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Stacy and I hadn’t seen each other in a while, I had been working extra shifts and for some reason Brendan had wanted to spend more time with her.
We’d stayed in touch over text and the odd quick phone call but that was it.
The winter was just setting in, the temperature had dropped and the evenings were getting darker.
It was Friday and I’d been at work all day and had been looking forward to meeting with one of my friends for a few drinks.
We had decided to go to one of the nicer bars in town, have dinner and sink a few cold beers.
I was walking down the corridor at work, carrying a piece of paper and wishing the last 10 minutes of my work week away while trying to avoid being asked to do any more work, which is why I was carrying the paper.
You see, as most people know, it is an unwritten rule that if you carry a piece of paper while you’re at work people think you’re doing something and so they don’t ask you to do anything else.
It’s a bit like starting a new job and being asked to make the coffee on your first day; if you make a crap one the first time they don’t ask you to do it again.
So there I was, walking down the corridor carrying my paper when my phone vibrated in my pocket.
I pulled it out; expecting it to be a text from my friend confirming what time we were meeting but when I looked at the screen I saw that it was Stacy.
Stacy: Hey, how are you.
I’ve been thinking about you all day.
Any chance we could meet up tonight? I smiled as I read the text but I now had a decision to make, did I meet up with my friend to drink beer? Or did I meet up with a hot chick for some equally hot sex? I made my choice in less than a second…I started to reply…Tony would understand.
Me: Sure, that sounds good.
Do you want me to pick you up? I put my phone back into my pocket and walked to get my coat and sign out, but before I’d even made it to our reception area my phone vibrated again.
Stacy: Great! No, it’s too risky for you to pick me up but Brendan will be out later so you can drop me home if that’s okay? I thought we could meet for a coffee then maybe head back to your place…? I replied again as I put on my coat and picked up my bag.
Me: No problem.
Are you going to invite me in when I drop you home? Stacy: You’re hilarious… I smiled to myself at her reply.
Me: Spoilsport…Okay, what time do you want to meet? I walked to the reception area and signed out.
There were a few other staff members there and we said our goodbyes and wished each other a good weekend but I was a little too distracted by texting Stacy to pay them much attention so I walked out into the car park.
Being in a warm building all day I’d forgotten how cold it was and quickly buttoned up my jacket.
I climbed into my car, putting my phone in the centre console and starting the engine.
As I began to reverse out of my parking spot I heard the message alert on my phone.
Stacy: About 7.
30? Are you going to park in the mall? Brendan will be home soon so I won’t reply but if you’re NOT going to park at the mall then let me know.
If I don’t hear from you I’ll meet you in Starbucks on the ground floor.
See you later x I had already decided to park at the mall so I dropped my phone back into the console and headed home to shower, eat and tell my friend I was bailing on him for Stacy.
I pulled my car through the gates at the entrance of the mall car park.
I had the heat on in the car because the temperature outside had dropped another couple of degrees since I’d left work.
I looked at my watch as I waited for the car in front of me to pull into a parking spot, it was 7.
25, hopefully I would still make it to Starbucks before Stacy so she wouldn’t be sitting there on her own.
As the car in front maneuvered into the spot I pulled forward and up the ramp that led to the higher floors.
I always liked to park on the top deck as it was on the roof in the open air and had a good view over the city.
As I drove around the spiral ramp I noticed that the higher I went the fewer cars and people there were, I guessed that most people were out in bars and restaurants instead of the mall.
As I reached the top floor I saw that there were only a few other cars up out in the open air and as I hate it when people park right next to me even though they’re in an empty car park I drove over to the far corner.
I walked across the car park, buttoning my jacket against the cold crisp air.
The heating as I walked through the entrance of the mall felt good after the cold night and I undid my jacket.
I rounded the corner to the bank of elevators which would take me down to the ground floor.
As I checked my watch again I heard a soft voice.
