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Latest stories Taboo This Is A New Beginning Part 2

My step-daughter Ellen was standing there with a strap-on dildo in her hand just smiling at me.
I was tied to the bed wearing lingerie and a wig.
It was one of my favorite sets in black and the stockings felt good against my legs.
I looked at her and wondered what she was going to do next.
I thought back to how it started.
My wife had gone on a trip and I was home with Ellen.
My wife and I had played many games over the years and one of our favorites was dressing me as a woman.
We thought we had kept it to ourselves but that wasn’t the case.
Ellen must have been watching and listening while she lived in the house.
She looked like a younger version of her mother and the two were eerily similar in bed.
I really couldn’t tell them apart by their actions and noises.
At this point, I was one happy guy.
Ellen had gotten my attention while chasing the dog and falling on top of me in my chair.
It went from oral to wild sex really quickly and there were promises of more.
During one session I had taken Ellen’s anal virginity and she had promised a pay-back.
I wondered if it was coming now.
The way I ended up tied to the bed must have been carefully planned.
Ellen had given me a beer and two tablets after a particularly wild session of sixty-none where she had almost suffocated me and gave me a huge headache.
I passed out after the beer.
When I woke up I was tied to the bed and dressed.
Ellen had done my make-up using her lipstick.
I knew I was looking good, besides feeling horny as hell.
In exchange for a bathroom break, I promised Ellen I would return to the bed so she could tie me back up.
I even posed for her to take pictures on the way back from the bathroom.
It didn’t matter at that point; I knew she had taken some photos while I was passed out.
I watched as she strapped the dildo on.
It wasn’t too long but looked fairly wide.
Assuming that she was about to wear my ass out, I wondered if it was going to fit and how much this was going to hurt.
It wasn’t like I hadn’t had a dildo in my ass before; it was just the bigger size of this one that made me nervous.
At this point, I was getting pretty horny and my panties were getting wet.
I was hoping Ellen would do something about it quickly.
I needed to cum.
Ellen finished strapping the dildo on and approached the bed.
She quickly straddled my head in a sixty-nine position and I was really ready for her.
It was then that I realized that she still had her panties on.
Had she forgotten to take them off? Apparently, Ellen had not forgotten to take them off as it wasn’t her intent for me to eat her again.
She settled into position with the dido over my mouth and told me to open wide.
She then jammed the dildo into my mouth as far as she could.
I choked and gagged on the toy.
Struggling was no good since I was tied up.
I really couldn’t breathe.
Thankfully, Ellen must have recognized my difficulties.
She pulled the dildo out of my mouth and got off me.
Wordlessly, she grabbed a couple pillows.
Ellen jammed the pillows under my neck and shoulders tilting my head backwards.
It wasn’t the most comfortable position but I could breathe again! Ellen then climbed back on top of me and repositioned the dildo over my mouth.
She slowly slid it past my lips and suddenly shoved it all the way down into my mouth.
I started to gag but having my head tilted back allowed the dildo to go down my throat as I relaxed and was able to breathe.
Ellen then savagely began fucking my mouth with the dildo.
It continued for quite a while and I realized she was beginning to sweat from the exertion she was putting into it.
Eventually Ellen leaned forward and rolled off of me.
She told me what had just happened was an example of how she expected to be fucked regardless of the hole I was using.
I tried to voice my agreement but my throat was sore and the voice didn’t sound like mine.
It was husky and hoarse, definitely not male sounding at all.
Looking at the dildo, I could see the lipstick all the way at the base of it.
It reminded me of the ring around my cock after a blow job from Ellen.
I couldn’t believe the whole thing fit in my mouth.
I wondered what was next from the sex machine of a step daughter.
She really was like her mother! Ellen quickly got off the bed and looked at me like she was deciding her next move.
I think she already knew what she was going to do.
I was absolutely looking forward to it! Ellen began by loosening the bonds on my legs from the bed and swiftly pulling my panties off.
I was hoping for a blow job but she completely ignored my erection.
I had had it so long it was starting to hurt.
I was getting desperate and started to say something.
Instead, Ellen grabbed a sock and rudely stuffed it in my mouth without a word.
Ellen then brought my legs back fastening the bonds on the headboard.
My knees were bent and pulled apart and my ass was exposed.
My wife had never tied me like this so I wondered where Ellen got the idea.
I was thinking that this was the position that I had her fucked her in more than once.
I was really starting to feel some intensity in the room.
Thankfully, Ellen then grabbed a tube of lubricant.
She put it all over her fingers.
She started with one finger into my ass, wiggling it and sliding it in and out.
She then used two fingers and eventually three.
I was really enjoying it but still hadn’t gotten any relief.
Ellen pulled out her fingers and lubed the dildo up.
She crawled between my legs, said “open wide” and slammed the dildo into my ass.
The first thrust was painful as she pushed the dildo all the way in.
She pulled back and slammed it in again settling into a rhythm that drove me crazy.
I pushed back as best I could from my bound position trying to match hers.
It was driving me wild.
At the same time rubbing on my erection as she fucked my ass was almost unbearable.
I exploded, with the cum going everywhere it seemed.
Ellen definitely noticed the explosion and increased her rhythm with the dildo.
It went on for what seemed like ages.
Suddenly, Ellen collapsed on top of me.
She had really exerted herself.
She was hot and sweaty, just like some of our other sessions.
Eventually she sat up.
I couldn’t move or say anything.
