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The first time I met him I was impressed by his friendly demeanor and polite manner.
I had a low tire and I stopped to get some air before it went flat.
When I pulled up, I was greeted by a tall, grey-haired man with a nice smile.
He came over to put air in my tire and checked them all as we chatted about the nice weather.
I couldn’t help but notice his muscular arms and strong hands.
His eyes were a blue-green colour and yet dark.
His hair was totally grey yet he looked young.
His smile was somehow disarming and comforting at the same time.
I felt drawn to him.
I gave him a little wave as I drove away, watching him wave back.
For some reason, he stuck in my mind all day and into the evening.
As I soaked in the bubble-filled tub and sipped my glass of wine, he kept appearing in my mind.
A little over six foot tall, lean and muscular.
Handsome and rugged but with soft features.
Grey hair and neatly trimmed mustache.
I dried off and slipped into bed.
I found my hand going between my legs as I thought of him again.
I closed my eyes as my fingers slowly ran over my damp pussy lips, one finger slipping between them.
I slid the finger in slowly and pictured his large, rough hands and muscular tanned forearms.
I moved it back and forth, feeling my silky wetness as I reached up with my other hand and stroked my nipple.
I pulled it gently as my fingers pulled out and went to my clit.
I rubbed it softly at first.
I pinched my nipple harder as my fingers worked me into a climactic frenzy.
The image of him on top of me with that charming smile and those blue-green eyes, his rough hands and muscular body using me, played in my head as my orgasm hit.
I moaned and clamped my legs together on my hand as I rolled onto my side.
I trembled as it washed over me and fell asleep.
The following days were the same.
I could not get him out of my head.
 Thoughts of him popping up like a song you can’t forget.
Three nights in a row I masturbated as I thought of him, wondering what it would be like to be with someone so much older than I am.
I had no real idea of how much older he was as his grey hair was a distraction from his youthful appearance and trim body.
I had to see him again, see if I was fooling myself, see if the image in my mind was real.
I drove in the next morning, hoping to see him, and was greeted with that charming smile when I came through the door.
  “I see you are back,” he said.
my tire.
” I mumbled with embarrassment.
What’s wrong with you? You talk to men all the time, why are you flustered? The grown-up on my shoulder spoke in my ear as I stood there foolishly unable to speak.
You’re twenty-five years old, not fifteen.
  “Is that tire low again?” he asked.
“Ummm, I don’t know,” I muttered.
He smiled at me as he came around the counter and opened the door for me, “Let’s go look.
” As I passed he put his hand on my lower back and led me through the door.
Just that little touch excited me.
He took it away as soon as we were outside.
He walked over to the rear of the car and got down on one knee as he took out the gauge and checked the tire.
I stood next to him, almost touching.
“It appears to be fine,” he said with a smile.
I gazed down at him and his blue-green eyes were like a magnet to mine.
He stood up suddenly, his eyes now looking down at mine and my heart jumped into my throat.
I stood looking at him with mere inches between us and could almost feel the heat from his body.
I was trembling, feeling butterflies in my tummy and a sudden warmth between my thighs, as he reached out and took my hand.
I felt myself blushing as his rough skin touched mine, his hand feeling hot.
 I looked down as he placed the gauge in my hand.
“You should have one of these,” he said.
“Put it in your car for when you need it.
” “Th.
thank you so much,” I quietly mumbled as I shyly looked down.
  My god, you’re acting like a teenager with her first crush! Get a grip.
I swallowed and looked up as he started to walk away.
He paused and gave me a wink.
“Have a nice day.
” I sheepishly got into my car and drove away.
I pulled over into a nearby parking lot and tried to pull myself together as my heart slowed down and the butterflies went away.
The wetness between my legs was evident, showing through the crotch of my jeans.
What the hell was that? I had never felt that surge of sexual excitement before, getting so turned on so quickly.
None of the guys I dated or slept with had anywhere near the effect on me that he does.
My hand slid between my legs and pressured my pussy through the wet material.
I rubbed furiously and quickly climaxed as I thought of the feel of his hand on mine.
  Oh god, you just masturbated in the car.
In a parking lot full of people.
What the fuck, girl? The horny teenager in my head spoke up.
God, he’s sooo hot!  You should let him fuck our brains out! It had been six months since my last boyfriend.
I really could use a good fucking.
  The voices argued as I drove home, debating between the grown-up desire for a long-term relationship and the teenaged desire for hot, sweaty sex with a hot guy.
The grown-up was losing as I parked my car and looked down at my wet crotch.
He’s sooo hot though.
look what he does to you, the horny teenager pointed out.
I spent the weekend mulling over what to do.
I didn’t know him at all, didn’t know anything about him, only where to find him.
I looked up the shop online, checking the hours to see when he would there.