“Hey, you looking for someone?” I looked up and saw Stacy standing in front of me.
She looked pretty, as usual, her brown shoulder length hair tied up, exposing her sexy neck.
But she looked a little nervous as she always did at the start of our meetings.
“Not anymore, because I just found you,” I replied.
Stacy smiled and walked towards me.
She was wearing a long winter coat and I could see that she must have been wearing a skirt or dress because her legs had on what I hoped were stockings.
As she reached me I could smell her perfume.
My hands were still in my pockets and I opened my jacket as she reached me, wrapping it around her, bowing my head to kiss her already open lips.
Stacy slipped her arms around my waist and I pulled her close as our kiss became more urgent, our tongues seeking out the warmth of each other’s mouth, the frustration of several weeks of no physical contact boiling over into hard, fast, wet kisses.
I could feel my cock beginning to swell and my hands moved down to Stacy’s tight ass, pulling her into me, pressing her against my hardening penis.
I felt it flex as she pressed into me and she obviously did too because she sighed into my mouth as we continued to kiss.
The door to the car park behind us opened, suddenly causing me to become aware of the public nature of this illicit meeting.
I felt Stacy stiffen as she visibly tried to make herself smaller and to melt into my jacket.
I looked over my shoulder, making sure that my body was shielding her from whoever was coming through the door.
The two women who walked through the door barely paid us any attention, never breaking their conversation.
Stacy relaxed as I turned back to her.
“That reminded me of that night out in the country,” I said, smiling down at her.
Stacy looked innocently at the floor.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, fiddling with the buttons on my jacket.
I laughed as I thought back to the warm summer evening we had spent having sex out in the country when two women had wandered past, almost catching us.
“Oh, so you don’t remember us watching those two women taking in the scenery while you were riding me? You don’t remember riding my cock until you came while they were only a few feet away on the other side of my car and you don’t remember telling me to watch them while you sucked my cock, making me cum in your mouth? None of that sparking any memories?” Stacy continued to fiddle with my button, refusing to make eye contact with me.
“No, I don’t remember any of that.
” “Oh, okay”, I said, relaxing my hold on Stacy’s waist, “maybe it was some other girl”.
Stacy’s arm came up, hitting my shoulder.
“It had better not have been,” she said, looking up at me.
I smiled at her, leaning forward and kissing her again.
The heat of her lips re-ignited the spark of lust that had been burning before our interruption.
Stacy’s tongue slipped back into my mouth and I slid my hands inside her coat, feeling her body under the material of her dress.
I slid my hands down over her firm butt to the hem of the short dress she was wearing.
Stacy pulled me closer as my hands lifted her dress.
Instead of material, my hands were met with the cold flesh of Stacy’s tight ass cheeks.
For a second I thought she had left her underwear off but knowing Stacy as I do she would have been too nervous to do that.
My hand brushed against something on one of her cheeks and I realized it was one of the straps from the suspenders she was wearing.
I moved my hands inwards until I found the small, lacy material of her thong as it disappeared between her perfect cheeks.
I began to move my hand lower, tracing the material down until I could feel her cheeks curve under, towards her pussy.
Stacy gasped, biting my lip.
“Not here,” she whispered.
I kissed her again, replying without breaking the kiss.
“Yes, here”.
Stacy pulled away.
“No, we can’t.
Someone might come along.
” She looked up at me, her face a mixture of nerves and desire, accompanied with a look of pleading which told me she wanted to continue this somewhere else.
I kissed her softly, removing my hands from her coat and taking her by the hand.
I turned away.
“Where are we going?” Stacy asked.
“I want to tease this out.
We have a few hours, right?” I replied.
Stacy nodded.
“Yes, I don’t have to be home any special time.
He’ll be out all evening and he thinks I will be too”.
I took Stacy by the hand and lead her towards the bank of three elevators.
I stood behind Stacy as we waited for the elevator to arrive at our floor, my arms around her waist, my semi hard cock pressing against the small of her back.
