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I had known Suzi since; well, since she was born.
I was nine at the time, but I remember her parents bringing the new baby to Church for the first time.
When she was two or three, she was a cheeky toddler, and I used to tease her.
When she got to ten, she was a pretty schoolgirl, but I wondered if she would lose that as she got to puberty.
 She didn’t.
At sixteen, she looked older, and I guessed that she was getting a lot of attention from boys at school.
 When I was twenty-four, I started dating the woman who would become my wife.
Suzi looked disappointed when this woman appeared at my side week after week.
  Two years later, I married, and although Suzi wasn’t invited to the wedding, she came to see us at the Church.
 For the first time, I noticed Suzi as a beautiful young woman.
 She was, by a long way, the most beautiful female at the wedding.
 She came up to me after the ceremony to say congratulations, but I could tell she didn’t mean it.
  After that, I didn’t see as much of her.
My wife and I didn’t come to Church as much, and then Suzi went off to University.
Six years later, my wife left me for someone else.
My parents had retired to the coast, so I was on my own.
I felt I needed something to hold on to, something comfortable, from my past, so I decided to go back to Church.
  So on that first Sunday, back on my own, I went to my old Church.
No one would know, as yet, that I was single again.
Suzi was there, and after the service, she came up to me, with her wonderful smile, “It’s lovely to see you, Phil.
” “It’s lovely to see you and your smile again, Suzi.
” We chatted for a few minutes, not about my split, and she didn’t ask where my wife was, then she had to go.
I thought about her a lot over the next week, but it was another two weeks before I could go back again.
By this time, the news of my split was out as my parents had told friends they still kept in touch with.
I was therefore plagued with people coming up to me to say how sorry they were to hear my news — that didn’t help.
But when Suzi came up to me, she didn’t mention it.
“I am glad you came again,” she said and smiled.
“I’m glad too.
It’s nice to see your friendly face.
” Again the conversation wasn’t long, but it was very welcome and ended with Suzi saying, “I hope to see you again soon.
” “I hope so too.
” In the middle of the week, I received a text from an unknown number.
‘Hi, Phil, it’s Suzi.
I would love to chat more, without distractions, so if you would like to, meet me at Costa Coffee on Saturday at 11 AM.
‘ I had no idea how she got my number but was chuffed that she had, so I replied, “That would be lovely, Suzi.
See you on Saturday.
” I got worked up the next few days wondering what might happen but tried to keep the lid on my feelings, telling myself that she just wanted friendship, but as much as I tried, my thoughts got carried away on many occasions.
On Saturday morning, I was ready early, despite taking ages to decide what to wear, even though it wasn’t a date but coffee, or was it? As I drove into town, I was more nervous than I had been for several years.
Surely it was just coffee and a chat.
Why would a beautiful young woman, nine years younger, be interested in a recently separated man like me.
Oh well, I would soon find out.
I saw Suzi sat at a window table as I approached.
She smiled, of course, when she saw me and gave a little wave.
She even stood as I got to the table, coming nearer and kissing me on the cheek.
“I am so glad you came, Phil.
” “How could I resist an invitation from a beautiful young woman.
” “Well, thank you, Phil.
I just felt I would like to chat more, and there is never enough time after Church or any privacy.
” “That is so true.
So many people last week just wanted to say they were sorry about my marriage ending, but that didn’t help.
” “Yes, I noticed, but don’t worry, I don’t want to talk about your past.
” “That’s a relief,” I said, and we both laughed.
  I then went to get drinks for us, and we chatted and chatted.
Suzi bought the second round of coffee and cake.
 The conversation flowed effortlessly and was full of giggles and smiles.
I am not sure how long we had been chatting, but I did have a few things to do.
Although it was wonderful, I wanted to see if I could move things along.
“Suzi, how about we carry on this conversation at dinner tonight?” “I would love to, Phil.
”  I suggested a Chinese restaurant on my side of the town, and Suzi readily agreed.
