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It was the summer after my second year in college.
I was only twenty and very inexperienced.
My parents had a home down by the beach, and I couldn’t wait to get there.
As soon as I unlocked the front door, I dropped my bag on the bed.
I pulled out one of my new bikini’s.
After I got it on I looked in the mirror, and smiled at my reflection.
Men had been noticing my little curvy and full bosomed body for a few years now.
I combed my hair, put on some lip gloss, threw on a lacy cover up, and was off for the beach.
When I got to the beach, the warm salty air covered my body.
Oh, how I loved the beach and the ocean.
I looked around and decided to sit in front of the life guard stand.
I saw a few familiar faces from the previous summer and smiled at them.
Then, I spread my beach chair out, draped it with a towel.
I grabbed my bottle of oil and began squirting some on my arms.
I slowly rubbed it in, when I noticed him watching me.
So, I took the bottle and let more oil drip on my chest.
I then began rubbing it on my chest, moving my hand slowly down over the tops of my swollen breasts.
I could hear him taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly.
I could see him out of the corner of my eye and began teasing him by letting my hand slip further into my top.
I lifted it up a little to give him a peek of my now hardening nipples.
At that moment he leaned over and said, “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but notice you.
My name is Jonathan.
And you are incredibly beautiful.
” “Thank you, I’m Rachel.
” “Mind if I sit a little closer?” “Not at all”.
And with that Jonathan, moved his chair closer.
We talked all afternoon, when he suggested we take a walk down the beach.
I was so excited, I jumped up out of my chair and my boobs took a huge bounce.
Jonathan smiled a devilish smile and grabbed my hand.
He was tall, 5’11” compared to my 5’2″ frame.
He had a nice athletic built, tanned body and a nice six pack.
We walked towards the deserted part of the beach.
People were sprinkled here and there, when Jonathan pulled me out into the water.
My heart started beating quickly, and I felt myself becoming damp between my legs.
He pulled me out further into the water.
We were waist deep, as he pulled me closer.
Jonathan wrapped his arms around my waist, slid one hand down the middle of my back, and pulled me up against his growing manhood.
He leaned down, and gently kissed my lips.
I opened my mouth slowly, grazed his lower lip with my teeth, and slowly slid my tongue into his mouth.
As our tongues swirled and explored each others mouths, he let out a low moan.
I felt his hands slide down my back and gently rub and kneed my ass.
Now it was my turn to moan in his mouth.
My excitement began building, I could feel myself getting wetter, my nipples hardening, and really wanting this man! And then, I felt Jonathan’s hands moving to the front of my bikini.
His fingers began exploring my shaven mound.
My hand ran over the front of his growing erection.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell I felt it growing and hardening with each caress of my hand.
Boldly I reached inside, and felt his now fully erect penis.
I slowly moved my hand up and down his shaft, feeling his protruding vein.
He moaned again in my mouth.
My hand slid up to the head, slowly I swirled it over the tip.
Jonathan pushed himself against me and began kissing my neck.
Soft kisses, moaning against my now sensitive skin.
My breasts were rising faster as my breathing quickened.
I could feel his lips moving up my neck, kissing closer towards my ear, and finally slowly blowing into my ear.
Oh, how I felt chills and tingles run across my body.
At that moment , I felt Jonathan’s fingers explore between my now swollen lips.
I let out a moan, and pushed myself into his hand.
His penetrating fingers slid into my wet opening.
He first put one finger in and I let out a gasp.
Then he slid in a second finger, while I continued to stroke his erect penis.
With his other hand Jonathan moved my bikini bottoms to one side.
I slid his trunks down and guided his member to my opening.
I was ready to feel him inside me.
Jonathan wrapped his arm around my waist.
I hugged his hips with my legs.
Just then he pushed his way into me, deep inside me.
I let out a moan.
“Oh Jon, yessss”.
With that, he began moving deep inside me, and then pulled out to his tip, and stilled.
Then he pushed deep inside me again.
I could feel my tight pussy being stretched by his large penis.
He continued his slow rhythm of in and out.
Going deeper each time he pushed inside of me, and me meeting his thrusts.
The waves crashed against our bodies, as we collided together.
Our rhythm began increasing, and Jon moved faster.
With each pump I could feel myself coming closer to my orgasm.
I began bouncing on his hard rigid cock.
I wanted him buried deep inside me.
My hands reached behind his head, and I grabbed his hair.
Jon began kissing me wildly and passionately.
He pumped deeper and harder into me.
I met each thrust with my desire wanting him deeper inside me.
I didn’t care who saw us, all I could focus on was my passion and his hard cock.
I could feel my climax building.
I had never been with an older more experienced man.
He was slow and deliberate with each thrusting penetration and push against my insides hitting my sweet spot every time.
Then it happened, I came with such a force.
I threw my head back and gasped.
“Yes, yes, yes, Jon, ohhhhh I’m cumming.
” And with those few simple words, I felt Jon shoot his hot load into me.
Deep into me.
I shook and quivered in his arms, and laid my head on his shoulder.
Never before had I felt an orgasm this powerful.
It left me wanting more.
We walked out of the water back to our beach chairs.
Jon looked down at his hands silently for a moment.
Then he looked up at me with a big smile and asked,”How about a real date tonight?” “I would like that,” I smiled at him.
In the back of my mind I thought, here’s to more



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