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Latest stories Taboo My Secret Is Discovered – Part 2

I awaken, still in the spoon position; to the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen.
Moonbeams drifting through the sheer curtains on the window, softly illuminate my stepsister Joni.
Unable to resist tracing the subtle curves of the womanly form before me, I start on the side of Joni’s thigh, my fingers lightly trace over her soft skin of her hip.
Pausing momentarily to trace tiny circles with my fingertips while ever so softly kissing her shoulder with pursed lips.
“Mmmm,” Joni purrs as she stirs to the sensations, not yet fully awake.
My fingers continue moving up Joni’s side to her full breast.
She stirs slightly and my rigid cock nestles between her buttocks.
I trace my fingertips along the side of Joni’s breast to the underside, then up to her nipple Joni places her hand on mine.
“Enough teasing, Bruce,” Joni whispers as she turns to face me.
Joni takes my hand, guiding me down to the top of her mound.
I feel a narrow strip of short pubic hair and smile.
Our hands move along her slit as we kiss for the first time as lovers.
Our hands move up and down her slit, our kiss becomes more passionate as I push my tongue into Joni’s mouth.
As our tongues swirl in one another’s mouths and entwine with one another, my finger slips past Joni’s puffy lips and into her warm pussy.
Joni moans out as our kiss becomes more passionate.
Joni slips her hand from mine and moves to her now erect clit, as I slip another finger inside her.
“Oh God Bruce, fuck me hard!” Our fingers move together, bringing her closer to orgasm.
Joni breaks off our kiss as her body arches upward.
“Ooohhh, I’m going to come!” I slip my fingers from her slit and Joni looks at me as I bring my fingers to my lips and lick her juice from them.
“Mmmm, so delicious,” I say as I continue licking my fingers and move between Joni’s parted legs.
“Stop teasing, Bruce!” Gazing into each other’s eyes, I kiss and lick my way from Joni’s ankle to her inner thigh ever so slowly; making Joni moan out in anticipation.
Her fingers pull and pinch on her stiff nipples; using my thumbs, I gently open the delicate flower before me and slide my tongue along the swollen labia to Joni’s now fully aroused clit.
Reaching her clit, my tongue touches Joni’s finger and she momentarily moves so I can suck on her stiff nub.
“Ooohhh that’s it, Bruce.
” Slipping my tongue from her clit, I roll my tongue over her slit and swollen labia.
Moving in small circles and gradually into larger circles, stopping briefly to suck each puffy lip in my mouth.
“Umm, ummm,” moans Joni, as my tongue snakes its way to her perineum.
Laying my tongue flat, I lick my way up to her clit and then back down.
Licking slowly back up, I give her some alphabet licks.
“Aaahhh, yes,” Joni cries out, as she teases her erect nipples with her fingers.
Slipping my tongue inside her flower, my nose rubs around her clit and when I move my head side to side; she grabs two handfuls of my hair.
Thrusting her hips upward, my tongue slips further into Joni’s slit licking up her juices.
“Oh Gaaawwwddd, make me come!” Joni screams out while pulling my hair.
I slip my tongue from her slit, roll it into a tube around Joni’s clit and slide back and forth.
At the same time, I slip my thumb just past her swollen labia and wiggle it in circles; then back and forth.
Joni is thrashing around wildly, begging me to make her come.
Not finished with her yet, I replace my thumb with my index finger.
Sliding my finger up to the last knuckle, I move back and forth; then wiggle it in small circles.
“Oh Christ Bruce, you are driving me insane!” Still using my finger, I crook it into the “come hither” position and move my finger back and forth.
Hitting her G-spot over and over, I feel her body tense and her back arch.
My head is aching as Joni is pulling harder on my hair.
“Oh fuck, I’m coming!” Joni screams out so loud that I thought the neighbors a mile away could hear her.
Keeping my finger in Joni’s throbbing pussy, I press my tongue on her clit, feeling it pulsating.
“Mmmm, that feels good, stud.
” I slip my finger slowly from Joni’s pussy and softly, yet slowly, lick her clit until she recovers.
Online Now! Lush Cams DesiredAlexis Kissing my way up to her mouth, we share a gentle kiss as we wrap ourselves in one another’s arms.
Stroking my cheek, Joni whispers, “That is the first time I ever had multiple orgasms.
” “Really, Joni?” “Yes, Bruce.
” Joni turns to me and says, “Now it is your turn, stud.
” She kisses me, pushing her tongue past my lips and our tongues entwine as we share a deeply passionate kiss.
Joni’s hand strokes my cock to hardness and she breaks the kiss off.
Joni licks and kisses her way down my body, she is no longer stroking my cock with her hand.
I watch Joni wrap her warm, moist mouth slowly around my manhood.
Her eyes locked on mine.
Joni’s warm breath stimulates my stick as she takes inch by inch in her mouth.
Her tongue swirls around the pulsating shaft, getting it wet and she purses her lips.
Joni sucks in her cheeks as she slides her mouth up and down my shaft; while at the same time grabbing the base of my shaft and holding it tight.
“Ooohhh, Joni,” I moan out, as she continues bobbing up and down my stick.
At the same time, Joni slowly flicks her wrist in a smooth motion, turning her hand as she slides her hand along my shaft.
Joni releases my cock, looks at me and then spits on my cock.
“Oh God Joni, don’t stop!” I cry out as she lubes my pulsating stick with her hand.
Taking my berries in her other hand, Joni jiggles them in her palm as she slides her mouth up and down my pole.
Joni moves slowly further down my cock until she touches the base.
“Oh shit!” I yell out as Joni sucks in her cheeks, squeezing my shaft.
Slowly moving up, Joni then deep throats me while jiggling my berries.
Joni continues until I moan out, “Let me come.
” I hold back from coming until Joni is ready.
She lets my cock pop out of her mouth and slides her tongue down my shaft to the hairless berries.
Joni licks, sucks and flicks her tongue over them, until I can take no more.
“Shit Joni, do it now,” I moan out, as my body trembles in anticipation.
Joni lifts her head, “Okay stud, here goes.
” Eyes locked on each other, Joni spits on my cock and takes my stick into her mouth.
Bobbing her head up and down until she feels my body tense.
“Joni, I’m coming!” Joni holds still and with the head of my cock close to her open mouth and her eyes locked on mine, I watch as the first load lands on her tongue.
Joni swallows in time for the next mouthful and the next until I am spent.
With her mouth open, I watch as Joni swirls the last load in her mouth; making sure I can see as her hands stroke my cock.
“Mmmm, I love how you taste.
” I watch as Joni swallows the last creamy load.
Smiling seductively, she slowly runs the tip of her tongue around her lips.
Joni moves up my body, her hard nipples grazing my skin has my cock remaining hard.
“Ready stud?” Joni says, as I feel her pussy grinding on my cock.
” “Yes, Joni.
” She slips the circumcised head past her puffy labia, and I moan out at the feeling as inch by inch is swallowed by her flower.
“Get ready for the ride of your life, stud.
” The rest of the day, is spent making love.
We did take time to rest and have something to eat.
Through our conversations, Joni found out that I was a virgin and I broke up with my girlfriend last month because I caught her sucking off one of the football players in the bathroom between classes.
Joni went on to tell me she broke up with her boyfriend last month because she caught him on a date with another girl when she and her girlfriends ran into him on their girls night out.
The two of us are not sure how long this will last, we are going to take each day as it comes.
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: The above story is a work of fiction.
The names, characters, places and events are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy.
Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
      **   Copyright ©2015 All Rights Reserved.
No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.



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