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Declan detested lazy people and from the looks of this one, he needed to bring out the heavy artillery.
He decided that instead of placing her in a situation to show her the error of her ways he would be the one to implement her punishment.
A very good Dom, Declan could break anyone.
He flashed into a tight pair of leather pants and combat boots.
Going bare chested, he slung a leather trench coat on.
The tools of his trade would become available when he needed them.
Opening a rip in time, he stepped out of his realm and into Valerie’s.
Valerie was a cute brunette, who had many dates.
The problem with her was that she liked to receive pleasure, but was so lazy that she always made some excuse to get out of returning the favor.
Her dates left frustrated; many with blue balls.
Tonight, Valerie would pleasure who he told her to.
Declan saw her sitting in his club, surrounded by a few men.
To say they were men was not entirely true.
They were his henchmen; three lower level sex demons.
Jake was tall, built, and quite bald.
The women loved him.
Zeke, also tall, had long straight brown hair that he kept in a low ponytail.
Both men had ethereal eyes that were amber in color.
Zeke and Jake, both being on Declan’s payroll, knew exactly what to do with this lazy woman.
They were to soften her up and get her ready to be used like the little slut she was.
The pretty brunette was notoriously lazy.
She would let a man lick and finger her pussy until she came multiple times.
Her mate’s jaw would be sore; his fingers stiff.
Did she care? No.
Valerie would make up some lame excuse, saying she needed to go home, or it was too late.
Declan had the most perfect plan in store for her.
Sitting out of sight in a dark corner, he observed her interactions with his boys.
Her brown eyes sparkled with the possibility of Jake and Zeke pleasuring her.
He looked into her thoughts.
There were many benefits to being a high level incubus.
What he saw there confirmed his determination to break this bitch; show her that give and take go hand in hand.
If he hadn’t read her dossier, Declan would have sworn that greed resided here.
Waiting for his moment to pounce, Declan watched.
Valerie leaned forward, pushing her ample breasts outward.
She thought that if she gave the men a sneak peek of her body she could have them both in bed.
Batting her eyes and brushing her hand down their arms, Valerie worked her charms.
Jake, playing along with the unsuspecting woman, leaned closer and whispered, “I can smell how wet your pussy is.
You need it bad, don’t you?” “Oh yeah.
You man enough to give it to me?” she purred.
He brazenly cupped her breast, relishing it’s spongy softness.
Capturing her pebble hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, Jake watched her squirm.
When he pulled her nipple and then let it bounce back, Valerie felt a thick gush of wetness escape her slit.
She was hornier than hell.
The simple sting from his fingers ignited her need.
Valerie never knew that pain could enhance pleasure.
Vowing to remember that, she faced Zeke.
“You gonna just sit there? You know I have a clit that loves to be sucked,” she remarked.
Ever the quiet one, Zeke studied the woman, and then asked, “Are you going to return the favor?” “Oh definitely!” she lied.
That was Declan’s cue to enter the party.
He stood up and sauntered forward.
Her eye’s widened, as the big man approached their table.
Valerie’s panties were already soaked from the little bit of playing she was doing, but as this new man got closer, she was sure that she was about to cream them even more.
This man was dangerous; not one to be fucked with.
“Evening, guys.
Looks like you got a fresh piece of pussy to play with,” his deep voice said.
Declan was trying very hard to keep the annoyance of his sexy face.
It wouldn’t do any good to scare her off.
If she was a good girl and redeemed herself, he might keep her as his pet, but the soul was still his.
“Correct, my man,” Jake said, playing the interested one nicely.
“I don’t know, Dec.
Something just doesn’t ring true about her,” Zeke commented.
Declan split Valerie’s awareness.
He wanted the sinner to know how it feels to be left unsatisfied.
Escorting her moral awareness to a chair, he magically bound her there to watch.
“What’s going on?” moral Valerie squeaked.
“You’ve came to my attention, lazy sloth.
