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Last winter my girlfriend, Kayla, and I took a weekend trip up to Vermont, and stayed in a beautiful ski resort near Killington Mountain.
She’s a snowboarder and I’m a skier, I know it’s weird right? But anyway, we checked in Friday night and made sure we had our weekend passes.
We were exhausted after the drive and ended up crashing soon bafter we unpacked.
I woke up to Kayla getting changed and ready for a long day of skiing and boarding.
The light from the sunrise was shining through the window onto her.
She was sliding a grey cotton thing up her long, smooth legs and eventually over her perfect round ass.
She is pretty tall, about 5’9″, and I love that about her.
Her legs are not too skinny, and not fat by any means.
They are perfectly toned from her high school and college years of track and snowboarding every winter.
She turned around so that I could see the front of her.
Her long, blonde hair was streaming down her front, to just below her breasts.
Her breasts are amazing.
Perfect in my eyes.
They are round, soft, and not too big or too small.
A perfect 36 C cup.
Her nipples top them off, no bigger than a quarter and they do not stick too far out.
Her curves are amazing and her body is so sexy.
She put on a bright orange sports bra, and then noticed I was awake.
“Good morning,” she said with a smile, “Ready for the day?” “Of course I am!” I said, trying to remember that we were here to ski after being distracted by her perfect figure.
I then got out of bed and got changed into all my gear, ready to hit the slopes.
I never noticed until this trip how amazing Kayla looked in all of her snowboarding gear.
Her snow pants fited enough so that you could see the round bubble shape of her ass.
Her jacket matched the headband that held her hair back, and they both made her green eyes shine in the sunlight.
The weather was nice that morning, but it called for snow in the afternoon.
Fine by us, we would not mind if a little snow fell.
We loved the winter.
It a was a great day to be on the mountain.
I let her go in front of me, I love watching her ass move as she carves into turns.
We took a break for lunch around 1 o’clock.
In the lodge we took our outer gear off.
Through her under-armour base layer I could see her nipples just poking out from the cold air.
She told me how much fun she was having, and I agreed with her.
I thought about seeing her get dressed that morning, and I began to get a little worked up, I could feel my cock start to rise, so I had to control myself.
After we were done eating, we went back outside.
It was snowing and it was a beautiful winter scene.
Every time we got on the lift Kayla would comment about how much fun it was and how we should come back every winter.
On one particular ride she asked if I wanted to lead the next run.
I thought for a little and, feeling playful, I said, “No, thanks.
I like watching your sexy ass move.
” She replied with a smirk on her face, “You got it, babe.
” I swear on the next run down she pushed her ass out more than usual.
I must have triggered something in her head because she was being playful for the rest of the day.
“Did you see my jump on that run, or were you too busy looking at my ass?” she remarked.
I told her I would take her out to dinner that night right before our last run, and her face lit up like a little girl.
After the final run, we returned to our room.
While Kayla was taking a shower, I asked around and made reservations at a nice, high-end steakhouse close to the resort.
After my shower, I emerged from the bathroom with just a towel around my waist.
“Wow,” Kayla said.
It took me by surprise, as she had seen me like this many times before.
“What?” “You look sexy,” she said biting her lip.
I am not going to brag but I keep in shape, so I had a little bit of a six-pack going on, but, again, nothing to brag about.
“Thanks, now get ready,” I demanded of her.
I put on a black dress shirt, and a white tie tucked into a black jacket.
I loved this suit, and it fit me perfectly.
Kayla came out of the bathroom, blonde hair perfectly straight, make-up done skillfully, and wearing a tight beige skirt, ending mid-thigh with black stripes and zig-zags running around it.
Her ass looked amazing.
To go with that she was wearing a flowing black top, with her breasts shaping the upper portion, and a few straps criss-crossing in the back.
She looked absolutely gorgeous.
She put her heels on, and she was almost as tall as me, but I did not care.
People would notice her, and that turned me on, knowing that she was mine, and only mine.
Walking through the restaurant, I noticed eyes shifting to us, wondering what a girl like her was doing with me.
We ordered a bottle of wine and then our food.
Maybe it was the romantic setting, maybe the wine, but Kayla was getting frisky.
She was running her feet over mine and up and down my leg.
Near the end of our meal, she leaned in to me.
“Want to know a secret?” she asks seductively.
“Tell me.
” Curiosity got the best of me.
“I’m not wearing panties,” she paused, “Or a bra.
” She looked at me with her sexy eyes and I responded like any man would.
There was my beautiful girlfriend, out in public, with nothing underneath her short skirt and thin top.
When the waiter returned, I requested the check as soon as possible.
No dessert.
No coffee.
We left the restaurant, and got a cab.
It was about a five-minute drive, and that was too long.
We did not care there was a cabbie, her soft lips met mine, and soon it was our tongues.
She was so hot, and I could not keep my hands off.
As we were making out, I ran my hands up her leg.
She was not lying, no panties were found.
She was so wet already.
I had never seen her like that before.
