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I walk to the door, I’m sure you can hear my heels outside the door.
I knock softly.
My heart is racing, just like every time.
Excited, nervous, anxious, eager.
I’m smoothing my skirt for the millionth time as you open the door.
My eyes find your face and we both begin to grin at one another.
You take my hand and pull me into the room and your embrace.
I wrap my arms around your waist and snuggle into you as you shut the door.
I inhale deeply and feel my muscles relax.
“Hello my sweet” “Hi” I try to pull away and you hold me tightly.
“Do you trust me?” you say.
I stiffen but stay in your arms.
“Yes” “Close your eyes for me” I do as you ask and feel your hand cup my face to turn it up to you.
Your lips meet mine, and we kiss softly, my body still slightly stiff from your question.
You deepen the kiss and I feel myself melt into you.
Your hand slides to the back of my head and grips my hair.
Your arm presses me more firmly to you; I feel how happy you are to see me.
My nails bite into your skin as our kiss becomes more, more lips, more tongues, more teeth, more.
You tear your lips from mine and I softly whimper.
I begin to open my eyes.
“Did I say you could open your eyes?” “No” “Then you will trust me, obey me.
Remember, you do as I say, when I say it, you may be rewarded, but you are mine now.
To do with as I please, for my pleasure” Your hand has snuck under my skirt to cup my bare ass.
And although I stiffen when I realize what you have said, your fingers parting my pussy shows how wet I am.
My heart beats even faster.
“Look at me” I look into your eyes and see how pleased you are.
I blush from the scrutiny but keep my eyes on yours.
You run your hands down my arms to my hands and lift them over my head.
You hold my hands over my head with one hand, as the other slowly smoothes over the front of my body.
I bite my lip and a soft sound escapes from me.
You let go of my hands and you trace your hands over my body to my skirt.
My eyes have fluttered closed.
You unzip my skirt and it falls to the floor.
You are on your hands and knees in front of me.
I look down at you; I can see your eyes flicking to my face and my pussy.
Your tongue snakes into the fold of my pussy.
I gasp as I look into your face.
Your tongue lazily explores the parts of my pussy you can reach.
Abruptly you stop and stand up.
I whimper as you laugh.
“You love to have me eat your pussy, don’t you?” “Yes, please don’t stop”You begin to take off your shirt.
I am now standing in my heels, thigh highs and bra.
My knees are weak.
You remove the rest of your clothing, the whole time I am watching hungrily.
I want to touch but I haven’t been given permission, and I know today is about being good, obeying.
You take my hands and pull me to you.
You sit on the bed and pull me to sit in the v of your legs.
I can feel your hard cock on my back and I snuggle back into you.
I press all of my back into your front.
You unfasten my bra and toss it behind you.
I have a moment to think, “That’s going to be a pain to find…” when your hands begin caressing my breasts.
“No touching yet.
I will tell you when you get to touch, what you get to touch”, you remind me.
“Yes sir”I squirm a bit as you push my hips out farther to the edge of the bed.
You take one leg and push it over yours.
The other leg, you push out, spreading me wide, exposing all of my pussy.
You begin to stroke up and down the leg that is over yours.
Your other hand is across my chest, pinching my nipples while supporting me so I don’t slide off the bed.
I unconsciously hold my breath.
Your fingers play across my leg, lightly.
I want you to touch my pussy so bad.
I make that “girl sound”, somewhere between a gasp, a giggle, a moan.
You tighten your arm around me, which just makes me wetter.
You laugh,I whimper and squirm and whisper, “please, please”.
I reach both of my arms over my head and grab your head.
I turn my face to kiss you.
You kiss me lightly and tell me to not touch yet.
I know I will be punished for disobeying, but I couldn’t help it, and you know it.
You continue stroking your fingers lightly around my pussy but never in, never enough to make me cum.
I find my hips twitching, trying to find your fingers.
You grab my hips to still them.
“I will make you cum, when I decide and I haven’t decided yet”.
Since I can’t move, I whimper and plead “please, sir.
Oh, please”.
You slap my clit.
I gasp.
Then you plunge 2 fingers into my pussy.
I gasp again.
I am panting; you are fucking me with your fingers and rolling my clit with your thumb….
All while you are holding me, pulling my hair to extend my neck and bring my head to your shoulder, my ear to your lips.
You know I’m going to cum quickly.
“Cum for me, baby.
I want to hear you”.
I scream,I cum so suddenly.
I’m panting and shivering.
Then I turn my head, silently asking for a kiss.
After you kiss me, you move from behind me and lay me flat on the bed.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino I’m loose and relaxed, my arms over my head stroking your leg, the only part of you I can reach.
You look down at me, kneeling by my head.
