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Latest stories Straight Sex The Journal

My name is Kelly and I’m eighteen.
I’m wild and love to have fun.
When my friends and I go out, we’d always drink and act crazy.
I’ve had a lot of boyfriends and even girlfriends.
I’m an attractive girl.
I’m about five feet six inches tall.
I’m about a hundred and ten pounds.
I have green eyes.
I have a 34 C cup.
Guys have always been interested in my breasts.
I’ve been sexually active since I was sixteen.
I’m responsible and take birth control.
I always would have my boyfriend’s wear condoms.
My mother said it was best to go on birth control early, so there would be no problems later on.
My first sexual experience was with my best friend April.
I stayed over her house.
Her mother went out and we took a bottle of wine out of the wine cellar.
We drank way too much and we both were drunk.
I’ll tell you what happened when April and I started to experiment with each other.
This is how I remember it.
“Kelly let’s give each other massages.
It would be so much fun.
You can give me mine first.
Here is some baby oil.
” April got on her back.
I poured the oil into my hands and slowly began to massage her breasts.
Her breasts were firm and perky.
I could tell she was getting excited.
Her pink nipples were erect and stiff.
She took her mini skirt off and removed her panties.
“Kelly pour the oil on my pussy.
I want you to give me an erotic massage.
” I poured the oil over her mound and worked my fingers in and out of her slit.
I played with her clit.
She was moaning and groaning.
“Kelly, please lick my pussy.
I want to feel your mouth on my cunt.
” April went on her back and she spread her thighs.
I lay on the bed and began to lick her pussy.
My tongue circled around her clit and I tongue fucked her oily wet slit.
She was moaning and groaning while I explored her cunt.
Her pussy was very moist and after a while, she had an orgasm on my tongue.
Her creamy dreamy cum flowed out of her pussy.
I managed to lick it all up.
It tasted very sweet and it was very thick.
“Oh Kelly that was fantastic.
Now it’s your turn for your massage.
” We switched places and I got on my back.
April then poured the oil over my breasts and worked her fingers all around them.
I’d never been touched by anybody on my private areas.
My nipples were hard as erasers.
April played with my nipples.
She pinched and twisted them.
Then she squeezed my breasts together and sucked on them.
I was moaning and loved her touches to my breasts.
Her hands were so oily and she rubbed and massaged them.
She poured the oil over my pussy.
Her fingers were dancing all along my clit.
April inserted a few fingers and began to finger fuck me.
I was so excited and so wet.
She spread my thighs and got to work with her mouth on my wet mound.
She seemed to know what to do and was slurping and lapping up my juices.
I was excited as her tongue entered my pussy.
She was working it faster and faster and her fingers were rubbing my clitoris.
I let out a moan and started to orgasm.
April was licking and slurping on my cunt juices.
We shared a deep kiss.
Our tongues were entwined in each other’s mouths.
It was so hot and exciting the night I had oral sex.
April and I got together a lot the rest of that year, but we also wanted to be with guys too.
April had introduced me to several of her guy friends.
I really liked one of her friends named Jimmy.
He was such a jock and very popular and gorgeous.
He was like five feet eleven inches.
He was very muscular.
He had brown short hair and brown eyes.
He was their quarterback on the football team.
April and I would go to his football games.
After their championship game, a few of the guys had a party.
April and I made sure to go to that.
Everybody was drinking and carrying on.
April introduced me to Jimmy.
We seemed to hit it off and started hanging out that evening.
He was a bit drunk and told me to follow him upstairs into one of the bedrooms.
We kissed on the bed.
One thing led to another and I took my top off.
Jimmy kissed me really deeply and passionately.
His hands were all over me.
I’m pretty busty and he really played with my chest.
He took off my skirt and his hands rubbed my pussy.
I was so aroused and wanting him to fuck me.
He grabbed a condom and put it on his dick.
He got on top of me and put his cock into my pussy.
Jimmy fucked me really slowly.
We kissed the whole time and his cock was deep inside of my pussy.
It was my first time.
