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It was New Years Eve, and as usual I had a group of friends at my place for a party.
Things had been going great, beer had been drunk, laughter was had, and Emma spent the entire night teasing me in that gorgeous black party dress she wore.
Barely long enough to cover her sweet little ass, her bare legs caught the attention of every guy in the room.
And best of all, she was all mine.
The clock had struck twelve, and the New Year was here.
Emma grabbed my hand and told me to follow her.
I wasn’t one to say no to this offer! I had been waiting all night for it, my cock growing with impatience at every glance of her legs and her small breasts.
The strange thing was, she took me to our en-suite bathroom.
We walked in, she closed the toilet lid, and told me to sit down.
Emma wasn’t usually one to ask twice, so I did exactly as she asked.
“Happy New Year baby,” she whispered seductively in my ear.
She stood back and unzipped the side of her dress, which fell softly to the ground.
There she was, in all her glory.
Stood in the gorgeous electric blue matching bra and thong I had bought her for Christmas.
“Wow, Em! You’re body looks incredible!” I said, excitedly, like a child who’s sweet shop dreams had just come true! At which point her fingers slowly dragged , ever so gently, over her flat stomach and between the middle of the cups of her bra, and found their way back down over her tits.
Goosebumps shot all over her body, and her nipple became rock hard through her bra.
She had clearly been waiting for this moment all night too.
Her hands began to gently squeeze her small yet perfect tits.
She moaned softly with each little movement.
She forced her hands away from her breasts and down to that blue thong.
Which was torn off immediately.
There it was, her shaved perfect pussy.
It looked damp, like she had been horny all night, and I could smell her sweet nectar already.
Her left hand slid over the top of her pussy and found her engorged clit.
She gently drew small circles over her sweet spot and her head flew back with her mouth open and eyes closed.
She was in heaven.
I watched as her fingers applied more and more pressure and picked up the speed.
My cock getting harder with each and every second that passed.
Whilst her left hand continued to rub her clit, her right hand was placed infront of my face.
“Lick my fingers baby; I need them wet,” she commanded.
I opened my mouth, and got her fingers nice and wet, using my spit as lube was one of her biggest turn ons.
Her middle finger found its way to her tight hole, and she gently forced the tip in.
Online Now! Lush Cams scintillante This was proving to be quite some show! Her finger wormed it’s way deeper and deeper inside her already dripping pussy.
All the while her left hand continued to rub her clit, faster and faster.
I could hear her gasps of pleasure, as she slipped yet another digit inside her already tight hole.
“Get them trousers off baby,” she told me.
“My fingers aren’t big enough.
I need your cock.
” I did as I was told immediately.
And as soon as my hard seven inch cock was thrust out into the open, Emma lowered herself onto me.
My cock slid effortlessly inside her warm moist pussy.
Oh, it was heaven.
The feeling of her tight cunt wrapping around my throbbing cock, whilst her hand still rubbed her clit.
My hands grabbed her ass and helped her to bounce up and down on my shaft.
I knew she was close and there was one thing which I knew would tip her over the edge.
I licked my thumb, moistening it with my spit, and placed it onto her little asshole.
She stopped moving, and looked into my eyes, she moaned, “If you do that, I will cum so hard all over your cock.
” “Is that a threat or a promise you naughty little slut?” “Just do it and you’ll see,” she begged of me.
I forced my thumb up inside her ass, and I could feel my cock inside her pussy against my thumb.
I felt every hole tighten, around my cock, and my thumb.
She was right, she was going to explode.
She started bouncing and grinding on my cock and thumb so hard and fast I could hear her panting.
She was close.
She gasped with pleasure as she lifted herself higher, one last time, and as she forced herself down onto my cock and thumb.
I felt her pussy contract and pulse as she came.
That feeling alone was enough to make me shoot my load deep inside her.
I felt her cum again, as my cum hit the inside of her pussy.
We kissed passionately, in a sweaty mess.
She stood up, placed her thong back on, which I knew would be full of the cum that drips out of her after sex, put her dress on, checked her hair in the mirror, and went back to the party.
She partied the rest of the night away with cum filled panties, and a thoroughly satisfied pussy.
My cock, remained hard for the entire night, at the thought of what had just happened and the knowledge of her wet cunt walking around my friends filled with my juices.



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