Every weekday until five pm.
I finish work at four, so I could be there just before five.
Maybe I could find out a little more about him.
Monday I pulled in at just after four-thirty.
Hmm, a line-up of cars and people.
I went inside and took a seat as I watched him deal with the.
picking up their cars.
No guys.
I watched as he smiled, charmed and dealt with them one after another.
He was seemingly oblivious to the flirting and sexual signals being sent his direction.
Very polite and professional.
He smiled at me and winked as he finished with the last woman, a middle-aged mom with two kids in tow.
With a big smile from her and waves from the kids she headed out the door to the parking lot.
  “Well, hello again,” he said with a grin.
“Need that tire checked out?” “Uhh.
” I muttered as he walked over and stood in front of me.
  His blue-green eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked down at me.
I felt dampness between my legs as my heartbeat picked up.
I looked up at him – his shirt partly open exposing wisps of black hair on a muscular chest – and swallowed hard.
I could make out the outline of what appeared to be a rather large bulge in the right leg of his work pants.
I got wetter.
Oooh, look at that!  “I wondered if you could show me how this works?” I asked as I held up the little silver gauge he had given me.
“Sure,” he replied.
“Let me bring your car inside and I will show you a few things.
” His fingers touched mine as I held up my keys, sending a little jolt through me.
  His fingers lingered for a moment.
I watched as he strolled over to my car, seeing a nice ass and broad shoulders.
He pulled into the shop and closed the big door before coming up front.
I watched as he closed and locked the door, turning the sign to CLOSED.
“I’m sorry.
am I keeping you late?” I asked while I held my breath.
“No, I close at five but I am always here a little later,” he replied.
“No problem at all.
Come with me, young lady, and I will show you how to do this.
” He led me to the car and showed me how to check the tires, oil and where the different fluids go.
I followed him closely, paying attention to him, not what he said.
His hands were clean, nails trimmed, and no rings.
No tan line where a ring would be either.
His muscular forearms had wisps of black hair along them and I could make out the muscles of his arms under his shirt.
He moved with a type of grace as he directed me around the car, pointing out things I didn’t care about, and opened the trunk to show me the spare tire.
When the lid popped open I was suddenly horrified.
My trunk was full of stuff, including an open box containing lingerie and my old vibrator.
I had forgotten about it being in there.
I had put it in there when I moved, and it sat there in full view.
I felt my face redden as he picked up the box.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel “Well, not the usual emergency kit I see in most cars,” he chuckled.
I was beet red and flustered as he handed me the box with a big grin on his face.
  “Don’t worry,” he laughed.
 “I’ve seen just about everything in the trunk of cars.
” I gave an embarrassed smile and put the box on the concrete floor.
He moved things around and showed me the tire and jack.
He put everything back before picking up the box.
He looked inside, moved the items around and held up a blue corset.
He looked at me, then the corset, then back at me.
“I bet you look fantastic in this stuff,” he said quietly as he put the box back in the trunk.
The horny teenager screamed in my brain.
Offer to show him!!!  “Would you like to find out?” I blurted out nervously.
He closed the trunk and turned to face me.
 He looked me in the eyes.
I could see the wheels turning in his head as we gazed at each other.
My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for a response.
“I would love to,” he said with a sly smile.
 “If you are single.
” Oh, I’m so fucking single!  “Yes, I am,” I replied.
 “Are you?” He nodded his head, “Yes, I am also currently unattached.
If you like I will give you a call and we can get together.
” Do it now, ask him now! “How about now?” I offered.
“I don’t live far.
” Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that! “I would like that,” he replied with a big smile.
“Give me thirty minutes and I will meet you at your place.
” He put my phone number and address into his phone.
He opened the door to let me out and gave me a wave as I drove away.
You’re such a slut! I sped home and ran inside of my apartment.
I showered and put on my red corset and stockings.
I did my hair and a little make-up quickly while listening for the buzzer.
I could barely contain my excitement and slipped into my red high heels when the buzzer rang.
I let him in the building and stood nervously at the door.
I felt like a little girl waiting for a Christmas present as I waited for the knock on the door, wringing my hands together.
I quivered with anticipation and jumped when the knock came.
I opened the door and let him in as I stood behind it.
He glanced around as I closed the door, checking out my little apartment.
“Nice place,” he offered.
” “I like it,” I said as I stepped in front of him.
He looked me up and down before giving me a huge grin.
He stepped back a few steps and I felt his eyes devour me as I stood nervously.
He motioned for me to turn around.
 I slowly turned my back to him and stood quietly.
I suddenly felt his hot breath on the back of my neck, heard his deep breathing, felt his presence.
I turned my head to see his hands tracing the outline of my body, almost touching me.
I could almost feel his touch.
I wanted it.
