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Basic training is completed and around two weeks into AIT, my company is waiting outside for the instructors to let us into the building so we may continue our job training classes.
I am overhearing a conversation about favorite sexual positions, smiling to myself, because it’s clearly a question asked by a mature woman, who is trying to gauge the level of sexual experience among the three males she is conversing with.
They quickly reply with your usual positions, not hearing anything intriguing, she noticed me smiling a few feet away.
She asks me if I know any other positions that were not said.
“Yes I do,” I answer, “it’s also favorite of mine because it is very enjoyable.
” Looking her in the eyes, I ask everyone, “Have you ever fucked your lover while they were laying on their side?” Only one says yes, when his wife was pregnant, he would lay behind her so they could fuck.
I reply, “Almost similar at least with the position of the woman.
”  Now I have all their attention, I tell them the details.
My ex’s girlfriend and I were playing around exploring different positions when we discovered this one.
I got onto my knees, then I straddled her right thigh.
Lifting her left leg over my shoulder, but my ex wasn’t very flexible, so I had to try something else.
I passed her left leg over to my right arm, this caused her to roll onto her right side because her left leg was hanging over my elbow.
I hooked my right hand around her leg grabbing ahold of her upper left thigh.
With total control of her left leg, I could manipulate it easily, by leaning forward her left leg lifted or split open creating the perfect gap between her legs, the right thigh I was straddling became a runway straight into her pussy.
I widened my stance to where I was almost sitting on her thigh, sliding my dick completely into her pussy, I started slowly thrusting back and forth, it didn’t take long for me to turn up the pace.
The result was amazing, it felt like I was going deeper inside her, and she was definitely voicing her pleasure.
With my left arm free to roam, I could squeeze, caress her from her head down to her ass, and everything in between.
Also being hook onto that left leg allowed me to pull myself faster and harder into her, it became the ultimate lever of pleasure.
This position easily found its place in our love making as the grand finale.
They gave positive comments and one of the guys asked me to demonstrate, which I did alone, with the four kneeling in front of me so that no one else could see what I was doing.
They talked about sex and relationship, but I mostly listened, only answering or inserting my two cents in when asked.
While listening I learned a lot about this woman.
She had already been in the army for six years, her rank was E4/SPC(specialist).
She only reclassed or change military jobs to become a SGT(Sargent), according to military regulations, if you have not received the rank of SGT by eight years of service, you are kicked out of the military.
SPC Reeves is her rank and last name, this how we formally address each other.
She begins seeking me out to converse every day, whenever the Drill Sargent isn’t watching over us.
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