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Gavin wasn’t much to look at but had two assets that favored him.
He was smart and he had a horse cock.
In school, Gavin never played sports, never dated, never attracted the girls, and was still a virgin at twenty-five.
At the end of his twenty-fifth year he hired a prostitute to help him get past his celibate years.
She was a young girl from Ukraine looking for a better life in the United States.
Her name was Aleksandra but Americans called her Alex.
Prostitution was the only job she could find with her limited English.
Even at her young age of nineteen, she was experienced.
Gavin liked her and used her three more times, always for the whole night.
It was an expensive diversion from his stressful work, but he could afford it.
Gavin was about to become wealthy.
He had just patented and manufactured a device, a kind of widget, that no one understood except him.
The device was necessary for the new self-driving cars.
His “widget” was essential in the braking system.
After four sessions with Alex, he hired her full time as his personal secretary.
Her job description was somewhat vague.
She served him coffee in the office, filed a few papers, but mostly was used to pleasure him.
As the company grew and prospered, Alex’s language skills quickly improved to the point of speaking excellent English.
She could now be used more efficiently, answering the phone, sending out e-mails, even doing basic accounting like balancing his checkbook.
Gavin’s social skills still lagged behind his business skills, so Alex helped him arrange business meetings, even parties for auto executives at his home.
She had become a kind of party planner.
Occasionally, a client needed further convincing, and Alex would take him to the bedroom for a quickie that usually persuaded him.
Sometimes a simple blowjob was all that was necessary.
Others needed a more convincing sales pitch.
The business thrived and the parties grew larger and became a once a month event.
Alex convinced Gavin it was time to hire models to accommodate the guests.
She took charge of an ever growing orgy of business and sex.
Technology doesn’t stand still.
Before long, new technology overwhelmed Gavin’s “widgets” and sales declined despite his monthly parties.
Gavin redesigned the gadget and tried to catch up, but it was too late.
New and better devices were now used in the auto industry.
The company went belly up, but the parties continued thanks to Alex’s foresight by hiring models.
Now there was an entry fee, drinks and the models came with a price.
Gavin’s company was bankrupt, but he still had his personal wealth helping to fund the new start-up enterprise.
Alex ran the day to day affairs.
Gavin moved out.
Alex was enormously successful.
Her overhead included paying Gavin monthly rent for the house along with the utilities and a maid to keep it clean.
Her income was more than what Gavin had paid when his company was still profitable.
So Gavin had wealth, a monthly income, and no where to go.
He finally decided to get away, far away, including a flight to Europe.
From his conversations with Alex, he decided on the Ukraine.
She helped him with some travel planning and tips, giving him names of clubs to visit, girlfriends that might keep him company, a few restaurants serving excellent cuisine, and her younger sister’s name and address in Odessa.
She said the beaches are the best there and her sister, Viktoria, would show him were to find Koktebel and Chkalovshy, the naturalist beaches.
“Viktoria, will be happy to bring you to the wildest beach with the best atmosphere on the Black Sea if you want.
It is called ‘Laguna’ where there is complete freedom to do what you want there.
I think my mom got pregnant there, and we still don’t know his name.
She thinks it was either Pavel or Sergey.
Mom got married when I was three, so we are pretty sure about Viktoria’s dad, but you never know about Mom.
She’s on her third husband now.
” Gavin flew first class to Vienna, then a connecting flight to Odessa.
Alex booked a suite at the Nemo Resort and Spa for him along with an escort as his guide.
Her name was Nikita and a lovely girl of eighteen.
She spoke schoolgirl English, welcomed him to Odessa, and undressed them both.
The flights were long and tedious.
He was exhausted and in no mood to have a roommate.
She frowned when he couldn’t get an erection, apologizing saying it was all her fault.
He told her to go home and come back in the morning.
At eight the next morning, Nikita knocked at his hotel room door.
He opened it and watched her push a tray of food inside that would be a breakfast for a king and queen.
He was hungry and they both devoured the eggs, salami, shrimps, fruits, and sips of vodka, straight, no ice.
