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We have been a happily married couple for a while now and although our sex life started off well, sadly it has been going downhill for a few months.
I think, like many typical married couples, in the beginning the sex is wonderful and exciting and then over time, it fades to once a month or so and becomes stale.
One day we have a heartfelt conversation about our sex life and I know that you are such a caring, loving man and so patient but I can see that you are getting frustrated.
So, I decide it’s time to take action.
I remember how you like to be teased and I want to drive you crazy and have you begging for me once again.
  As a result of our heart-to-heart, I work out a plan in my mind which includes all your favourite things and decide to set it in motion that very night, with us both going to bed naked.
However, I know that we can’t have sex tonight as it’s too soon and it would ruin my plan.
I feel your hands slip around my curvy body, gripping my nipples and rolling them in your fingers; and your sexy body moving closer to mine, pushing your hardness against me.
You slip your erection between my bum cheeks and I move my hips so that your cock rubs against me and I hear you let out a soft moan.
I quickly roll over and kiss you passionately, our tongues playing as I push my hard nipples against your chest.
I stop suddenly and naturally you are disappointed when I say, “Sorry honey, I really have quite a headache tonight,” and then roll onto my side away from you, closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.
You don’t move as you’re frustrated but I know that you love me and you just close your eyes and try to sleep too, hoping that tomorrow will be better.
  We wake up cuddling like we always do and with your morning wood pressing against my back.
Your hands slowly start to move and soon grab my breasts but I roll over in your arms and push you so that you are lying on your back.
I lift my leg so that I’m straddling you and my pussy rubs on your nice big cock, feeling it get harder as I get wetter.
Whilst grinding my cunt harder on your big dick and slowly running my hands over your chest, I begin playing with your nipples.
I lean down, pushing my breasts against you as I kiss you hard and passionately.
I take your hands in mine to stop you from touching me as I kiss your neck up to your ear and then feel your hips move up, pushing your cock against my bare pussy mound.
As I reach your ear I whisper, “Hhmm my cunt is nice and wet and ready for your hard big cock.
I wish you could slide into it and ride me till I cover it in cum and you fill me with yours but honey, I’m so sorry, I have to go to work early today.
” I get out of bed quickly, leaving you laying there and I head to the bathroom to have a shower.
I’m sure I hear you mutter something as I leave the room with a naughty grin on my face but think it’s not best to ask what.
After we’re both showered and dressed, you don’t say much over breakfast and as we get into the car to go to work.
This is another opportunity for me to tease you because I’m in one of your favourite outfits.
My long blonde hair is flowing down, framing my face and my blue eyes.
My nicely ironed white shirt is just showing my pink lacy bra underneath and my short black skirt is covering my matching pink lacy panties.
My black stockings have a lacy top and I’m wearing my favourite black heels.
As I sit in the car next to you, I lift my skirt up a little to show the stocking tops.
I see you keep glancing at them and your hand wanders to my leg.
Before you touch me, I grab and hold your hand sweetly, asking you to keep your eyes on the road.
You just smile wryly at me and it’s a silent drive to work, but I can see how hard you are for me.
During the day, you text me at work and suggest that we have a quiet night in and relax, maybe with a bottle of wine and a takeaway.
I know that this is your way of trying to get us to bed early and to try and make something happen.
Keeping to my plan, I reply that I have some urgent chores to do at home so maybe we can have the early night tomorrow instead.
Your reply is curt and you’re clearly not happy, but because I’m feeling sorry for you, I give you a treat by sending a picture of my nice cleavage.
You text me again, saying you would love to feel them but I ignore your comment and let you know that I expect to be home a little early and in time for dinner.
Doing all this teasing is, of course, starting to make me very horny and turned on.
A couple of hours later, I send you another picture, this time of my wet pussy with a finger sliding in.
Again, you reply saying how sexy it is but I just respond by telling you that I’ll see you at home later and ignore your comment.