Online Now! Lush Cams VanessaFlowerss She looked me in the eye and just smiled.
It was almost demonic.
I wondered what was going to happen next.
At that point, Ellen unstrapped the dildo without pulling it out.
She got off me and untied my legs.
They were asleep and I couldn’t move them.
Ellen quickly slid the panties back on, making sure that they held the dildo in place.
She then refastened the bonds to the bed.
With a warning for me not to go anywhere, Ellen got up and left the room.
Being tied up I couldn’t go anywhere so I just laid there and listened.
She had gone and gotten into the shower.
I wished I was in there with her.
I started getting erection thinking about what I could do to her in the shower.
We’d been there before.
Ellen eventually came back into the room, naked and with wet hair.
I was a sticky mess with a dildo fastened up my ass.
The blood had painfully returned to my legs and I still had the erection.
She had the demonic smile on her face again.
Ellen crawled on top of me and positioned herself after sliding the panties down under my balls but still holding the dildo in.
She slid down on my erection easily as she was soaking wet.
She moved up at down at her pace.
She wasn’t giving me any relief but based on the sounds, she was obviously enjoying herself.
The demonic smile went away as her eyes closed half way and she softly moaned.
The dildo kept moving in my ass driving me crazy.
Eventually, Ellen climaxed and rolled off of me.
I still hadn’t had any relief and couldn’t ask for any with the sock in my mouth.
All I could do is make noises, hoping she would translate them into a plea for relief.
My noises were answered quickly as Ellen began stroking the erection.
I must have lasted about six strokes before I came, once again covering my belly with a hot sticky mess.
Ellen pulled the sock from my mouth.
She said I needed to go clean up but to be a good boy and come right back.
She untied me and I tried to stand.
I was unable to stay up and fell back on the bed.
I was sore and ached like there was no tomorrow.
Ellen offered to help.
She quickly pulled the panties off and took the dildo out.
It was some relief.
She then helped me take the rest of the clothes off as well as the wig.
I noticed that she had glued the breast forms in place.
I asked what she had used for glue and got the demonic smile again.
She had used super glue.
I now realized she intended to make this a lengthy tryst.
It was fine though as my wife’s trip was extended by a week.
Ellen helped me sit up and assisted me to the shower.
I spent a long time under the water cleaning myself.
It felt great.
After the shower I was able to walk and stand without assistance.
I stood in front of the mirror and removed the rest of the make-up.
The breast forms seemed to jiggle every time I reached for something.
Looking in the mirror I decided to play the game to the max.
I pulled out my make-up and started applying it.
My wife had taught me how to do it so it was fairly simple.
I did darken my eyes quite a bit and used a bright red lipstick.
I grabbed a shoulder length auburn wig and put it on.
I was sore and hoarse but I was not going to let this opportunity go away.
Looking in the closet I pulled out a strapless black cocktail dress.
I put on a black thong along with black thigh high stockings that I held in place with garter belt.
I went braless as the dress covered the breast forms and I looked pretty well endowed.
I tried putting on a set of black pumps but couldn’t walk in them because of my ankle injury.
Leaving the shoes off, I walked over to Ellen’s room in my stocking feet.
She wasn’t in the room and had stripped the bedding off.
I walked downstairs and heard her in the laundry room.
She wasn’t wearing any clothes yet.
I quietly walked in behind her and surprised her by pushing her forward onto the washer and using my weight to hold her there.
Ellen shrieked and attempted to struggle at first.
She must have realized it was me as I reached around and began playing with her pussy.
It was wet in a hurry.
Unfortunately, I was still sore and hadn’t recovered enough to fuck her on the spot.
I told Ellen to turn the machine on.
I spun her around and then sat her on top of the machine.
I bent over between her legs and began licking.
She just stayed wet and began softly moaning.
She grabbed me by the wig and kept grinding me further in.
After a fair amount of time the machine hit its spin cycle.
That vibration was enough.
She moaned loudly once and collapsed backwards.
I left her in the laundry sitting on the washer and went back to the bathroom to fix my make-up.
When I returned Ellen had moved to a chair in the kitchen and was waiting for me, beaming ear to ear with a huge grin.
Apparently I had done the job.
She looked me over and complemented my appearance.
From under the table, Ellen pulled out a shoe box and handed it to me.
I opened the box and found a pair of flat black women’s shoes.
I tried them on and they were my size.
I realized at that point that Ellen had been planning these events for a while and had taken the time to go through my feminine apparel for sizes.
I wondered what else she had bought.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.
The dog barked and Ellen yelled at her to shut up.
I peeked out a curtained window but couldn’t see a car.
The doorbell rang again and Ellen told me to see who was there.
I went to the door confident that a stranger wouldn’t realize that I was a man in woman’s clothing.
There were two young men at the door in white shirts, black pants and ties.
I said hello with my voice being hoarse and looking 40ish, asking them what they wanted.
They explained that they were spreading the good word and asked if I had time to talk.
I said that I didn’t have time and wished them a good day.
As they were leaving, one of the men turned around and said, “I hope you feel better soon, you need to take care of the sore throat.
” I giggled and quickly shut the door.
I had been successful.
Ellen had listened to the entire conversation and was smiling when I went back into the kitchen.
She said, “I bet you made their day.
I have an idea and we have two weeks for games.
I am going to invite a friend over to meet you.
” I was really starting to like the way she thought and wondered what was next.



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