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It was a cool and crisp April morning in Manhattan, Miles was out for his usual early morning jog.
He was listening to a playlist composed of new and upcoming artists created by his friend that worked at Millennial Records as a talent scout.
As he passed his favorite internet café, ‘Firewall’, his Fitbit watch signaled him that he was halfway through his normal five-mile run.
Sweat soaked his university t-shirt as he entered Central Park.
A quarter-mile into the park, Miles gained a running mate.
It was a woman he’d seen in passing on occasion and had conducted the typical small talk with on various occasions but they’d never stopped long enough to meet one another.
Visibly she seemed younger than him, maybe no more than twenty-five or twenty-six years old.
She had olive skin, was average height for a female, long brunette hair that was pulled back into a ponytail with a small pink scrunchie.
From what Miles could see in her skin-tight, long-sleeved, mesh shirt and form-fitting jogging pants, she was very toned; though that didn’t take away from the more eye-catching parts of her.
Her breasts were supple and perky, even without a bra.
He could tell that she was into him by the way she continually stared at his chest muscles bouncing as he ran.
He could also tell that she was exasperating herself trying to keep up with his fast pace and long strides by the labored breathing and bulging veins on her body.
When she finally broke and slowed down, Miles smirked and slowed, lightly jogging back over to check on her.
“You know.
it’s hard.
to check out a guy running at a dead sprint,” exasperated words coming between her heavy breathing.
“I’m sorry.
How about we try this again? Hi, I’m Miles, nice to meet you,” extending his hand with a smile.
“I’m Brittany.
Nice to meet you,” She looked up, hand out, with obvious embarrassment on her face and still bent over catching her breath.
Miles gave her a moment to catch her breath before asking her if she wanted to join him on his run.
They continued their run, taking an extra lap around the park getting to know each other better, and admiring each other’s bodies.
As they left the park they continued talking and Miles, in the most unseen way, led them on the path leading them back towards his condo.
As they finished their run, coincidentally down the block from his condo, Miles and Brittany stopped at a street vendor to get some bottled water.
“So, what are your plans for the rest of the day?” asked Miles as he checked his Fitbit to see his results.
“Well, today is my day off, so I was going to go shower, do something to my hair, and probably spend the rest of the day on a dive into Netflix.
” “How about we do all of that at my place? I live down the block at Kennedy Tower.
I have multiple bathrooms with different kinds of showers and tubs.
I have a personal stylist on speed dial and who doesn’t have Netflix?” “Uh.
I don’t know.
I mean we just met today, and I’ve never gone to someone’s place I just met,” said Brittany with a voice full of doubt.
“C’mon give me a chance and do something new.
I promise I won’t do anything that you don’t ask me to do,” Replied Miles taking her hand and smiling deep into her eyes.
“Mmm… I guess… you better be glad you’re cute,” She giggled in her approval.
They walked down to Kennedy Tower continuing to talk and their conversation got to be more intimate and arousing.
Miles opened the door for Brittany and watched her body sway as she passed him by.
He led her through the elite and luxurious lobby to the well-polished elevator doors and pressed the button to call it down.
With a light tone the door opened, and Miles led her in with his right hand on her lower back and his left making a leading motion.
They both could feel the sexual tension growing between them.
Brittany could see a bulge beginning to form in Miles’ shorts and it looked so tantalizing it made her nipples harden and her womanhood begin to moisten.
Miles watched her squirm from the corner of his eye, indicating that she most likely had a wet spot forming between her legs, and from the look of her nipples she could see his increasing hardon, if not the change in temperature from the outside chill.
Another tone and the elevator door opened again.
They exited the elevator and headed down the hall to Miles’ condo.
The hallway did not have any other doors than the one at the very end.
He took out his pass-key and swiped it to unlock the door.
When she looked into the apartment Brittany was completely stunned.
It was gorgeous, the colors of all the furniture she could see He showed her a short tour of his place as he led her to his guest bathroom.
“Here’s the guest bathroom.
It has a hide-away toilet, dual vanity sink, a full-sized jetted tub, heated towel rack, floor warmers, a memory foam bathmat, and the piece de resistance the 270-degree angled smart shower.
” “Oh, my gosh… you weren’t kidding.
Your place is phenomenal.
But uh.
I just realized I don’t have any spare clothes.
” Miles could tell she was trying to make a break for it while she still had her clothes on.
“I can lend you something of mine while your stuff is in the laundry.
Or I can have the concierge send for a new outfit for you.
We have all day, don’t we?” “You don’t cease to amaze, do you? Fine, I’ll use your palace bathroom,” giggled Brittany stepping into the bathroom and taking off her top exposing her sports bra.
“You just going to stand there and watch me strip?” Miles smirked as he took in the view of Brittany’s half-naked body, “I do enjoy a good strip show but if you need privacy it’s nothing but a word.
” Brittany, with her butt facing Miles, bent over slightly, slid down her jogging pants, no panties underneath, and looking over her shoulder said, “You know, ‘don’t stand there,’ doesn’t mean you have to leave me alone.
I mean you brought me here for a reason.
