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Latest stories Straight Sex The Serendipitous Meet Up

She was driving a convertible two-seater Boxter S Sports car.
I was trying to merge into her lane of traffic on my way home after a hard day at work, but she was tooling along at a modest speed and seemed to be very diligent in her driving.
As I pulled up beside her, and looked in her direction, she looked over in my direction.
She quickly looked ahead and then back in my direction.
I slowed to fall back and merge into her line of traffic, since there was no way to speed up and pull up in front of her.
We pulled up to a red light and stopped.
I took out my cell phone and snapped a quick photo.
(Aside: I am an amateur photographer and a sports car enthusiast).
I could see her looking back at me in her rear-view mirror through oversized sunglasses.
She propped them up on her forehead for a second as she did a self-inspection of her eye line and make up.
The light turned green.
She lowered her shades and sped off.
There is nothing hotter than a sports car driven by a beautiful woman.
My mind raced ahead, as I pictured myself banging the heck of out her over the back hatch of the car.
It was, of course, all a fantasy, except there really was a hot looking woman in a little red two-seater sports convertible right in front of me.
She moved into the right lane and slowed for an upcoming signal light.
I pulled up beside her, a little afraid to look in her direction, afraid she might think I was some type of pervert, snapping photos of her in her Boxter.
I had the windows down in my SUV, because it was such a beautiful spring day outside.
I wished I had a little red sports car to tool around in.
I was sporting my cowboy hat and hoping that she’d not ask me why I was snapping photos of her at the last signal light.
“I like your hat,” she called out as we sat at the light.
I looked in her direction.
Damn, she was really super cool looking.
“I like your car,” I replied.
“Oh, its not mine,” she replied.
“It’s my husband’s.
I’m just out taking it for a spin.
” “It’s still a nice car,” I shot back.
“Does he know you’re out in it, teasing folks?” She laughed.
“No,” she replied, “He’s on a business trip, and I was bored sitting at the house, so I decided to take it for a spin.
” “All you need is a cowboy hat,” I replied.
“You sharing?” she asked.
“Sure,” I replied.
The light turned green.
“Follow me,” she instructed, speeding off through the intersection.
My mind raced ahead about ten thousand miles an hour.
Was she serious? How could I be so lucky? Or was this simply a tease? I dropped in behind her and followed her, just for the fun of it and to see where things might go.
She turned on to a small neighborhood street and I dutifully turned in behind her.
She pulled to the curb and stopped.
I started to pass her, but she held out her arm and motioned for me to stop.
I pulled up beside her and stopped.
“Do you want to go for a ride?” she asked from her seated position behind the steering wheel.
“But you’re married,” I replied.
“So?” she quickly shot back.
“Married women have needs just like single women.
” Damn.
“I don’t want to cause any issues,” I replied.
“Oh dear,” she shot back, “I don’t think you could or would cause any issues that I can’t handle.
” As she spoke, she pushed her oval sunglasses up on her head and smiled.
“It’s your call,” she said.
“Let’s have some fun.
” I almost had to pinch myself.
Nothing like this ever happens for real.
I pulled in front of her car and parked.
As I walked back, I could see her checking me out.
I opened the door and slipped into the passenger seat beside her.
Oh, my goodness! She had the longest legs and she had on spiked heels.
Her shirt was probably two sized too small, and her jeans looked like they were painted on.
She flipped her long brown hair back with a wave of her hand and said, “I’m Melinda.
” I quickly responded with my name, to which she said, “May I simply call you ‘Cowboy’?” “You can call me anything you want,” I replied, as she slipped the car into gear and we took off down the small, tree lined street.
I had to readjust myself lower into the seat to avoid losing the hat.
Our conversation was light-hearted.
She peppered me with questions.
“Where do you live?” “How long have you lived here?” “Are you single?” “Do you prefer to be on top or the bottom? Wait.
What? She laughed.
“I’m just curious,” she said, with a mischievous smile.
“Me? I like to be on top and in control of things, but my husband prefers to be the domineering type, so I just let him do his thing.
One of these days, I’m going to tie him up and teach him a lesson.
” I was surprised at how openly candid she was.
“I like a shared experience,” I replied.
“Giving as much as you can take.
” “Oh,” she giddily replied, as she ran a stop sign and made a quick un-signaled hairpin turn.
“I’m going to like you!” “Do you do this very often?” I asked.
“No,” she replied.
“This is a first.
” She pulled up in front a nice, two story, older brick house and stopped.
She turned off the engine and turned sideways in her seat to face me.
“Do you want to come in?” she asked.
It took me a few seconds to process what she had just asked.
“I’ll be nice,” she softly added, “and I’d be honored, but if you don’t want to .
” Her voice trailed off.
“Oh, I want to,” I replied.
“I’m just having a hard time processing this.
I mean, you’re really pretty; really, really pretty.
” She reached across the center divide and placed her hand on to my upper thigh.
She bit down on her lower lip.
“I’m horny,” she softly added.
“I need a man to take care of me.
” Damn.
I took off my hat and placed it on her head.
“I get it back when we’re done,” I said, pulling on the door release handle.
My serendipitous date led the way up the short walk to the older-styled red brick house.
Stepping inside, I immediately felt like I was at home.