“These are the slowest elevators in the world,” I laughed although they were renowned for taking forever to get from the 5th floor where we were down to the ground floor.
I leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck.
“If you do that I am not responsible for what might happen,” she sighed, her head dropping slightly forward.
I responded by kissing her again, my kiss turning into a nibble.
Stacy moaned, pressing her ass back into my cock.
“Stop”, she whispered.
I ignored her protest, continuing to nibble and kiss the back of her neck, harder now, as my hands moved to the buttons on her coat, undoing them, my hands slipping inside to her flat stomach.
I moved my hands slowly up her body towards her breasts.
” She insisted, her hands moving to mine, stopping them, pressing them against her stomach.
I pulled her closer to me.
“I want you.
Right now.
” I whispered between kisses, moving around to the side, nibbling.
“So do I, but we might get caught.
Someone might see”.
Her voice sounded unsure; like it had the first time she had come to my house, the first time she had cheated on her boyfriend with me.
“I don’t think I can wait,” I whispered into the hairs that had not been caught by the tie which held the high ponytail on the back of her head.
Just then the elevator chimed and the doors slid open, revealing the bright floresant lights inside.
We stepped forward into the empty elevator and I hit the button for the ground floor.
We both turned to face the open doors, standing silently, hand in hand, knowing that once we reached the main mall area we would have to be just two people who might or might not know each other.
I hit the door close button and finally they began to shut.
There was the usual click as the doors touched and locked.
I spun Stacy to face me, taking her by surprise, pushing her up against the wall, a move which contrasted the tenderness of my kisses from outside.
Stacy gasped as our mouths met, our tongues wrestling to gain entrance to the warmth between our lips.
Stacy’s hands began to move to the back of my head but before they could reach there I broke our kiss and spun her around, pushing her up against the wall, lifting her coat and dress, revealing her tight ass, suspenders and thong to the harsh lights of the elevator.
“No, Rich.
We can’t,” she protested softly, almost half heartedly, her hands never moving to stop me.
I quickly dropped to my knees, kissing her butt cheeks, the heat from my lips contrasting with the cold skin beneath them.
I slid my finger under the lacy material that separated her cheeks, running it down, freeing it from the tight valley, revealing to me for the first time in months Stacy’s tight, pink, freshly waxed pussy.
Stacy was no longer protesting, her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, millimeters from the wall, her shallow breaths causing condensation on the plastic that surrounded the floor indicators which were moving inexorably down from 5 to 4.
I ran my finger along her soft lips, parting them, feeling the wetness that was beginning to form there.
I dropped lower, hoping that I wouldn’t feel the jolt of the car as it stopped at the next floor, sliding my finger between her lips, watching as they parted slowly, coating it with her juices.
Stacy gasped as I entered her, her fingers attempting to dig into the wall.
I gently worked my finger further in, feeling the heat from inside her.
As her pussy stretched around my finger I gently slid in another, meeting with small resistance.
I pushed a little harder, the muscles inside her flexed, allowing it to enter her fully just as the light for floor three illuminated.
Stacy groaned.
I paused for a second, waiting for the doors to begin their slow journey open but they remained closed.
With my fingers still deep in her pussy I reached up to Stacy’s arm, quickly spinning her around, the heels of her shoes scraping the floor as she allowed herself to be turned.
With my free hand I pulled the black, lacy material at the front of her thong to one side, revealing more of her smooth pussy.
I could feel the wetness of her increasing around my fingers and I slid my tongue in with them, drawing it up to Stacy’s clit.
Stacy whimpered as my tongue swept over her stiff bud just as the light for floor 2 lit up.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelinaHouston Again my attention went to the movement of the elevator but once again there was no jolt, no sliding sound from the doors.
I ran my tongue over Stacy’s clit again, feeling the skin surrounding it open so that all pressure was focused on that tiny piece of skin which serves no other purpose other than to give pleasure.
