping carefree stride added to his masculine sexiness.
“Eva,” Mason said as he sat himself on the stool next to her, “you look as delicious as ever.
” “Are you already trying to get into my pants, Mason?” “You’re not wearing pants,” answered Mason.
Max stepped up to the bar and leaned across toward Mason.
“What can I get ya?” “Maker’s Mark straight, no ice.
” Eva leaned onto the bar with her elbows and examined Mason through the corners of her eyes.
She had known him for ten years.
He had helped train her soon after she was recruited into the agency.
Some women might’ve thought he had taken advantage of her naiveté when he first fucked her, but she knew she had wanted him even more than he had wanted her.
Looking him over, she noticed he was developing just a few more wrinkles, his temples were turning from gray to white, his dark blonde hair to gray.
Somehow the new wrinkles around his steel blue eyes made him even sexier.
‘How unfair,’ Eva thought, ‘that men get sexier and more mysterious with age.
’ Mason’s shoulders were still thick and strong, his thin waist was that of a man thirty years his junior.
‘How old is Mason now?’ she wondered.
‘He must be getting close to sixty, but no doubt, he could easily whip any man in this bar, probably all of them at the same time.
’ Eva loved the ever so slight scar on Mason’s lip, it made him even sexier to her.
She knew exactly where all of the other scars were on his body and there were quite a few scattered over his athletic frame.
She would have loved to know more about Mason, but he never talked about himself.
She knew a few things though.
She knew he’d been in the Reserve Officer Training Corp at Texas A&M University and later US Army Special Forces, a Green Beret that had served with Delta Force.
From there he had been recruited into the agency.
Eva had worked with Mason throughout the Middle East, Western Europe, Morocco and The Ukraine.
He was unorthodox but deadly in the field.
She had never met anyone with operative instincts like his.
He was also the only man she had ever met that could make a woman cum better than another woman, which was fine with her since she usually preferred men.
Max pushed the glass of bourbon across the bar to Mason.
Upon picking up the glass, Mason instinctively sniffed it before downing it in one gulp.
He dropped the glass to the bar and slid it toward Max.
” *********** It had been months since Mason had seen Eva.
He had been on a mission in Afghanistan and had heard she was working on something back in the States.
In fact he had heard she was doing a project with the NSA; while illegal for the agency to work at home, it was not unusual.
Mason had received an email from Eva asking him to meet her for a drink.
He knew she wanted more than a drink.
He knew all about Eva.
He had helped train her.
Eva was just what the agency wanted.
She was very attractive; in fact, she had that wholesome girl-next-door look with a smoking hot body.
A disarming sweetheart of a smile.
She was near Mensa intelligence level and loved solving problems under stress.
But what really made her perfect for the agency were two more attributes.
She had no moral conscience whatsoever and she really loved to fuck.
Her father had once been a martial arts champion.
Having grown up on his Montana cattle ranch, Eva had been taught martial arts skills since she could walk.
And anyone knows Montana girls know their way around a gun.
Yes, Eva seemed like she had been born for the spy game.
Mason remembered years before, looking over Eva’s file from the US Naval Academy where she had graduated in the top ten percent of her class.
He had also read that she fucked twenty-nine of her classmates during her four years there, twenty-five male and four female.
On a few occasions, she had treated one or more guys to a masturbation show, usually involving fruit or vegetables or whatever object in her dorm room she found handy.
No doubt, Eva had always been able to develop a close relationship to whichever undercover target she had been assigned to.
And she was never hornier than right after she had eliminated such a target.
As Mason eyed Eva’s delicate feminine facial features, he tried to imagine what inside her made such a perfect killing machine.
Her blonde hair was long and glamorous with looping curls that could’ve put her in a TV shampoo commercial.
Flawless skin graced her face that really didn’t need much make-up, though that was expertly applied.
Her blue eyes exuded a softness that he knew was just a facade.
The truth behind them was cold and calculating.
At thirty-three, Eva could easily pass for a much younger university student and had before.
Mason wondered how she held such a grip onto her youth.
Mason downed his bourbon refill as Eva quickly lit up another cigarette.
He knew that she usually waited several minutes between cigarettes unless she was on a mission.
