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Latest stories Straight Sex Stripped Naked on his Plush Couch

Em’s arms were outstretched, above her head.
Her long sexy legs were spread widely, the left one down with the knee bent and a man’s hot hand gripping the bend, just behind the knee, the right one raised and resting on the man’s shoulder.
The man was naked.
Em was too.
She was wearing nothing but a bangle on her right wrist and her wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand.
She was looking intently down the length of her torso, past her breasts with their hard, raised nipples, past her lick-me-again-please belly-button, at the tiny little triangle of hair on her mound.
Just below this, a thick, slick, hard and very long cock was about to part her wet pussy lips and thrust into her hot vagina.
She could feel the cheeks of her trimly hot ass pushing into the pink fabric of the couch on which she had just been stripped naked.
She knew she was leaving a huge wet patch on it.
She didn’t care.
She looked with fascination at the big cock that was about to take her.
She knew she would shout when it thrust inside.
She knew she would continue shouting until she came and the cock grew suddenly even bigger and harder and filled her with huge, hot ejaculations of cum.
The man, when he removed her little black cocktail frock as she lay face down on the couch where he had placed her, had told her that she had the hottest ass he had seen in a very long time.
This pleased her but did not surprise her.
Her ass was certainly sexy and it was clad in an ultra-tiny purple lace string that hid absolutely nothing, and certainly not her hotly wet and open slit.
She had worn the little garment that evening because she’d planned to go on to a night club after dinner.
She knew from experience that a glimpse of it on the dance floor would guarantee her an invitation to party on elsewhere.
She was travelling and had been feeling very horny for three or four days.
She needed a very firm hot cock.
The man had been seated next to her at dinner.
They had chatted about business.
It was a business dinner, after all.
Em’s cocktail frock was short, the hem just above the knee.
It perfectly showed off her sexy legs, clad in sheer black stockings.
Its neckline, lower than Em would have worn if she had not been hunting, gave by way of a slightly risqué revelation of cleavage a suitably come-on hint of pert, firm breasts within and a tantalizing glimpse of the insubstantial black lace bra that only just corralled them.
As the main course was cleared away ahead of an intermission in the dinner’s proceedings, the man leaned to his right, in her direction, and whispered into her ear, “I think we may have some mutual interests to discuss after dinner.
” Em took a quick, surreptitious look at his crotch.
The fine tailoring could not hide the engagingly large bulge she saw there.
She said, “Yes, I think we do.
Let’s make the arrangements in the bar.
I’m dying for a cigarette.
” They had introduced themselves earlier, along with the other six guests at the table.
She knew his name was Mike.
He knew hers was Em.
They hadn’t met before.
Plainly their business circuits did not generally intersect.
“Mike,” he said again, when they got to the bar.
He gave her a business card.
Em saw that he was the managing director and CEO of a small engineering company with overseas interests.
It was not her usual territory.
At the same time, she thought with a secret smile, he was clearly very good at erections.
She gave him her card.
He perused it intently.
“I know the property,” he said.
“I’ve played golf there.
” Em smiled her you-have-a-treat-coming-mister smile.
“Shame that I missed your visit,” she said.
He Laughed.
“It was a private party and my wife was with me.
It would have been an agenda item for a future date.
” He looked at Em’s left hand.
“Does your husband play golf?” he asked.
It was Em’s turn to laugh.
“Good lord no.
He writes for a living.
He might just manage to get off the tee if he could summon up an appropriate quotation from Kant; or possibly Camus.
He did play rugby at school but that was a long time ago.
He plays squash.
Not golf.
” Mike looked directly into her eyes.
“Well I’ll just have to play a round with you then,” he said with a smile.
“I’m good for that,” said Em.
Online Now! Lush Cams Anahy “I’m looking for a hole in one.
” He stared at her, astounded.
Eventually he said, “You’re not backward in coming forward.
I think you’ve got one tonight.
” Em touched his hand briefly.
The contact seemed to electrify him.
“Oh I know I have,” she said.
An hour or so later, Em arrived at the door of his high-floor suite.
She was several lift stops below on this trip.
She buzzed the bell.
Her nipples were hard in her bra, visibly so through the thin fabric of her little cocktail dress.
Her mouth was dry and her knees were trembling, as they always were when she was about to shout her way through a bout of unexpected, unauthorized sex.
It was a feeling she had quite often.
She liked it a lot.
The door opened.
He was naked.
His cock, she saw instantly, was immensely erect and was to die for.
It was surmounted by a wide, neatly trimmed triangle of black hair.
That was hotly sexy.
His tummy was flat and he had a nicely powerful six-pack.
He took her hand and drew her inside the vestibule.
“Come through to the sitting room.
I want to strip you naked on the couch,” he said.
Em said, “Oh!” Then she touched his cock, which pulsed and emitted a glistening promissory dribble of pre-cum.
She said, “Oh god!” She felt her pussy get very wet between her legs.
He led her through to the sitting and pushed her gently onto the couch, face down.
The soft pink velour enveloped her.
He pushed her legs apart and flicked up the skirt of her little dress.
He said, “Stay-ups and a tiny string.
Lovely,” as he pulled the thin purple string from between Em’s legs.
He bit her ass, gently, both cheeks.
Then he licked the length of her slit, his tongue firmly parting its lips.
“Do you have hair?” he asked in a throaty voice.
“Yes,” said Em, also throatily.
“It’s very tiny.
It wants to meet yours.
” He unzipped her dress and pulled it off, with Em’s help.
“It shall,” he said.
“It will do so hotly and very soon.
” He unclipped her bra.
Em pushed her mound into the couch, moving her hips so the friction of the fabric would arouse her.
He pulled off her bra.
It seriously disturbed her nipples as it traversed her breasts from left to right.
She shouted.
He rolled down her stay-ups, left leg first, right leg second.
He licked her wet slit while he did this.
Em shouted again, several times.
She shouted extra loudly when the firm tip of his tongue circled her clit.
He rolled her over, ripped off her string, and threw her legs apart.
He stared with lust at her hard nipples and her tiny triangle.
He whispered, “The stuff of dreams.
” He disturbed her nipples and her hair with his tongue.
Em shouted again and threw her arms above her head.
“Fuck me,” she demanded.
He grasped her left leg behind the knee and placed her right leg over his left shoulder.
“I certainly shall,” he said.
“This is just the first one,” he said.
Em gasped.
She watched as his thick, hard cock approached her pussy.
She felt its pulsing tip tease her lips, parting them softly but with firm intent.
She saw his buttocks flex to propel his cock’s hot entry into her vagina.
Then she saw and felt his cock thrust fully in.
It was fully engorged and purple-red.
Their pubic hair met and mingled wetly, hotly, his neat wide triangle overwhelming her little landing strip.
She screamed with hot pleasure.
Then she bucked and bucked in time with his frantic, urgent thrusts, shouting in time.
She felt as if his cock would fuck her right up to her breasts.
She felt an orgasm begin to flood her vagina, her pelvis and her thighs.
His eyes took on a misty, opaque, faraway look.
He arched his back and stared at the ceiling, gasping.
His buttocks doubled their pace.
His cock got longer and thicker and harder and more and more urgent.
He became frantic.
He pumped her madly.
He shouted “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” over and over as he felt the wonderful sensation of approaching orgasm teasing his cock.
He held back.
Then he tried to hold back.
Then, finally, as Em began to come, he couldn’t hold back any longer.
Together, they shouted “Ohgodohgodohgod!” as his cock exploded in her vagina and flooded her with huge ejaculations of hot cum and she climaxed wildly.
He was true to his word.
It was the first of several hot comings that night.



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