“Suck my cock, sweet.
I want you to taste me”.
You move so I can turn my head and slide your cock into my mouth.
I moan at your taste and smell.
I begin to suck and lick your cock.
I tear my mouth away, “oh god.
I’m going to cum again.
” “No cumming.
I haven’t given you permission” I suck your cock into my mouth, my eyes pleading with you.
I whimper around your cock.
Your hand is gripping my hair as you strain not to slam your own cock into my mouth.
I grip your cock in my hand.
“Good girl, yes, like that.
” I smile as I lick and suck your cock.
“Tell me you want me to fuck you, my sweet”.
“I want to feel you fucking me, sir, please”.
You roll me over onto my hands and knees.
“You like eye contact, don’t you?”.
I nod shyly.
I feel your tongue lick my pussy and asshole.
I squeak.
You slap my ass, “Tell me to do it again, sweet.
I know you love this, don’t pretend.
Say it now”.
“Do it again, sir, please”.
“Do what again?” you say.
“Please lick me again”.
“Where do you want me to lick, my baby.
Tell me exactly”.
I turn my head to look at you over my ass, “Please, lick my pussy and my asshole.
I love it when you make me cum from eating my pussy”.
“Ah good girl.
But I’m not going to let you cum.
I’m going to get you wet and quivering and then I am going to stick my cock deep inside that pussy and that ass of yours”.
You lick all around my pussy and asshole.
I find myself pushing towards you, your hands holding me where you want me.
You give my asshole another long forceful lick.
I shudder, I want to cum with your lips and tongue and teeth on my clit, but I can’t wait to feel your cock in my pussy, stretching me.
I feel the bed move and your cock pressing at my pussy, your thumb playing with my asshole.
You slide your cock in and out of my pussy, slowly, deeply.
I struggle not to cum.
“Sir, I’m going to cum”.
“No, you aren’t.
I want to feel you cum with my cock in your asshole”.
You stop moving, my body shaking, giving me time to catch my breath.
You pull out of my pussy, and I whimper softly.
You have your hands on my ass pulling my ass cheeks farther apart as you press your cock past that tight ring of asshole.
You pause and lean over and kiss me.
My eyes tell you everything… yes, please, and I trust you.
You push firmly into my ass and I drop my head and moan deeply, loudly.
You begin to stroke in and out of my ass.
I am panting, my hands clutching at the sheets.
“Oh god, yes ….
Oh god… shit… fuck”.
I am cursing and moaning incoherently.
Your hand winds into my hair, pulling me slightly up.
“You’re going to cum.
You’re going to cum from me fucking your ass”.
“Oh god yes sir.
I’m going to cum”.
I cum violently, bucking and spasming.
You continue to stroke in and out of my ass, prolonging my orgasm.
I am incoherent, cumming over and over, screaming, crying, swearing.
The sensations are too much for me.
I am cumming over and over, I’m begging over and over.
You pull out of my ass and I whimper.
“Patience, baby” I hear you say.
You pull me upright, pulling until I am standing.
You are holding me upright, my legs unable to hold me.
I’m still twitching from cumming so many times.
You turn me around and push me on my back onto the bed.
I watch you strip the condom off your cock, I didn’t even realize you had put one on.
You climb up my body, your eyes filled with heat.
I spread my legs for you.
“Yes, please”, I whisper.
You shove your cock into my pussy.
I arch my back, my hands clutching the bed.
“Spread your pussy for me, sweet.
Let me see and feel you cum for me”.
I shyly pull my swollen pussy lips wide.
My eyes closed.
You cup my face with your hand, “Don’t hide.
You’re beautiful and sexy as all hell.
Cum for me again”.
I watch your face as you slowly fuck me and I jerk off.
“Oh god ….
Fuck!” I arch my back but you hold my face to watch you as I cum.
As my shudders slow, you begin to fuck me harder and harder.
I can feel that heavy delicious weight filling me again.
I can tell you will come soon.
I shift my hips to get you deeper.
“Yes sir, fuck me.
” I begin to moan my orgasm again; we are still looking at each other.
“Fuck, sweetie… I’m going to cum….
Ahh…” .
You swell and explode into my dripping pussy.
I can’t take it, I close my eyes and arch again, you grab my hands and pull them over my head as I scream and moan with you.
Finally you collapse on top of me.
I wrap my arms around you.
“Oh my god” I say breathlessly.
You crawl farther up the bed so you are lying next to me.
I turn to you and kiss you, “Thank you”.
You smile at me.
I curl onto my side, and pull your arm around my body, like you are my favorite blanket.
You snuggle into my back, your breath warm on my ear as you breathe, “You’re welcome, my sweet”.
I snuggle deeper into you, relaxed, spent.



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