****************** “You’re downing those drinks pretty quickly, aren’t you?” Eva turned directly toward Mason.
“Hell, you’ve seen me down ‘em like this before.
” “I’ve seen you drunk before.
” “Yes, you have.
” Mason turned his head toward Max and nodded for another drink.
Mason looked away from Eva but was still addressing her.
“So what are we doing in Savannah, Georgia?” “Kings Bay, I guess,” Eva sipped her drink while looking into the large glass mirror behind the bar.
“I’ve met with Navy Intel over there already.
” “The goddamn Navy – Kings Bay, shit!” Mason cleared his throat, still looking away while browsing the room.
“I hate fucking submarines, they wouldn’t bring us down here unless they’re sending us out on a fuckin’ submarine.
” “I don’t mind submarines,” Eva smiled.
“No, you would love being in one – all those sweaty men in a confined space.
” “I’ve had some of my best fucks on submarines.
” Eva inhaled deeply on her cigarette before turning her head toward Mason and exhaling the smoke in his direction.
“So if we’re going by sub, it’s probably to the Arabian Gulf,” Mason turned and gave Eva a stern stare.
“Either that or they want to get rid of us cause we know too much.
Between here and King’s Bay there’s all those barrier islands and nasty alligator infested swamps, perfect for getting rid of a body.
” “Hell Mason, I’m not even close to retirement.
If anyone is gator bait, it’s you.
” “Yeah, I’m sure you’re right about that.
” Mason chugged another glass of bourbon.
“I’ll bet they’re sending us out on a fuckin’ claustrophobic sub.
” Rolling his empty drink glass in his fingers, Mason appeared to be toying with the idea of ordering another drink.
Instead he sat the glass on the bar and shrugged.
“Hey, you gotta place around here?” “I do as a matter of fact,” Eva answered, “the Hyatt-Regency, courtesy of the company.
” “That’s just around the corner and up, right?” “Yes it is, obviously you’ve spent time here before.
” “I’ve spent time everywhere.
C’mon, I’ll give you ride,” Mason slapped some cash down on the bar then motioned with his head as he stood up.
Eva grabbed her purse.
“That bike on those cobblestones?” “Its just a short distance, Eva, and I’m sure you’ve had Montana cowboys give you a rougher ride than that.
” “Hell Mason, you gave me the roughest ride I ever had.
” Eva smiled at him.
“Well,” said Mason, “do you wanna fuck or what?” “So that’s how you ask a lady to hop in the sack?” Putting her cigarette out in an ashtray on the bar, Eva shook her head.
“You’re not a lady and you don’t turn down fucks.
” “C’mon then.
” Eva slid off her barstool and started for her raincoat by the door.
“Let’s see what you’ve got left in that aging dick of yours.
” Outside Mason straddled his Triumph and placed his boot on the kick start, giving it a quick jolt.
The engine roared to life.
Eva smiled knowing it wasn’t in Mason’s personality to own a bike with an electric starter.
She knew some things and some people just don’t change.
Aware that the guys inside the bar were probably watching, Eva, in her short skirt, lifted her leg over the bike’s seat behind Mason.
She enjoyed knowing that they probably noticed her red lace panties.
She then wadded her raincoat up and stuffed it on the seat between her and Mason.
Sure enough the bike quickly bounced up and down as it rolled over the eighteenth century cobblestone street, jarring the headlight beam in a jerking pattern against the aged brick walls of the closed shops.
A short distance later Mason rolled the bike onto a brick and concrete surface and the ride smoothed out.
He raced the engine and Eva held onto him tight as he pushed the bike fast around the sharp bend of the ramp.
He could see the hotel a short distance ahead and sped up requiring him to make a screeching stop in front of the entrance.
A young uniformed black man, no older than twenty, stepped up from the doorway.
“Sir, you can park over there,” as he pointed to a sign with a silhouetted motorbike and bicycle on it.
Eva slid off the back of the bike and smiled at the young valet when she caught him sneaking a peek as her skirt slid up.
While Mason rode the bike over to the parking spot, she ran her finger down the valet’s chest.
“You’re not experienced enough to handle this.
