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Latest stories Taboo Seduced by Catherine, one of my students

Another day another lesson.
I entered the class and immediately silence filled the room.
The waiting students were seated in rows watching me walk in.
I greeted the class and sat at my desk at the front.
The lesson progressed as usual, I gave instruction, the girls listened and asked occasional questions.
I reminded them that their end of term exam was only a few days away and that they should schedule some time to revise the work they had already covered that term.
People often asked me how I managed to teach a room full of young ladies and still keep my concentration.
I always replied that I was focused on my work and kept a professional status.
The girls were indeed young ladies most between 19 and 20.
The class finished and the girls started to leave the room.
I began to pack my bag and I noticed one girl was still sitting in her seat.
I looked up and smiled.
It was Catherine.
She was a bright student and was always attentive to my class.
She was taller than the rest of the girls with short dark hair.
Now alone with her in the room I began to notice her beauty.
She smiled nervously and said that she needed to talk.
I moved from behind my desk and walked over to her.
I could see that she was tense because she was clutching her book with both hands and her knuckles were white.
I perched myself on the desk in front of her and smiled.
She appeared to ease a little.
I asked Catherine what was up and she looked down to her books.
She said that she was nervous about the exam and needed some guidance.
I sat at the desk next to her and looked at her.
She seemed to fidget in her seat.
I said that it was OK and that we could talk.
She turned to me and looked straight into my eyes.
It was only being so close to her that I saw her stunning beauty.
Her eyes looking into mine began to send shivers down my back.
She was dressed in the standard school uniform of white top and black skirt.
I could see that her blouse was unbuttoned maybe one button to low.
But not wanting to move from her gaze I didn’t look down.
At that moment she turned her head away and looked down blushing.
I could not control my eyes and they moved to her partly open blouse.
I could make out the roundness of her breasts and had a good view of her cleavage.
My eyes moved to her legs, her black skirt had raised a little revealing her thighs.
I felt the blood begin to stir in my loins and felt an approaching erection.
I thought of the situation and knew I had to control my desire as I was a teacher and held a respected position.
Catherine turned her head back and I quickly moved my eyes to hers hoping that she did not notice me looking at her body.
As she looked again into my eyes a smile formed on her face.
Her legs parted slightly and I used all my self control not to look down.
Was it my imagination or was Catherine coming on to me.
Surely not I thought.
I could not however control my erection and a bulge formed in my trousers.
She must have noticed as she blushed again.
Again she looked me straight in the eyes, she hesitated for a second, and then said that maybe this was not a good time to talk.
Knowing that she must have noticed my erection, I apologized for the situation.
She got up and walked to the door.
My eyes followed her body as she left.
The way her short skirt clung to her arse as she walked.
Her long legs barely covered by the skirt looked so amazing as she walked away.
How could I have not noticed Catherine before.
She opened the door and went to leave but then hesitated.
She put her hand to her forehead for a second as if some decision was being made.
Then she closed the door and turned around.
She dropped her bag on the floor and slowly walked over to me.
I stood mesmerized unable to move.
As she walked towards me she passed the window.
The sun light shone through her shirt making it almost see through.
The light caught her breasts and made their shape visible through the shirt.
I could anticipate what was to about to happen and I felt the conflict inside.
I could not get involved with a student.
I could destroy my career for a few moments of pleasure.
What happened next made my self control disappear.
Catherine walked up to me and took my hand.
She put it through her blouse and my hand touched her breasts.
She looked me in the eyes and told me that she wanted me.
My lips met hers and our mouths exploded in a fit of hot passionate kisses.
as our tongues probed each others mouths.
I cupped her breast with my hand and massaged it’s roundness.
Online Now! Lush Cams LucyGabriela She was wearing a silk bra underneath and I squeezed and pulled at her nipple.
A soft moan left her mouth.
I stumbled back and sat onto a desk almost falling.
Catherine followed my move.
The clumsy action made my legs come up and my leg ended up between hers.
She continued to kiss me and her legs squeezed mine.
She started to rub herself against my thigh and again she let out a moan as her pussy rubbed against my strong thigh.
‘I want you’ she said ‘I have wanted you for so long.
You make me so wet’.
My cock was now rock hard and the bulge out of my trousers was so apparent.
She moved her hand grabbed my cock through my trousers and started to rub.
My breath shortened and I gasped as she rubbed me.
She threw back her head and exposed her neck and cleavage.
I kissed down her neck and moved my hand underneath her blouse from the back and caressed her back.
I undid her bra then moved my hands to her front to massage her now bare breasts.
Catherine continued to grind her pussy against my thigh as she rubbed my cock, her moans started to get louder.
She then stopped and said ‘hang on I don’t want to cum yet’.
She then knelt down in front of me and began to undo my trousers.
She pulled my trousers off and pulled down my boxers.
My hard cock was released and Catherine took hold of my shaft with one hand and massaged my balls with the other.
Pre-cum seeped from my cock and Catherine licked it up with her tongue.
She then took the tip in her mouth and started to take my hard cock in and out of her mouth.
I heard loud moans around the room and soon realized they were coming from my mouth.
The sensation of Catherine’s mouth sucking on my cock was sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body.
I looked down at her and she looked up at me with her eyes open enjoying the intense pleasure on my face.
I lifted her face from my cock and pulled her to meet my lips.
We kissed again more intense than before.
Her hand remained on my cock continually rubbing it’s length.
I took Catherine in my arms and lifted her off the floor and put her on my desk.
I spread her legs apart and she eagerly lifted up her skirt to reveal her bare pussy.
Catherine was not wearing panties.
I immediately buried my face into her wet pussy and started probing her with my tongue.
Catherine tensed and started gasping and gripping the desk with her hands.
Loud groans left her mouth.
Catherine’s pussy was so wet and her juices were sweet to the taste.
I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go and then back out.
I licked up to her clit and took it between my lips flicking it with my tongue.
I then inserted one finger into her pussy and fucked her with it as I started to suck on her clit.
Catherine’s exploded with an intense orgasm as her legs closed around my head licking her pussy not wanting me to stop.
As her orgasm subsided she sat up and pulled my face to hers.
She didn’t kiss me but just licked my face to taste her own pussy juices which she seemed to enjoy.
My cock was now throbbing and swollen.
I wanted to fuck her.
I turned her around and bent her over the desk.
I lifted her skirt to reveal her bare arse.
I admired it’s firmness for a while before taking my cock in my hand and rubbing the tip along the length of her pussy.
It was still wet from her orgasm and easily found its way into her pussy.
Catherine’s pussy gripped my cock as I slowly pushed it inside.
Soon it was all the way inside her and we both let out a ecstatic groan.
I then started to thrust in and out, pulling my cock all the way out to reveal its tip before pushing it all the way in again with long hard thrusts.
With each thrust we each let out a cry.
The sensation was overwhelming as I fucked Catherine’s pussy harder and harder.
Catherine screamed as a second orgasm rocked through her body.
Her pussy squeezing my cock more and more.
I sensed my approaching orgasm as my balls started to swell and cum rise along my shaft.
I immediately pulled out my cock and shot my cum over Catherine’s bare arse.
Catherine turns her head back to look me in the eyes.
She smiled and took her hand and wiped my cum from her arse and then put her fingers in her mouth, eagerly to taste my cum.
What happened next shocked me.
Catherine stood up and put on her bra and straightened her blouse.
She looked at me with a coy smile and said ‘I take it I will get an A in the exam’.
With that she walked over to her bag, picked it up and promptly left there room.



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