” She was done playing games and wanted Miles to know she was ready for what they’d both been anticipating.
Miles loved seeing her heart-shaped butt slowly being revealed to him with her plump lips peeking between her cheeks.
She was glistening, clearly not from sweating during their jog.
Miles began slowly walking towards Brittany, removing his running shoes and slowly pulling off his clothes freeing his manhood which sprang to life.
As she stood up, completely naked, Brittany felt Miles’ body embrace her.
She could feel every ripple of his well-defined muscles against her back.
She paused feeling his penis rub against her leg.
 He was tall so to feel his penis on her thigh meant he had to be extremely well endowed.
Daring to find out the truth, Brittany reached her hand back and found what she was looking for.
It was so thick her hand could barely wrap around it.
Going up and down on it she felt the mind-blowing length, at least four inches above average.
Miles planted soft kisses down her neck, rubbing her body and walking them together to the shower.
As they reached the shower door, Miles input into the smart pad to set the shower to a comfortable level.
He turned her around and kissed her firmly on her lips.
Brittany felt electrified by Miles’ kiss and shoved her tongue in his mouth, wanting to taste more of this impossibly delicious man.
Their hands were all over each other, feeling and exploring the different erogenous zones of their bodies.
Miles managed to get the shower door open as Brittany pulled him into the shower.
They scrubbed each other all over, taking breaks to kiss and play with their bodies to find hot spots.
Turning off the shower, Miles led Brittany over to the heated towel rack, took a towel, and began to pat dry her body.
She shuddered at his touches because of how extremely aroused she was.
When they were both dry Miles took her by the hand and led her to one of the bedrooms.
As he opened the door Brittany saw a king-sized bed with ruby-colored sheets, a dark wood bed frame, and plenty of pillows.
The walls were a deep burgundy color and there were black French accents painted on.
As she lay on the bed Brittany noticed a set of ties hanging down from the ceiling and straps dangling from the tops of the bedposts.
Her anxiety increased at the multitude of thoughts that traced through her mind.
Miles walked over to a cabinet in the room that inside was full of lotions, oils, lubricants, and scented candles.
He took out different body oils, a small bottle of lube, and walked over to Brittany.
He sat the lube down on the dresser drawer next to the bed.
He motioned his hand for Brittany to turn over and she laid down on her stomach and arched her back just enough to make her booty cheeks spread slightly to give Miles another view of her plump lips.
He took the vanilla-scented body oil and poured a small amount into his hands.
Placing the bottle down he began to rub the oil on her back, going down slowly and rubbing her sides and enjoying every inch of her tight, toned body.
Her skin tingled as his strong hands went down her body.
He rubbed her butt, spreading the cheeks apart slightly, and took in the view of her womanhood.
She was glistening, and a thick glob of cream was sliding out of her opening.
Online Now! Lush Cams Juicy_Molli Miles rubbed down to her feet and massaged them causing her to moan quietly.
Miles ran his hands up the underside of her thighs to her hips and pulled back raising her onto her knees.
He poured more oil into his hands and then started rubbing her stomach and her plump breasts, focusing on her puffy brown nipples.
As he was rubbing her nipples, he brought his face closer to her opening and took in her scent.
Brittany could feel Miles’ body rising on her until his massive cock met her.
As he ground upon her, she felt her wetness begin to drip down with every motion of his length against her lips.
“Oh god, just put it in already, damn.
” Miles loved hearing her beg but he knew that she wasn’t ready for his fullness.
He turned her back over and smiled seeing her pouty face eager to receive him.
He reached up and grabbed one of the straps hanging from the bedpost and lowered it.
Then he took one of Brittany’s ankles and raised it, securing it into the strap.
He repeated the process with her opposite ankle.
Once they were both set and secure, he pulled on the end of the straps, and her legs were raised into the air placing her womanhood almost face level to Miles.
He first began kissing and massaging her inner thighs moving closer to her now fully engorged and parting lips.
Brittany was desperately flicking and pinching her nipples to give herself pleasurable relief from the growing passion between her legs.
Then she felt it, his wide tongue encircling her clit.
The rest of his mouth took in one of her lips and sucked on it.
She let out a moan of, “God yes!” and this motivated Miles to devour her like a fresh and juicy piece of fruit.
His mouth did wonders upon her, she felt wave after orgasmic wave crash over her.
Her juices ran down between her cheeks and she knew she was creating a mess on the bed below.
Miles inserted two of his long fingers into her curving them perfectly onto her g-spot and within mere moments she was gushing over Miles’ arm and sprinkles splashed back onto her as Miles got more vigorous with his fingering.
He stopped moving his fingers and looked up at Brittany, “Tell me, have you ever experienced a dual orgasm?” “Huh?.
What are you talking about?.
I mean… I’ve cum more than once before during sex,” she panted as she tried to look down to Miles in the haze of her subsiding orgasm.
Miles laughed slightly, “Relax and let me show you what I mean.
” He leaned down, and Brittany’s body clenched with surprise and excitement as she felt his tongue swirl around her taboo spot.
She’d heard so many people talk about it and how wondrous it was.
She had no idea there were so many inciting nerves back there.