Then he devoured her, fucking until noon.
Nikita showed him that she was capable of doing anything he wanted.
He wanted it all, but not everything that first morning.
The afternoon was spent touring the city.
Nikita was a great guide.
She showed him the usual tourist spots and some not so touristy places.
One was the opium den.
Gavin was curious, and they went in.
The place looked like a palace from China.
It was run by a kindly looking old Chinaman who welcomed them as if they were old friends.
They sat on comfortable couches and were offered a several choices.
Gavin took what Niki recommended.
They were there for the rest of the afternoon.
The experience was one of the highlights in his life until that time.
Gavin suggested going to dinner at one of the restaurants Alex had given him.
Niki agreed it was superb.
They feasted on the best that the restaurant had to offer along with more vodka than he had ever drunk before.
It was their national drink and Gavin was fulfilling the cliché, when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.
Niki slept with him all night, his second night in Odessa.
She smelled like a bed of roses.
He was enamored with her body, her smell, and effervescent personality.
The drink and opium made him fall asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.
Again, sex would wait for sunrise.
In he morning, a maid brought in the tray of food for breakfast.
Niki asked, “Would you like her to stay, Mr.
Gavin?” “Of course,” and the three of them pleasured him and each other in the Russian way.
He was starting to feel much more welcome and a part of the culture after filling the hospitality girl with a massive load.
Niki was in girly heaven going down on her as his cum began leaking from between the maid’s legs.
 Niki slurped up every drop.
The afternoon was a trip to the Koktebel beach where everything goes.
Gavin was amazed at what he saw.
Niki just said that Ukrainians aren’t shy about their bodies or how they use them.
“You know, Mr.
Gavin,” God made our bodies to have pleasure.
It’s not like in other countries where public sex is forbidden.
We worship the beauty of bodies responding to each other.
” Gavin felt out of place wearing clothes.
Niki led the way, laying her clothes on a beach chair and ran into the ocean.
Gavin followed her lead with more than a little apprehension.
The hardest part was removing his Jockey shorts.
He was already getting hard, and was too proud to demonstrate it.
“Do you want to do it here, Mr.
Gavin?” she asked after being in the sea for only a few minutes and stopping to speak with a friend.
“I don’t think so.
” “But my friend Svitlana would like to meet you.
She’s the one standing over there looking at us.
” Svitlana was a girl with large, very large shapely breasts.
Each movement or step made them sway like a child’s swing.
Her nipples were firm and erect.
Her pussy was shaved except for a tiny patch of hair above her slit.
“Are you sure you don’t want her.
” “Maybe later,” but later was sooner than expected.
The unexpected arrived when he had a vision, a mirage, of a mermaid with big tits moving toward him.
It must have been the glare of the sun.
His cock hardened and rose standing straight up like a pillar as he dreamt on the beach.
It was no dream or mirage.
It was Svitlana.
She said nothing straddling him, sitting on his erect organ.
At first, she just smiled at the surprised look on his face with him impaled inside her.
Slowly at first, then faster, she began bouncing up and down on his cock as if she was on a trampoline.
Beads of sweat began to form on Svitlana’s forehead; her breasts glistened from perspiration as they swayed, jiggled and swung with each hop.
This was a moment of joy and satisfaction for Gavin but it wasn’t to last long.
He could feel it coming on deep in his abdomen, swelling up in his belly to a painful ache, surging forward to finally be released with an avalanche of cum.
Svitlana felt his pulsing throbbing cock and the explosion that followed, giving him a grin from ear to ear.
She kissed him and whispered, Спасибо, a word that he had heard Alex say many times.
It meant “thank you.
” An hour and a half later he had enough of the sun and beach.
It was time to return to the resort.
Nikita disappeared for three hours while Gavin took a nap.
Niki returned after sunset looking gorgeous.
Gavin put on his tux, and they took a cab to a high end supper club/night club.
Only politicians, wealthy merchants, and the elite could afford it.
The women were stunningly beautiful, most with men twice their age.
Svitlana was there with a man with white hair wearing a military uniform, her boobs bursting out of her dress.