Each time you refused to share in the sexual labor you sent a warning to me.
While you got off, the guys you dicked over went home unsatisfied and angry.
You treated them like dogs.
you’re gonna be my puppy tonight,” he answered; sneering.
She couldn’t deny the accusation, so she wisely remained silent.
Her other self had need in her eyes.
Valerie cringed, as Jake and Zeke pulled her blouse and frilly bra off.
“Tonight, you are to be known as puppy.
Nothing else.
Also, you’re gonna suck, swallow, and lick whomever I tell you to.
Understand?” Declan stated.
Puppy was excited.
This was a new game to her.
Nodding eagerly, she had no idea what was in store for her.
As the puppy stood to walk over to Declan, he scolded her.
“Bad puppy!” he said, swatting her on the ass.
“What?” she asked, rubbing her sore ass cheek.
“Puppies do not walk.
They crawl on their hands and knees.
Puppies do not talk.
They whine, growl, and bark.
Get it right, or you’ll be going back to your cage,” Declan sighed.
Puppy’s eyes teared up.
For some crazy reason, disappointing him upset her.
Even though they were in the middle of the crowded club, she let him strip her naked.
Declan could sense a shift in her awareness.
He glanced over his shoulder and watched moral Valerie fade.
Looking down at Puppy, he realized that she was meant to be his pet.
He picked her up and placed her on the table on her hands and knees.
Her pink slit was visible between her bushy lips.
Wanting to see how aroused she was, Dec opened her cunt and pushed two fingers in deep.
Puppy gasped.
Her cunny was on fire from his huge finger.
He wiggled them around; stretching her sheath.
After several minutes, her cream was dripping steadily, making a puddle on the table.
He pulled his fingers free.
Her clit was so hard that it stood erect about an inch and visibly pulsed.
Dec turned her around where he could see her face.
With a stern look, he pointed to the puddle of cunt cream on the table.
“You made a mess, Puppy.
Clean it up.
Now,” he demanded.
Jake watched the master at work.
So, she was to be a puppy.
He got two rubber bands and parted her hair.
Placing a ponytail on each side, he made her long hair into floppy ears.
“Hey boss.
You want the big tail or the little one?” he asked.
Dec looked over at Jake, and then back to puppy.
The look of confusion on her face made him happy.
She would surprised.
“Big one, Jake.
We want her trained right,” he answered.
Chuckling, Jake went in search of the thick anal dildo with a long tail attached to it.
With luck, he hoped that Dec would let Zeke and him keep this tasty morsel.
He grabbed a toy from the closet.
It’s shaft was thick and would stretch her ass hole massively.
About 8 inches long, the dildo had a mane of hair that matched puppy’s.
Until she got used to it, Puppy would be uncomfortable.
While Jake was getting a tail for the new puppy, Zeke was watching his boss break her in.
With a rolled up newspaper, Dec would swat Puppy’s ass when she made a mistake.
The swats didn’t hurt, but instead were humiliating.
“I told you to clean up your mess,” Dec said.
, she started to say, when he swatted her ass again.
Ruff,” Puppy barked.
“I’m assuming you want to know how.
Use your tongue; lick your cream off my table,” he instructed.
Puppy leaned forward; her ass high in the air.
She could feel more of her juice welling up just inside her aching hole.
When he spanked her, it would splatter.
“What’s wrong with me? I’m butt ass naked on table; on display.
I’m licking my juice up off the table,” she wondered, “I should be mad, but I’m not.
” She used flat, broad strokes with her tongue to lap up the mess.
Her ass was high and wide open.
Everyone in the club could see her pussy glistening with need.
“Puppy, no orgasms for you until you are given permission.
You’ve been lazy.
Now it’s time to give back to the community,” Dec said.
“Arf!” she squeaked.
She had to be good; prove herself.
This whole situation had her hot.
She wanted to cum.
Dec put his hand on the back of her neck and said, “Stay!” Puppy did as she was told.