We parted with another kiss on the cheek, that was just maybe a little longer.
  I booked a table for that evening.
I had offered to pick Suzi up, but she said she would meet me there.
I arrived first, just, with Suzi stepping out of a taxi a minute or so later.
  She looked even more gorgeous than earlier.
She was in a red dress, a short red dress, accentuating her long legs.
It also showed off her ample cleavage, which I probably looked at more than I should have during our meal.
“You look fantastic, Suzi.
” “Thank you, Phil.
You look very handsome.
” This time the kiss on the cheek made proper contact.
After we had ordered, Suzi started the conversation, “I told you earlier that I didn’t want to talk about your past, and I don’t, but I do want to talk about the present.
To do that, though, I need to tell you about my past.
” “That sounds serious.
” “Not really, but I want you to know my story over the past four or five years.
” “Go ahead then.
I am all ears.
” “I have always thought of you as an older brother until I was sixteen, and you started dating.
I couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel happy for you, but the more I saw of you two together and holding hands, I finally realised that it was because I wanted it to be me on your arm, not her!” I may have looked a bit shocked, and she paused to let it sink in before she went on,  “I knew it couldn’t be me because I was too young for you, but it didn’t stop my feelings for you.
When you got married two years later, I decided to make sure you noticed me at the ceremony.
” “You certainly did that.
 I can still remember what you wore.
” “Can you really?” “Yes.
It was a short bright blue dress with matching heels, making you almost as tall as me.
It showed off your long legs.
” “I’m impressed, and I’m glad I created a good impression.
That was my intention.
That dress cost me a fortune at the time, especially as I only had a weekend job.
” “I have a confession to make, at this point.
” “Go on,” said Suzi, looking a little puzzled.
“I thought you were the most beautiful woman at the wedding, and here is the biggest part of that confession.
I thought, and I haven’t told anyone this before that you were even more beautiful than my bride.
” “Did you really think that?” “Yes, I did.
” Suzi reached out and placed her hand on mine, “I certainly did create an impression, didn’t I?” “Yes, you did.
I only wish that the photographer had got a picture of you so that I could have looked at you again.
” “Well, I still have the dress, so I might wear it for you one day.
” “I would like that.
” We were quiet for a minute before I spoke again, “Before you go on with your life story, there is another confession I should make.
” “I’m intrigued.
Go on.
” “That night after the reception, when we retired to our hotel room, we had sex, of course, and I have to say it was good sex, but my new wife then crashed out.
She had drunk more than me, so not surprising, I guess, but I then laid awake thinking of you.
” “Wow.
Did you.
Did you?” “Did I wank, thinking of you?” “Yes.
Did you?” “Yes, I did.
” “Did you cum?” “Yes, I did.
” Suzi squeezed my hand, and I felt her leg touch mine under the table, “I’m pleased.
It’s just a shame I didn’t get any satisfaction from that day.
I went home and cried.
” “I’m sorry, Suzi,” I lifted our hands and kissed the back of hers.
Suzi then continued her ‘history’.
“That day was when I finally decided to go to University.
I needed to get away and try and forget you.
The months, till I went, were hard, although I didn’t see you every week after you got married, and I missed some weeks at Church on the pretence of revising so that I wouldn’t see you.
Anyway, I went to Uni almost a year later.
I vowed that when I was there, I would work hard and play hard so that I would forget you.
Working hard wasn’t difficult, the course was hard, and playing hard wasn’t difficult either.
On the second night, I lost my virginity.
That was another of my goals, to be honest.
It wasn’t great, but at least I was now a ‘woman’.
That experience made me realise that the  ‘play hard’ part of my plan had to involve sex.
In fact, I decided to fuck my way through Uni.
I thought the more guys I fucked, the easier it would be to forget you.
” We were still eating as the courses kept coming, and the conversation was interrupted by waiters coming to our table.
  Suzi continued.