Stacy gasped again, her hands moving down to the back of my head, pulling me closer.
I looked up to her face, her eyes were closed and her mouth open, her breathing becoming shorter and more pronounced.
Beside her pretty face I could see that floor light 1 was about to light up.
Assuming that no one got on at this floor I still had the upper ground to go before we reached the bottom.
I began to lick harder, increasing the pressure on Stacy’s clit slightly, causing her stomach to tighten under the thin material of her dress.
Suddenly floor one’s light burst into life; I listened for the sound of the car slowing but once again it continued uninterrupted as my tongue continued to sweep over Stacy’s now swollen clit.
As I watched for the next light I felt Stacy’s body move, it was very subtle but I had felt it enough times to know what it meant.
Her hands gripped the back of my head and I felt her legs either side of me begin to shake.
I watched as the material of her dress around her stomach begin to quiver and Stacy moaned, a breathy sound which seemed to escape from her lips without her permission as the first wave of her orgasm built up and washed over her hips and thighs.
Stacy’s head dropped forward as her climax continued and the light for the upper ground lit up.
I tensed my body, ready to stand up at the first sign of the elevator stopping but never slowing the movement of my tongue on her clit.
The car continued its downward journey as the waves of pleasure continued their journey around Stacy’s clitoris, vagina and lower body.
I knew that it was inevitable that the elevator would be stopping in less than a minute but I didn’t want to interrupt Stacy’s orgasm so I continued to stroke her clit with my tongue until I felt her body begin to relax, each additional movement of my tongue causing her body to tighten and buck with its intensity.
Suddenly the car jolted as the breaks began to apply and its decent slowed.
I pulled away from Stacy’s sweet and now sticky pussy, placing her panties back in place and standing up.
Stacy was still leaning against the wall, her breathing beginning to slow.
Beside me the doors began to open just as Stacy’s eyes did the same and she blinked in the bright artificial light.
Outside the doors several shoppers were waiting to board the elevator as Stacy pulled herself together and straightened her coat.
We stepped towards the open doors and I felt her hand reach over to mine, a reflex which she suddenly became aware of, pulling back and letting me walk through the crowd of people on my own as if we had just been two strangers who had happened to get into the same elevator on a Friday night.
I was surprised how quiet the mall was, the line in Starbucks was short with only two people in front of me.
I picked up our order and walked between the tables to where Stacy was sitting.
She was staring out the window into the dark cold night, a look of contentment on her face.
She looked up as I sat down, sliding her cup towards her.
“You’re a bad man,” she said, not looking at me but picking up the artificial sweetener from the dispenser on the table.
“I didn’t hear you complaining, all I heard were moans and rapid breathing.
” “That was me complaining.
Can’t you tell?” she replied, stirring her coffee.
“Right, sorry, I’ll listen out for that next time and make sure I stop,” I said, removing the lid from the take out cup.
“You will NOT”, she replied, still refusing to make eye contact with me.
I laughed.
Stacy looked around to see who was within earshot.
“I can’t believe the things you get me to do.
First the night in the countryside and now,” she looked around again, lowering in her voice, “and now going down on me in an elevator in the mall”.
She paused, looking at her coffee, “I did cum really hard though,” she added, a smile crossing her mouth.
“I thought you did,” I replied, “I thought I might have to catch you right at the end there.
” “What would you have done if the doors had opened?” Stacy asked, looking up at me.
“Ahh, it was fine,” I said, “I had it covered.
” Stacy shook her head, smiling again.
“You’re a bad man.
” I finished my coffee and put the cup on the table, Stacy was still working on hers as I looked around at the half empty coffee shop.
I leaned forward slightly so that I could keep my voice low.
“So, do you wanna head back to my place?” I asked.
Stacy looked at me and smiled.
“I do, but we have all night and it looks so nice out there.
Do you mind if we walk outside for a while? It’s dark so no one will see us but we won’t be able to do anything.
