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I wasn’t looking for him when I went into the cafeteria that day; I was looking for someone else.
But there he was, tall, dark, and handsome, better than any cliché.
And just my luck, he was surrounded by people from my own extended friend group.
How is it possible that I had never met this guy before? I hovered close by, hoping to be noticed.
Then he turned and smiled at me.
I thought I might melt then and there! He exuded charm and friendliness, and he was sexy as hell! Then, he made things even more perfect by offering me a mini-sized powdered-sugar doughnut.
I know that many people think love-at-first-sight is a myth or a fallacy.
But I fell in love with him right then and there.
I just couldn’t tell him right away.
Why? Because we were both dating someone else at the time.
But I knew he felt the same way.
It was an instant connection for us.
We became inseparable best friends and spent hours on the phone, telling each other everything and anything.
A few months later, we had both broken off our relationships but were leery about dating each other.
So, he found a new girlfriend, and I found a new boyfriend.
And we continued to spend as much time with each other as possible.
The other relationships didn’t last because we eventually realized that being best friends wasn’t enough.
Risking our friendship, we agreed to try going out on a date.
If it didn’t work out, we would pretend that it never happened and continue to be just best friends.
We had a great time, and by our second date, we talked about when we would get married in the future.
Not every girl gets to marry the first man she has sex with, but fast forward six years from the day we met, and I was walking down the aisle.
I should probably mention we had decided to abstain from intercourse for the last year before our wedding.
We dabbled in oral pleasures, of course, but no penetration whatsoever.
That was no easy task, as we were quite active for the five years prior, but it seemed like an important thing to do at the time.
It certainly made our wedding night exciting, which was, I suppose, the intended outcome.
I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me again after a long, arduous wait.
We’d had plenty of champagne at our reception to make us both more than a little tipsy.
We’d agreed to get inebriated, but not annihilated, so we could enjoy what we’d denied ourselves for what felt like forever.
Out of habit, or maybe just because it felt so good, we treated each other to some oral pleasure minus the orgasms.
We were saving that wedding night climax for the real deal.
Even though alcohol had eliminated any inhibitions and the fact that neither of us were virgins, waiting that year had, indeed, made us a little nervous about how our first time in a long time would go.
We needn’t have worried.
The minute the tip of his cock opened up my pussy, I was in heaven.
That beautiful, familiar feeling as he slid slowly inside me sent shivers of arousal throughout my entire body.
These days, we rarely fuck in the missionary position, but back then, we were still in that mindset that a good, old-fashioned fuck meant the man goes on top.
Nothing wrong with that, by the way.
Just because it isn’t inventive or clever doesn’t mean it can’t feel good.
And boy, did it ever feel good! After months of denial, the waiting was over, and he thrust in and out of me with long, deliberate strokes.
Having trimmed my strawberry blonde curls, the friction of his body rubbing against mine felt incredible.
My clit was in heaven, and I felt my hips move in rhythm with him as his pace crept up little by little.
Online Now! Lush Cams ValeryTorroja His hot breath on my neck intensified my arousal until I felt my need growing stronger.
Almost frustrated by his pace, I cried out, “God, please fuck me harder and faster!” He grinned, “I’m not God, but I’m happy to give you what you want if you beg a little more.
” “Funny guy!” I answered playfully.
But the next words out of my mouth were, “Yes, please, I need to feel the full force of your cock! It’s been way too long! Please, baby, don’t make me wait anymore.
I need to cum so badly!” He looked deep into my eyes and said, “I’m happy to oblige my bride!” Then he pumped his thick shaft into my hot wet pussy like a man…well, like a man who’d been denied pussy for the last year.
Without the worries of accidental pregnancy to hamper our fun, I was about to experience his cum shooting into me instead of being captured by a condom.
It felt so erotic to feel his hot seed deposited deep into my tight, wet hole.
So much so that it ignited my own climax, and I came hard.
“Oh, my God! Fuck, yes!” I cried out as pulse after pulse coated the inside of my cunt.
With our savage beasts soothed for the moment, he wrapped his arms around me.
I smiled, feeling more content than I could ever remember.
“I love you,” he murmured into my ear.
“I love you more,” I whispered back.
We fell asleep with our bodies still entangled.
But, at some point, he must have woken up and drawn the covers over me.
When morning came, he asked what I was hungry for.
I said, “You, of course.
” He grinned like a Cheshire cat as I scooted down between his legs and cupped his balls.
His prick was standing at attention for me, and I couldn’t resist the invitation to lick and suck such a tasty treat.
I worried earlier in the week if this would seem as decadent once I was his wife.
Silly me! It was divine! My tongue swirled around the head of his cock, and I was rewarded by the sound of his moans and sighs.
It makes me feel so good inside when I get him so aroused.
Taking him further into my mouth, a half-inch at a time, I felt his pelvis start to rock.
“Oh, yes, baby! Take it all in that pretty little mouth of yours!” he said moaning.
I wasn’t as adept at fellatio then as I am now, but he certainly didn’t complain! I satisfied my oral fixation and sucked him dry.
Always the generous lover, he returned the favor.
His tongue explored my pink folds and alternated, lapping at my clit and dipping into my nectar.
Then he nibbled on that swollen little nub and had me teetering on the edge before he sent me plunging into a mind-blowing orgasm.
It was an amazing sex-filled weekend, but then it was back to reality.
I was student teaching, and he had only been at his new job for four months, so a real destination honeymoon would have to wait until the following spring.
But that’s another story! I enjoy reminiscing about our early days.
We’ve had our share of ups and downs; every marriage does.
But I love that I am still married to my high school sweetheart and that our relationship continues to grow stronger every year.
It helps that we both have incredibly high sex drives, I imagine.
But it’s more than just hot sex between us.
It’s a good old-fashioned, cliched, love of a lifetime, soulmate, best friend kind of relationship.
But yeah, the sex is fucking awesome too!



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