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Latest stories Straight Sex Stop Teasing Me

  It was a Saturday morning.
As usual, I woke up accompanied by a rock hard morning boner and feeling super horny, but no wife in sight to help me get rid of it.
It had been a few days since my wife and I had the opportunity to have some alone time.
Should I quickly rub one out? Or would we have time today to sneak in a quickie? I just never knew what to do.
I decided to wait, it’s always better when you have someone to help release the tension, but I needed to keep busy.
I made everyone breakfast and started to get stuck into some jobs to keep my mind from thinking about sex.
The hours went by and all I could think about was; as soon as we were alone and our kid was asleep I was going to ravage my wife’s pussy.
As soon as I heard my son was down and my sister in law had gone out for a few hours, my mind ticked over to sex mode.
Fucking beauty, I’m in.
I barged through the back door and thought to myself, we could go twice here.
We always say that in the moment but never do.
She could see it in my eyes, she knew I was ready to rip her clothes off, or maybe it was the bulge in my pants that gave it away.
But as soon as I thought I was guaranteed to empty the load built up in my balls her phone started to ring.
It was her friend from America.
She looked at me and could see the disappointment in my eyes.
I knew she wasn’t going to let this call go through to voicemail.
She answered and sat back down at the dining room table, with a slight eye roll and the word, ‘sorry’ mouthed in my direction.
Fuck! I thought, I couldn’t catch a break.
I’m just going to go jerk off.
I can’t wait any longer.
I got halfway to the bedroom when I had a thought.
I had always wanted to do this.
I turned back around, walked into the dining room, got down on all fours and crawled under the dining room table.
My wife wondered, ‘what the hell is he doing?’ Next second my hands were sliding up the outsides of her thighs reaching for the top of her lace panties.
I slowly pulled them down to her ankles revealing her beautiful snatch.
She lifted one foot off the ground to free up her legs.
She repositioned her body and moved to the edge of the seat and spread her legs wide so I could get full access to her waiting pussy, she knew exactly what I had in mind.
It was so tempting to drive right in and start licking her pussy straight away, but I wanted to tease her a little.
Just like I had been teased the last few days.
I started kissing and licking the inside of her thighs.
Making my way slowly north.
I could hear the tone in her voice change as soon as my tongue touched her clit.
The conversation continued over the phone but there was so much for my wife to focus on.
She needed to keep the conversation flowing without letting on that her husband was licking her cunt.
At the same time allowing herself to zone out a little so she could somewhat enjoy this pleasant surprise.
I kept licking as she kept talking, her legs were finding it harder and harder to stay in the one position and her toes were starting to curl.
It was definitely the right time to slip a finger in her pussy.
I continued to glide my tongue around her clit.
One finger entered and was quickly followed by a second, I could hear her voice change once again.
I knew she was getting closer to cumming, but I wasn’t so sure I was going to let her.
Maybe this was just a way for me to tease her just like I was teased all morning.
I got her as close to cumming as I could and then I stopped.
I crawled out from under the dining room table, gave her a quick smile and left the room.
Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry My cock was rock hard and I had pre-cum soaking through the linen of my shorts.
It would have been so easy for me to finish her off and unleash my load at the same time, but I didn’t.
I headed towards the shower to calm myself down.
The water in the shower always distracts me so it wasn’t too long before my cock was subsiding from its rock hard status.
I thought, ‘I’ll freshen up and then I’ll go have a quick wank before my window of opportunity is closed for the rest of the day.
‘ But just as I was about to turn the knobs off my wife stepped in, nude and holding the new dildo I had recently purchased for her.
We had only used it a couple of times together and never in the shower.
What was she doing? She had her own plan now.
She was going to tease me like I teased her.
She would make me wait before I got what I really wanted.
She stepped in the shower and stuck the dildo on the wall.
It was positioned at the height of her pussy and she slowly began to back herself onto it.
She took the whole thing with ease and was starting to move back and forth on the clear rubber cock.
Her ass was beginning to slap up against the tiled wall as she took the dildo down to its base.
I just stood there and watched, taking in the awesome sight and it wasn’t too long before my cock was rock hard again.
I was stroking my soaped up cock as she continued to ride her new favourite toy.
I started to think, ‘when am I going to get some of this action?’ Those thoughts quickly disappeared from my mind as my wife pulled my hips over towards her head.
As she was bent over sliding up and down the rubber dildo she washed my dick clean, opened her mouth and started to suck on my raging boner.
She was doing it all, sucking and fucking all at once and she loved it, although I’m not sure who loved it more.
It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take any more.
I needed that pussy wrapped around my cock before I blew my load.
I pulled her off the dildo, spun her around, bent her over and slid my cock into her dripping pussy.
I started off slow but I was so excited I couldn’t maintain that pace.
My momentum increased and I quickly started to pound her harder and faster.
We were both so excited and aroused it didn’t take long before we were both moaning loudly.
We were both about to reach our climax.
As she screamed with pleasure, she arched her back and I grabbed her hair.
I thrust a few more times and let out a loud moan, which was met by the words, “I’m cumming,” from my wife.
The next thirty seconds were the moments both of us had been waiting for, that point in time where our own bodies shake and we are overcome by pure lust.
We enjoyed a little bit of extra time in the shower together but that alone time was short-lived by the sound of our son waking up.
We had created some great memories though which would get me off the next time I needed to rub one out by myself.



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