“It didn’t work, despite fucking as many guys that I could and as often as I could, I always thought of you.
Well, not with James; he was built like a rugby player and black, so he obviously couldn’t be you!” We both laughed before I spoke, “So is it true what they say?” “About what?” “Black men.
” “Oh, right.
Well, in his case, yes, he was huge!” Suzi smiled.
“Enjoy him, did you?” “Well, I did fuck him more than once, yes.
One day I fucked four different guys in a day.
I woke up with the one I’d fucked the night before and fucked him again.
In the afternoon, I picked up a guy and fucked him, and at night I fucked two guys at a party.
” “Sounds fun.
” “It was, but it wasn’t you, and I still couldn’t forget you.
I also fucked two Tutors, not my own, but ones I met in a bar that some of them frequented.
Apparently, it was well known that I was an easy lay.
I used to get guys knocking on my door asking for sex.
I should have charged.
I would have made a fortune, but I was effectively whoring myself out for free.
I loved it, but when my first year ended, I dropped out and came home.
” “Did you have any female lovers at Uni?” “Typical man!” We both laughed, “One brief encounter, but I have had one since then.
“Once I was home, I found a job, and it was my female boss who seduced me.
We were alone one day, and she kept complimenting me and then she ran her hand up my leg, and I shivered, and I was hers.
She was great, but she soon realised I wouldn’t give up on men.
She tried harder by using a strap on to fuck me,  and although it was good, it wasn’t the real thing, and it wasn’t you.
I told her all about you, and she understood,  so she backed off, and while we still get together from time to time, it’s over.
“Anyway, when you showed up the first time the other week, I couldn’t believe it, and on your own.
It crossed my mind that maybe you had separated, but I couldn’t be sure.
When it came out, it didn’t surprise me as my older sister has a colleague who knows your wife, and I heard some stories about her way back, so I knew she wasn’t the one for you, but I couldn’t tell you that.
“I didn’t think you would be looking for a date yet, so soon after your split, so I knew I had to make the first move.
I couldn’t wait and risk losing you.
“So that’s my story, but in summary, I want you, Phil, and I love you.
” Suzi stared into my eyes.
We were silent for a while.
  “What a story, Suzi.
I am sorry that you have been all through that but thank you for being so open and honest.
 I can say that while it is too early for me to say that I love you, I do want you.
You are a beautiful, sexy woman, and I couldn’t resist you even if I wanted to.
What say we skip dessert and go back to my place?” “That’s a great idea.
” And there was that gorgeous smile again.
I called for the bill, paid it, then as we rose from the table, I grabbed Suzi’s coat and helped her put it on.
Once done, she turned to me to say thank you, and she kissed me on the lips.
It wasn’t long, but wow, it was intense and told me all I needed to know.
As I drove us back to mine, she placed her hand on my thigh, not high enough to feel my erection, which was straining to get out, but it was great to have constant contact with her.
Her dress was so short that it rode up even higher when she got in my car, exposing more of her gorgeous thighs.
Tonight was going to be fun.
We entered the house, and I showed Suzi into the lounge,  “This is nice,” she said.
“Yeah, it’s not bad.
Sorry about the mess.
I wasn’t expecting visitors.
Make yourself at home while I pop upstairs, then I will make coffee when I come down.
” I knew my bedroom was in a bit of a state, so I wanted to make an effort.
While I gave it a quick tidy up, I could hear Suzi downstairs, wandering around.
By the time I reappeared, she was in the kitchen washing up.
“You don’t need to do that, Suzi.
” “I know I don’t, but I want to.
You make the coffee.
” I got the cups out and then took the kettle to the sink to fill it, and Suzi stood aside.
As I finished and turned, she stepped closer, and we kissed again.
It was even better than the first kiss.
“Let’s skip the coffee.
Show me your bedroom, Phil.
” I smiled, took her hand, and lead her upstairs and into the bedroom.