” Stacy looked at me sternly as she said the last part of her sentence.
I smiled at her.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I said.
We stepped through the doors of the mall into the crisp night air.
The streets were busier than the mall, with people shopping and some even sitting on the outside tables of coffee shops, wrapped up in big coats and hats.
Stacy pulled her coat around her and buttoned it up.
“Brrr, it’s even colder than I thought it would be,” she said, stuffing her hands into the deep pockets.
We walked through the crowds of people, talking as we went.
I noticed that from time to time Stacy would look around; obviously checking that no one was watching us.
I smiled to myself at the nervous look on her face.
“If you’re worried about getting spotted we can just head back to my place,” I said, hoping to relieve some of the tension she was feeling.
“I know but it’s so nice with all the lights and people.
” She looked at me, “We are definitely going back to your place soon though, I keep thinking about that orgasm in the elevator and I want at least another one off you.
I also want to feel that hard cock inside me, I want to feel your cum filling me up.
” I took a deep breath, the sound of her sounding so confident, telling me exactly what she wanted arousing me again.
“If you’re going to talk like that, I don’t think I can wait.
” I said.
“I know, I want you right now,” she responded.
We had left the mall behind and were heading down into the rest of the shopping area.
Most of the shops were just sections of large buildings but others were single units with access lanes and alleys between them.
With a quick look around for familiar faces I grabbed Stacy’s hand and stepped into one of the alleys.
“Wait, what’re you doing?!” She exclaimed, pulling back towards the street.
I responded without looking over my shoulder.
“You said you wanted me right now.
This is right now.
” “Wait, no, I was just trying to sound naughty.
I didn’t mean we would do anything here.
Rich, wait!” But I was already leading her into the shadows of the two buildings which made up the narrow alley.
As I took another step forward I saw a small alcove in the wall which was used to give access to an inspection cover in the pavement.
I pulled Stacy towards it, ignoring her whispered protests.
We stepped into the dark alcove, Stacy’s heels clicking on the metal cover as I pushed her forcefully yet gently against the cold brick wall.
She was still demonstrating in whispers when I pressed my mouth against hers, muffling her protests until she resigned and began to kiss me back.
I pressed my body against hers, pressing her against the icy bricks, our lips and tongues battling in a frenzy of hard kisses.
From just around the corner we could hear the sounds of people talking and laughing, coffee cups being collected onto trays and music playing from one of the stores.
I pulled at the buttons on Stacy’s coat, half expecting her to protest again, telling me stop but she didn’t break our kiss, instead her hands moving to the back of my head.
As I popped the last button on her heavy coat I pushed it open, reaching down, lifting her short dress and exposing her tight ass and thighs to the freezing night air.
I grabbed at her lacy black panties, pulling them down over her thighs, breaking our kiss as I slid them the length of her legs.
Stacy carefully stepped out of her thong, giving me the opportunity to get a look at the black stockings and suspenders she wore.
I stood up, her panties still in my hand, feeling the dampness of the lacy black material.
I lifted her dress again, this time sliding my hands up Stacy’s back to the clasp on her bra, popping it open and lifting the cups over her pert breasts.
I ran my thumbs over Stacy’s nipples which were hard, a combination of lust and the cold night air.
She moaned into my mouth as I rolled her stiff, aching nipples between my fingers as my other hand moved quickly down her body, over the garter belt around her flat stomach to her wet, open pussy.
I slipped two fingers inside with ease; her lips still open with arousal form being in the elevator.
Suddenly Stacy’s hands left the back of my head and for a moment I thought she was going to push me away, telling me that we couldn’t do this here but instead they moved down to the belt on my jeans, pulling at it in frenzied lust as my fingers continued to move inside her.
Stacy struggled with the buckle on my belt.
“Shit!” She exclaimed, “I can’t get this fucking thing undone.
” Suddenly she froze, her eyes wide.