Online Now! Lush Cams Jacob_Miiller Wondering what was about to happen, she felt two very large hand pull her ass cheeks open wide.
Her tiny puckered hole winked and twitched.
Puppy was nervous.
She had only had her butt played with once.
True, it felt amazing, but she didn’t know what this man had in store for her.
Dec gazed at her little star.
Soon the wrinkled hole would be stretched out smooth; all lines gone.
He slapped her left globe sharply, leaving behind a vivid red imprint.
Puppy whimpered, and then howled when he slapped her other cheek.
Trying to protect her bottom, she started to scoot away.
Dec grabbed her hips and pulled her back.
“Bad puppy!” he scolded, raining several swats to random ass cheeks.
Puppy’s eyes watered.
Her ass was on fire, and she felt the heat radiate from her skin.
The more slaps he gave her the more the blood rushed to her pelvic area.
After about ten swats, her butt was bright red, and her cunt was congested with blood.
She wiggled, trying to rub her thigh together to stimulate her throbbing clit.
Each time she tried he would push her thighs back open.
Her pussy, so stimulated, looked like it was gulping air.
He grabbed a hold of both ponytails and pulled her up.
Flipping Puppy over onto her burning ass, he asked Zeke to hold her legs up high over her head.
He waited until his worker had Puppy’s legs wide open and almost touching the table above her head.
Puppy, bent in half, felt the big man push something into her sopping pussy.
She screeched loudly, when he clamped something directly into her huge clit.
Wiggling wildly, she earned several slaps to her already crimson ass and an order to be still.
Dec secured the clamp onto her clit.
This would keep the blood trapped there until he was ready to let her cum.
The vibrating egg in her slit was there just to keep her on the edge.
Satisfied, he placed a delicate mesh cage over her entire pussy.
The cage would keep the egg in her securely.
It was snug, but prevented her from rubbing things that were no longer hers to play with.
He strapped it into place and tossed her back onto her knees.
Puppy was in agony.
Her pussy was full, but she couldn’t do anything to relieve the ache.
Miserable, she laid there with her ass in the air.
Jake, back from the storeroom, handed the massive tail to his boss.
He watched, as Dec got a tube of lubrication.
Using a syringe, he shot a generous amount high into her gut.
Puppy felt the cold jelly coat the walls of her ass.
Dread settled into her stomach.
She knew what he had in mind for.
What good is a puppy without a tail? She tried to relax.
With Puppy’s muscles so tense, Dec knew that there would be no way he could get this toy up her dark star.
With a flip of a switch, the egg in Puppy’s wet folds came to life.
He observed how she struggled; heard her moans.
“Don’t you cum, Puppy!” he warned.
“Ruff!” she panted.
Dec probed her wrinkled hole with the toy’s broad head, but the tight ring of muscles held tight.
He increased the vibration of the egg and pressed harder.
Smearing more lube, he made the way slick.
Her ass burned! It felt like he was tearing her apart.
Puppy whimpered.
The pressure was overwhelming.
“Breathe, Puppy.
Bear down like you have to shit.
It’ll slide in much easier,” Dec said.
Puppy, wanting the burning to cease, pushed down hard.
Her clenching muscle pressed the vibrating egg close to her G spot.
The walls of her pussy fluttered madly.
Seeing that his pet was preoccupied by the pleasurable sensation her egg was causing, Dec pushed the toy harder.
Her hole, stretched wide enough to fit most of his hand in, resisted slightly before relaxing and allowing the massive head to sink in with an audible popping sound.
“Damn, boss! I actually heard that,” Jake commented.
Dec thrust the toy all the way inside her ass.
Puppy looked so pretty with her cunt dressed in metal and her ass open impossibly wide.
He knew that it would take a few minutes for her to adjust.
He wanted her to feel the agonizing pressure, just like the men she used.
Rather than help her down, Dec ordered her to get off the table on her own.
Puppy gingerly climbed off the smooth table.
