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I lay on the bed, naked, eagerly waiting for my boyfriend Nick to come and make love to me.
He was in the shower, and was taking his sweet time.
He loved to keep me waiting.
As I waited there, I started playing with my nipples, pulling and pinching them.
Slowly I reached down to my throbbing pussy and started rubbing my clit, then ever so gently I slipped in my middle finger into my love hole.
‘Ahhhh,’ that felt good.
I started playing with myself, feeling the pleasure run through my pussy.
‘Want me to finish that for you?’ I came back to my senses as I heard Nick’s voice.
He was standing in front of me, completely naked, his ten inch cock hard as rock, ready to penetrate my aching pussy.
‘Sure baby,’ I replied with a naughty look on my face, as I sucked and licked my finger which was in my pussy a while ago.
Nick didn’t waste any time and quickly went down on me.
He started licking my clit and kissing my hole and licking it with his tongue.
He then started fucking my love hole with his tongue while rubbing my clit with his thumb.
I moaned with pleasure and started playing with my tits.
Nick stopped fucking me with his tongue just as I was about to cum and kissed me roughly on the mouth, his tongue touching mine and said, ‘I’ll be right back.
‘ After what seemed like forever Nick came back, holding a butt plug in his hand.
I had never had any sort of anal sex before and I didn’t like the look of that thing.
Nick sensed my reluctance, but he came up to me and gently kissed my lips and started playing with my tits, then he sucked them and his fingers found my pussy and he gently inserted one finger, then another and started pumping in and out slowly.
His fingers felt amazing in my pussy.
I moaned with pure pleasure.
Then slowly his finger found its ways to my ass hole.
He rubbed it slowly and spread the juices from my pussy on my ass hole.
‘Its okay baby,’ Nick said, as I tensed up.
‘It’s going to feel great, trust me.
‘ He asked me to turn around and lie down flat on my tummy.
Online Now! Lush Cams Billy_Kleine He parted my ass with his hands and slowly applied lube and started inserting his finger in my ass hole.
I gasped as I felt it push through.
and he started pushing it in and out.
‘It hurts Nick,’ I said.
‘Relax baby, come on.
‘ He kissed my back and neck, his finger still in my ass hole.
He slowly inserted a second finger, then a third’ I moaned with pleasure and pain.
He didn’t move them yet, he just let them stay in my ass hole while I got used to it.
Then he gently started pumping them in and out.
I could feel my pussy throbbing.
It felt so good.
He kept on pumping his fingers, faster and faster, I felt my body shudder and I had a powerful orgasm.
‘You liked that baby?’ he said as he turned me around and was lying on top of me, he started kissing me deeply, our tongues meeting each other and sending shivers all over my body.
Then he gently lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders, while he took the butt plug, rubbed lube on my ass hole and started inserting it.
‘Aaaahh!’ I gasped ‘Oh God Nick! Stop,’ I said.
‘Shh, relax baby, calm down, It’s okay,’ he said as he gently continued pushing it further in.
I relaxed a little.
‘Yes that’s it baby, just a little bit more, there you go,’ he said as he finally pushed it in completely.
Then he let my legs down and went down on me, licking my clit and at the same time moving the butt plug gently in and out of my ass hole.
He turned me around and made me sit doggy style, with the butt plug still in my ass, he thrust his hard cock in my extremely wet pussy, with each thrust I could feel the butt plug moving and pleasuring my butt hole.
He continued fucking me for fifteen minutes, I came twice and then he finally exploded, his cum oozing into my dripping wet pussy.
He pulled out the butt plug, which came out with a small ‘pop’.
Nick collapsed on the bed and I fell into his arms.
‘ I love you baby,’ he said.
‘I love you too,’ I sighed and fell asleep.



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