It felt okay, it wasn’t like I imagined it to be.
Online Now! Lush Cams LiaPeach We went out for a few months.
I do think now he was just using me for sex.
The group we hung around with were like friends with benefits.
We all had sex with everybody in the group.
I really enjoyed sex.
Junior and senior year were lots of parties and lots of sex.
I had sex with so many guys.
I really liked it.
This is the story about a sex journal that I write in.
It holds all my deepest and most secret fantasies.
Whenever I am interested in somebody, I start a new journal and I write all sorts of sexy things into the book.
Then when I get it just right, I purposely leave it in the possession of the person, who I want to have sex with.
Lately, I’ve been interested in my brother’s friend Nick.
I purposely left my journal in my brother’s room, when Nick had come to visit him.
I knew he found it.
Because the next day he called me for a date.
In the journal, I wrote that I wanted to have oral sex with him, in a movie theater.
My parents went away for the evening with friends.
Nick asked me to go to the movies with him.
He picked me up and we went to the movies.
We got the tickets, got our drinks, and a big bag of popcorn.
We sat near the back of the theater.
The movie started and we were eating and watching the movie.
It was a drama so it was very intense.
You really needed to pay attention or you would not understand what was going on.
Nick put his arm around me.
He knew that in the journal I had said I wanted to have oral sex in a theater.
I had trouble focusing on the movie.
Nick starting to play with my hair and his hands slipped down my top.
He was rubbing my back.
I wasn’t wearing a bra and his fingers started to fiddle with my breasts.
His other hand was moving my skirt further up my thigh.
His hands were on my panties.
His one hand was playing with my tits and his other hand was rubbing my pussy on my panties.
I didn’t move.
I just let him fiddle around.
He then moved my panties to one side and began to finger fuck me in the movie theater.
His fingers felt so good.
My pussy was so warm and wet as he played.
I looked down and I could see he had a bulge in his pants.
Nick then unzipped his pants and pulled out his very large cock.
He whispered in my ear and told me to jerk his cock.
I moved my fingers along his shaft.
His cock was so long and thick.
He was playing with my tits, while I was stroking his cock.
I could feel pre-cum oozing down his head.
He was very excited.
I then went onto the floor and put his cock into my mouth.
I was giving him head in the movie theater.
I worked my mouth up and down over his cock.
Taking his cock deeper and deeper each time.
I was slurping, sucking, and gagging on his cock.
He was very excited and blew a load down my throat.
I never saw so much cum in my life.
I made sure to swallow it all down for him.
I then returned to my seat.
We just watched the rest of the movie and after it was done we left the theater.
We drove back to my house.
Once we got there, I took Nick into my bedroom.
We undressed each other.
We were kissing and hot for each other.
The theater was kind of a warm up.
Our hands were all over each other.
I was so turned on and thrilled, that I was finally going to be having sex with him.
Our kisses were deep and passionate.
We were standing up against the wall and Nick put his eight inch cock into my wet pussy.
He fucked me really fast.
My leg was on his shoulder.
“Kelly get on your hands and knees.
I want to fuck you that way.
” Nick slid his cock into my wet cunt.
He held my hips and worked his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy.
He spread my buttocks.
He spat on his finger and pressed his finger deep into my ass, while we fucked.
It felt so good.
“Ride me cowgirl position Kelly!” He pulled out and got on his back and I straddled him and put his eight inch cock into my wet bald pussy.
I moved my body in rhythm with his.
He sat up and made love to my breasts.
His mouth sucked on my nipples and his hands rubbed and massaged my breasts.
His cock was so deep inside my pussy.
I let out some moans and groans.
His hands were on my hips lifting my body over his cock.
He then told me to get into the missionary position.
Nick fucked me really hard while he kissed me.
We both let out moans and we had an orgasm together.
“Kelly you’re a naughty girl.
I really liked fucking my best friend’s sister.
You’re a fun girl.
I want to see you again.
” I just giggled.
I already knew I had started another journal and had eyes for somebody else.
But, that is a story for another day.



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