It was awkward trying to move with her ass so packed, and that damn egg in her pussy was maddening.
Getting to her feet, she looked at Dec, waiting for her next set of instructions.
“Do puppies stand like that? I think not!” he taunted.
Dec swatted her quivering ass, shoving the dildo further inside.
He pushed her to her knees roughly.
Zeke handed him a plain dog collar, which he buckled around her slim neck.
Attaching a leash, Dec led the humiliated woman around the room.
He let anyone who wanted to pinch her nipples, wiggle the dildo, or even spank her ass.
The more Puppy crawled around on her knees the looser her sphincter got.
Each movement made the toy rub against the egg in her slit, indirectly stimulating her pounding clit.
Finally, Dec stopped her in front of Jake.
Nodding his head at the man, he signaled for him to pull his cock free.
Jake, who had been watching Puppy’s tail swish, was rock hard.
Measuring at an impressive 8 inches long, Puppy was going to have a mouth as full as her ass.
He grabbed a hold of her pony tails and pulled her close.
Freeing one hand, he used his shaft to smack her lips and chin.
Jake nudged her lips open.
Declan, wanting to ensure his men’s safety, placed a bite block in her mouth.
Until she was fully trained, this little bitch in heat would wear it to make sure she didn’t nip tender places.
Puppy didn’t like the hard plastic keeping her mouth open.
The hole in the middle of it was wide enough to allow a thick cock to slide in and out.
Jake inserted his pre cum drenched dick into her mouth.
Knowing she was unable to suck at the moment, he pushed further past her hard palate and back into the softness of her tight throat.
Puppy gagged with each of his strokes.
Drool ran down her chin, and tears stained her cheeks.
Jake grabbed a hold of her face and pounded away.
He could feel the fire in his ball sac; the intense humming.
He had always been one to spend huge a huge of cum and could feel his load racing it’s way to his piss slit.
Jake pulled out of her throat; Puppy gasped for air.
He aimed his cock at her face and gave it several tugs.
Several jets of thick, ropey cum splashed her beautiful face.
Running down her forehead, cum was matted in her eyelashes.
It dripped from her cheeks and chin.
Many of the spectators cheered.
Declan yanked Puppy away from Jake, forcing to crawl back.
Her expression told him that she was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm, and that wasn’t going to happen.
He clicked off the egg, grinning at her mutinous expression.
Puppy wanted to cum.
She made the bald man cum, so she should get to.
It was only fair.
Her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead; eyes dilated.
Never had her nipples been this hard.
Dec chuckled.
Poor bitch; too bad.
He led her to a metal pole and bent down to secure her hands to it.
The bite block remained in her mouth.
It was time for a free for all.
Zeke, who remained passive, stepped up to the woman.
He ran his hands down her curved ass, which was still crimson.
Grabbing the base of the dildo, he pulled it almost all the way out, and then shoved it back.
Puppy moaned.
Zeke twisted the toy, as he pumped it in and out.
Her ass ring was swollen and dark red.
“Anyone who wants to fuck my Puppy’s face or ass line up here,” Dec yelled over top of the thumping music.
Zeke pulled the dildo out, leaving Puppy’s hole wide open.
Standing aside, the three demons watched as about 15 men took their turns at Puppy.
When all was said and done, Puppy laid there on the floor; her ass hole inside out and draining several men’s cum.
At some point, someone had removed the bite block, and her lips were puffy.
Declan had no doubt that she needed to cum.
His pet looked well used.
“Puppy, you did well; not well enough to earn an orgasm.
Before I send you to your pallet, answer me some questions, Dec said.
“Do you wish to continue training?” he asked.
“Arf!” she barked, nodding her head.
“Am I your master?” he inquired.
Another bark in agreement.
Declan, pleased with how this was going, sent her to sleep in her doggy bed.
He flashed back to his house.
In the jar, a new light blue orb swirled with the rest.
“Next on the docket.
a greedy bitch.
Nice,” he purred.



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