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Jarold managed to obtain from unknown sources, three very nice walleye filets, very fresh and ready to be cooked.
Gaylee went out and bought fresh spinach, avocados, bean sprouts, almond slivers, and croutons for a salad.
She also bought three baked potatoes, chives, sour cream, and a strawberry-rhubarb cobbler for dessert.
She was nice enough to ask Tom to come over and enjoy the meal with Jarold and herself.
As a present to everyone, Tom decided to bring a gift.
He stopped at the liquor store and picked up some Grey Goose, Martini and Rossi dry vermouth, and Spanish queen olives.
He had other ideas in mind for the martinis.
Arriving well before dinner, he was greeted by a nude Gaylee and given an extra special hug as he raised her off of her feet, and she rubbed hard enough he could feel her pussy grinding on his crotch which began to get him aroused along with a nice pressing of her big breasts against his chest.
“How are you doing Tom?” she asked.
“Rub me any harder and I’ll fuck you right now Gaylee,” he said.
“Promises, promises,” she replied.
Jarold smiled at the bantering back and forth between Tom and Gaylee.
He was happy that they had become good friends.
Jarold, who could no longer get it up anymore, still had some sexual feelings and had learned to participate in other ways.
Tom, right at home in Gaylee’s kitchen, got the shaker, ice, toothpicks, and glasses out and began preparing the martinis.
He kept the glasses in the freezer and had shaved ice also.
Tom prepared three drinks but only poured out two, one for Gaylee and one for Jarold but reserved some extra in the shaker.
 He also removed the pimentos from two of the olives and cut out two holes in the sides of the olives with a knife.
He handed Jarold and Gaylee a drink but didn’t pour one for himself which got the attention of Gaylee who was wondering what was going on.
“Not drinking, Tom?” “I’m drinking but not how you think I am,” he said.
“Whatever are you talking about?” she said with a look of puzzlement in her eyes.
“Come over here, honey,” he said.
Gaylee walked over close to Tom who stuck his hand out and felt one of her majestic twin mountains of pleasure giving it a special squeeze and a pull on her nipple causing it to become erect.
She sucked in her breath at the attention and pushed a little closer to have Tom get a better feel.
Tom went to the counter and grabbed a slice of shaved ice and put it on her nipple making it very hard and very erect as he rubbed it back and forth.
He took one of the olives he had cut holes into and with a little bit of wiggling pushed it on her erect nipple.
Gaylee smiled at what he was doing.
She smiled, even more, when he took the shaker of martinis and very slowly poured it onto the top of her breast and watched it run down to her stomach and below.
To complete his project Tom began licking the martini off the top of her breast and sliding his tongue down all the way to her pussy where some of the drink had settled.
“I like it so much, Tom.
Don’t stop.
Lick my breasts, stomach, and pussy.
Have your drink, baby.
” Gaylee shuttered in delight as Tom’s rough tongue ran across her lush body taking in the alcoholic liquid as well as the irresistible flesh in front of him.
As he lapped the fluid he stopped to bite the olive taking it in his mouth as well as biting down hard on the nipple while doing so.
Tom couldn’t resist sucking on the beauties even though he had seen them so many times he never tired of looking at them.
He cupped both of them in his hands looking at them as they were more than a handful.
He kneaded them like bread dough pressing on the flesh every feel bringing more arousal to him.
The flesh was addictive and intoxicating bringing feelings of arousal to Gaylee as her hand went to her pussy to stimulate her clit.
Tom’s mouth went to her nipples and he sucked on them like she was giving milk to him, something he would love to happen.
As he suckled she encouraged him to keep it upholding each breast in her mouth offering them to him.
They tasted so good he couldn’t get enough of them.
They ended up on the floor and continued with Jarold joining in on the fun.
Gaylee had two men sucking on her breasts which pleased her to no end.
Jarold was sucking like a baby holding onto the big breast kneading it sending shivers of pleasure to her body.
Tom was biting down hard on the erect nipple that had the olive and ice on it.
It grew in his mouth and sent signals to her clit.
Tom could no longer resist her charms and slid his large eight-inch cock into her cleavage, moving Jarold aside who watched with keen interest.