She pretended not to recognize Gavin.
The meal was typically Russian that Gavin decided was an acquired taste.
The vodka never stopped flowing, and then there was the dancing.
Nikita tried her best to show him the steps, but he never quite caught on.
They were in bed by one in the morning.
Gavin had too much vodka and couldn’t get it up.
Niki tried her best to help.
She put on a show that should have done the trick.
Her pussy was facing him while she began masturbating with her fingers, then used a flower vase as a dildo, whimpering and moaning the whole time.
With her pussy lips swollen and her clit dilated, she straddled his face, leaning down to tickle his balls and suck him until he was beginning to stiffen.
He was never hard enough to get inside her.
Sex had to wait until morning.
It was breakfast in bed followed by a good morning fuck, the usual.
“Niki, I have to visit a friend today.
I’m going to check out of the hotel, so this is goodbye.
You are have been a wonderful guide.
” He paid her the negotiated rate plus a handsome tip.
Gavin rented a car with a GPS and headed for Viktoria’s house.
Finding the house was not easy.
Gavin traveled the back roads, many unpaved, until arriving at his destination.
It was a modest house in a nice neighborhood.
He knocked, no one answered.
He knocked again and several times more.
A woman wearing a babushka peeked out a window, looking at him suspiciously.
She said something to him in Ukrainian that he didn’t understand.
He smiled at her and said, “Viktoria, Viktoria.
” The woman raised her hands as if she didn’t understand.
He repeated Viktoria’s name.
She shook her head, no.
“No Victoria.
” Maybe he had the address wrong.
The Russian letters were so confusing.
Gavin stopped several people on the street hoping to get help reprogramming the GPS.
People either didn’t understand or were afraid to help.
Finally he asked a girl about thirteen or fourteen who spoke a little English.
She understood that he needed to have an address put on the machine.
He took out the scrap of paper Alex had given him, and the girl copied the address into the GPS.
Sure enough, he had mistyped the address.
An hour later he was at the new place.
Online Now! Lush Cams NezukoJapan This house would be called a fixer-upper in America, and was in a run down neighborhood.
A man, Gavin’s age, stood outside smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.
“Viktoria? Is Viktoria here?” Gavin asked.
Apparently, the man knew a little English.
“Inside,” he said.
“You pick up your wash?” “No, I’m a friend.
” “We have no American friend.
” “I’m a friend of Aleksandra, Viktoria’s sister.
” “Viktoria not like her sister.
She’s a good girl, not like what Aleksandra did here.
” “Yes, I know, but can I see Viktoria?” The man yelled something in Ukrainian and a tall woman, Nikita’s age, opened the door.
She looked tired and dressed in simple but wearing clean clothes.
She wasn’t pretty like Alex but cute.
She spoke very little English.
They talked for awhile with the man being their interpreter.
His name was Dmitri.
He said he was Viktoria’s boyfriend.
He had been her high school English teacher.
Apparently she was more interested in him than the class he taught.
Dmitri was now only part time at the school due to declining enrollment.
He did odd jobs as a handyman to earn enough to buy a beat-up truck.
He said he could fix anything.
Gavin took out a letter Alex had written and gave it to her sister.
While she read it, Gavin explained to Dmitri how he knew Aleksandra, only saying she worked for him at a big American company.
They were both glad she found an honest job, as they put it.
He added that perhaps Viktoria could show him around.
They weren’t sure that would be possible, but they would try to find the time.
Gavin asked for directions to stay the night.
Two blocks away was the Ukrainian version of a B&B.
Gavin had stayed in better places on camping trips.
The room was sparse: a single bed with a lumpy mattress, a wood chair, and a stand alone closet.
The toilet and shower were down the hall shared by everyone including the landlady.
Breakfast was included if you can call a boiled egg, toast and coffee breakfast.
The next morning, Gavin met Viktoria’s mother, a stately proud woman of fifty looking like sixty.
She did not want to hear about the daughter who had left her to move to America.
Viktoria and her mom took in laundry, ironed and sewed.
