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Amber had been coming to the parish with her parents for several years.
I had witnessed her growing from a child into a beautiful young adult.
I had consoled her and her mother after the tragic death of her father in a farming accident seven years previously, and most recently I had the unfortunate duty of presiding over her mother’s burial after a long fight against cancer.
In many ways, I felt a great sense of fatherly duty toward Amber.
I had assisted her family in keeping the faith throughout the tough times, as well as celebrating the joys of their more triumphant moments.
However, beyond these sentiments of goodwill for the family, I had a more sinister attraction toward Amber.
Despite having made my vows of celibacy toward God, I couldn’t help but think of thinking of her in a sexual manner.
I hold my head in shame in telling you that on more than one occasion I partook in pleasuring myself while dreaming of holding Amber naked in my arms.
It was wrong, very wrong, but the passion was stronger than I could control.
It had been six months since her mother had passed away.
Amber still attended church every Sunday.
She was as quiet as she had always been and yet something had changed.
Instead of looking mournful for the loss of her parents, she seemed happier.
She beamed when she sang and smiled at me sweetly whenever she saw me looking at her.
I felt nervous about the situation, because it just reinforced my own feelings of guilt, making me feel that I was failing God by succumbing to wanton thoughts.
I decided to talk to her if only to ensure that she was still a child of the Lord.
I would reiterate my commitment to him and ensure that she knew I would be there for her if she wanted to follow in his footsteps.
I needed to know that she was chaste.
I also needed to regain trust in my choice of living as a man of the cloth.
During communion, I whispered to her that I needed to see her after the morning service.
She smiled and said that she would wait for me.
— As the final few members of the congregation left, I approached Amber, who was still sitting in the front pew.
She looked so pretty in her blue cotton summer dress and white heels.
Her dark curls fell gracefully over her china doll face.
“My dear Amber,” I started, sitting next to her, “How are you?” “I’m very well, Father Dominic,” she answered, “How are you?” “I’m fine too,” I answered, “I was just wondering how you are managing these days, now that, well, both of your parents have passed?” “Better than ever!” she responded enthusiastically, “I feel free at last.
” That wasn’t the response I was expecting.
I felt a bit shocked at her reaction.
“What do you mean?” I asked cautiously.
“You know, my parents always stifled me with their Catholic guilt and how we shouldn’t have any fun in life.
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Don’t you agree?” “Well, within reason,” I started to answer, “There are certain rules and expectations to abide by.
” “Of course,” she responded, “And certain things are a matter of the heart, beyond theological debate.
I’ve seen how you look at me, Father Dominic.
I look at you in the same way, and yet you don’t allow yourself to follow your heart.
” “I’m a man of the cloth!” I exclaimed, “I cannot transgress the word of the church!” “You mean you cannot show feelings,” she said dryly, taking my hand and putting it on her breast.
“Dear child, this is blasphemy!” I blurted, about to stand up.
“Call it what you want, Father Dominic, if it is what you want.
” “This will ruin me,” I said despairingly.
Before I could say another word, I leant in and kissed her on the lips, running my fingers through her hair.
I had lost control.
I had never had sexual relations with a woman and Amber was just too attractive for me to resist.
She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around my robe.
I tugged at the zip at the back of her dress.
She stood up for a moment and pulled it off over her head, revealing her large breasts and taught body.
Sitting down again, she unhooked her bra and pulled my head between her breasts.
Their softness was amazing, brushing against my cheeks as I kissed them in turn.
I slipped my hand between her thighs and felt the dampness of her panties as I stroked her.
“Take off your robe!” she begged.
As I stood up and removed my robe, she walked over to the altar and leant forward over it, spreading her legs and clearing the contents with her arms.
The chalice and candlesticks crashed to the ground, making a huge echo.
I stepped over to her and with one swift movement with one hand, tore off her panties to reveal her beautiful peach.
I felt like a beast, perhaps the devil himself, as I pushed my rod between her pussy lips and banged against her sweet butt cheeks with my thighs.
I felt angry that she had coerced me into fucking her but amazingly excited at having her tight pussy sliding up and down my cock.
I grabbed her around the waist and pushed as deeply as I could, thrusting in and out like a madman.
She screamed while I pounded her, banging her fists while she came.
“God help us, Father Dominic,” she cried, “For we have sinned!” I felt my cock swelling.
I thrust hard, filling her with cum while she lay there lifeless, spent.
— “Father Dominic, I need a word with you,” said the male voice behind me.



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