” Wide eyed, the valet almost tripped over himself as he scrambled to open the heavy glass door.
Stepping by him into the hotel lobby, Eva showed off her best slutty butt twist.
He was still holding the door, staring at her ass when Mason came through.
“She’s hot, isn’t she?” Mason grinned at the young valet.
Unable to take his eyes off her ass, the valet responded, “Yes sir, she’s a rocket!” Mason raised an eyebrow as if he didn’t understand what the valet meant.
Mason soon caught up with Eva who had stepped onto one of the lobby elevators.
No one had noticed the concierge who had disappeared through a door behind the front desk as soon as he saw Eva about to enter the lobby.
As soon as the elevator door closed, Eva dropped her raincoat to the floor and grabbed Mason by the crotch.
“It’s been a few months since I’ve tasted that bad boy, it still works I hope.
” She gave him a teasing smile.
“You’re about to find out.
” Mason embraced her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and locked him into a deep tongue kiss.
As they passionately twirled tongues, Eva slid her hands down Mason’s back to his butt and gripped both ass cheeks.
By the time the elevator stopped on her floor, Eva had unzipped Mason’s jeans and had his erect cock in her hand.
A young couple waiting to enter as the elevator doors opened had started to step into the elevator, but stopped suddenly upon seeing Eva and Mason.
Both Mason and Eva unlocked their lips from one another and turned quickly to see the couple.
Eva whispered to Mason, “This is my floor.
” He snatched the raincoat off the floor and used it to hide his protruding penis as he and Eva both exited the elevator in front of the prying eyes of the curious couple.
As soon as Eva and Mason turned the corner they heard the couple’s loud laughter until the doors of the elevator closed.
“If memory serves me right, that’s not the first time we’ve been caught on an elevator,” Eva said.
“Yeah, there was London and Prague.
” Mason rubbed his forehead while he thought.
“No, Prague was on a dinner boat,” corrected Eva, “Dubai was the other elevator incident.
” “Oh yeah, you’re right.
” “Here’s my room.
” Pulling her key card from her purse, Eva slid it through the scanner and pushed the door open.
Immediately she took Mason by the hand and pulled him to her, grabbing his cock with her other hand.
Just as they began tongue kissing, Mason kicked the door closed behind them and tossed the raincoat into the corner.
He pinned Eva to the wall as they kissed and she stroked his exposed dick.
Mason gripped the front of Eva’s blouse and jerked it apart, sending buttons flying across the entrance way of hotel room.
Reaching behind her he unsnapped her bra and flung it toward the bed but it fell short, onto the floor.
Squeezing Eva’s ample breasts, Mason pulled his mouth away from Eva’s and began sucking and nibbling at her puffy nipples.
Online Now! Lush Cams ShaniRivers Her moans filled the room.
Mason yanked Eva’s blouse completely off and it fell to the floor, while Eva undid her skirt letting it also fall to the floor.
She then pulled off his jacket and began tugging at the black long sleeve pullover shirt Mason was wearing.
Mason raised his arms to allow Eva to pull it over his head.
She tossed it to the side and started working on his belt.
She yanked at the large western belt buckle until she had loosed the belt, then she jerked his blue jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees.
Right away Eva dropped to her knees on front of him and grabbed his swollen cock.
She wrapped her lips around the thick girth and began rolling her tongue around it.
Eva’s tongue quickly went to work displaying her oral expertise.
She slid her tongue down the length of his member until she reached his balls.
Eva cupped those in her hand and rolled her tongue back up his cock, making Mason moan with pleasure.
Teasing the soft skin of the head of his erect cock with her tongue while gently stroking his nuts, Eva next used her teeth to scrape down his length.
Mason’s eyes rolled back in his head with delight as Eva then pushed his cock all the way in.
He brushed his hand through his short graying hair and nodded in pleasure.
Having taken his cock down her throat, Eva pushed her face back and forth on it before finally pulling it out of her mouth so she could catch her breath.
Eva then squeezed his engorged pecker tightly in both hands stroking it back and forth.
She slid one of her hands underneath to stroke Mason’s nuts again.
Then she massaged him just behind his balls before slipping a finger into his asshole.