You get home frustrated and horny but find dinner is ready and after giving me a kiss on the cheek, you see that I have gone to a lot of trouble in preparing it.
I watch you sit down to eat; the table has been laid out nicely and I have cooked your favourite dinner of pepper steak with fresh garden vegetables and fries.
I pour you a glass of red wine, leaning towards you as I do, my boobs inches from your face.
I join you at the table sitting opposite you, talking with you about what happened during the day and enjoying our meal.
As you’re speaking, I lean forward on the table and run my finger down my cleavage which I can see you following with your eyes.
I simply sit there and smile as I tease.
Then I run my foot up your leg and you feel my stilettos.
You know I’m wearing your favourite black L.
K Bennett’s and you have such a thing for me in heels.
I also know that you are getting hard in your jeans as I lick my lips and smile at you.
Suddenly, you stand up and throw your napkin on the table and move across to me, kissing my lips and trying to get me to feel your bulge but I stop you and say, “I’m really sorry, sexy, but I have work to do.
I hope it won’t take too long”.
You watch me walk into the next room and hear my heels clicking on the floor as I go.
You’re getting more frustrated and annoyed because you just want to fuck me here and now over the table.
As you stand there with all sorts of thoughts going round in your mind, I walk past you and quickly squeeze your cock through your jeans before moving back to the other room.
I’m pushing you on purpose now and being a real cocktease.
More so because I haven’t taken off my heels and when I stand in front of you and bend to pick up an envelope and it takes all your strength not to spank my ass then and there.
It is the final straw and you have had enough of this.
You decide that you are going to take control and get what you want.
You take my hand in yours and say, “Baby, I’m going to bed.
I’m so tired after a long day”.
Gently kissing my cheek, you leave me standing in the lounge and you can tell that I’m disappointed.
I was teasing you mercilessly and enjoying it but I can change my plans.
I’m ready for anything.
  I give you about ten minutes to get changed and get into bed and then I head up to our room, thinking that you should just about be lying in bed by now.
I can see the bedroom is rather dark with just a little light shining in through the curtains.
I step quietly into the room and go to sit on the chair by the door ready to take off my shoes.
Before my bum even touches the chair, the door is shut and I’m being pulled – forced even – so that my back is pushed hard against the door.
I start to protest but your lips are on mine, kissing me hard and passionately, your tongue playing with mine.
Your hands hold my arms against the door so I can’t stop you, even though I try and you feel me trying to fight you off.
You kiss my neck up to my ear like I did to you that morning and you whisper, “Stop fighting me.
You’ve teased me all day long and now I’m going to take what I want.
” “What if I don’t let you?” I hiss back.
A really naughty smile appears on your face.
You rip my shirt open and undo my front clasping bra.
You pull my panties down roughly and I kick them away.
You turn me around so that I’m pressed against the door again and run your hands down to my bum and give it a sharp slap.
You turn me around once more and push me to my knees looking at my lust filled face.
“Get my cock out, slut!” you command.
I do as instructed and start to stroke your cock but it’s not good enough for you.
You take hold of my head and place your cock on my lips, making me open my mouth and letting you slide in.
I feel you start to move in and out of my mouth slowly and you regret not face fucking me often enough as it feels so good.
You get a bit faster as I lick as much of your shaft as possible.
You enjoy the control and watching your cock in your wife’s mouth.
Then you notice I’m rubbing my clit, so you tell me, “You may play but you had better not cum!” It’s been so long since I’ve sucked and licked you and I sense that you are close to cumming.
I feel your cock grow and swell and stiffen in my mouth and your breathing increases so I grab your balls, massaging them, and start to moan on your cock so that your semen has no option other than to spurt into my mouth.
I swallow it all down as you smile at me and then pull me up.
Your arm is around my waist, pulling me close to you and kissing me, tasting your fresh cum on my lips.
In the darkness, you move me closer to the bed then push me down so that I am on the bed but laid on the pillow.