He wanted the incredible feeling of being surrounded by breast flesh, that wonderful cock rising cum producing situation that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to which of course he didn’t.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian “Fuck them, Tom.
They’re made for your pleasure.
” “I can’t stop fucking them.
I’m paralyzed they feel so good.
” “I want to see you cum on them,” said Jarold.
“I want to taste your cum.
” “Coat my tits with cum, Tommy.
Make them wet for me,” she said.
As Tom slid his big cock back and forth Gaylee pressed her titties together even tighter leaving barely enough room to slide his cock back and forth.
His balls were filled with cum and felt like they were ready to burst from being too full.
He wanted to get the maximum pleasure from the titty fucking before he exploded and Gaylee took care of that.
She stopped holding her soft pillows together and all of a sudden it stopped.
Gaylee was edging him making him wait for his climax.
As the urge subsided Tom renewed his effort and began fucking her titties again, sliding his cock in and out watching the head appear and disappear.
He looked at Gaylee who would suck on the head watch it disappear and keeping her mouth open wait for it to slide back into her mouth again.
Tom loved the dual feeling he was getting with the ultimate handjob on her titties and her waiting mouth every time the head came up to the tops of her breasts.
He was so swollen now I wouldn’t be too long before he burst forth with a lot of cum.
As Gaylee renewed her efforts even more by going faster and faster Tom tried to hold back for as long as he could.
Looking at their beauty made it more difficult not to cum as the sexiness of the act made it more difficult so he tried not to look only feel how good it really was for him.
Just when Tom thought he could stand no more Gaylee stopped and pulled the cock out of her cleavage stopping the friction on the sides of her titties.
She smiled with a look of we’re going to tease you till you can’t stand it anymore before you continue.
Tom looked at the leftover droplets from the martini coupled with the beads of sweat on the tanned mounds with erect nipples and knew it was time to cum so he continued on his own.
As Gaylee kept sucking every time the head appeared the licking with her lips and tongue proved to be more than he could stand and with a loud grunt let forth his cum in her mouth not once but twice filling her up to hungrily swallow.
The last rope fell on her breasts mixing in with the sweat and martini.
“Was it good, darling?” she said.
“Did my titties do a good job?” Jarold licked off Tom’s cum and the martini from her titties while Tom came back down to earth.
Gaylee just smiled knowing she did a good job and everyone was happy! ****************************************************************** Dinner was superb, the walleye a special treat for all especially Tom who grew up eating them in the summertime as a boy.
Catch, clean, cook, and eat.
Somehow he had a feeling that Gaylee wasn’t done for the evening as she was way too quick to bed after cleaning up the kitchen and having a second martini this time in a glass.
She was off to bed before Tom and Jarold, waiting like a cat to pounce upon Tom as he collapsed down on the bed.
“I’m wet again,” she said as she got on top of Tom assuming the cowgirl position “Boob jobs aren’t the most satisfying for you, are they?” She answered by grinding her pussy on the top of his cock and grabbing his hands and putting them on her tits.
Tom could already feel the juices beginning to flow on his cock which was also beginning to rise from the attention it was getting.
She was ready to ride herself to orgasm and was doing whatever she could to get Tom hard and ready for a satisfying ride.
Her breasts still showed his cum and martini from before having dried on them.
As Tom pushed on them and returned the grinding from Gaylee his cock got hard enough to slide it into her waiting pussy.
Slowly it slid down and began to rise to fill her pussy with Gaylee’s gyration.
As she slid up and down Tom felt it grow and Gaylee moaned with lust wanting it to fill her up with cock and cum in that order.
She loved to be fucked over and over and she was riding him moving up and down making his cock harder and bigger.
“Fuck me good, Tommy.
Give me all of that cock.
” “You got it, baby.
All of it.
” “My pussy is so wet for you.
Fuck me fuck me.
” Tom grunted knowing he was getting close to cumming again.
Gaylee was also getting close to a climax.
Would they scream in unison? Gaylee was driving it as deep as she could squeezing his cock as hard as she could trying to get another inch from the eight-inch cock.
“I’m cumming.
I’m cumming,” she screamed.
“So am I,” Tom yelled.
Tom shot his load into Gaylee and she screamed at the love juice she was producing and taking filling her up to the point it was leaking out of her.
Both of them collapsed in pleasure.



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