For a moment, neither of us knew what to do next until I turned to Suzi and kissed her again.
This kiss went on and on, with tongues exploring each other’s mouths.
My hands reached round her neck, and my fingers started to pull down the zip on her dress.
She didn’t object.
As my fingers pulling on the zip reached her waist, Suzi reacted, putting her hands between us and fumbling with my shirt buttons.
Her zip was now down to her arse.
I raised my hands to her shoulders and slipped the straps of her dress down her arms.
  Suzi was progressing well with my buttons and was soon down to my waist, where her dress had stopped falling.
She moved back slightly, and her dress continued to the bedroom floor.
Her fingers then went to my belt and mine to her bra.
I undid the bra in seconds and slipped it down her arms.
Suzi lifted her arms one at a time from my waist so that I could remove her bra, and I tossed it aside.
She quickly returned to my belt and then my zip before dropping to the floor to remove my trousers and socks from my feet.
Then she stood to remove my shirt before we hugged tightly so that her very erect nipples poked my chest.
We continued to kiss as Suzi slipped her hand inside my boxers, and she wrapped her fingers around my erection.
Suzi didn’t linger there.
Her fingers then slipped down to my balls, caressing me softly, and she moaned into my mouth.
She broke the kiss briefly, “I love that you shave your cock and balls,” as she went back to kissing me.
My hands had been resting on her arse, but I slid one around to her front, cupping her mound, discovering that her briefs were soaking wet before I slipped my fingers inside her briefs.
I had never found a woman so wet; she was on fire.
I could feel her pouting labia and quickly slipped two fingers inside her, causing her to moan again.
“Phil, I want you so much.
I love foreplay,  but let’s forget that, just get your cock in me and fuck me.
 I can’t wait any longer.
” We separated, removed our remaining underwear, and got on the bed.
I laid down, and Suzi climbed over me.
She took hold of my cock, stroking me.
“Let me get a condom, Suzi.
” “No need, Phil.
I am on the pill, and I want to feel you’re bare cock in my body.
” How could I resist?  As she lined up my cock with her labia, I looked at her tits properly for the first time.
Although she was tall and her body shapely, her tits were not huge, C cup, I guessed, but her nipples stood proud.
I raised my hands and cupped them, and she looked at me and smiled.
Online Now! Lush Cams SabrinaXt As I massaged her gorgeous breasts, she lowered herself onto my erection.
I entered her easily due to her wetness.
She was never going to feel like a virgin.
She looked at me as she lowered her body, but her eyes closed as I bottomed out.
“God, you feel so good inside me.
Better than I had imagined.
” “It does feel good.
I never imagined being inside you, but I am so glad I am.
” “Now fuck me and fill me.
” Our movements complemented each other.
I rose as she lowered, making the thrusts inside her gorgeous body more forceful.
My hands played with her tits and pinched her nipples.
She smiled all the time, loving every second.
Even though I had thought of Suzi as a beautiful young woman for a while, seeing her naked and riding my cock made me realise that even that statement was an underestimate.
She was stunning.
Her hands were running up and down my chest while mine continued to enjoy her tits.
She raised and lowered herself faster and harder, and I met all her downward moves with my thrusts.
Suzi lowered herself and said, “Suck my tits.
” I lifted my head and clamped my mouth around one of her tits.
“Oh yes,” she moaned.
I moved from one tit to another, sucking as hard as I could and pulling on her nipples with my teeth, and she came.
I could feel her juices gushing around my cock.
 Despite her orgasm, she continued to ride my cock, apparently desperate to have me cum inside her.
She didn’t have long to wait.
I felt my cum rising in my balls, and I shouted out, “I’m cumming,” and my hot spunk blasted into her body.
  I don’t recall cumming so much as I did that evening.
There was something about this woman.
I collapsed back onto the bed, and Suzi lay on top of me, holding me tight.
“I love you, Phil,” she said, kissing me again.