Online Now! Lush Cams CHANELLBLUU She took my hand in hers and silently pulled me into the living room, which had a large bay window that looked out into a garden backyard and a pool.
“Do you want to go for a swim?” she asked.
“I didn’t bring my suit,” I said.
“You don’t need one,” she quickly shot back, squeezing my hand in her’s.
“It’s just you and me.
” Before I could say anything else, she pulled me to a door that lead to the patio and the pool area.
“Come on,” she pressed as we stepped back into the warmth of the afternoon sunshine.
The yard was impeccably clean and freshly mowed and a small garden of flowers gave it a nice touch.
She nodded her head towards a chase lounge that sat by the pool.
As I took a seat, she launched herself on to my lap, straddling my outstretched legs, facing me.
She leaned in and pressed her sexy and soft lips to mine.
The girl could kiss.
Her tongue quickly found itself entwined with mine.
Her hands found their way up under my t-shirt and on to my abdomen and then up towards my chest.
In an instant, I was shirtless, as we continued to exchange kisses.
She stopped briefly, to lean back and look at me.
She quickly jettisoned her shirt, her man-made 38 d-cup boobs became unrestrained.
Her nipples were taunt and strong, perched on top of lightly colored areolas.
“Do you like them?” she asked unabashedly as she cupped her boobs in her hands and lightly teased her nipples with her fingers.
“On yeah,” I gleefully replied, placing my hands, on top of hers.
“I’m glad,’ she replied, “I think they need a little attention.
” She dropped her hands and smiled.
She wiggled back and forth on my lap, and hummed softly, as I gently massaged her boobs.
A bulge had started to form in my crotch.
I arched my back off the chase lounge to try and get a bit more comfortable.
She stood up, planted her feet on either side of me and unzipped her jeans.
The zipper quickly parted because they were probably two sizes too small for her.
She lifted her left leg over me and replanted it beside her right leg, as she stood beside the chase lounge.
She shimmied out of her jeans, kicking them off as they fell to her ankles.
I was pleasantly surprised to see she was now completely naked.
“So, what do you think?” she asked, hand-waving her long brown hair over her shoulder.
“Very nice,” I replied.
“Very, very nice.
” She had a small landing strip of closely cropped pubic hair that pointed the way to her honey pot.
She silently side-stepped and slipped a lone finger into her pubic area and then her pussy.
“Do you think you can handle me?” she asked, as she suddenly re-launched herself on to my lap, straddling me and facing me.
“Yes,” I replied.
We continued to kiss for the longest time.
Her kisses were unbelievably erotic.
She made her way down to my chest and inched herself from off lap in the process.
As she made her way to my abdomen, I knew what was coming next.
I unfastened the fly to my jeans.
She eagerly stripped me of both my jeans and my bikini brief underwear without saying a word.
“Oh, my,” she softly exclaimed upon seeing my swollen eight and half inch circumcised penis.
“You’ve got quite a tool.
” I spread my legs to allow her free and unfettered access to my crotch.
She took my tool in hand and studied it for a few seconds, before lightly kissing the tip.
She was very deliberate in her approach, taking her time to lightly kiss and tongue the entire length of the shaft of my tool, before encircling the head with her devilish tongue.
She peered up at me as she slipped the head of my tool into her mouth, to gage my reaction.
She cupped my testicles with one hand and held on to the base of my cock with her other hand, as she worked my tool deeper and deeper into her oral cavity.
The head of my cock was now pressing against the back of her throat, and she simply held me in place like that for the longest time.
She pulled off my tool and then reinserted me several more times, deep throating me every time.
“You keep that up,” I warned and I’m going to shoot my load right down your throat.
” “No,” she gleefully replied.
“I want it inside my pussy.
” She settled back on my lap, only this time, she paused to grab my manhood and slid me inside of her.
The warmth of her pussy enveloping me was very erotic.
She settled down on to my lap, the entire length of my tool sliding deep inside of her, our pelvic bones crashing into one another.
She placed her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes.
She bit down on her lower lip and rocked side to side, trying to find that special spot.
Oh my Lord! I took in a deep breath and exhaled, several times.
It wouldn’t take much for either of us to climax.
I knew the moment had come for her, when she opened her mouth and exhaled, a throaty “Oh .
my .
God!” punctuated with deep breaths, as she dug her finger tips into my shoulder blades.
I dug my fingers into her sides.
I shook as I exploded – my cum shooting deep inside of her.
“Oh yesssssss!” she declared, shaking and trembling as I unloaded inside of her.
She lowered her chin and then she looked up at me.
“I could get used to this,” she declared, brushing her long brown hair back with her hand.
“You are too damn sexy.
” I felt the same way.
We simply sat there, with her in my lap, exchanging soulful kisses for the longest time.
Eventually, mother nature took her course, so my little sex kitten decided to disembark from my lap.
“You probably ought to go,” she remarked.
“Otherwise I might decide to jettison the hubby and keep you.
” I laughed.
We kissed and then I quickly got dressed as she took up a reclining position on the chase lounge.
As I started to leave, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in close when I leaned over to kiss her goodbye.
“My husband leaves for an extended business trip next Monday,” she said.
“If you want to go for a ride in the car, just call me.
” I handed her my cell phone and she input her number and name.
I can’t wait for Monday .
and a maybe a drive in the country.



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