She soon found his prostate and began massaging that while squeezing his cock tight with the other hand and sucking hard on the head of his pecker.
It did not take long before she had Mason cumming in her mouth.
She milked every bit of cum out of him and swallowed it all.
“Oh my god! You’ve always sucked cock like a world champ, but I think you’ve gotten even better.
” Eva smiled.
She recently had a lot of practice while undercover in Turkey.
“How long before you’re ready for round two, big guy?” Mason removed his boots and kicked his jeans and shorts the rest of the way off.
“Let me hit the head and then freshen up, shouldn’t take me long.
” Eva, wearing only her red lace panties strolled toward the bed.
“Don’t keep me waiting.
” She looked back over her shoulder at Mason and smiled.
Hearing a stream of pee, Eva lay back onto the bed and listened.
She soon heard the water faucet running.
She grinned knowing that Mason always had to pee right away after cumming, and that is just what she had planned.
‘He’ll check out the bathroom and make sure there is nothing hidden in there, just like I want him to.
’ In a couple of minutes Mason appeared at the door of the bathroom and leaned out.
“Are you ready to play again?” “Aren’t I always?” Lying on the bed, Eva teasingly fanned her legs in and out.
Mason walked over to the bed and grabbed Eva by her feet.
He quickly spun her over on her belly, then yanked her up by the midsection onto her hands and knees with her ass in the air.
Mason then gripped her panties with one hand and ripped them off in one jerk.
“Oh!” Eva shouted as her panties were torn from her.
She loved rough treatment and wondered how many pairs of her panties had been ripped in that fashion.
Mason tossed the ruined panties to the floor then crawled on the bed behind her.
He buried his face into her pussy from behind.
Very aroused, Eva knew he would find her cunt to be gushing wet.
“Damn Eva, you’re already soaked.
” “I’m really horny tonight,” Eva giggled.
******************* Mason slid his tongue down the length of her juicy cunt lips then up again, He began to tease her clit with his finger while he sucked at her swelling labia.
As Mason tasted and inhaled the musky essence of Eva’s pussy, he relished in the fact that he had his face buried in a snatch that had helped topple political regimes and bring corporate empires to their knees.
Mason slid his finger inside Eva’s cunt as he slid his tongue down to her clit.
That left his nose further buried into her wet pussy lips.
He began to lick around and tease her clit, coaxing it out from its hood, so that he could easily suck on it.
Eva moaned relentlessly.
She arched her back and pressed her ass into Mason’s face as his tongue pleasured her.
With her hands clenching the sheets hard, Eva actually pulled the sheets from their tucked position under the mattress.
She began screaming out in ecstasy.
“Oh fuck, Mason! Oh god, yes!” Mason’s face was soon drenched as Eva’s twat soaked him, leaving juice dripping down his chin.
Beads of sweat and oozing cunt juice left the corners of her crotch shiny wet.
Mason then gripped Eva by the ass and flipped her over onto her back.
He buried his face into her crotch, again sucking her clit and burying several fingers into her twat.
Eva squeezed her legs around his neck.
Mason made sure his arms stayed defensively positioned between her legs as he continued working the fingers of one hand inside her pussy.
Soon he had his forefinger pressing on her elusive g-spot while his tongue teased her clit and his lips gave it the occasional suck.
As Eva continued to moan loudly, Mason pulled his face back and began to spank her pussy.
His hand worked quickly, slapping it with a speedy, unrelenting rhythm.
Eva yanked the bedsheets completely loose at the top and violently squirmed.
Her moaning and heavy breathing filled the room.
Then Mason buried his face back onto her pussy and sucked her clit again.
Eva couldn’t hold back.
Her orgasm ripped through her causing her legs to clench ever tighter around Mason’s neck.
Eva’s back arched upward off the bed and she screamed out loud.
“Goddammit, I’m cumming! Oh god! Oh fuck! Oh yes!” Mason really didn’t give her time to recover before he had pulled himself up and pushed his erect cock into her soaking wet cunt.
‘Damn, her pussy feels good,’ he thought.
“Eva, you feel fucking awesome!” “Mason, you’re thick cock always feels great,” Eva shouted out between moans.
