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Latest stories Supernatural Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 8

It had been months since Erica had been lowered into the bunker with nine hundred and ninety nine men and zero women, but she was still in disbelief.
Nearly all of them had hit on her at least once and several of the men had resorted to homosexuality to fulfil certain needs.
At first she hated the thought of being the only woman but after months of constant compliments she was beginning to see the upside to it all.
She stood at around five foot five, weighed a little over one hundred and ten pounds and for a smallish woman, she had a marvellous figure.
Her 32C breasts took everyone’s breath away and her shapely legs just made her a magnificent catch for anyone.
Her figure was complimented by her golden, sun-kissed skin, her dark brown hair and delightful blue eyes.
What topped her off was her cute button-like nose and gorgeously sculpted cheek bones.
Every man wanted her.
After the several months of living with the men, she started to gain urges of her own.
She craved the attention of the opposite sex but she felt awful only accepting one man out of the hundreds that lived with her.
Without any thought, she walked out of her room and approached the overseer’s office at the other end of the bunker.
As she walked along the corridors, she heard the men talking about her to one another.
She didn’t allow it to bother her and as she reached the office, the door opened.
The overseer welcomed her to his office with open arms.
“What can I do for you?” He asked.
“I need to make an announcement,” she said with a seductive look on her face.
“That’s fine,” he replied as he passed her the microphone for the speakers placed all around the vault.
She took a moment to think about what she was going to say to the men and as she cleared her throat, her cheeks began to blush.
“Dear all bunker dwellers, this is Erica speaking.
I’m deciding to give you all what you want, my body.
If you wish to take part, make your way to the overseer’s office where each of you will have your turn.
” She said nervously.
The overseer’s eyes widened as what she had just said processed in his head.
He watched as Erica pulled off her dress revealing that she had no underwear on.
Her pussy was already wet and raring to go as the men began to queue outside the office.
The queue started to string along the corridors of the bunker as hundreds of horny men waited for their chance to be with Erica.
The overseer slowly opened the door to the men, letting them gaze at her hairless pussy as it patiently waited for their cocks.
The lips were gleaming as the light reflected off of the juices that were overflowing.
Erica watched over her shoulder as the leader pulled his cock from his trousers.
It must have only been about five inches but none the less she was ready for him.
His small bush of pubic hair rubbed against her ass as he pushed his cock inside her tight wet hole.
Erica let out a loud moan as he started to fuck her as deep as his cock could go.
The men began to flood into the room, watching as Erica took the overseer’s cock first as they waited for their turn to get at the young twenty-two-year-old pussy.
His thrusts started to get harder and her tits started to bounce on her chest with the force.
Before long, he was cumming inside her hole with one goal in mind, impregnation.
String after string shot inside her like a cannon as he held his manhood as deep as he could.
Erica licked her lips as he pulled his limp cock from her cum filled pussy and another cock took its place.
This time it was a big hairless cock which was separating her twat.
He started to fuck her a lot harder than the overseer and as moans filled the air, one of the men brought his cock to her mouth.
Instantly, she wrapped her lips around it and begun sucking whilst the other cock filled her pussy.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers The force of his thrusts seemed to push her head further onto the cock she was sucking and after a short while, her pussy was being fed another load of semen.
Yet another cock slid between her tender pussylips and began to fuck her hole raw as the cock in her mouth shot its prize down her throat.
The men of bunker 68 were going to make Erica remember the day she took all of them.
She was their little cock slut and they were going to make sure of it.
Cum was shooting inside her mouth and pussy left, right and centre as the queue began to shrink little by little.
She was an absolute mess after around fifty of the men.
Cum was oozing and flowing from both ends.
Her legs and chin were saturated in the manly juices as more cocks pushed their way into her slutty holes.
She moaned as another huge ten inch cock pushed in her cream covered hole and begun to batter at her insides.
Her moans were quickly muffled by yet another penis as it slid elegantly between her gums.
The salty taste of semen was all her tastebuds could gather as her throat started to get fucked once again.
The men all groaned as they watched her taking the two huge cocks.
The slapping of his balls against her ass was their heroin as quickly, more ejaculate accumulated within her womb and gut.
Just as before, two more men took their positions at either end of the desk.
At the same time, they pushed their cocks in her, creating the perfect female spitroast on their penises.
The cum was leaking down her body even more as they both thrust their hips towards her.
For a few moments they gave her a good fucking before they both started to cum, joining the dozens of men before them.
Their sperm shot deep and true into her mouth and cunt before they each pulled out and went back to their everyday life.
The breeding of Erica continued for hours.
Each man would fuck her for a few moments, cum and then leave her for the next man in line.
Her pussy was being destroyed but she was enjoying it too much to care as she remained bent over the desk.
Hundreds of the men had already given her their prize and she was nearing the end of the queue.
The last two men to enter the office were the doctors of the vault.
Knight had short grey hair as he was in his forties and a perfectly neat moustache with the same silver-like colour.
With his hazel eyes focused on her cum dripping pussyhole, he pulled his cock out.
Thompson who shared the same grey hair with a tidy moustache did the same thing.
Each of their cocks had to have been around eight or nine inches and funnily, they began to bicker over who was getting what.
They carried on bickering until finally they came to an arrangement with one another.
Thompson positioned himself behind Erica’s hips whilst Knight prepared for his blowjob.
Erica, fatigued from the whole ordeal, stretched her arm out and grasped Knight’s cock with her hand.
She started to stroke it as he slid into her mouth.
His helmet bulged in her cheek whilst Thompson started to fuck her raw, bred hole.
Each of the doctors started to groan as they used her body for their satisfaction.
Thompson’s balls bounced off her body as he thrust his hips back and forth powerfully.
They both listened to Erica’s soft moans as they were muffled by the dick in her mouth and before long, their cocks started to spasm and their balls tingled.
Cum filled her body for the final time whilst the men held their meat as deep as possible.
String after string shot from their tips and before long, they were removing their softening penises from her.
Erica remained bent over the desk, her pussy was dripping with the cum of around eight hundred men of bunker 68, and as she rubbed her aching twat she knew she was pregnant.



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