Online Now! Lush Cams Naomi_Hill Once we arrived, I ave the driver the money, plus a tip.
I was in the moment and he just smiled and said, “Take care of her, son,.
You’re a lucky young man.
” This weirdly boosted my confidence, and I swooped my lovely girlfriend up to our room.
She put on some fitting music.
“Nice touch,” I told her.
“Nice suit,” she replied.
It was her favorite of my clothes.
“Now take it off, or I will.
” “That’s a risk I’m willing to take.
” She came at me, and grabbed me by the waste.
We started making out again, an she threw off her shoes.
She became about five inches shorter and began kissing my neck and loosening my tie.
I decide to help her out and untucked my shirt and removed my tie.
I was undoing the buttons on my shirt as she got to her knees and moved to my belt.
She took it off and began running my cock through my pants.
“Did you like staring at my ass all day today? I saw you staring at my tits the whole time during dinner, baby.
Ohh, that feels nice doesn’t it?” I was so engrossed in the moment all I could say was, “Yes.
” She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
She pulled them down and my briefs soon followed.
By this time I was rock-hard.
I am not big, but above average.
A little less than six inches long, with the girth to fit.
She loved it and that is all that matters.
She licked the entire length of cock from the balls to the head and then wrapped her soft, warm lips around it and went to town.
She was a pro.
She used her one hand to stroke my shaft, an her other was massaging my balls.
She moved her head in a perfect rhythm and her tongue was incredible.
I was speechless.
I soon realized I had to tell her to stop or I would cum, and we were just getting started.
I stood her up and threw her onto the bed.
I pulled her skirt off and she removed her top.
There she was, in all her glory.
God, she was sexy.
I admired her for a few seconds and then I rolled her over on to her stomach and began to rub her back.
She loved when I did this, and it made her very wet.
I paid special attention to her soft ass.
It was perfect and I filled my hands with the warm flesh and squeezed until she let out a moan.
I flipped her over and she was writhing with pleasure already.
I decided that since she gave me an almost perfect blowjob, I would return the favor.
I kissed her on the lips, then down to her chest, stopping briefly to kiss around her tits and nipples.
Then I went down her stomach to her clean shaven pussy.
I loved how she tasted, so it was not a problem for me to go downtown.
I licked from the bottom to the top of her clit and she arched her back and moaned.
I knew exactly where her clit was, so I teased it before she begged me to suck on it.
She was already grabbing her boobs.
I knew what would take her over the edge.
I inserted my finger into her wet pussy.
It was so wet and easy to slide right in.
She was tight and I began fingering her as I sucked and licked he swollen clit.
I also knew right where her G-spot was, so I began to rub the upper wall of her vagina.
“Oh fuuuuck that’s so good!” she yelled.
“I’m going to cum!” she managed to mutter out.
I kept going until her body was shaking in an intense orgasm and my finger was soaked with her juices.
“How was that?” I asked, knowing the answer.
“Shut up and fuck me right now!” she demanded.
How could I turn that down? I laid on my back and she knelt on top of me.
She grabbed my throbbing cock and rubbed it on her clit and across her dripping pussy lips.
She positioned perfectly to slide in, and lowered herself onto me.
“Oh, god, you’re so big!” She says that every time and it still makes me feel great.
“You like that, huh?” “Oooh, fuck, yes!” She started to ride me cowgirl style.
This was my favorite position, because I could watch her perfectly round tits bounce with each movement.
I reached up and grabbed them and she tilted her head back and moaned.
We were both moaning at this point, making noises and asking rhetorical questions about how good it felt.
I was on cloud nine.
I was in Vermont, making passionate love to my sweet girlfriend.
I decided to switch positions or I would cum.
Doggy style, it was.
She got on all fours, and I knelt behind her.
Her ass looked perfect from my view and it was accentuated by her sexy back dimples.
I started fucking her again, and she matched my movements.
I leaned over and reached around to rub her clit as we fucked.
She began breathing heavy and I could make out that she said she was going to cum again.
I’ve never heard her yell like this before and it was enough to send me over the edge.
Still pumping in and out of her, I said, “Kayla, I’m going to cum!” She turned around and started sucking my cock again.
I warned her once more and then I exploded.
This was the most intense orgasm that I have had.
I came into her mouth and she sucked every last squirt down.
She took my dick out of her mouth and I kept cumming.
A few more ropes of cum landed on her tits and she sat there with a huge smile on her face.
She was so sexy.
“Holy shit, that was incredible!” I said, still breathing heavily.
“No, that was better than incredible,” she replied.
“Those were the best orgasms I’ve ever had, baby.
” “You’re welcome,” I said with a smile.
She got up and walked to the bathroom and I watched her ass sway as she took her steps.
I was so exhausted after the days events, I began to nod off while she was cleaning up.
I remember her climbing back into the bed and cuddling up next to me, still naked.
I loved her skin touching mine.
I fell asleep, thinking about what just happened.
I loved this girl, and she made me feel like I never thought possible.



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