“Did you hear that? I think someone is heading this way, I heard a voice”.
I listened for a second, my aching hard on pressing against my jeans but the only sounds I could hear were of people and music coming from the street 10 feet away.
“I think that was you swearing at my belt,” I replied.
Stacy looked up at me.
“Oh, well then help me get it off.
But do NOT remove your fingers from my pussy”.
I grinned, using my free hand to help undo my belt.
As soon as it fell free Stacy’s hands were grabbing for the button on my jeans and sliding the zipper down.
As my jeans fell open they dropped and I could feel the cold air on my ass through the thin material of my boxer shorts.
Stacy’s hands reached for the waist band, lifting it over my now erect penis and pulling them down so that now the bottom part of my butt cheeks were showing from under my jacket.
We kissed again as I removed my fingers from between Stacy’s soft pink folds.
With one hand I massaged her breasts, the other taking hold of my cock and guiding it towards the heat of her expectant pussy.
Stacy lifted her left leg, wrapping it around my waist as she felt the tip of my cock reach her wet opening.
I thrust my hips forward, the juices from her pussy and the pre cum on my cock allowing me to slip inside her with no resistance.
Stacy gasped and called out as I felt the length of my erection fill her until my balls slapped against her and I bottomed out inside.
My fingers were pinching her nipples, moving from one breast to the other, our mouths pressed together.
“Fuck me, Rich.
Fuck me hard!” Stacy called between our kisses, obviously no longer too concerned about being heard.
I began to stroke my cock into her, pulling the full length out before sliding it back in, the force of my thrusts pushing her against the wall.
With my free hand I grabbed Stacy’s wrists and lifted them above her head, pinning her arms against the cold bricks.
I began to push harder into her, each thrust almost lifting her foot off the floor.
My mouth moved to Stacy’s neck, kissing it forcefully, biting her between each kiss.
Stacy moaned, whispering my name, her eyes closed, and her head back against the cold wall.
I continued to thrust, holding my cock deep inside her for a second before drawing it back out.
I looked at Stacy’s face, lost in the moment and I wondered if she was still listening for voices or if she could still here the music from the street.
Suddenly I felt her body tense up again as it had in the elevator.
“Tell me”, I said simply but Stacy was already beginning to moan louder, her breath becoming more and shallower as her orgasm built up, moving out from inside her pussy to her hips, stomach and thighs.
I continued to thrust into her hot opening as she let out another moan.
“Fuck! I’m cumming!” She called into the cold night air, her body jerking as the intense waves continued around her vagina.
Stacy suddenly relaxed, her body falling against mine.
I released her arms and they fell around my neck as she kissed me between her rapid breaths.
“Did you cum?” She whispered into my neck.
“No, not yet”, I replied, no longer thrusting into her but with my hard cock still buried inside her pussy.
“I want you to cum in me,” she whispered.
I pulled out of her the air feeling even colder on my cock as it left the warmth of her pussy.
I quickly turned Stacy around and she instinctively bent forward, positioning her open lips in front of my hard on.
I grabbed her pale thighs and stoked my cock back into her, moaning with the intensity.
Stacy called out again, this time her moans muffled by the wall in front of her face.
She placed her hands against the wall to brace herself as I began to stroke forcefully into her again.
I twisted my fingers around the straps of her garter belt, causing one to ping off her stocking.
Stacy looked back over her shoulder at me.
“Fuck me, Rich.
Cum inside me.
Use my pussy to make yourself cum,” she whispered, her eyes locked with mine.
I could feel the tension building around my balls as they grew tighter.
I thrust again, another long, deep stroke, filling her with my hardness and then suddenly my own orgasm ripped through me, the ecstasy burned around my balls and my cock as I released inside Stacy, string after string of cum filling her with each thrust until I couldn’t thrust anymore and I just held inside her, my cum mixing with her own wetness, our bodies moving with each deep breath we took.



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