The mixture of his hand working her clit and g-spot with his tongue on her hole send Brittany’s mind off into ecstasy.
Miles enjoyed watching her flail around as he worked on her body.
Then he decided to take it one step further and insert his tongue into her hole and wiggle it around.
She had never had any experience with how incredibly tight she was.
“Oh, my fucking god!” Miles removed his fingers from her g-spot and began lapping at her holes as she squirted again.
It was slightly difficult with how hard her body was jerking.
He knew that she was peeking out, so he wanted to push farther and while his mouth was busy grabbed her breasts and massaged them.
Brittany grabbed the sheets screaming, “FUCK!” In her mind, she could barely compose herself mentally.
Who was this man? Where on earth did he learn to do those things to a woman’s body? She’d had her fair share of sex, amazing sex at that, but she’d never experienced this before.
She was orgasming from her vagina, and her butt AT THE SAME TIME! Everything about him was tantalizing.
He was tall, muscular but lean, his voice was intoxicatingly deep, his eyes were dreamy, he had an amazing smile, he had a swagger about him that made her wet watching him, his hands were like magic and not to mention that monstrous cock dangling between his legs.
When she began to become physically cognizant again, she noticed that her wrists had been secured into the other bedpost straps and support straps from the roof were secured beneath her back.
Miles was aligning himself with her body.
Her every nerve was alive and anticipating his next touch.
She looked down and saw him lubing up his third leg of a penis, “please don’t hurt me.
” From the push of the head, she felt her lips stretch to open for him.
He started slowly stroking into her only giving her a couple of inches of his length at a time.
To her surprise, the extensive girth of him wasn’t unbearable, it was incredibly pleasing and filling.
She’d never felt so full in her life and with every retraction, she felt a longing for him to return.
Once he had gotten her used to his entire length Miles began to increase his pace and worked his hips to curve his penis to grind against her g-spot and back wall with every stroke.
She tried to clench her legs to slow him down and give herself a break from the overwhelming pleasure.
Every time she tried to clench the straps kept her from moving her legs together.
Her body was completely immobilized and left to the will of Miles.
It was so torturous, but she loved every second.
When Miles had enough of digging out Brittany’s vagina in the cradle of the straps, he took her down and re-arranged her so that she was on her knees with her arms strapped up into the air but leaning forward.
Miles went over to another closet and took out some toys.
He came back over to Brittany and attached two weighted nipple clamps onto her nipples and inserted a plug into her butt which, to her surprise, slipped in with ease.
Once everything was set to Miles’ preference her got behind her and lined up his cock.
Brittany was anxious and slightly fearful because she felt that she’d reached her sexual limit.
“Please, please don’t… I can’t take any more… it’s-it’s-it’s too much… please, oh god, please, ugh, just put it in me already, damn it! I need your cock inside me!” Miles took enjoyment listening to Brittany’s tormented pleas for more.
Now was the time to give it to her in a way that she’d never forget.
He rammed his fullness into her, and she gasped an audible scream.
She loved the pain of his cock head smashing into her back wall and his balls slapping her clit.
She pulled hard on the straps, bracing herself to Miles’s assault and trying to do something to relieve herself amid it all.
Miles grabbed her hips to stabilize himself and control the motion of their sex.
Brittany’s body was climaxing involuntarily repeatedly sending her into a more dizzying state of mind.
Then suddenly it happened, she had an orgasm that seemed to come from her nipples, clit, g-spot, and her butt all simultaneously which overwhelmed her so greatly she blacked out.
Miles noticed that Brittany had blacked out momentarily and gushed heavily at the same time.
The sound was as if a cup of water had been poured onto the bed.
He knew she was beyond her limit and slowed down, removing the nipple clamps to help bring her down slowly.
As she started to come back Brittany moaned and spoke unintelligibly.
Seeing his throbbing cock dangle in front of her Brittany opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out in a begging manner.
Her need to be a slut for him overrode any sense of composure.
She just wanted to please him as well as he had pleased her.
He obliged her, stuffing her mouth which was nearly dripping with her orgasm.
She was completely gagged but unbothered because of how much enjoyment she took from having him in her mouth.
As she sucked on him, she could feel herself tremble and twitch with desire.
She was only able to engulf half of his length.
As she sucked, she could feel him swell even more if that were even possible for him.
She knew what was coming next.
“Oh, baby I’m going to cum.
Do you want it? Tell me you want all my cum.
” She popped his dick from her mouth to say, “Oh fuck! Please! please, I want it.
I want your cum.
Give it to me.
Fuck!” before swallowing him once more.
Miles pulled out of Brittany’s mouth, removed the condom as he positioned himself to give her a deserving facial.
He took off the straps and immediately Brittany went for his cock like it was full of life-giving water.
She jerked and sucked on his cock until he reached his limit and shot rope after rope of his seed into her mouth.
She didn’t waste a drop; she was so into Miles she wanted every part of him inside of her.
When he was limp Brittany fell back onto the bed, breathing heavy with an involuntary smile on her face.
She was starting to drift as she felt Miles pick her up and carry her into another room where they cuddled to sleep.



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