I know that earlier in the evening, I had told her that it was too early for me to use the ‘L’ word, although I did want her, and that was true, but now, lying there in post-orgasmic bliss, the words just came out.
“I love you too,” I said.
Suzi hugged me tightly.
Other than that and a few tender kisses, no words were spoken.
There was no need.
After five minutes or so, Suzi eased herself off me and sat up next to me.
“I fancy that coffee now,” she said.
I sat up and started to get up, but Suzi spoke again, “No, I’ll get it.
You stay there, my lover.
” Suzi slipped out of bed and padded naked towards the door.
Just as she got there, she stopped.
“Oops,” she said, looking down.
She lowered her hand and, using two fingers, scooped up some cum that was running down her inner thigh.
She then raised her fingers and put them in her mouth, licking them clean.
“Mmm, tasty,” she said and turned to me, winked, and left the room.
  I could hear her as she went downstairs, humming a tune.
I had never met such a confident woman before.
 Confident in her body, in her sexuality, and in what she wants from life.
I lay there thinking about what had happened, and I was extremely happy as to what had happened and as to where things might end up.
Suzi reappeared sometime later with coffee for us both and another of her huge smiles as she entered the bedroom.
Her boobs bobbed up and down as she walked around the bed to hand me my coffee, which she did with a kiss.
“Suzi, you are beautiful.
” “Thank you, Phil.
That was fantastic.
” “It was, wasn’t it?” “I haven’t had sex like that for a long time, in fact ever.
” “I think I would agree with that.
I wasn’t expecting to be seduced by you tonight.
” ” I wasn’t sure I could seduce you, but I had to try, and to be fair; you were not hard to seduce!” “Sorry, was I too easy?” “No, you were just right.
” “Do I need to get you home when we have finished our coffee?” “No, I often stay over at a girlfriend’s on Saturdays, so my parents won’t be expecting me.
Can I stay here with you?” “I would love you too.
” “Good ‘cus I want to make love, and I want to give your beautiful cock some more attention.
” “So not much sleep then?” Suzi laughed, “No, just love and sex!” Suzi slipped a hand under the duvet and found my cock, slowly stroking it.
“I love that you shave your cock and balls.
It’s lovely and hard and smooth.
” “I love you stroking me, but I would dearly love to be in your mouth.
” “Oh, would you now? I might be able to manage that.
” Suzi slipped under the duvet, and her mouth replaced her fingers around my cock.
Her tongue and lips worked magic on my cock.
I moaned and arched my back as my cock disappeared further down her throat.
Her fingers were still wrapped around my cock, and she was stroking me and twisting my cock.
I didn’t want to cum yet, preferring to cum in her pussy, but I wasn’t going to last under the onslaught that Suzi s mouth was giving me.
“I hope you like the taste of cum.
” Suzi moaned and worked even harder on me.
I felt the cum rising, and my breath got harder as the cum shot up my hard cock and shot into Suzi’s mouth.
She jerked back as the cum surprised her despite my warning, but my cock stayed in her mouth.
 The second spurt was expected, and she took it easily, still moaning along with the two further jets.
She then licked the tip of my cock, coaxing more cum from me, and she licked around the head, savouring the last of my cum.
  She moaned as she moved up my body and kissed me, using her tongue to push some of my cum into my mouth.
I had never tasted my cum before, but it was the right thing to do.
We hugged and kissed for some time.
“You are a very naughty young woman, Suzi.
” She looked at me, “You mean because I made you taste your cum?” “Yes.
I haven’t done that before.
” “It’s not naughty, but it is erotic.
Maybe I can show you a few other new things in time.
” “I would like that.
” When we were ready again, we made slow sensual love, and we made it last a long time before I finally gave her another load of cum.
Afterwards, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke up to Suzi sucking my cock.
I moaned, and she released me to say, “Awake at last.
” “How could I not be with you sucking me.
” She continued to suck my morning wood, and it wasn’t long before I shot off into her mouth again.