You climb on top of me, grab my wrists and bind them to the headboard with the silk tie of my robe.
I don’t try to break free as I have wanted you to do this for years but have never had the courage to tell you my kinky desires for fear of losing you.
You climb off me and slowly get naked, looking into my eyes as they have now adjusted to the dim light.
First, you remove your shirt followed by your trousers and then your boxers.
Very soon you are wearing only your sexy smile, the smile which I adore, the one that shows you’re turned on and want me and need me and love me.
You climb between my legs and kiss me and this time it’s a loving, long and hard kiss.
You kiss down my neck and spend ages on my tits, sucking and licking my nipples, taking each one into your mouth biting gently at first, then harder, making me moan and push my hips up against you.
Your hand slides down and gently touches my pussy.
You rub on the outside along my soaked lips and feel me trying to move my pussy so your fingers slide into it.
Eventually you tease me more by slipping one finger in before pulling it straight out again and hearing my needy moan.
Bringing your wet finger to my lips, I eagerly suck it clean, tasting myself and moaning.
You move down my body until I feel your breath on my pussy and your hands on my stocking clad legs.
Kissing around my pussy and along my pussy lips and then just above my clit causes my hips to move and that makes you smile.
You kiss down my pussy slit and you hear my breathing quicken as you lick my glistening pink gash up and down.
As you are flicking my clit with your tongue, you slip two fingers into me and fuck my cunt fast and hard.
My pussy starts to tighten around your fingers and my moaning becomes louder, both signs that tell you I’m close.
Suddenly, your fingers pull out and your tongue stops it’s lapping, even though I protest.
You laugh as you exclaim, “That, my darling slut, is for teasing me all day!” You laugh a little more and as we kiss again, I can taste my juices on your lips.
As we’re kissing, I manage to wriggle my hands free from the silk ties but you knew I would because you did not bind them too tightly.
I wrap my legs around you waist and put my arms around your neck.
You roll onto your back, taking me with you, but I play you at your own game and turn round on you so that we can sixty-nine.
I quickly place my pussy on your face and take your cock into my mouth before you can do anything to stop me.
With your rock hard dick gagging me and your tongue lapping at my pussyhole, I start to grind, fucking your tongue.
I force your cock deeper in my mouth while licking the head but soon find myself unable to concentrate on my cock-sucking as my orgasmic feeling returns.
I sit upright and push my pussy down on your mouth, enjoying the pleasure of my cum over your lips and tongue and feeling you suck in as much of my juices as possible.
As my orgasm subsides, I am still breathing hard and lean down to continue my pleasuring of you, massaging your balls as I suck you deep.
However, you don’t want to cum in my mouth and so push me off your body and on to the bed again.
I climb aboard you, slide my pussy down onto your cock and start to ride you.
You are in my pussy, balls deep and fucking me in a steady rhythm as I’m soaking wet and you’re nice and hard.
We both moan loudly, looking into each other’s eyes and I start to bounce faster on your cock, running my hands over your chest and over your nipples.
Your hands move to my hips to force my pussy deeper onto you.
As you need to cum and just want to fuck me, you withdraw your cock and get me up on my hands and knees.
You position yourself so that you are kneeling behind me and then line up your cock with my pussy entrance.
With one hand on my hips, your other hand guides your cock straight into me in one long, hard thrust, filling and stretching me and making me moan loudly.
You keep your left hand on my hip and with your right you grip my hair, pulling my head back, fucking me hard and fast not even slowing down when I squirt over you, cumming harder than I have ever climaxed before.
The sight and feeling of me squirting over your cock and balls makes your cock explode its load of hot creamy cum deep inside my pussy with a deep, satisfied, animal grunt.
You let go of my hair and we collapse on the bed together.
Your cock is softening, we are cuddled up and soon fall asleep together, happy, knowing that our sex life is back and determined not to let it go stale again.



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