She squeezed her legs around his waist.
“Take that.
” Feeling Eva’s vaginal muscles tighten around his cock, he grunted.
“Fuck!” Mason, overcome with pleasure, could barely utter the words, “You still do Kegels, I see.
” “Part of the job.
” Eva raked her fingernails down his back.
“You like it, don’t you?” “Fuck yes!” To delay an orgasm, Mason slowed down and pulled his cock out of Eva’s twat.
A string of juice clung to him.
He then flipped her over on her knees and immediately grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair.
Mason pushed his cock between her pussy lips and again started thrusting deep inside her.
Eva’s body shook with each push.
Mason pulled her hair tight, forcing her face upward.
He then slapped her ass cheek very hard, leaving a white imprint of his hand that soon turned red.
“Oh fuck!” Eva yelled out.
“Fuck me hard, damn you!” His torso slapped harder into her backside.
Mason yanked her head back and smacked her ass again.
“God yes!” Eva screamed.
Mason continued to plow her cunt, slapping her ass often, the red whelps on her cheeks proof that he didn’t hold anything back.
“Now let me on top,” Eva demanded.
Mason didn’t mind at all.
He knew very well Eva’s expertise at riding cock.
Regardless of how great the sex was, Mason knew he was prepared for anything.
 She once had an Arabian Sheik so mesmerized that he didn’t even see her reach for the hypodermic needle that instantly ended his life.
  Eva mounted Mason, held his throbbing cock and slid herself down on it.
Mason immediately felt her vaginal muscles constrict.
As she ground her pelvis into his crotch, sliding back and forth on his aching pecker, she reached behind her and began to stroke Mason’s balls.
It felt amazing to Mason to have her stroking his nuts while her clenching cunt worked his cock over, but Mason also felt very vulnerable.
He knew all too well what Eva’s hands could do to a man’s testicles, and while much of that was great, he knew that her hands were also a deadly weapon.
The sweat beading down Mason’s face was as much from nerves as it was the physical sex.
**************** Eva could see the worry in Mason’s eyes as she gently stroked his nuts.
She loved the feeling of power, the control.
But she could never take out Mason that way, never abuse his nuts.
It just wouldn’t be proper considering how he had given her more sexual pleasure than any of the hundred or so lovers she had experienced.
Eva had long before quit counting her sexual partners, but still, she had a general idea.
She kept up the grinding, back and forth, pushing her weight down at just the right instant and clenching her vaginal muscles around Mason’s thick cock.
The power she had over him at that moment made her even more aroused.
As she stroked his balls, she could feel her own wetness oozing down his nuts.
Her own juices were squishing between her fingers.
Eva decided it was time to make Mason cum and she wanted to cum herself.
Still stroking Mason’s cock behind her, she began to use her other hand to finger her clit and picked up the pace of her grinding.
**************** ‘Damn, Eva looks hot on top,’ Mason thought.
He loved seeing the sweat bead up on her neck and chin, rolling down between her tits.
He reached up and grabbed those wet sweaty knockers and pinched her erect pointy nipples.
Then he squeezed her tits tightly, pushing them together and again pinching the nipples.
He watched Eva begin to quickly finger her clit and knew she would soon make him cum with herself cumming right after.
And that’s exactly what she did.
With her one hand stroking his nuts and her pussy engulfing his cock while grinding back and forth, he felt his orgasm quickly coming on.
Soon it exploded through him and he filled her twat with his warm cum.
Eva kept grinding and fingering herself.
Her moans and gasps got faster and louder.
Mason could see the muscles in her body tighten, her forehead wrinkled as she squeezed her eyes shut very tightly.
She quit grinding and her legs clenched.
Eva screamed out, “Oh! Oooh! Oh! Fuck!” Eva then leaned down and dug her ringers into Mason’s chest before she collapsed onto him.
They lay there for a couple of minutes while they both caught their breath.
Finally Eva sat up.
“That orgasm made me want to pee.
I’ll be right back.
” In all the years that Mason knew her, he never remembered Eva having to pee after an orgasm.
In fact she loved lying there, arms around one another, taking in the scent of sex and feeling the sticky sweat on each other’s bodies.