Dmitri was at school in the morning and pretended to look busy in the afternoon.
Late that day, Dmitri invited Gavin for a drink at the local tavern.
It was understood Gavin would be buying.
They drank the Russian form of a boilermaker, vodka with a beer chaser.
The conversation turned to politics with both men trying to be polite.
There was an amazing contrast between the glowing words Dmitri said about Putin and Gavin’s view of Trump.
Eventually, more men joined in the conversation along with some hard drinking.
Dinner was whatever the tavern could scrape together, some kind of goulash.
Dmitri showed Gavin where to exchange money in the black market.
 He said it was a no risk situation because it was run by the mayor.
Gavin was beginning to see his new friends saw him as the golden goose.
He wasn’t ever going to be their friends, only their free ride.
Despite that, he stayed around more out of curiosity than sight seeing.
Each night, a young girl would show up at his bedroom door.
At first he couldn’t tell if she was underage, of age, or one of Alex’s girlfriends.
Soon he learned a simple test.
If the girl didn’t understand English, she was surely underage.
He would give the girl a dollar and send her on her way.
If a girl knew some English, even when she looked young, he assumed she was high school age, had been in Dmitri’s English class and invited her in for a glass of vodka.
They all said they were there to learn more English.
The girls were also willing to “make him happy,” as they phrased it.
Then there were the older girls, the ones that probably worked with Alex.
Their prices varied from twenty to thirty dollars.
He tipped the better looking girls or those that gave him special treatment.
Over the next month, he was given a dozen blowjobs by five different girls and took advantage of a few of Dmitri’s students for a romp in the squeaky bed.
The landlady who owned the place always knew what was happening by the bed springs and the screams.
After all, Gavin might not have been handsome, but he certainly had the equipment to make girls cum early and often.
Normally he avoided cumming inside the girls even when they said they were protected.
He never believed them because eventually he would be expected to support a family he didn’t want.
They did, he didn’t.
So he pulled out, giving them a cum cocktail to drrink.
If not that, he wore a condom.
There was a girl that made two visits a week.
She was willing to do anything for a few American dollars that were exchanged on the black market for Ukrainian hryvnia.
Her visits kept up for a month until one afternoon on a school day, two girls knocked on his door.
They were identical twins! He had been fucking two different girls and never knew the difference.
The twins stayed for a couple of hours drinking vodka and doing Gavin sexual favors.
By the second month, he was beginning tell them apart.
Misha had a slight bump on her belly that Olya did not have.
 Misha was six weeks pregnant but not by him.
This gave him the opportunity to finish inside her young cunt during several more visits.
He was happy to give her an extra tip for the pleasure.
After awhile, it became clear that the girls were supporting their families by their frequent visits.
In effect, Gavin was supporting the neighborhood.
During an afternoon at the tavern, Gavin asked why no one did anything about renovating their homes.
They all could use some work.
The answer was, no money.
Many of the men were out of work and only got by with government hand outs.
Ukraine was still a communist country.
People depended on the government and the motivation for people to help themselves was at a minimum.
But Gavin was a capitalist and when he saw an opportunity, it was like candy to a baby.
He hired Dmitri as the project manager along with several of his friends to fix up Viktoria’s house.
The project was over budget and took way longer to complete.
Finding materials and tools to do the job was a daily challenge.
There were stopages and conflicts with the mayor issuing permits.
Everyone from the mayor to the communist party boss had to be paid off.
Instead of costing thirty thousand American dollars, it was double that just to renovate a two thousand square foot house.
When they finished, it was the model house in the neighborhood.
The mayor wanted one like it.
Gavin agreed in exchange for less resistance from the authorities.
His house was larger requiring more men and more equipment.
It was a very expensive remodeling.
Gavin’s investment began to pay off when the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters began earning money.
More homes were improved, more men were hired in the community, a new store opened supplying construction materials and a better restaurant.
And the working girls were, let’s say, working overtime.
At first, money was draining his bank account but slowly, more money was coming in than going out.
Dmitri quit his teaching job and concentrated on construction.