This time she held the last load in her mouth before crawling up my body and depositing the whole load in my mouth.
“Swallow it, my darling.
” I did.
This woman was amazing, so dirty, but in a beautiful way.
She smiled at me when I swallowed.
“Well done, and now you have to suck me to orgasm.
” I nodded, and she turned around, backing up until her arse was over my face.
She then lowered herself until her labia touched my lips.
She moaned as my tongue made the first contact.
She was already very wet, and her juices were sweet but tangy and sticky.
Her pussy lips were open, allowing my tongue to penetrate her and collect the juices she was secreting.
  Suzi slid her bum and pussy across my face making my tongue probe deeper.
I lapped her up, savouring her.
Suzi took my cock in her hand and wanked in time to my tongue lapping.
With her moving her body on top of me, my face was getting wet, but I didn’t mind.
I loved it.
As she slid back, my tongue touched her clit, and after a few times, she rested there so I could pay it some special attention.
I had never experienced anything like this before but knew exactly what to do, and Suzi’s moans told me I was doing it right.
“That’s amazing, Phil.
Keep it up, and you will get a mouthful of me.
” I wasn’t sure I could get much wetter, but two minutes later, I did as she squirted her exquisite juices over my face and into my mouth.
She recovered quickly and swung her body off me,  turning to face me, “Wow, all those juices on your face.
I think you need cleaning up.
” With that, she bent forward and licked her juices off my face, and occasionally kissed me.
“That is the most erotic and beautiful thing I have ever done,” I said.
“There is plenty more where that came from.
” We did eventually get up and showered together.
There was no sex in the shower, but we spent a long time washing each other and caressing and exploring our bodies.
As we were drying each other, I asked, “So are we dating then?” Suzi laughed, “I think after the amount of sex we have had, it’s fair to say we are dating, yes.
” “I was just checking, in case this had just been a dream.
” “No, it’s no dream, Phil.
” “So when do we go public?” “Let’s give it a week.
We need to tell our parents first because they will have questions.
” “Okay, that sounds like a plan.
” After a lazy morning, Suzi went home.
We agreed not to see each other again until Tuesday evening as we both had things to do.
The wait wasn’t easy, but we did chat a lot on the phone as well as text each other.
On Tuesday evening, Suzi came round, and we fucked, and we also chatted about our future together after we went public in a few day’s time.
Before she went home, she checked for wardrobe space and found my collection of porn DVDs.
“Interesting,” was all she said at first.
She thumbed through them and finally took one out of the pile, “We will watch this tomorrow night,” she announced as she threw the DVD on the bed.
I glanced at it.
“First time anal.
” The next night she was very keen to watch the DVD, so as soon as we had finished dinner, we sat down to watch it.
  “Have you ever had anal sex?” Suzi asked me.
  “Er, no, actually, I haven’t,” I stumbled to answer.
“Despite all the sex I had at Uni, I haven’t either.
” The film played, and within minutes Suzi had her hand in my trousers and was wanking me.
“This is good,” she said.
“What the film or my cock?” I jokingly replied.
” It wasn’t long before some woman on the screen was having her arse pounded by a huge cock, and Suzi was moaning.
“I think I would like to try that, Phil.
” “Me too.
” “It’s a good job I bought some lube at lunchtime then!” “So you knew you wanted it then?” “Oh, yes.
I want to give all of me to you, so I need to give you my arse as well as everything else that you have already had.
” A few minutes later, Suzi was on her knees on the floor with her head down and arse raised.
I had lubed her sphincter, and my cock entered her as the woman on the screen orgasmed.
Suzi’s arse hole was tight, but I took it slow.
She encouraged me to keep moving, and after a couple of minutes, I was all inside her.
I stayed there, asking her if she was okay.
She replied that she was, and once she was comfortable, she told me to fuck her.
She gripped my cock so tight that I knew I would fill her soon, and with Suzi using her left hand on her clit, we both exploded at the same time.