He watched her closely as she got out of bed completely naked to walk to the bathroom.
She looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled.
Mason knew that smile.
**************** Eva walked into the bathroom; she had purposely got up from the bed stark naked.
She wanted to make it obvious that she could not be hiding anything.
She knew that when Mason had been in the bathroom earlier he would’ve completely checked it out for any hidden weapons or other devices.
He would have checked behind the toilet, underneath the counter and behind the sink, and in the shower and would’ve done a thorough inspection in only a matter of seconds.
She knew he was the best in the business.
‘He’s just another assignment,’ she thought.
She had no real feelings for anyone.
Eva quickly stepped up onto the toilet seat and reached upward to the ceiling.
With great agility and stealth, she slid the ceiling tile back.
There it was.
It was her black Walther PPK 9 millimeter pistol with silencer attached.
It was just as she had left it, chambered and cocked.
Any kind of noise, especially a metallic click and Mason would be warned.
Despite his age, his hearing still seemed as sharp as ever.
Eva leaped through the door planting her feet wide apart, bent at the knees and braced, she was in position to fire.
She pulled the trigger as quickly as possible.
Three silenced thuds into the wrapped up figure on the bed.
Pillow dust! Something was wrong.
It was like a blur, so fast she couldn’t react in time.
The cord was around her neck.
Just as quickly, it tightened.
Eva attempted to shoot her pistol back over her shoulder.
One thud and a bullet went into the wall by the bathroom.
A strong hand knocked the gun from her hand.
The garrote was knotted against her throat and she felt the powerful force of a knee in her back.
All of her martial arts training was useless at this point.
Eva thought, ‘Why now, why – ?’ ****************** Mason felt Eva’s body go limp.
He carried her naked body over to the bed and lay her on it.
Her lifeless eyes stared unmoving at the ceiling.
Grabbing his jeans off the floor and digging into the pocket he pulled out his cell phone and dialed.
“It’s done,” Mason spoke into the phone, “send over the cleaners.
” Mason gathered up the rest of his clothes and got dressed.
He looked at Eva and thought to himself, ‘What a waste of a great fuck.
‘ He turned and quickly exited the room.
Two women and one man dressed as hotel maid service were pushing a cleaning cart down the hall in his direction.
Their eyes barely met his.
As Mason turned the corner he saw them entering Eva’s room.
Mason took the stairs down to the main floor and left through the main lobby.
As soon as he exited the front door, the hotel concierge stepped into the security room behind the front desk and turned the security camera back on.
Mason kick started his Triumph.
The engine roared and he took off out of the parking lot.
Just a few blocks away he turned into a dark alley.
A large white van was waiting with the back doors open and a ramp set up.
Mason drove his bike up the ramp into the back of the van and switched the engine off.
Mason said to the very large black man sitting in the driver seat of the van, “Take care of this baby, it’s an antique, a 1965.
I spent the past six years restoring this.
It’s like brand new.
I guess it’s the only thing I love.
” “No problem,” the man said, “no one will touch it until you pick it up.
” Mason jumped out of the back of the van, pushed the ramp inside and closed the two back doors.
He then walked down the street, turned the corner and was at the river front.
There he saw a flat bottomed boat.
Two large men seemed to be busy arranging some barrels on the boat.
“The river is quiet tonight,“ Mason said.
“It isn’t so quiet upstream,” the older man replied.
Knowing that was the password, Mason hopped aboard the boat and the engine roared to life.
They started down stream toward the ocean.
Mason stood at the edge of the boat watching as the city lights disappeared behind them.
No one said a word.
After a long while they approached a large structure silhouetted against the moonlight.
Mason knew it was Fort Pulaski, an old pre-Civil War brick fort.
Knowing it was just a few minutes drive out of town by car, he asked the older man, “How long to Kings Bay on this pokey thing?” “This boat ain’t for open water, so we have to stay to the inside of the barrier islands.
So about three hours, maybe more as slow as this thing is.
” “I wish I had something to drink,” Mason said.
Just then he felt a sharp pain in his neck.
He tried to spin around but his body went limp.
He was paralyzed.
The last thing he saw was the older man wi



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