His hands came around the front, gliding over my thighs and stomach.
They cupped my breasts without actually touching me.
I trembled as I felt his body heat behind me, so close, and waited for his touch.
Instead, he slowly moved around to face me and I watched as his eyes went over my entire body.
“You are beautiful,” he whispered as he gave me a gentle kiss.
I thought I was melting as his lips touched mine.
They were soft, tender, hot.
I was instantly wet between my legs and felt a surge of heat deep in my lower belly.
I reached my arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him hard.
  I pressed myself into him and felt the large bulge pressing into me as his hands strongly grasped the tops of my hips.
I felt him lifting me off of the floor and wrapped my legs around his waist.
We continued kissing in a passionate embrace as he carried me to the bedroom and put me down on the bed.
I reluctantly removed my legs and arms from him and allowed him to stand up.
 I moved to the edge of the bed and watched as he pulled the black t-shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor.
He was trim and muscular with a light smattering of dark chest hair.
I watched as he smiled at me and undid his belt, pulling off his jeans, shorts and socks.
When he stood up his huge cock stuck out, pointing at me.
  God, he’s gorgeous! Look at that cock! I reached out with both hands and grabbed his throbbing hard-on, pulling him to me.
I stroked it slowly, feeling the heat of the taut skin.
It was the biggest cock I have ever seen outside of porn movies.
Eight inches long and so thick I could not close my hand around it.
The swollen head was intimidating in its size as it pulsed in front of me.
  I had to taste him.
I licked the big swollen head in a circular motion as my hands stroked the massive shaft.
He moaned as my tongue slid along the underside and back up over the tip.
I enjoyed the feel and texture of him on my tongue as I worked that big cock.
 Wetting my lips I opened my mouth and put it over the bulbous head, slowly taking it in.
The corners of my mouth stretched tight as I felt it slide over my tongue.
So good, like mushrooms.
The top of the meaty tip brushed against the roof of my mouth as I slowly took more of his luscious cock in.
I dragged my tongue along the bottom as I pulled away to the tip and went back down.
I squeezed his fat cock with both hands as I sucked it, loving the noises he made as I did.
I was so fucking wet, turned on like never before.
I felt the pressure of his fingertips on my head as I made oral love to his cock.
I moved one hand down and cupped his big balls, feeling the fullness.
I gently squeezed as I sucked him and moved my mouth according to the pressure of his fingers.
With a groan, he pushed himself into my mouth and held my head still for a moment.
I could barely breathe as his huge cock filled my mouth.
He took his hands away and I felt him pull himself out of my still-hungry mouth.
He pushed me down to the bed and knelt between my legs.
His strong hands pushed my legs apart and I felt his hot breath on my inner thighs.
I jumped as his wet tongue touched me through the opening of the corset.
His arms wrapped around my legs and his rough hands clamped my thighs as his tongue worked my pussy.
It was an indescribable feeling as he masterfully tongued me.
He brought me to orgasm in mere minutes as my moans filled the room.
The orgasm was intense and long-lasting, making me tremble as it slowly faded.
I felt him climb up between my thighs and his strong hands grip my ankles.
My feet went high in the air and apart as I felt the big swollen head slide between the folds of my still-tingling pussy.
I felt myself stretching as he began to push into me.
A moment of pain was replaced by the incredible sensation of being filled up with his huge cock.
The fat head dragged along my insides, touching every nerve as it continued to push deeper.
My God, he feels sooo fucking big! I moved my hips as he began to stroke his giant piston, matching his rhythm.
The feeling of being full, empty, full, empty was too much and I climaxed again as he fucked me.
I felt him speed up and push into me harder and harder as my orgasm continued.
I had never been fucked so good.
I was suddenly left feeling empty and felt his body moving up mine.
A loud groan coincided with the sudden feeling of hot liquid hitting my face and chest.
My cheeks, mouth, chin and chest were covered with his creamy cum as he jerked his big cock.
I opened my mouth to catch the last droplets and felt his cock slide between my lips.
I sucked his pulsing head and tasted his delicious cum as he stroked it empty.
I felt it leave my mouth and slide over my face.
I moved my face side to side, enjoying the feeling of the thick meat as it slid across my greasy slick skin.
I felt him move and opened my eyes to see him lean down and kiss me.
No one has ever kissed me after cumming in my mouth.
So fucking hot! I kissed him back, tasting his tongue as it pushed into my mouth.
He laid on his side and his rough hand travelled my body as he smiled at me.
I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair.
He looked up at my hand and grinned as he looked into my eyes.
”Thirty-six, ” he chuckled.
”I’ve been grey since I was twenty-five.
” I giggled as I realized he had read my mind.
”I’m Bruce, by the way.
” ”Mandy, ” I replied.
”Very nice to meet you.



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