It was an incredible feeling.
I collapsed on the floor beside her.
We both agreed that we had to have anal more often.
  The next evening, after work, I went to Suzi’s house.
When she opened the door, we kissed and holding my hand; she led me through to the kitchen where her Mum was cooking.
“Oh hi Phil,” her Mum said, “I meant to speak to you the other week to say I was sorry.
” Suzi interrupted her Mum, “Mum, don’t.
Phil isn’t here to talk about his past, but about his future.
” With that, Suzi lifted our joined hands.
“Oh,” was all her Mum could say before adding, “How long has this been going on?” “Only since last weekend.
 I know you will wonder about the age difference, but we aren’t bothered by it, and I know you will think Phil is on the rebound, but it was me who approached him as soon as I knew he was single again.
” “Well, as long as you are both happy, that’s the main thing.
” “We are,” I said.
Will you stay for dinner, Phil?” “I would love to, thank you.
” “Thank you, Mum,” added Suzi before turning to kiss me.
When her dad got home, he was equally surprised but also happy for us.
When I got back to my place, l called my parents to tell them the news, and they asked the expected questions but were please as they knew Suzi and that she was a ‘lovely girl’.
Friday, Suzi came over, and we started to plan her move to mine, and over the weekend, she moved quite a lot of her clothes.
Sunday, we went to Church, and we made a huge impact, initially by walking in holding hands and sitting together.
There some open mouths and some whispering, all of which we thought was funny.
One lady came up to us and said it was lovely to see us together, which was nice.
After the service, more came up to us to say ‘congratulations’, although I am not sure that dating qualifies as an event to be congratulated on, the thought was nice.
I guess there were some questions that many of them wanted to ask, but they didn’t.
  We walked off, smiling that we had created an impact.
As we walked to the car, Suzi whispered to me, “Take me back to ‘our house’ and fuck me.
” Once back at the house, we dashed to the bedroom, undressing on the way, as far as we could.
The rest of our clothes disappeared once we got into the bedroom.
I got on top of Suzi, “Fuck me, Phil, make me yours, cum in me and give me a baby!” My eyes popped wide open at her last few words even though my cock was entering her very wet pussy.
“You’re on the pill, so I can’t make you pregnant, can I?” I thrust into as I spoke.
Between my thrusts and her grunts, Suzi said, “I stopped taking it after last weekend.
I want your baby, Phil.
” “You bitch, Suzi.
” “Yes, I am.
I’m your bitch, Phil.
Now knock me up, breed me, just give me a baby.
” I have never been so aroused before, not even in these last few days with Suzi.
I slammed into her to try and make her pregnant, even if it was probably too soon after stopping taking the pill.
That night we fucked and made love most of the night, and I came in her several times and brought Suzi off on numerous occasions.
It was a good thing the next day was a Bank Holiday, so there was no work.
Suzi didn’t get pregnant that night, but she did a couple of months later, so we started to plan to get married, but I had the legal stuff to attend to regarding my first marriage.
But of course, the baby appeared nine months later, a beautiful little girl.
We continued to fuck through the pregnancy, and towards the end, it was all anal, which was fine with both of us.
Two years later, we had a baby boy to make our family complete.
We had a wonderful family life, and the sex hardly dwindled.
We have now been married twenty-five years, and the children have grown up.
Our daughter is now married to a wonderful guy.
The first time she bought him home to stay, we heard them having sex in the next room,  and I said to Suzi, “She sounds just like you.
” Suzi laughed and said, “Let’s have sex, so they can hear how it should be done.
” So we had anal sex, and Suzi screamed her orgasm.
They couldn’t have failed to hear us, but of course, nothing was said the next day, but it made us laugh.
Our son was more like me when it comes to dating, and it wasn’t until recently he bought a date home for the first time to meet us, but he has certainly hit the big time.
She was a stunning Asian girl, very petite with very long black



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