Following the completion of the new restaurant, Dmitri and Viktoria were celebrating in bed one afternoon.
They weren’t trying to hide their affections for each other.
Gavin was having a beer in the next room watching Viktoria’s mom put on makeup for a man she was meeting in town.
About the time she left, he heard Dmitri say his name.
Gavin come in here.
” Gavin was startled at what he saw.
The two lovers were doing sixty nine with Viktoria on top and her ass exposed.
Gavin had fantasized about fucking her from the beginning, and he now had the chance.
He took advantage of the situation, plowing into her from the rear with his cock in her pussy and his balls dangling over Dmitri’s face.
Dmitri hadn’t invited him for a three-some just to fuck his girlfriend.
When he wasn’t sucking Viktoria’s clit, he sucked Gavin’s balls.
Feeling the Ukrainian’s lips on his nuts, he pulled out of her pussy to see what Dmitri was up to.
Viktoria’s boyfriend was up to taking Gavin in his mouth, sucking on it for a moment, then slipping Gavin’s cock back into his girlfriend’s cunt.
This continued for a pleasurably long time.
Sometimes he was fucking Viktoria, then Dmitri’s throat, back and forth.
He kept doing it until he didn’t.
Finally, he let loose with a creamy load inside Dmitri’s welcoming mouth.
It was the first time Gavin hadn’t cum in either a woman or on his hand.
There wasn’t much said afterward, but now it was clear why Dmitri and Viktoria hadn’t married.
He was gay.
When the new hotel was built, Gavin was given the top suite on a one year lease.
Viktoria moved in with him shortly afterward.
She may have been a good girl like Dmitri had said, but she fucked as eagerly as Svitlana at the beach.
The mayor had gotten a taste of capitalism and now ran a tourist office, offering paradise at a low cost.
Part of paradise was the bordello in a renovated building behind city hall.
The mayor called his economics social capitalism and was granted government assistance to improve the infrastructure.
Tourists found the prices more reasonable there than in the Odessa City Center.
Men found the girls to be irresistible.
Gavin had enough of Odessa and the Ukraine.
He wanted back in the U.
If Viktoria would marry him, he would take her and her mother to America.
Viktoria said, yes, her mother said, no.
Alex and her sister were reunited and Gavin had a wife.
Viktoria’s sister invited her to join the thriving escort business.
Viktoria refused, although she joined Gavin at Alex’s annual swingers’ extravaganza.
After that night, Gavin asked her to cuckold him.
He had to explain.
She said, no, at first but Gavin insisted.
At last she gave in, remembering she had been with Dmitri and Gavin for a three-some.
To her, it would be the same.
They visited swingers’ bars and college bars and usually brought home a man.
It wasn’t difficult for Viktoria to seduce a guy.
She was sexy and had a delightful foreign accent that always got a guy to surrender to her charms.
She seemed to prefer younger men, so they went to the college bars almost exclusively.
Gavin liked watching and the feeling of sloppy seconds after she finished with the boyfriend.
He also became an amateur photographer.
Gavin had a certain fetish for taking close-ups of cum oozing out of her pussy.
Then he took his turn.
The cuckolds were followed by three-somes and DP.
Gavin had a friend from the past, a professional photographer, that took videos for his widget business.
He hired the photographer to make videos of him and other men doing Viktoria.
They were posted on the Internet gaining hundreds of followers.
There was a never ending stream of volunteers, some of which joined them.
Viktoria had become like her mom and sister.
She fucked on command.
Among her boyfriends was Cal.
She liked him more than the others.
He was a decade younger than Gavin.
handsome, and Viktoria would stay the night with him.
Then she stayed a week, then a month.
At the end of a year, Viktoria was living with Cal but never divorced Gavin.
She became pregnant and claimed it was Gavin’s.
He knew it wasn’t.
She had three more kids, none of them Gavin’s.
Some, not all, were Cal’s, given their open, fluid relationship.
Gavin helped raise her first daughter through kindergarten, elementary and junior high school.
In high school at the age of sixteen, the girl was pregnant.
And so the circle of life continued.



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